Ethan Statham

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Age Group:U13
County:Greater Manchester
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Geoff Little

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South East Lancashire League Heaton Park

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2024 U13 Bury
6001:46.34i49SportcityManchester Indoor Open Meeting10 Mar 24
6001:47.26i36SportcityManchester Indoor Open Meeting7 Jan 24
6001:47.89i311SportcityManchester Indoor Open Meeting28 Jan 24
8002:25.84BlackpoolBlackpool Wyre & Fylde Winter Warm-Up30 Mar 24
8002:28.5321StretfordTrafford AC Medal Meeting17 Mar 24
15004:55.081WarringtonWarrington AC Spring Open Meeting13 Apr 24
1.99K7:451RossendaleRed Rose League20 Jan 24
2KXC6:302Towneley ParkMid Lancs League10 Feb 24
2KXC7:451Marl PittsSouth East Lancashire League20 Jan 24
parkrun18:2081StretfordStretford parkrun # 34723 Mar 24
parkrun18:32121Heaton ParkHeaton Park parkrun # 63020 Apr 24
2023 U11 Bury
7511.9214StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings28 Aug 23
7512.1343StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings23 Jul 23
7512.21NSAshton-under-LyneCheshire League23 Apr 23
7512.322WarringtonWarrington AC Junior Open Meeting30 Apr 23
15023.6812StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings2 Apr 23
15023.84AEllesmere PortCheshire League3 Sep 23
15023.8543StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings29 May 23
15029.15BCAshton-under-LyneCheshire League17 Jun 23
6001:47.7111StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings24 Jun 23
6001:47.7711StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings10 Sep 23
6001:48.2521StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings23 Jul 23
6001:48.7511StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings28 Aug 23
6001:48.9511StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings29 May 23
6001:51.01ABEllesmere PortCheshire League3 Sep 23
6001:51.911WarringtonWarrington AC Junior Open Meeting30 Apr 23
6001:52.641StretfordTrafford Medal Meetings2 Apr 23
6001:52.71ABAshton-under-LyneCheshire League17 Jun 23
6001:53.81ABAshton-under-LyneCheshire League23 Apr 23
Mile5:25.513Leeds (B)Leeds Golden Mile23 Sep 23
Mile5:43.344BuryBury AC Track Mile & Open Meeting26 Apr 23
LJ3.342BEllesmere PortCheshire League3 Sep 23
LJ3.3010BStretfordTrafford Medal Meetings24 Jun 23
LJ3.289BStretfordTrafford Medal Meetings29 May 23
LJ3.269BStretfordTrafford Medal Meetings28 Aug 23
LJ3.255AStretfordTrafford Medal Meetings2 Apr 23
LJ3.231WarringtonWarrington AC Junior Open Meeting30 Apr 23
LJ3.233AAshton-under-LyneCheshire League17 Jun 23
LJ3.175BStretfordTrafford Medal Meetings23 Jul 23
1.5KL5:021L1ManchesterNorth West Road Relays9 Sep 23
1.8KXC6:371Leverhulme ParkRed Rose League28 Oct 23
2KXC5:512Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League18 Feb 23
2KXC6:474R2BurnleyMid Lancs League11 Mar 23
2KXC6:561Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League7 Oct 23
2KXC7:012Sefton ParkBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc Euro Trials, L&D, Red Rose and Mid Lancs Leagues)25 Nov 23
2KXC7:021Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League4 Mar 23
2KXC7:0622Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League21 Jan 23
2KXC8:143BlackpoolMid Lancs League14 Jan 23
2KXC11:571Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League9 Dec 23
2.2KXC8:1397Sherdley ParkManchester Area League11 Feb 23
2.3KXC9:0210Y5MPrestwold HallNational Primary & Year 7 Championships25 Mar 23
2.83KXC11:1811Heaton ParkManchester Area League14 Oct 23
parkrun18:55151Heaton ParkHeaton Park parkrun # 61116 Dec 23
parkrun19:02311StretfordStretford parkrun # 3294 Nov 23
parkrun19:2261BurnleyBurnley parkrun # 49415 Jul 23
parkrun19:41431StretfordStretford parkrun # 30215 Apr 23
2022 U11 Bury
7512.45410StretfordTrafford Medal Meeting29 Aug 22
7512.526LitherlandSouthport Waterloo Open Meeting10 Sep 22
7512.80-0.522WarringtonTerry Davies Memorial Open Meeting18 Sep 22
7512.86BCAshton-under-LyneCheshire League17 Jul 22
7513.33ns1Ashton-under-LyneCheshire League1 May 22
15024.41BCDnsEllesmere PortCheshire League - Match 14 Sep 22
15025.11DBuryCheshire League5 Jun 22
15025.51211StretfordTrafford Medal Meeting29 Aug 22
6001:56.043LitherlandSouthport Waterloo Open Meeting10 Sep 22
6001:58.2281StretfordTrafford Medal Meeting29 Aug 22
6001:58.91ABBuryCheshire League5 Jun 22
6001:59.2412WarringtonTerry Davies Memorial Open Meeting18 Sep 22
6001:59.81ABEllesmere PortCheshire League - Match 14 Sep 22
6002:05.45ABAshton-under-LyneCheshire League1 May 22
LJ3.164WarringtonTerry Davies Memorial Open Meeting18 Sep 22
LJ3.075BLitherlandSouthport Waterloo Open Meeting10 Sep 22
LJ3.045BAshton-under-LyneCheshire League17 Jul 22
LJ2.916AEllesmere PortCheshire League - Match 14 Sep 22
1.5KL7:474L34OrmskirkNorth West Road Relays11 Sep 22
1.8KXC6:393R1TodmordenRed Rose League1 Oct 22
1.99KXC7:594RossendaleRed Rose League3 Dec 22
2KXC6:503BurnleyRed Rose League12 Nov 22
2KXC6:5388Witton ParkMid Lancs League15 Oct 22
2KXC7:0611Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League29 Oct 22
2KXC7:281717Sefton ParkBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc Euro Trials, L&D, Red Rose and Mid Lancs leagues)26 Nov 22
2KXC8:0584Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League5 Mar 22
2021 U11 Bury
1.8KXC7:084TodmordenRed Rose League13 Nov 21
1.8KXC7:1471BoltonRed Rose League16 Oct 21
2KXC7:1743Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League18 Dec 21
2KXC8:39101LeighRed Rose League2 Oct 21
parkrun25:24511BoltonBolton parkrun # 46428 Aug 21
Total Performances: 87
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