Matthew Long

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Age Group:V50
Region:East Midlands
Lead Coach:James Bailey2022-
Previous Lead:None-2022

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Dr. Matt Long is a Team Manager, Coach and Coach Educator. A former county level athlete, after representing Staffordshire on three occasions between 1998 and 2000, he became a recreational runner in his 30s and still does Parkrun for health and wellbeing.

Recent running achievements.

MMAC M45 Midland Champion 5000m. 2018.
MMAC M50 Midland Champion 10,000m. 2023.

Key Roles:


Matt has served as either Great Britain or England Team Staff on 18 occasions either for juniors, seniors or masters. He worked as an England Team Coach at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Development Camp in July 2022, after having served as England Senior Team Coach with the Marathon Squad both at the Birmingham Training Camp and Manchester Trials, for those targeting selection. Matt is currently the England Team Manager for Masters Cross Country. His serves as an England Athletics Youth Talent Programme (YTP) Coach at the Birmingham University hub under Dean Miller. In July 2023 Matt signed as a professional coach with New Levels Coaching and works alongside Olympic and World championship athletes under founder and CEO, Lewis Moses (see Matt has coached two athletes to become world champions and more than 50 to represent their country internationally.

Great Britain Team Manager. World Indoor Masters Championships in Athletics. Torun Poland. March-April 2023
England Team Coach @ Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Development Camp. Loughborough University. July 28-29 2022
England Senior Team Coach@ Commonwealth Games Marathon Trials. Manchester. 3rd April 2022
England Senior Team Coach @ Marathon Camp for athletes targeting Commonwealth Games selection. Birmingham. February 2022
England Athletics Funetics Deliverer for Legacy Project @ Commonwealth Games Stadium. August 2022
England Senior Team Coach @ Armagh International Road Races. February 2023.
England Senior Team Coach @ Leeds Abbey Dash 10k. October 2021.
England Junior Team Manager @ National School Games Finals. Loughborough University. September 2021.
England Junior Team Manager (selections) pre National School Games Finals. Loughborough University. September 2022.
England Team Manager and Coach @ Masters Representative 10k. London. September 2021.
England Team Manager and Coach @ Masters Representative Half Marathon. London. September 2021.
England Team Coach @ Masters Representative Half Marathon. Chester. May 2022
England Team Leader @ Wales v England International Masters Road Running Match. Tenby. 3rd July, 2022
England Team Coach @ Bristol 10k Masters Representative race. 25th September 2022.
England Team Coach @ Chester Marathon. Masters Representative race. 2nd October 2022.
England Team Coach @ England v Wales International 10k match. Chester. March 2023.
England Team Coach @ Chester Half Marathon. Masters Representative Race. May 2023
England Team Coach @ Chester Marathon. Masters Representative Race. October 2023.
England Athletics Coach- Vitality Running World Cup. 2021.
England Athletics Coach. National Youth Talent Programme
England Athletics Lead on Youth Endurance Workshops.
England Athletics Coach Education Lead Tutor
British Athletics Safeguarding Tutor.
2013 Winner of British Milers' Club Horwill Award for outstanding Coach Education.


Matt plays a leading role in Midlands athletics.

Midland Masters Road and Cross Country Secretary. 2023-present.
Midland Masters Newsletter Editor. 2023-present.
Midland AAAs Road Running and Cross Country Mens Team Manager. 2020-23
Midland Masters AC Mens Team Manager. 2019-2023


Matt coaches athletes from all over the country and is currently based at Loughborough University where he assists the Lewis Moses squad at the Paula Radcliffe stadium.

Coach Education

Editor of England Athletics Youth Endurance Resource. 2022. Available @
Editorial Contributor to BMC News magazine
Editorial Contributor to Athletics Weekly magazine
Coach education writer for Running Monthly magazine
Coach education writer for Fast Running Magazine
Coach education writer for England Athletics tutor newsletter
Coach education writer for Midland Masters AC newsletter.
Coach education writer for Brian Mac Sports Coach website
Writer for British Athletics Supporters club magazine<
Coach Education Contributor to UKAUCoach and ULearn
Coach education writer for England Athletics - Athletics hub.
Coach education writer for the American track and field magazine RunBlogRun.

Matt is Editor of the England Athletics Youth Endurance Resource published in 2022 He served as Editor of BMC News between 2014-2018 - the official magazine of The British Milers Club - the country's premier athletics club for middle distance athletes. and has authored 357 coaching articles for a range of national magazines, websites and forums including UKA UCoach. He is an editorial contributor to Athletics Weekly magazine whose work has featured on the front cover of AW on 23 occasions. He has also written for Running Monthly magazine, Fast Running magazine and the American track and field magazine RunBlogRun.

Matt is a winner of the 2013 Frank Horwill Scholarship Award, administered by the British Milers' Club. The prestigious annual award is for ground breaking coach education research which honours the legacy of one of the all time great endurance coaches, Frank Horwill, MBE. Before his passing in 2012, the BMC founder and coach of over 50 Great Britain internationals said that the award was intended to, "encourage others to join the ranks of Astrand, Gerschler, Costill, Daniels and Noakes" - men who have made a massive contribution to coach education internationally.

For England Athletics Matt has served as a Coach Education Tutor since 2010 and was appointed Lead Tutor in 2017. He is a Safeguarding Tutor for British Athletics.

Feel free to contact Matt at and he will gladly email you copies of any of the articles listed below.



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Sara Wilson-Gallaher. Loughborough University.
Hannah Eke. Loughborough University.
Amanda Davies. Cheadle
Chris West. Unattached
Sukhdeep Khattra Sukh. India
Leeanda Vallecarde

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Steven AbrahamsTiptonSENM
Kate AllredOxford CityV50WHM1437ALL202390:51
Jennifer ArmsonQueens ParkV40WMar747ALL20233:11:02
Carol AstburyUttoxeterV60W
Jess BaileyLeven ValleyU20W30002U2020239:22.20
Aidan BanfieldWymondhamU23MMar415ALL20232:33:53
Penelope BarberTiptonV60WHM6109ALL20221:42:21
Ben BensonHuncoteV60M10K5110ALL202236:33
Archie BesleyLewesU17M3000137U15202310:21.36
Christine BextonBeestonV65W
Zoe BrannonKeswickU17W
Sarah BrownStockportV50WMar1718ALL20233:41:33
Stephen BrownStockportV50M
Neil ByrneSandymoorV55M
Jonathan CarterTiptonV35M1000098ALL202331:28.53
Ron CattleBRATV70M
Gemma CollierSevernV35WHM274ALL202381:53
Maureen DargavelSneydV65WHM5892ALL20231:41:09
Anne-Marie DavisonNewark StridersV40W
Simon DavisonNewark StridersV40M
Tom de JongNottsSENM30001930ALL20239:53.15
James DenneWestern TempoV35M10K632ALL202332:14
Karl DinesWillowfieldV60M
Chrissie DoverCity of YorkV45W5000434ALL202319:57.55
Chris FilerWycombeV45MMar560ALL20232:36:11
Chris FilerWycombeV45MMar560ALL20232:36:11
Daniel FloydLichfieldSENMMar786ALL20232:38:19
Joseph Gonzalez-Armas26.2V50M5000945ALL202316:32.11
Alex HainesHereford Couriers RCV55M
Mark HarriottSouth DerbyshireV50M
Gavin HarrisonSneydV45M
Steven HillmanCharnwoodV65M
Nick HollidayCheltenhamV65M
Julie HulbertCheadleV45WMar1965ALL20233:26:40
Esther HuntLichfieldV45W10K2252ALL202242:18
Tony HylandEllesmere PortV55M
Zoe Jennison OreillyUnattachedV45WHM5132ALL20221:40:41
Mylo JewellCumberland Fell RunnersU17M1500203U1520224:35.8
David JonesStratford-upon-AvonV70M
Angela KerrAxe ValleyV65W
Terry KnightleyIlfordV60M
Ben KruzeStratford-upon-AvonV40M10K524ALL202331:58
Kate KrzywiecNorth Cotswold Tri & RunV45WHM922ALL202387:41
Neil LaurensonBlack Pear JoggersV40M
Roslyn LoutitYaxleyV55W10K2367ALL202342:14
Debbie MatchettBallydrainV55W
Mark McGlincyBingleyV50M
Paul MellorBurtonV50M
Kieran MitchellSinfinSENM
Jenny MorganSt. Edmund PacersV65W
Christopher MorrisonSinfinV65M
Kathryn MortonCheltenhamV65W
Kay NoyceAndoverV55W10K2383ALL202342:14
Susan PayneHaslemere BorderV60WMar4049ALL20233:40:29
Neil PendleburyLeighV35M10K1638ALL202333:48
Darren PerryTiptonV40M5000780ALL202316:11.56
Tom PotterIvanhoeU23M10K1272ALL202333:19
Joe ReadTiptonSENM
Donna ReidSouth DerbyshireV40WMar2517ALL20233:30:35
Hannah RobertsDartford HV40WHM228ALL202381:06
Jim RowlandNorthern MastersV75M
Rebecca SelveyWorcesterV50W
Matthew ShillcockSinfinV35MMar4580ALL20232:57:19
Stephen SincockOkehamptonV60M
Wendy SmithSt. Edmund PacersV50W10000102ALL202342:21.3
Chris StantonSneydV40M
Ryan TeareNorthern (Isle of Man)U23MMar3147ALL20232:52:58
Josh TeeceCentral ParkV35M5000475ALL202315:30.3
Michael TomkinsKings HeathV40M
Alexander TsirigotisLondon HeathsideV40M
Michelle VaughanEast CheshireV50WHM732ALL202386:36
Roanna VickersColchester HV35W2000SCW37ALL20237:31.22
Dorothy WaddingtonUttoxeterV60W
Jane WallSt. Edmund PacersV70W
Matthew WallLeven ValleySENM5000734ALL202316:05.54
Mike WebberAndoverV55M
Catherine WilliamsSinfinSENW10K1375ALL202241:26
Jason WilliamsHermitageV45M
Sara Wilson-GallaherLong EatonV50W

Best known performances

Performances Submit
2014 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

2023 V50 Midland Masters
1000051:47.25131RedditchEdgar Nicholls Open, inc Midland & Worcestershire 10000m Championships25 Aug 23
5H21.1TicknallFractured Marathon23 Jun 23
2MMTL21:0759L1DerbyStarlight Trail Relay Series5 Jan 23
2MMTL21:0858L2DerbyStarlight Trail Relay Series5 Jan 23
parkrun24:2458AlvastonAlvaston parkrun # 1326 May 23
parkrun24:3972AlvastonAlvaston parkrun # 12915 Apr 23
parkrun24:4290MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 40313 May 23
parkrun24:4592MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 41122 Jul 23
parkrun24:58124WinchesterWinchester parkrun # 44812 Aug 23
parkrun25:3250RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 30320 May 23
parkrun25:35109MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 41419 Aug 23
parkrun25:4035RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 3145 Aug 23
parkrun25:5139RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 2978 Apr 23
parkrun26:0046Dishley, LoughboroughDishley, Loughborough parkrun # 1808 Jul 23
parkrun26:0447RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 30029 Apr 23
parkrun26:07154MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 40122 Apr 23
parkrun26:10133MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 39618 Mar 23
parkrun27:2855RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 2924 Mar 23
parkrun27:3593AlvastonAlvaston parkrun # 11721 Jan 23
parkrun32:02106RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 28728 Jan 23
parkrun32:53104RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 28514 Jan 23
5MMT47:4247:5719728StockportHit the Trail 58 Jan 23
5MXC45:5646:017111OultonSpring Treble Series Barlaston Ups and Downs 527 Apr 23
5MXC54:3954:448013KibblestoneSpring Treble Series Kibblestone Klamber 520 Apr 23
10K54:2754:3816216Newcastle-under-lymeKMF Newcastle AC 10K10 Sep 23
HM2:08:422:14:193023211NottinghamRobin Hood Half Marathon24 Sep 23
HMMT2:09:262:09:3723213StockportStockport Hatters Half Marathon3 Sep 23
2022 V50 Birchfield H/Birmingham Uni/Midland Masters
15006:39.915NuneatonMidland Masters AC Championships4 Jun 22
parkrun25:3066AlvastonAlvaston parkrun # 8221 May 22
parkrun26:0651RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 23315 Jan 22
parkrun26:1130RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 2328 Jan 22
parkrun26:11137MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 35514 May 22
parkrun26:38124MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 35911 Jun 22
parkrun27:0850RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 2311 Jan 22
parkrun27:1659RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 25128 May 22
parkrun28:29163MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 36025 Jun 22
2021 V45 South Derbyshire/Birchfield H/Birmingham Uni/Midland Masters
parkrun28:4153RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 23018 Dec 21
2020 V45 South Derbyshire/Birchfield H
8002:39.70i71SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series5 Feb 20
15005:32.96i35SheffieldMasters Grand Prix8 Feb 20
15005:37.62i72SheffieldSheffield Festival Open26 Jan 20
15005:53.1391LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series16 Sep 20
Mile6:15.732NottinghamTim Weathall Miles18 Sep 20
2MMTL14:4825L1CalkeStarlight Relay (4 x 2M)10 Jan 20
parkrun21:1537ConkersConkers parkrun # 47018 Jan 20
parkrun22:3212RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 20111 Jan 20
parkrun26:04277ConkersConkers parkrun # 4671 Jan 20
parkrun32:53403RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 1991 Jan 20
5.6MXC43:044010Sinai ParkDerby Runner League Division Derby / Staffordshire8 Mar 20
5.7MXC53:18549Allestree ParkDerby Runner League Division Derby / Staffordshire19 Jan 20
9.7KXC46:0210151Stafford CommonStaffordshire County Championships4 Jan 20
10KMT54:3554:40152TIcknallWinter Bash 109 Feb 20
12KXC57:31307LoughboroughMidland Counties Championships25 Jan 20
12.5KMT65:00c20732AshbourneCarsington 12.5K20 Sep 20
12.9KXC72:241468Wollaton ParkECCA Saucony English National Championships22 Feb 20
2019 V45 South Derbyshire/Birchfield H
8002:58.03i52SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series5 Feb 19
15005:27.375SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Open Series19 Apr 19
15005:33.0481LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series6 Apr 19
15005:33.66101LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series29 Jul 19
15005:35.77122NuneatonMidland Masters AC Championships9 Jun 19
15005:41.8391LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series10 Jun 19
15005:42.63111LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series24 Aug 19
Mile5:54.95TelfordMidland Veterans' League Division North1 May 19
Mile6:09.891NottinghamTim Wealthall Miles & Richard Belton 5000m Open19 Jul 19
300012:14.05i13ASheffieldBMC Sheffield Open Series5 Feb 19
5KMT21:1310120Leamington SpaMonty 5K21 Jul 19
parkrun20:5332ConkersConkers parkrun # 42523 Mar 19
parkrun21:0046ConkersConkers parkrun # 42813 Apr 19
parkrun21:2019AlvastonAlvaston parkrun # 103 Aug 19
parkrun21:3347ConkersConkers parkrun # 43425 May 19
parkrun21:3525ConkersConkers parkrun # 45626 Oct 19
parkrun22:0414RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 19430 Nov 19
parkrun22:0612RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 19614 Dec 19
parkrun22:5817RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 1902 Nov 19
parkrun23:1013RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 18712 Oct 19
5MXC38:30296Farthing DownsAlf Shrubb Memorial Open 55 Oct 19
5MXC38:5612723Grace DieuDerby Runner League Division Leicester / Derby17 Feb 19
5.5MXC40:48367Sinai ParkDerby Runner League Division Derby / Staffordshire10 Mar 19
5.5MXC41:19395AnslowDerby Runner League Division Derby / Staffordshire10 Feb 19
5.5MXC53:5419938Bagworth HeathDerby Runner League Division Leicester / Derby13 Jan 19
6M44:4044:4618225KibworthLRRL Kibworth 617 Mar 19
6MXC42:535713AnslowDerby Runner League Division Derby / Staffordshire20 Oct 19
6MXC49:0515130Mallory ParkDerby Runner League Division Leicester / Derby8 Dec 19
6MXC51:32478Allestree ParkDerby Runner League Division Derby / Staffordshire20 Jan 19
10K45:3745:378719Burton-on-TrentBurton 10K11 Aug 19
10K48:4348:44384SnibstonCoalville 10K10 Nov 19
10KMT45:535023MickleoverPiggs Trophy Race 10K7 Aug 19
10KXC43:296610Cliff LakesDerby Runner League Division Derby / Staffordshire24 Nov 19
10KXC46:25419Shipley ParkDerby Runner League Division Derby / Staffordshire15 Dec 19
7M51:3551:3716830Melton MowbrayLRRL Stilton 724 Feb 19
12KXC60:03320LeamingtonMidland Counties Championships26 Jan 19
10M75:2575:27788Burton on TrentBurton 1019 May 19
10MMT83:17489MiltonBrooksie's Bash 1014 Jul 19
HM1:42:501:42:5411823UttoxeterUttoxeter Half Marathon5 May 19
HM1:47:151:47:2156893WorksopWorksop Halloween Half Marathon27 Oct 19
HM1:54:081:56:371398162NottinghamRobin Hood Nottingham Half Marathon29 Sep 19
ZXC42:4410255WolverhamptonStaffordshire County Championships5 Jan 19
ZXC45:5013624Sutton CheneyDerby Runner League Division Leicester / Derby3 Mar 19
2018 V45 South Derbyshire/Birchfield H
15005:22.32152LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series30 May 18
15005:27.1071LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series (inc. Leicestershire & Rutland 3000m & 5000m Championships)16 May 18
15005:38.8961LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series (inc. Leicestershire & Rutland Hammer & Pole Vault Championships)25 Apr 18
15005:39.737StokeStoke AC Open Meeting15 Apr 18
Mile6:10.9810LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series8 Apr 18
300012:10.918StokeStoke AC Open Meeting15 Apr 18
3MMTL26:4313L3DerbyStarlight Relay (4 x 3)11 Jan 18
parkrun21:3037MarkeatonMarkeaton parkrun # 21824 Feb 18
parkrun21:5815Perry HallPerry Hall parkrun # 17010 Mar 18
parkrun22:0316RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 11028 Apr 18
parkrun22:1410RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 1115 May 18
parkrun22:1726RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 10524 Mar 18
parkrun22:1738Walsall ArboretumWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 3279 Jun 18
parkrun22:2717RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 10010 Feb 18
parkrun22:368RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 993 Feb 18
parkrun22:4926Perry HallPerry Hall parkrun # 18019 May 18
parkrun23:3181ConkersConkers parkrun # 39111 Aug 18
2017 V45 South Derbyshire/Birmingham Uni/Birchfield H
Mile5:40.706LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series1 Apr 17
300011:15.4891LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series26 Apr 17
300011:51.59i12SheffieldNottinghamshire AAA Open Graded Open & Quadkids Meeting19 Nov 17
2.5MMTL18:489L2TicknallStarlight Relay (4 x 2.5)5 Dec 17
4.4KMTL17:287L33SwadlincoteMidland Masters AC Relays23 Apr 17
parkrun20:1431ConkersConkers parkrun # 35723 Dec 17
parkrun20:2125ConkersConkers parkrun # 32429 Apr 17
parkrun20:2823ConkersConkers parkrun # 3552 Dec 17
parkrun20:39181Arrow ValleyArrow Valley parkrun # 2546 May 17
parkrun20:4324ConkersConkers parkrun # 35028 Oct 17
parkrun20:4616RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 6213 May 17
parkrun20:4948ConkersConkers parkrun # 35825 Dec 17
parkrun20:4924ConkersConkers parkrun # 35930 Dec 17
parkrun20:5226ConkersConkers parkrun # 35425 Nov 17
parkrun20:567Perry HallPerry Hall parkrun # 15314 Oct 17
parkrun21:0135Long EatonLong Eaton parkrun # 1217 Oct 17
parkrun21:12131Perry HallPerry Hall parkrun # 15130 Sep 17
parkrun21:1636ConkersConkers parkrun # 3164 Mar 17
parkrun21:1712RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 578 Apr 17
parkrun21:1912RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 5525 Mar 17
parkrun21:3118Walsall ArboretumWalsall Arboretum parkrun # 3029 Dec 17
parkrun21:3831ConkersConkers parkrun # 31311 Feb 17
parkrun21:4312RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 8123 Sep 17
parkrun21:4722RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 5311 Mar 17
parkrun21:4817Forest RecForest Rec parkrun # 2264 Nov 17
parkrun21:49101RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 8521 Oct 17
parkrun22:0615Perry HallPerry Hall parkrun # 11918 Feb 17
parkrun22:1490Cannon HillCannon Hill parkrun # 32321 Jan 17
parkrun22:1611RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 8811 Nov 17
parkrun22:2217RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 8016 Sep 17
parkrun22:2910RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 5125 Feb 17
parkrun22:4630RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 4514 Jan 17
parkrun22:4714RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 4728 Jan 17
parkrun23:1016RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 447 Jan 17
parkrun24:1756RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 431 Jan 17
5MXC46:5419430Burton upon TrentDerby Runner League15 Jan 17
6MXC54:5215827DerbyDerby Runner League19 Feb 17
6.5MXC51:5015025Sutton CheneyDerby Runner League5 Mar 17
2016 V40 Dark Peak/Birmingham Uni/Birchfield H
parkrun22:1051ConkersConkers parkrun # 2679 Apr 16
parkrun22:1243ConkersConkers parkrun # 26312 Mar 16
parkrun22:16101Cannon HillCannon Hill parkrun # 28519 Mar 16
parkrun22:3469ConkersConkers parkrun # 28513 Aug 16
parkrun22:4331Perry HallPerry Hall parkrun # 834 Jun 16
parkrun22:4515Perry HallPerry Hall parkrun # 797 May 16
parkrun22:4815Perry HallPerry Hall parkrun # 7326 Mar 16
parkrun22:5285ConkersConkers parkrun # 30525 Dec 16
parkrun22:5361ConkersConkers parkrun # 28330 Jul 16
parkrun22:5765Arrow ValleyArrow Valley parkrun # 20611 Jun 16
parkrun23:0119RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 4017 Dec 16
parkrun23:0222RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 730 Apr 16
parkrun23:0521RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 4124 Dec 16
parkrun23:0723RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 216 Aug 16
parkrun23:1617RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 42 Apr 16
parkrun23:2271ConkersConkers parkrun # 26127 Feb 16
parkrun23:2322RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 3726 Nov 16
parkrun23:3020RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 623 Apr 16
parkrun23:3568RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 1923 Jul 16
parkrun23:3521RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 4231 Dec 16
parkrun23:4326RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 3619 Nov 16
parkrun23:4414RoslistonRosliston parkrun # 2610 Sep 16
parkrun24:2659PenrithPenrith parkrun # 12727 Aug 16
5.5MXC46:0327137MarkfieldDerby Runner League13 Nov 16
ZXC44:5922141Bradgate ParkDerby Runner League11 Dec 16
2014 V40 Dark Peak/Birmingham Uni/Birchfield H
1M6:476:48502AdMLondonBupa Westminster Mile24 May 14
Total Performances: 178
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