Ian Byett

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Club:Basingstoke & Mid Hants
Region:South East

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Stephen BluntBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Rebecca BullockBasingstoke & Mid HantsU23W
Charlotte ChalwinBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENW1500410ALL20205:01.2
Daniel ChalwinBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Luca ChiossoneBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Marco ChiossoneBasingstoke & Mid HantsU23M
Matthew ComerBasingstoke & Mid HantsU23M
Richard FernandoBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Charlotte HobbsBasingstoke & Mid HantsU23W
Christopher LadhamsBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Jack LadhamsBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Isobel MannionBasingstoke & Mid HantsU20W
Oli MorganBasingstoke & Mid HantsU20M
Alistair OlrogBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Rebecca PooleBasingstoke & Mid HantsU23W
Stephen ReidBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENMHM752ALL202074:52
Charlie SheridanBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Richard SuttonBasingstoke & Mid HantsU20M1500198U1720204:26.1
James SymonsBasingstoke & Mid HantsU23M
Oliver ThomasBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENM
Holly ThorntonBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENW
Dayna WeggBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENW
Tayla WeggBasingstoke & Mid HantsU23W
Gemma WildashBasingstoke & Mid HantsSENW
Lucy WildashBasingstoke & Mid HantsU23W

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