Event Year Include Indirect
Janet Smith V55W Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties Vets/British Airways
Marion Loveridge V55W Gloucester/Midland Masters/Worcester
Diane Smith V55W Kingston upon Hull/Northern Masters
Kim Weir V55W St. Mary's Richmond/Veterans/Hillingdon
Karen Jones V55W Yate/South West Vets
Alyson Hourihan V55W Cardiff/Welsh Masters
Julie Wilson V55W Reading AC/Northern Masters
Jenny Cooper V55W Wolverhampton & Bilston/Midland Masters
Karen Llewellin V55W Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters
Wendy Dunsford V55W Epsom & Ewell/Civil Service/Enfield & Haringey/Eastern Masters
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EventMeetingVenueDateJanet SmithMarion LoveridgeDiane SmithKim WeirKaren JonesAlyson HourihanJulie WilsonJenny CooperKaren LlewellinWendy Dunsford
HT3KEuropean Masters' Championships Outdoor ThrowsGent, BEL19 Mar 1145.38333.458
HT3KBMAF Throws Pentathlon ChampionshipsMilton Keynes12 Jun 1141.19P31.73P
HT3KBMAF ChampionshipsDerby21 Jul 1241.98229.21829.417
HT3KSECTA Weight PentathlonEwell9 Feb 1335.79P28.82P
HT3KBritish Masters Championships Outdoor ThrowsLee Valley9 Mar 1323.67536.661
HT3KK&P Open Throws & Surrey/Open Graded Disability MeetingKingston6 Apr 1329.35236.161
HT3KBristol & West AC Open MeetingStoke Gifford23 Apr 1338.62126.572
HT3KSECTA Weight PentathlonEwell27 Apr 1335.10P27.55P
HT3KSurrey & Sussex County Masters ChampionshipsEwell1 Jun 1337.711rG 29.072rG
HT3KSCVAC ChampionshipsAshford2 Jun 1337.80128.572
HT3KSouth West Veterans ChampionshipsExeter16 Jun 1332.48128.452
HT3KEastern Veterans' ChampionshipsSandy29 Jun 1339.16129.082
HT3KVeterans AC ChampionshipsBattersea Park25 Aug 1332.05130.142
HT3KSt. Mary's Richmond Open MeetingTwickenham8 Sep 1328.95229.231
HT3KBMAF ChampionshipsBirmingham14 Sep 1340.39340.88228.241039.00429.457
HT3KSECTA Weight PentathlonEwell5 Oct 1337.06P29.33P
HT3KWorld Masters' ChampionshipsPorto Alegre, BRA21 Oct 1333.98
HT3KSECTA Weight PentathlonEwell7 Dec 1335.52P29.96P
HT3KBMAF Championships ThrowsLee Valley8 Mar 1430.98128.04330.58227.794
HT3KWorld Masters ChampionshipsBudapest, HUN26 Mar 1434.41730.0010
HT3KWeir Archer Academy & Kingston & Polytechnic Open Throws MeetingKingston5 Apr 1434.76131.122
HT3KWelsh Masters' LeagueCardiff7 May 1431.72129.403
HT3KSouthern Counties Veterans AC ChampionshipsLee Valley8 Jun 1432.06130.322
HT3KWelsh Masters ChampionshipsBrecon15 Jun 1433.67133.072
HT3KEAMA Outdoor Inter Area ChallengeSolihull20 Jul 1434.25230.564
HT3KBritish Masters AF ChampionshipsBirmingham9 Aug 1439.27132.64633.94333.44432.77529.947
HT3KSt. Mary's Richmond Open MeetingTwickenham7 Sep 1434.71132.032
HT3KBMAF Decathlon / Heptathlon ChampionshipsBirmingham20 Sep 1433.72P30.98P29.25P
HT3KSECTA Weight PentathlonEwell19 Oct 1443.50P32.52P
HT3KSECTA Weight PentathlonEwell6 Dec 1439.24P32.90P26.67P
HT3KBMAF ChampionshipsLee Valley7 Mar 1537.88239.91134.10428.86634.31331.32528.437
HT3KWeir Archer Academy / Kingston & Polytechnic Open Throws Meeting (Inc Surrey Disability Championships)Kingston11 Apr 1542.90133.423
HT3KBrewer Games Open MeetingCheltenham4 May 1540.54132.173
HT3KSussex / Surrey County Masters' ChampionshipsEwell7 Jun 1534.85335.492
HT3KSouthern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge8 Jun 1538.58133.382
HT3KSouthern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale13 Jul 1541.94132.912
HT3KEAMA Inter-Area MatchSolihull19 Jul 1540.58135.45234.38328.89428.275
HT3KBMAF ChampionshipsBirmingham25 Jul 1543.68141.33338.80432.82734.09631.998
HT3KWorld Masters ChampionshipsLyon, FRA6 Aug 1540.1712q41.508q34.7715q
HT3KWorld Masters ChampionshipsLyon, FRA7 Aug 1543.34642.188
HT3KBMAF Decathlon/Heptathlon/10000m Championships & Autumn ClassicsBirmingham19 Sep 1543.42P33.96P30.71P
HT3KSECTA Christmas Weight PentathlonEwell12 Dec 1540.09P33.34P
HT3KBritish Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley12 Mar 1641.24140.17232.96535.013
HT3KSouthern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge6 Jun 1641.36132.602
HT3KWelsh Masters Championships - track ineligible for ranking purposesBrecon3 Jul 1638.16131.603
HT3KSt. Mary's Richmond AC Open MeetingTwickenham14 Aug 1632.35130.542
HT3KSouthern Counties & Veterans AC ChampionshipsKingston28 Aug 1633.99334.732
HT3KBritish Masters ChampionshipsBirmingham17 Sep 1642.43239.38331.336
HT3KBritish Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley11 Mar 1739.84238.633
HT3KBritish Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley11 Mar 1732.73235.691
HT3KBritish Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley11 Mar 1730.70530.536
HT3KGloucester Winter Warmer SeriesGloucester25 Mar 1739.68134.712
HT3KSurrey County Disability Championships & Throws OpenEwell1 Apr 1739.70132.64231.923
HT3KBath Field Fest OpenBath2 Apr 1739.881rA35.802rA
HT3KBritish Masters ChampionshipsBirmingham24 Jun 1742.11138.942
HT3KPerivale OpenPerivale28 Jun 1742.23130.752
HT3KBritish Masters Inter-Area ChallengeSolihull2 Jul 1735.50130.09532.46331.934
HT3KSouthern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale12 Jul 1737.31129.852
HT3KEuropean Masters Athletics ChampionshipsAarhus, DEN3 Aug 1731.31930.1112
HT3KVeterans AC / Southern Counties Veterans AC ChampionshipsKingston27 Aug 1742.19234.413
HT3KVeterans AC / Southern Counties Veterans AC ChampionshipsKingston27 Aug 1732.94129.863
HT3KBritish Masters Decathlon / Heptathlon, Throws Pentathlon Championships, inc. North of England Masters ChampionshipsSheffield2 Sep 1735.78P31.66P30.04P
HT3KBritish Masters Winter Throws ChampionshipsLee Valley10 Mar 1834.84234.881
HT3KSurrey & Kingston & Poly Disability & Throws OpenKingston7 Apr 1831.06334.132
HT3KTeam Bath FieldFest OpenBath15 Apr 1835.804rA31.855rA
HT3KRosenheim League Division WestWalton2 May 1840.591rns30.492rns
HT3KAvon / Bristol & West / Yate Open SeriesYate23 May 1833.78236.181
HT3KSouthern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea18 Jun 1843.26128.262
HT3KSouth of England Masters ChampionshipsBattersea24 Jun 1831.30229.655
HT3KEngland Masters Inter Area ChallengeSolihull8 Jul 1830.31327.46427.415
HT3KBritish Masters Combined Events Championships, inc North of England Masters ChampionshipsSheffield14 Jul 1839.23P35.11P28.32P
HT3KRosenheim League Division WestWalton18 Jul 1841.551rns29.323rns
HT3KLondon Masters Grand PrixLee Valley19 Aug 1839.40P35.53P26.42P
HT3KBritish Masters ChampionshipsBirmingham25 Aug 1836.65130.78630.91533.313
HT3KWorld Masters ChampionshipsMalaga, ESP6 Sep 1839.171rB29.045rB
HT3KSt. Mary's Richmond AC Masters & Open MeetingTwickenham30 Sep 1839.91233.80434.833
HT3KMMTG WTC World Hammer Decathlon Championships OpenDerby13 Oct 1840.93D32.42D
HT3KSECTA Autumn Weight PentathlonEwell20 Oct 1833.35P28.60P
HT3KBritish Masters Winter Throws ChampionshipsLee Valley9 Mar 1928.54333.97132.41226.97423.256
HT3KGloucestershire County ChampionshipsCheltenham11 May 1938.58136.212
HT3KSouthern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionHillingdon10 Jun 1939.06130.992
HT3KBritish Masters Combined Events Championships (inc North of England Masters Championships)Hull29 Jun 1931.33P28.91P
HT3KEngland Masters Inter Area ChallengeCoventry6 Jul 1937.55130.393
HT3KSouthern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale10 Jul 1935.68127.292
HT3KWelsh Masters ChampionshipsBrecon21 Jul 1930.97126.836
HT3KBritish Masters ChampionshipsBirmingham10 Aug 1937.40132.45227.58426.175

Win-Loss-TieJanet SmithMarion LoveridgeDiane SmithKim WeirKaren JonesAlyson HourihanJulie WilsonJenny CooperKaren LlewellinWendy Dunsford
Janet Smith-6-2-01-0-017-0-01-0-00-0-014-0-00-0-04-0-03-0-0
Marion Loveridge2-6-0-1-1-010-0-010-1-00-0-08-0-01-0-07-0-05-0-0
Diane Smith0-1-01-1-0-1-0-02-0-00-0-02-0-00-0-01-0-04-0-0
Kim Weir0-17-00-10-00-1-0-2-4-00-0-02-12-00-1-07-2-014-1-0
Karen Jones0-1-01-10-00-2-04-2-0-0-0-02-4-01-0-03-2-06-2-0
Alyson Hourihan0-0-00-0-00-0-00-0-00-0-0-1-0-00-0-02-0-01-0-0
Julie Wilson0-14-00-8-00-2-012-2-04-2-00-1-0-0-0-013-0-016-0-0
Jenny Cooper0-0-00-1-00-0-01-0-00-1-00-0-00-0-0-1-0-01-0-0
Karen Llewellin0-4-00-7-00-1-02-7-02-3-00-2-00-13-00-1-0-8-0-0
Wendy Dunsford0-3-00-5-00-4-01-14-02-6-00-1-00-16-00-1-00-8-0-