Philp McKeown

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Age Group:SEN
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 SEN Gateshead
3KXCL11:4918L2BirtleyCathedral Relays13 Jan 19
2.22ML13:3024L3Hetton-le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship31 Aug 19
6.8KL25:1780L4ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays15 Sep 19
HM89:22a89:00637Newcastle-South ShieldsSimplyHealth Great North Run8 Sep 19
ZXC37:08151Temple ParkStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League5 Jan 19
2018 SEN Gateshead
2.2ML12:4249L1Newcastle Upon TyneElswick Harriers Good Friday Relays30 Mar 18
2.22ML13:1044L1Hetton-le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship17 Feb 18
4.3KL14:0534L11BirkenheadNorthern Counties Men's 12-Stage Relays25 Mar 18
5K18:4118:31119EGatesheadQuayside 5K15 Aug 18
10K40:2040:1939GatesheadSimplyhealth Great North 10K8 Jul 18
6.3MXC44:53245Aykley HeadsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League17 Nov 18
12KXC56:40181WrekentonNorth Eastern County Championships8 Dec 18
HM90:45a90:29471Newcastle-South ShieldsSimplyHealth Great North Run9 Sep 18
ZXC40:44193Druridge BayStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Oct 18
ZXC44:26139SunderlandStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League6 Jan 18
2017 SEN Gateshead
2.22ML13:1526L5Hetton-Le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship18 Feb 17
5K18:3018:2675GatesheadQuayside Business Forum 5K23 Aug 17
5KMT18:4119HebburnCock Crow 5K25 Jul 17
parkrun19:1021BillericayBillericay parkrun # 2225 Nov 17
10K39:3639:3625London Olympic ParkQEOP Summer 10K Series5 Aug 17
HM87:53a87:43527Newcastle-South ShieldsSimplyHealth Great North Run10 Sep 17
HM88:3688:3598BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon19 Mar 17
ZXC37:58126South ShieldsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League28 Oct 17
ZXC41:02137Herrington ParkStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Jan 17
ZXC43:59190Aykley HeadsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League18 Nov 17
2016 SEN Gateshead
2.2ML13:1539L4LemingtonGood Friday Relays25 Mar 16
10K39:4339:4142GatesheadGreat North 10K3 Jul 16
12KXC49:43154DurhamNorth Eastern County Championships10 Dec 16
HM87:0887:0699BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon20 Mar 16
HM87:55a87:48460Newcastle-South ShieldsGreat North Run11 Sep 16
ZXC36:57101South ShieldsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League19 Nov 16
ZXC39:59233WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League1 Oct 16
ZXC40:36176Druridge BayStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League9 Oct 16
ZXC42:46151PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League26 Nov 16
ZXC49:15220AlnwickStart Fitness North East Harrier League5 Mar 16
2015 SEN Gateshead
2.2ML12:5934L4NewburnGood Friday Road Relays3 Apr 15
2.22ML13:2630L6Hetton-le-HoleNorth East Road Relay Championship 2.2214 Feb 15
2.4ML14:2128L12LiverpoolNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays28 Mar 15
5.14KL19:0247L8Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays11 Apr 15
10K37:4737:4557North ShieldsNorth Tyneside 10K5 Apr 15
10K38:4438:4147GatesheadMorrisons Great North 10K5 Jul 15
12KXC55:32210SedgefieldNorth Eastern County Championships12 Dec 15
10M65:1091BramptonBrampton to Carlisle 1015 Nov 15
HM82:3282:2839BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon22 Mar 15
HM84:29a84:24272Newcastle-South ShieldsMorrisons Great North Run13 Sep 15
ZXC38:43176WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League14 Mar 15
ZXC42:16153Alnwick CastleStart Fitness North East Harrier League28 Feb 15
ZXC46:18210DurhamStart Fitness North East Harrier League21 Nov 15
2014 SEN Gateshead
2.22ML13:5543L3Hetton Le HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championships15 Feb 14
5K18:2418:2151GatesheadQuayside Business Forum 5K21 Aug 14
parkrun19:175GatesheadGateshead parkrun # 11614 Jun 14
10K38:0447North ShieldsNorth Tyneside 10K20 Apr 14
10K39:14c79NewcastleBupa Great North 10K13 Jul 14
10K39:4423BillericayBillericay Striders 10K2 Nov 14
HMNAD85:407HaltwhistleHaltwhistle Half Marathon28 Sep 14
ZXC37:06130Temple ParkStart Fitness North East Harrier League25 Oct 14
ZXC37:57183WrekentonNorth East Harrier League22 Mar 14
ZXC45:37189WallingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League29 Nov 14
ZXC51:21162Town MoorNorth Eastern County Championships13 Dec 14
2013 SEN Gateshead
2.2ML12:3138L1NewcastleElswick Good Friday Races29 Mar 13
2.22ML12:5728L2SunderlandRoyal Signal Road Relays16 Feb 13
parkrun19:011GatesheadGateshead parkrun # 5416 Mar 13
parkrun19:298GatesheadGateshead parkrun # 6615 Jun 13
10K37:2641North ShieldsNorth Tyneside 10K31 Mar 13
10K38:52c44Newcastle-upon-TyneBupa Great North 10K23 Jun 13
HM83:28ac306Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run15 Sep 13
ZXC39:31136WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League9 Feb 13
ZXC44:20136AlnwickStart Fitness North East Harrier League2 Mar 13
ZXC56:43545SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
2012 SEN Gateshead
parkrun19:105GatesheadGateshead parkrun # 152 Jun 12
parkrun19:102GatesheadGateshead parkrun # 373 Nov 12
parkrun19:376GatesheadGateshead parkrun # 1716 Jun 12
parkrun19:585GatesheadGateshead parkrun # 244 Aug 12
6KL23:0481L2LeighNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays22 Sep 12
10K39:14c61GatesheadBupa Great North 10K22 Jul 12
10K39:2739:2363NewcastleTown Moor Memorial 10K11 Nov 12
10K39:319RothburyRun Northumberland Cragside 10K14 Apr 12
10K39:4934Thornaby on TeesTees Barrage 10K7 May 12
10KMT41:4527Barnard CastleRaby Castle 10K27 May 12
HM85:5585:5360BrentwoodBrentwood Half Marathon25 Mar 12
HM87:57ac624Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run16 Sep 12
HM92:4792:4498SouthendSouthend Half Marathon10 Jun 12
ZXC31:59143Shibdon PondStart Fitness North East Harrier League17 Nov 12
ZXC37:06126Bedewell ParkStart Fitness North East Harrier League15 Dec 12
ZXC40:40176WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League11 Feb 12
ZXC40:48158East CramlingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League27 Oct 12
ZXC53:32149HartlepoolNorth Eastern County Championships8 Dec 12
ZXC54:40430PontefractNorthern Championships28 Jan 12
2011 SEN Gateshead
parkrun19:3639NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 772 Jul 11
6KL23:56102L1WarringtonNorthern Road Relay Championships Senior Men24 Sep 11
4.5ML28:3034L7CatterickNorthern Men's 12 Stage Relays (Long Legs)20 Mar 11
10K39:2681North ShieldsNorth Tyneside 10K24 Apr 11
10K40:4598GatesheadBupa Great North 10K17 Jul 11
10K41:0592Newcastle upon TyneHeaton Harriers Town Moor 10K13 Nov 11
10K42:1179BillericayBillericay 10K6 Nov 11
HM92:1392:09117RedcarRedcar Half Marathon12 Jun 11
ZXC36:10159BlaydonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League12 Mar 11
ZXC43:32154WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League28 Feb 11
ZXC48:34137NewcastleNorth East Harrier League6 Feb 11
ZXC53:41109South ShieldsNorth Eastern County Championships8 Jan 11
2010 SEN Gateshead
4.8KL19:2938L6ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 12 Stage Relays (Long Legs)21 Mar 10
parkrun19:0718NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 4016 Oct 10
5.6KL22:0378L6ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-stage Relay2 Oct 10
10K40:1236BillericayBillericay Striders 10K7 Nov 10
10KMT41:0898NewcastleTown Moor 10K14 Nov 10
Total Performances: 105
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