Eilidh Doyle

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Club:Pitreavie/Team Bath
Age Group:V35
County:Scotland East
Lead Coach:Brian Doyle2017-
Previous Lead:Malcolm Arnold2010-2017
Previous Lead:Stuart Hogg-2010


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Eilidh Scotland’s most be-medalled athlete with eighteen and in Rio won her country’s first Olympic medal since 1988.

Winner of twelve national titles; seven senior, two U23, one U20 and two U17

4x400 British Indoor NR - 3:27.56

400mH Scottish NR - 54.09
4x400 Scottish NR - 3:29.18
400m indoor Scottish NR - 51.45

Major Championships and International Record
2019 - European Indoor Championships - 400m 5sf, 4x400 SILVER.
2018 - European Championships - 400mH 8th, 4x400m BRONZE. Commonwealth Games.- 400mH SILVER, 4x400 6th. World Indoor Championships - 400m BRONZE.
2017 - World Championships - 400mH 8th, 4x400 BRONZE. European Indoor Championships - 4x400 SILVER, 400m 3sf.
2016 - Olympic Games - 400mH 8th, 4x400 BRONZE. European Championships - 4x400 GOLD.
2015 - World Championships - 400mH 6th, 4x400 SILVER.
2014 - European Championships - 400mH GOLD, 4x400 BRONZE. Commonwealth Games - 400mH SILVER. World Indoor Championships - 4x400 BRONZE.
2013 - World Championships - 400mH 5th, 4x400m SILVER. European Indoor Championships - 400m SILVER, 4x400m GOLD
2012 - Olympic Games 400mH 6th sf. European Championships 4x400m, 4th
2011 – World Championships 6th sf
2010 – Commonwealth Games - 400mH SILVER. European Championships - 400mH 8th.
2009 – World Championships - 400mH 6th sf. European U23 Championships - 400mH SILVER
2007 – European U23 Championships 400m hurdles 5th

Domestic Championships Record
2019 - British Indoor Championships - 400m 4th.
2018 - British Indoor Championships - 400m Gold.
2017 - British Championships - 400mH Gold. British Indoor Championships - 400m Gold.
2016 - British Championships - 400mH Gold.
2015 - British Championships - 400mH Gold.
2014 - British Championships - 400mH Gold. British Indoor Championships - 400 4th.
2013 - British Championships - 400mH silver. European Indoor Championships - 400m gold
2012 - British Championships -400mH silver. BUCS 400mH gold, 400m gold
2011 - Scottish Championships - 400m gold. British Championships - 400mH silver
2009 - England U23 Championships - 400mH silver, CAU Inter-Counties 400mH gold
2008 - BUSA Championships 400mH gold, England Athletics U23 Championships - 400mH gold, British Championships - 400mH bronze
2007 - BUSA Championships 400mH gold, European Athletics U23 Championships - 400mH 5th, British Championships - 400mH bronze
2005 - AAA U20 Championships - 400mH gold
2004 - AAA U20 Championships - 400mH silver
2003 - AAA U17 Championships - 300mH gold
As a youngster Eilidh won the U13 Scottish Schools butterfly swimming title two years in succession. She comes from a talented family, one of her sisters is a writer, the other used to compete at triple jump and her brother is a footrballer.

In 2009 she reduced her PB for the 400m hurdles significantly and finished second in the European U23 Championships in Kaunus, Lithuania behind her adversary, Perri Shakes-Drayton. She also qualified for her first senior championship and did well to make the semi-final stage where she finished in sixth place. 2010 saw her claim her first major medal at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi with a well deserved silver.

She has a degree in Physical Education from Edinburgh University and was a full-time PE teacher. In her spare time she likes swimming and is a supporter of Hearts FC where she has a season ticket.

Best known performances

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2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

2019 SEN Pitreavie/Team Bath
20024.29i3Emirates ArenaBMC / Glasgow AA Metric Miler Meeting (Inc Scottish 3000m Championships)4 Jan 19
40052.43i2BirminghamMüller Grand Prix Birmingham16 Feb 19
40052.75i1h1BirminghamBritish Championships9 Feb 19
40052.77i1s1BirminghamBritish Championships9 Feb 19
40052.81i3h7Emirates ArenaEuropean Indoor Championships1 Mar 19
40053.06i4BirminghamBritish Championships10 Feb 19
40053.08i11Vienna, AUTVienna Indoor Classic26 Jan 19
40053.28i4s3Emirates ArenaEuropean Indoor Championships1 Mar 19
40053.38i45Emirates ArenaScottish National Open12 Jan 19
400L51.44iL4Emirates ArenaEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 19
2018 SEN Pitreavie/Team Bath
20024.35i3Emirates ArenaGlasgow AA Open Events7 Jan 18
40051.60i3BirminghamIAAF World Indoor Championships3 Mar 18
40051.84i1BirminghamBritish Athletics Championships18 Feb 18
40051.871BChorzow, POLMemoriał Kamili Skolimowskiej22 Aug 18
40052.11i1s2BirminghamBritish Athletics Championships17 Feb 18
40052.15i2s1BirminghamIAAF World Indoor Championships2 Mar 18
40052.31i2h5BirminghamIAAF World Indoor Championships2 Mar 18
40052.34i11Vienna, AUTVienna Indoor Classic27 Jan 18
40052.38i2Emirates ArenaMuller Grand Prix25 Feb 18
40052.66i1h2BirminghamBritish Athletics Championships17 Feb 18
40053.00i3B2Emirates ArenaScottish National Open13 Jan 18
400L51.03L4Gold Coast, AUSCommonwealth Games14 Apr 18
400L51.50L4Berlin, GEREuropean Championships11 Aug 18
400HW54.801h1Gold Coast, AUSCommonwealth Games10 Apr 18
400HW54.802Gold Coast, AUSCommonwealth Games12 Apr 18
400HW55.055Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League30 Aug 18
400HW55.161s1Berlin, GEREuropean Championships8 Aug 18
400HW55.711AKarlstad, SWEKarlstad GP25 Jul 18
400HW56.187Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Anniversary Games21 Jul 18
400HW56.238Berlin, GEREuropean Championships10 Aug 18
400HW56.614BirminghamIAAF Diamond League18 Aug 18
2017 SEN Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Team Bath
20024.16i+3ms1Belgrade, SRBEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 17
20024.55i+1ms2SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
40051.86i11Vienna, AUTIndoor Track & Field Vienna28 Jan 17
40052.33i4BirminghamMüller Indoor Grand Prix Birmingham18 Feb 17
40052.362AHuelva, ESPMeeting Iberoamericano de Atletismo14 Jun 17
40052.47i1s2SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
40052.63i1SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials12 Feb 17
40052.75i1Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships15 Jan 17
40052.81i3s1Belgrade, SRBEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 17
40053.28i1h3Belgrade, SRBEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 17
40053.32i1h4SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
40053.36i1BMondeville, FRAMeeting National Elite4 Feb 17
40053.59i1h1Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships15 Jan 17
400L51.56L3Olympic ParkIAAF World Championships13 Aug 17
400L52.32L3Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays23 Apr 17
400L53.18iL1Belgrade, SRBEuropean Indoor Championships5 Mar 17
400L53.3L1h2Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays22 Apr 17
400HW54.363Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League6 Jul 17
400HW54.601Lille, FRAEuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League23 Jun 17
400HW54.754Monaco, MONIAAF Diamond League21 Jul 17
400HW54.824Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Muller Anniversary Games9 Jul 17
400HW54.894BirminghamIAAF Diamond League20 Aug 17
400HW54.9231Rabat, MARIAAF Diamond League16 Jul 17
400HW55.044Brussels, BELIAAF Diamond League1 Sep 17
400HW55.095Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League24 Aug 17
400HW55.333s3Olympic ParkIAAF World Championships8 Aug 17
400HW55.493h4Olympic ParkIAAF World Championships7 Aug 17
400HW55.591BirminghamBritish Championships2 Jul 17
400HW55.718Olympic ParkIAAF World Championships10 Aug 17
400HW55.761h1Lille, FRAEuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League23 Jun 17
400HW55.869Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League8 Jun 17
400HW56.231ALisse, NEDTer Specke Bokaal13 May 17
400HW56.341h4BirminghamBritish Championships1 Jul 17
2016 SEN Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni
400L50.99L3Amsterdam, NEDEuropean Championships10 Jul 16
400L51.3L1h1Amsterdam, NEDEuropean Championships9 Jul 16
400L52.5L1Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games20 Aug 16
400HW54.091Monaco, MONIAAF Diamond League15 Jul 16
400HW54.452Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League25 Aug 16
400HW54.531Doha, QATIAAF Diamond League6 May 16
400HW54.553Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League1 Sep 16
400HW54.572BirminghamIAAF Diamond League5 Jun 16
400HW54.618Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games18 Aug 16
400HW54.704Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League22 Jul 16
400HW54.813Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League2 Jun 16
400HW54.931BirminghamBritish Championships26 Jun 16
400HW54.993s2Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games16 Aug 16
400HW55.265Brussels, BELIAAF Diamond League Memorial Van Damme9 Sep 16
400HW55.461h6Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games15 Aug 16
400HW55.572ALuzern, SUISpitzen Leichtathletik14 Jun 16
400HW56.301h2BirminghamBritish Championships25 Jun 16
2015 SEN Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni
40053.03i2AEaubonne, FRAMeeting National en salle d'Eaubonne10 Feb 15
400L50.61L3Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships30 Aug 15
400L51.8L1h2Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships29 Aug 15
400L52.3L1Cheboksary, RUSEuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League21 Jun 15
400L52.5L1h2Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays2 May 15
400L52.7L1Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays3 May 15
200HW26.23st0.54ManchesterGreat City Games9 May 15
400HW54.4612Cheboksary, RUSEuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League20 Jun 15
400HW54.484Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Anniversary Games24 Jul 15
400HW54.742h2Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships23 Aug 15
400HW54.786Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships26 Aug 15
400HW54.803s1Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships24 Aug 15
400HW54.843Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League4 Jun 15
400HW55.144BirminghamIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Grand Prix7 Jun 15
400HW55.571BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships5 Jul 15
400HW55.796Stockholm, SWEIAAF Diamond League30 Jul 15
400HW55.976Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games11 Jun 15
400HW55.981h1BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships4 Jul 15
400HW56.148Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League3 Sep 15
400HW56.566Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike26 May 15
2014 SEN Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni
40052.402LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 14
40052.49i3BirminghamBritish Athletics Grand Prix15 Feb 14
40053.06i1s1SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships8 Feb 14
40053.65i1h1SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships8 Feb 14
40053.68i4SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships9 Feb 14
40053.69i4Emirates ArenaBritish Athletics International Match25 Jan 14
400L51.3L1Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships17 Aug 14
400L52.25iL1Sopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships9 Mar 14
400L52.3L1h2Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays24 May 14
400L52.33iL1h1Sopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships8 Mar 14
400L52.8L1Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays25 May 14
400L53.62L1SCOEmirates ArenaBritish Athletics International Match25 Jan 14
200HW25.84st1.02ManchesterGreat City Games17 May 14
400HW54.391Hampden ParkIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix11 Jul 14
400HW54.422Marrakech, MARIAAF Continental Cup13 Sep 14
400HW54.481Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships16 Aug 14
400HW54.711s2Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships14 Aug 14
400HW54.763Brussels, BELIAAF Diamond League5 Sep 14
400HW54.823Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League5 Jun 14
400HW54.892BirminghamIAAF Diamond League British Athletics Grand Prix24 Aug 14
400HW55.022Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games31 Jul 14
400HW55.321h1Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships13 Aug 14
400HW55.333Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games11 Jun 14
400HW55.362BBraunschweig, GEREuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League21 Jun 14
400HW55.433Doha, QATIAAF Diamond League9 May 14
400HW55.561h1Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games29 Jul 14
400HW55.581BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)29 Jun 14
400HW55.951h2BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)28 Jun 14
0.5K68.113NewcastleGreat City Games6 Sep 14
2013 SEN Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni
20024.51i+1mGothenburg, SWEEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 13
40051.45i2Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 13
40051.50i3BirminghamBritish Athletics Grand Prix16 Feb 13
40051.838Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Anniversary Games27 Jul 13
40052.05i1h3Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Indoor Championships1 Mar 13
40052.06i1s2SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
40052.083Hengelo, NEDIAAF World Challenge Fanny Blankers-Koen Games8 Jun 13
40052.13i1SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships10 Feb 13
40052.29i2s1Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Indoor Championships2 Mar 13
40052.71i1ABirminghamBirmingham Games2 Feb 13
40052.88i4Emirates ArenaBritish Athletics International Match26 Jan 13
40053.13i1h2BirminghamBirmingham Games2 Feb 13
40053.54i1h2SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
400L51.6L1Philadelphia PA, USAPenn Relays27 Apr 13
400L51.7L12GatesheadEuropean Athletics Team Championships22 Jun 13
400L51.7L1Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships16 Aug 13
400L51.9L1Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships17 Aug 13
400L52.0L1LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
400L52.21i1LGothenburg, SWEEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 13
200HW26.27-1.13ManchesterGreat Manchester City Games25 May 13
400HW54.222BirminghamIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Grand Prix30 Jun 13
400HW54.323s1Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships13 Aug 13
400HW54.4212GatesheadEuropean Athletics Team Championships22 Jun 13
400HW54.865Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships15 Aug 13
400HW54.902BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships14 Jul 13
400HW54.9311Geneva, SUIAtletiCAGenève1 Jun 13
400HW55.122Prague, CZEMemoriál Josefa Odložila10 Jun 13
400HW55.172h4Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships12 Aug 13
400HW55.261h1BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships13 Jul 13
400HW55.831Montreuil-sous-Bois, FRAMeeting AEA Classic de Montreuil3 Jun 13
400HW56.341LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
2012 SEN Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni
40052.711UKAOlympic ParkBUCS Championships6 May 12
400L50.86L4Helsinki, FINEuropean Championships1 Jul 12
400L51.54L3h2Olympic ParkOlympic Games10 Aug 12
400L52.9L1Helsinki, FINEuropean Championships30 Jun 12
400HW54.9611Geneva, SUIAtletiCAGenève2 Jun 12
400HW55.251Montreuil, FRAMeeting D'Athletisme de Montreuil5 Jun 12
400HW55.281BPrague, CZEMemoriál Josefa Odložila11 Jun 12
400HW55.532BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials24 Jun 12
400HW55.831h1BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials23 Jun 12
400HW55.915Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League13 Jul 12
400HW55.921LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
400HW55.986BirminghamSamsung Diamond League26 Aug 12
400HW56.036s3Olympic ParkOlympic Games6 Aug 12
400HW56.143h1Olympic ParkOlympic Games5 Aug 12
400HW57.371UKAOlympic ParkBUCS Championships5 May 12
2011 SEN Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni
40052.281Glasgow (S)Scottish Senior & U14 Championships17 Jul 11
40053.381h2Glasgow (S)Scottish Senior & U14 Championships16 Jul 11
400HW55.673Lucerne, SUISpitzen Leichtathletik Luzern21 Jul 11
400HW55.766Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League Aviva London Grand Prix5 Aug 11
400HW55.824Prague, CZEJosef Odložil Memorial13 Jun 11
400HW55.881Brussels, BELBrussels Grand Prix10 Jul 11
400HW55.896s1Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships30 Aug 11
400HW56.083Bydgoszcz, POLENEA Cup European Athletics Festival3 Jun 11
400HW56.183h4Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships29 Aug 11
400HW56.231h3BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials30 Jul 11
400HW56.482BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials31 Jul 11
400HW56.895Szczecin, POLMemoriał Janusza Kusocińskiego25 Jun 11
400HW58.951LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 11
2010 SEN Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni
400L51.4L2Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games12 Oct 10
400L52.52L4h2Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games11 Oct 10
400HW55.163Crystal PalaceIAAF Diamond League Aviva London Grand Prix14 Aug 10
400HW55.171Bydgoszcz, POLEuropean Athletics Festival6 Jun 10
400HW55.274s1Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships28 Jul 10
400HW55.518Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships30 Jul 10
400HW55.575Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League Weltklasse19 Aug 10
400HW55.622Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games10 Oct 10
400HW55.822h3Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships27 Jul 10
400HW55.841Loughborough Loughborough International23 May 10
400HW56.136GatesheadIAAF Diamond League Aviva British Grand Prix10 Jul 10
400HW56.162h2Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games9 Oct 10
400HW56.482Bergen, NOREuropean Team Championships19 Jun 10
400HW56.64Madrid, ESPMeeting Madrid 20102 Jul 10
2009 U23 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
40056.551AWishawScottish Inter-Regional Championships10 May 09
400L53.2L2Leiria, PORSpar European Team Championships21 Jun 09
400HW55.322Kaunas, LTUEuropean Under-23 Championships18 Jul 09
400HW55.362BedfordEngland U20 & U23 Championships28 Jun 09
400HW55.462Prague, CZEJosef Odložil Memorial8 Jun 09
400HW55.4842Leiria, PORSpar European Team Championships20 Jun 09
400HW55.521BedfordCAU Inter Counties25 May 09
400HW55.685Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix25 Jul 09
400HW55.963h2Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships17 Aug 09
400HW56.216s3Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships18 Aug 09
400HW56.271LoughboroughMcCain Loughborough International17 May 09
400HW56.451s2Kaunas, LTUEuropean Under-23 Championships17 Jul 09
400HW56.531h2Kaunas, LTUEuropean Under-23 Championships16 Jul 09
400HW57.091h2BedfordCAU Inter Counties25 May 09
400HW57.611h2BedfordEngland U20 & U23 Championships27 Jun 09
2008 U23 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
20024.561.53ACarshaltonUK Women's League Division 23 Aug 08
20024.76i2GlasgowDM Hall Scottish Senior Championships1 Mar 08
20025.1i1h1GlasgowDM Hall Scottish Senior Championships1 Mar 08
20025.28i1GlasgowDM Hall Scottish Closed Senior Championships12 Jan 08
40053.711Bedford10 in 100 Cup Plate Women6 Sep 08
40054.171GatesheadBAL 10 in 100 Cup19 Jul 08
40054.831AEdinburghScottish Women's Athletic League20 Apr 08
100HW15.37-2.72BSwanseaUK Women's League Division 28 Jun 08
400HW56.841DunfermlineScottish Athletics Senior Championships31 Aug 08
400HW57.001h1DunfermlineScottish Athletics Senior Championships30 Aug 08
400HW57.271ASwanseaUK Women's League Division 28 Jun 08
400HW57.291Pavia, ITAEAP Meeting11 May 08
400HW57.301GrangemouthBank of Scotland U20/U23 Championships & Junior Relay Championships15 Jun 08
400HW57.681ADerbyInter-Territorial Match U2310 Aug 08
400HW57.833BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials12 Jul 08
400HW57.971GrangemouthBank of Scotland Cup1 Jul 08
400HW58.031BedfordBUSA Championships3 May 08
400HW58.091LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 08
400HW58.551h1BedfordEngland Athletics Open Championships (U23/U20)21 Jun 08
400HW58.962ACarshaltonUK Women's League Division 23 Aug 08
400HW59.181BedfordEngland Athletics Open Championships (U23/U20)22 Jun 08
400HW59.262h3BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials11 Jul 08
400HW59.531h3BedfordBUSA Championships3 May 08
400HW59.991GrangemouthScottish Universities Championships19 Apr 08
2007 U23 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
20024.62w2.71BEdinburghScottish Women's League22 Apr 07
20024.65w3.14SportcityUK Women's League Division 12 Jun 07
20024.99i1GlasgowScottish Universities Championships24 Feb 07
20025.36i3GlasgowDM Hall Scottish Senior Championships20 Jan 07
40054.351GrangemouthBAL 10 in 100 Cup10 Jun 07
40054.71DunfermlinePitreavie AAC Club Championships14 Apr 07
60HW9.09i3GlasgowDM Hall Scottish Senior Championships20 Jan 07
60HW9.15i1GlasgowScottish Universities Championships24 Feb 07
60HW9.39i1GrangemouthFalkirk Open10 Jan 07
100HW14.38w3.81BGrangemouthUK Women's League Division 14 Aug 07
100HW14.70w2.31EdinburghScottish Women's League22 Apr 07
400HW57.115Debrecen, HUNEuropean U23 Championships14 Jul 07
400HW57.153SportcityNorwich Union British Championships inc. World Trials29 Jul 07
400HW57.733h1Debrecen, HUNEuropean U23 Championships13 Jul 07
400HW57.781DerbyU23 Inter Territorial Match19 Aug 07
400HW57.811BedfordEngland Athletics U23 & U20 Championships24 Jun 07
400HW57.881SportcityUK Women's League Division 12 Jun 07
400HW58.081Glasgow (S)Senior Scottish Championships11 Aug 07
400HW58.212The Hague, NEDThe Hague, NED28 May 07
400HW58.422LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 07
400HW58.511h3SportcityNorwich Union British Championships inc. World Trials28 Jul 07
400HW58.551GrangemouthUK Women's League Division 14 Aug 07
400HW58.691h1BedfordEngland Athletics U23 & U20 Championships23 Jun 07
400HW58.941EdinburghBank of Scotland U20 / U23 Championships17 Jun 07
400HW59.051BedfordBUSA Championships6 May 07
400HW59.331GrangemouthScottish Universities Athletics Outdoor Championships21 Apr 07
400HW59.421Glasgow (S)Scottish Closed Senior Championships13 May 07
400HW59.901h2BedfordBUSA Championships5 May 07
2006 U20 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
20025.52isfGlasgowBank of Scotland U20/U17 Championships5 Feb 06
20025.533BAbingdonInter-Territorial Match3 Sep 06
20025.58i3GlasgowBank of Scotland U20/U17 Championships5 Feb 06
20025.88i2GlasgowScottish Universities Championships12 Feb 06
20025.93ihtGlasgowDm Hall Scottish East And West District Championships15 Jan 06
20026.01i3EGlasgowDm Hall Scottish East And West District Championships15 Jan 06
20026.04ihtGlasgowDM Hall Scottish Indoor Championships22 Jan 06
40057.72DunfermlinePitreavie AAC 50th Anniversary Inter-Club Match28 Jun 06
60HW8.89i2GlasgowBank of Scotland U20/U17 Championships5 Feb 06
60HW9.16i5GlasgowDM Hall Scottish Indoor Championships22 Jan 06
60HW9.20i3EGlasgowDm Hall Scottish East And West District Championships15 Jan 06
60HW9.2i1GlasgowScottish Universities Championships12 Feb 06
100HW14.91BGatesheadNational Junior League Northern Premier7 May 06
100HW15.3-0.42BedfordBritish Athletics League Golden Jubilee Plate Final19 Aug 06
100HW15.831BEdinburghScottish Women's League24 Jun 06
400HW59.71GatesheadNational Junior League Northern Premier7 May 06
400HW60.054BirminghamBUSA Championships30 Apr 06
400HW60.062EdinburghScottish Closed Championships14 May 06
400HW60.341The Hague, HOLThe Hague, Hol27 May 06
400HW60.5031BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)11 Jun 06
400HW60.691Glasgow (S)Bank of Scotland U20/U23 Championships18 Jun 06
400HW60.741GrangemouthScottish Universities Championships15 Apr 06
400HW60.752Glasgow (S)Sunday Mail Scottish Championships12 Aug 06
400HW61.412s2BirminghamBUSA Championships29 Apr 06
400HW61.654MLoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 06
400HW61.691h2BirminghamBUSA Championships29 Apr 06
400HW62.081h2BedfordAAA U23-U20 Championships22 Jul 06
400HW62.11BedfordBritish Athletics League Golden Jubilee Plate Final19 Aug 06
400HW62.281AbingdonInter-Territorial Match3 Sep 06
400HW62.291EdinburghScottish Women's League24 Jun 06
400HW62.41DunfermlinePitreavie AAC Championships1 Apr 06
2005 U20 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
20026.01DunfermlinePITREAVIE AAC CHAMPIONSHIPS16 Apr 05
40057.40i2EastGlasgowDM Hall Scottish East & West District Championships15 Jan 05
40058.03i1GlasgowScottish Universities Championships12 Mar 05
60HW9.20i1GrangemouthFALKIRK OPEN Grangemouth7 Dec 05
60HW9.33i1GlasgowScottish Universities Championships12 Mar 05
100HW15.002DumfriesBank of Scotland U23 &U20 Championships19 Jun 05
100HW15.5w2.11DunfermlinePITREAVIE AAC CHAMPIONSHIPS16 Apr 05
100HW15.70-1.22Glasgow (S)SCOTTISH EAST AND WEST DISTRICT (May 14/15)14 May 05
400HW59.781BedfordAAA U20 / U23 Championships3 Jul 05
400HW60.763BBedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)12 Jun 05
400HW60.821DerbyU23 Inter Territorial (Cleveland Cup)14 Aug 05
400HW60.981The Hague, HOL-28 May 05
400HW61.421Glasgow (S)SCOTTISH EAST AND WEST DISTRICT (May 14/15)15 May 05
400HW61.812h3Glasgow (S)BUSA Championships2 May 05
400HW61.834Glasgow (S)BUSA Championships2 May 05
400HW61.871h2BedfordAAA U20 / U23 Championships2 Jul 05
400HW61.936LoughboroughLoughborough International Match22 May 05
400HW62.21DumfriesBank of Scotland U23 &U20 Championships19 Jun 05
2004 U20 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
400HW59.531Glasgow (S)Sco14 Aug 04
2003 U17 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
300HW41.971SheffieldAAA U15 / U17 Championships17 Aug 03
300HW41.981CardiffSIAB Schools International19 Jul 03
400H61.31AbingdonBritish Athletics League & UK Women's League Qualifying Match13 Sep 03
400HW59.82mxDunfermlineNJLN127 Jul 03
2002 U17 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
300HW42.211Glasgow (S)BS-1720 Jul 02
2001 U15 Pitreavie/Edinburgh Uni/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
8002:21.51GrangemouthGrangemouth30 Jun 01
8002:27.51Glasgow (S)Scottish Young Athletes Girls League Central Division3 Jun 01
15004:58.412AberdeenRailtrack Scottish Women's League27 May 01
Total Performances: 328
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