The Power of 10 mission has inspired and motivated improved standards of performance since its inception in 2006. The Power of 10 is instilling a real sense of purpose and value that has witnessed greater depth and higher standards in the vast majority of events across all age groups.

Competitors, clubs and coaches have been inspired to achieve the targets set and drive up standards as a result. Our reward programme has recognised these improvements made by 1000’s of coaches and athletes over the last 2 seasons.

The rankings also provide a clear indicator of where more work still needs to be done and in 2024 this is reflected in the new UK 10 and UK 100 targets. Targets are there to motivate, to act as goals for athlete performance and to set markers for improvement over time.

For athlete and Coach we see these marks as crucial in leading each event upwards but also demonstrating where work is needed. The original mission is unwavering but as a sport we can’t be complacent. We can see that in the majority of events standards are rising well, with a number showing exceptional progress. We remain keen to continue to work towards moving all events forward in similar fashion.

Whilst acknowledging that the number of athletes making a UK 10 line may not be as high as we want in some events we are doing the research to understand whether this is a blip or a sign of a more endemic weakness in any given area.

It is essential that the targets reflect more than a single moment in time and relate to long term goals at UK and Home Nation level. You will continue to see the site evolve, offering greater analysis options through the login area.

Strategic Head of Coaching and Development, Kevin Tyler, acknowledges the strengths of the site but is also keen to ensure that coaches and athletes plan effectively for the long term... "(Coaches) The Power of 10 can support you and illustrates clearly how the athletes you work with are progressing. But of course it is only part of the answer. By using the login area, you can explore progress in the event (s) you coach and by analyzing this info further you can recognise where your planning is at with the athletes you coach. The sport is committed to deeper research and constant evaluation of event depth and will learn from this and share those findings with the sport."

It takes talent and dedication to improve performance and we will continue to seek out and nurture more athletes and coaches with that drive to succeed; single minded individuals who are prepared to make sacrifices every day, who have the work ethic and determination to take them right to the top.

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