Gwent Leisure Centre League External Results
12 Mar 17
4.5MXC 6MXC 

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4.5MXC M70
PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1 NTGeoffrey BaylissV70M1 Chepstow H
2 NTCarl ElliottV70M2 Lliswerry
PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
11NTKatherine MatthewsV35W  Chepstow H
2 NTAlice TaylorSENW  Monmouth
3 NTLauren CooperU23W  Parc Bryn Bach/Cardiff Uni
4 NTNicky CollinSENW  Lliswerry
5 NTFaye JohnsonSENW  Pont-Y-Pwl
61NTJane HorlerV45W  Chepstow H
72NTSarah BellV35W  Chepstow H
81NTSandra ChipperV45W  Lliswerry
9 NTAntoinette DumayneSENW  Lliswerry/Swansea Uni
10 NTVictoria HobbsSENW  Lliswerry
113NTLisa GriffinV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl
122NTLisa JeffreyV45W  Chepstow H
132NTJulie CashellV40W  Parc Bryn Bach
144NTSamantha ToopV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl/Army
15 NTHolly JonesSENW  Griffithstown
165NTLaura GreyV35W  Monmouth
173NTLou SummersV45W  Pont-Y-Pwl
18 NTLeanne ReddishSENW  Chepstow
19 NTKelly WallSENW  Islwyn
206NTLisa EricksonV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl
217NTSarah CooteV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl
224NTRebecca CominsV45W  Chepstow H
233NTEmma SowreyV40W  Pont-Y-Pwl
24 NTRose CharlesSENW  Griffithstown
258NTSarah LauderV35W  Lliswerry
265NTPaula WilliamsV50W  Caerleon
276NTVanessa LawsonV45W  Chepstow H
28 NTTara Leanne PaiseySENW  Griffithstown
294NTEsther BarrettV40W  Chepstow H
307NTJan MorrisV45W  Chepstow H
318NTAnne HarrisV45W  Parc Bryn Bach/Pont-Y-Pwl
32 NTElla Louise BoormanU23W  Lliswerry
335NTHelen DuffieldV40W  Chepstow H
34 NTLubi FordSENW  Pont-y-Pwl
359NTMarina WrightV35W  Lliswerry
361NTDebbie CockramV50W  Fairwater
371NTJeanette JenkinsV55W  Fairwater
386NTHelen WilliamsV40W  Parc Bryn Bach
3910NTRiannon Sian GriffinV40W  Parc Bryn Bach
40 NTElinor PhillipsSENW  Lliswerry
412NTNicola SmithV50W  Pont-y-Pwl
423NTLiz RichardsV50W  Caerleon
4311NTRachel HipkissV35W  Chepstow H
447NTGayle SheppardV40W  Lliswerry
452NTSharon WoodsV55W  Pont-Y-Pwl
46 NTKim CarwardineSENW  Chepstow H
4712NTEmma KingV35W  Monmouth
488NTClaire SheppardV40W  Griffithstown
499NTLisa BatemanV45W  Lliswerry
5010NTJulie RocheV45W  Fairwater
519NTHayley JacksonV40W  Parc Bryn Bach
521NTJoyce DoddV60W  Chepstow H
533NTHelen ThomasV55W  Caerleon
54 NTCharlotte ReesSENW  Griffithstown
55 NTLaura HireSENW  Parc Bryn Bach
56 NTGemma AcremanSENW  Lliswerry
5713NTCharlotte MoranV35W  Caerleon
5814NTRoberta I HaversV35W  Chepstow H
5910NTSian GriffithV40W  Chepstow H
604NTBarbera MaddisonV55W  Chepstow
6111NTDaniella GormleyV45W  Griffithstown
6212NTAlison HoltonV45W  Parc Bryn Bach
6313NTSophie GilbertV45W  Chepstow H
644NTAnne Rice-JonesV50W  Islwyn
6514NTJane LewisV45W  Fairwater
66 NTJen HardingSENW  Chepstow H
6715NTDelphine JonesV35W  Parc Bryn Bach
6811NTSonja BreeseV40W  Lliswerry
6912NTJenni BellV40W  Chepstow H
7016NTGemma BevesV35W  Chepstow H
7117NTGemma WelsherV35W  Usk
7215NTLouise KirbyV45W  Parc Bryn Bach
735NTMichelle ClabonV50W  Caerleon
7416NTKeren BeardV45W  Griffithstown
752NTJane BaylissV60W  Chepstow H
763NTSue AshtonV60W  Chepstow H
7717NTHelen ClancyV45W  Chepstow
7813NTKate AllenV40W  Pont-Y-Pwl
7914NTShari FinchV40W  Chepstow
8018NTCeri CaswellV35W  Parc Bryn Bach
816NTStella SymonsV50W  Fairwater
825NTVal ClareV55W  Lliswerry
8315NTTrudy HurfordV40W  Lliswerry
841NTBrenda AveryV65W  Chepstow H/Welsh Masters
856NTKaz CeeneyV55W  Lliswerry
8619NTHel WilliamsV35W  Islwyn
8718NTCarol DunsbeeV45W  Chepstow H
8819NTBernadette DaviesV45W  Caerleon
897NTYvonne ForseyV55W  Lliswerry
907NTSusan WebsterV50W  Lliswerry
91 NTMorwenna PhillipsSENW  Lliswerry
9216NTRebekah LaneV40W  Chepstow H
9317NTLisa RiddingtonV40W  Chepstow H
948NTJulia GroombridgeV50W  Lliswerry
9520NTAmanda RichardsV45W  Lliswerry/Unattached
969NTClare AndersonV50W  Lliswerry
9721NTMaria AtkinV45W  Lliswerry
98 NTLyndsay PattersonSENW  Chepstow H
992NTGwyneth HowellsV65W  Caerleon
10010NTSuzanne WilliamsV50W  Fairwater
1013NTYvonne WalkerV65W  Griffithstown
PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
11NTLee AherneV50M Lee AherneParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters
2 NTPaul WhiteV40M  Pont-Y-Pwl
3 NTRichard MatthewsV35M  Chepstow H
4 NTGareth JonesSENM  Griffithstown
51NTJon BelcherV40M  Lliswerry
6 NTMark HurfordV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
72NTRichard JohnsonV40M  Pont-Y-Pwl
8 NTMartyn WinserV35M  Chepstow H
9 NTSam Lewis-JonesSENM  Parc Bryn Bach
10 NTIestyn RhodesV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
11 NTMiles ThomasV35M  Lliswerry
122NTSimon LewisV50M  Parc Bryn Bach
131NTPhilip BoormanV45M  Lliswerry
143NTKarie AtkinsV40M  Chepstow H
152NTJonathan CarterV45M  Chepstow H
16 NTCraig CheedySENM  Pont-Y-Pwl
17 NTRicci WattsSENM  Pont-Y-Pwl
183NTAndrew WrightV45M  Caerleon
19 NTRoss WalkerSENM  Chepstow
20 NTIeuan SmithU20M  Lliswerry
211NTPaul DoddV55M  Chepstow H
22 NTPaul HaywardV35M  Islwyn
23 NTJamie DaviesU23M  Lliswerry
244NTSteven Matthew LaneV40M  Islwyn
255NTDafydd LambethV40M  Islwyn
26 NTShaun StylesSENM  Griffithstown
274NTRobert DaviesV45M  Lliswerry
283NTAndrew M DaweV50M  Lliswerry
29 NTRichard BowenSENM  Griffithstown
30 NTPeter TownsendV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
31 NTJoshua CashellU20M  Parc Bryn Bach
32 NTJames BloreSENM  Chepstow H
334NTRob BevesV50M  Chepstow H
345NTBrian EvansV45M  Monmouth
352NTColin WilmottV55M  Griffithstown
366NTAndrew JonesV45M  Parc Bryn Bach
37 NTMartin ChammingsV35M  Parc Bryn Bach
38 NTGareth DaviesV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
397NTMatthew LawsonV45M  Chepstow H
406NTDamian CaswellV40M  Parc Bryn Bach
415NTSteve HarrhyV50M  Pont-Y-Pwl
423NTJohn FosterV55M  Lliswerry
437NTMatthew MulcahyV40M  Caerleon
446NTDamian WilliamsV50M  Parc Bryn Bach
45 NTRichard HipkissSENM  Chepstow
467NTDimitri Vorr├ęsV50M  Pont-y-Pwl
47 NTOwen DaviesSENM  Lliswerry
488NTIan DaviesV50M  Parc Bryn Bach
499NTKevin DupeV50M  Caerleon
50 NTSimon BurnsSENM  Fairwater
518NTAndrew DickensV45M  Pont-Y-Pwl
521NTPhil MilesV65M  Parc Bryn Bach
539NTStephen CocoranV45M  Pont-y-Pwl
548NTJames AshleyV40M  Parc Bryn Bach
55 NTGareth HowellsSENM  Caerleon
561NTPeter RodgerV60M  Caerleon
574NTMartin V DaviesV55M  Lliswerry
582NTKevin McEnteeV60M  Chepstow H
5910NTAdrian GwilliamV50M  Fairwater
605NTGrahame VinerV55M  Caerleon
619NTAlan DobbsV40M  Chepstow H
626NTJon HancockV60M  Usk
6310NTBob WatsonV45M  Lliswerry
6411NTIan LineV45M  Parc Bryn Bach
65 NTLee GriffithsV35M  Parc Bryn Bach
6611NTNeil WilliamsV50M  Caerleon
67 NTRhys ThomasV35M  Griffithstown
6812NTRob SymonsV50M  Fairwater
69 NTRichard SheehySENM  Parc Bryn Bach
7010NTMike CleaverV40M  Lliswerry
71 NTScott HaydenV35M  Lliswerry
72 NTTom AtkinU20M  Lliswerry
7311NTGrant Paul WakemanV40M  Islwyn
743NTGerry AshtonV60M  Chepstow H
752NTPaul DayV65M  Lliswerry
767NTDennis BremanV55M  Griffithstown
7712NTDavid BrownV40M  Lliswerry
7813NTNick DaviesV50M  Lliswerry
798NTChristopher JonesV55M  Lliswerry
80 NTSamuel JacksonSENM  Parc Bryn Bach
813NTDavid SmoutV65M  Parc Bryn Bach
8212NTJeremy CreaseyV45M  Monmouth
8313NTJonathan KnightV45M  Pont-Y-Pwl
8414NTRod WyattV45M  Monmouth
85 NTIan WilliamsV35M  Islwyn
869NTChris DaviesV55M  Lliswerry
8715NTSimon PetersonV45M  Islwyn
8814NTDavid WebsterV50M  Lliswerry
8915NTMark RobinsV50M  Griffithstown
9013NTHuw EvansV40M  Lliswerry
914NTPaul DursleyV60M  Lliswerry
9214NTDesmond JonesV40M  Lliswerry
9315NTRobert TudhopeV40M  Lliswerry
9416NTPaul AdamsV40M  Caerleon
9517NTMaixent GaillardV40M  Fairwater
9618NTTerry VaughanV40M  Parc Bryn Bach
9710NTMartyn JenkinsV55M  Fairwater
9819NTSteven PhillipsV40M  Islwyn
9916NTTim WrightV50M  Lliswerry
10017NTPeter OlivierV50M  Caerleon
1015NTAndrew TaylorV60M  Caerleon
1024NTSimon MaddisonV65M  Chepstow
10311NTKeith DaviesV55M  Islwyn
10412NTTimothy MurphyV55M  Fairwater
10513NTNeil ChipperV55M  Lliswerry
1066NTJohn HillV65M  Lliswerry
10714NTGraham SimpsonV55M  Usk
10818NTBarry DesmondV50M  Griffithstown
109 NTTom JonesSENM  Monmouth
11020NTTom RiddingtonV40M  Chepstow H
11121NTJohn StoneV40M  Lliswerry
1125NTColin DixonV65M  Islwyn
113 NTRichard CookV35M  Griffithstown
1146NTDavid RutterV65M  Monmouth
11519NTNigel RichardsV50M  Lliswerry