Christine Ohuruogu

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Club:Newham & Essex Beagles
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Lloyd Cowan2016-
Previous Lead:Christine Bowmaker2015-2015
Previous Lead:Lloyd Cowan-2015

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Domestic Championships Record
2004 – AAA Championships 400m gold
2005 – AAA U23 Championships 400m goold, AAA Championships 400m silver
2006 – AAA Indoor Championships 60m silver, 200m silver, AAA U23 Championships silver
2008 – Olympic Trials 200m silver
2009 – Aviva World Trials 400m gold
2011 – Aviva World Trials 400m bronze
2012 – Aviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships 400m gold
2013 – Sainsbury's British Championships 400m gold. British Athletics European Indoor Trials & UK Championships 60m 7th sf, 200m silver

Major Championships and International Record
2013 – IAAF World Championships 400m gold, 4x400m bronze. European Indoor Championships 4x400m gold
2012 – Olympic Games 400m silver. IAAF World Indoor Championships 4x400m gold
2011 – IAAF World Chapionships 400m DQ ht, (4x400m 4th)
2009 – IAAF World Championships 400m 5th. World Athletics Final 400m 6th
2008 – Olympic Games 400m gold (4x400m 5th). World Athletics Final 400m silver
2007 – IAAF World Championships 400m gold, (4x400m bronze). World Athletics Final 400m silver
2006 – Commonwealth Games 400m gold, (4x400m DQ)
2005 – IAAF World Championships 400m 4th sf, (4x400m bronze). European U23 Championships 400m silver, (4x400m silver)
2004 – Olympic Games 400m 4th sf 400m (4x400m 4th)
2003 – European Junior Championships 400m bronze

The Newham & Essex Beagle was a former England netball player and atter picking up a bronze medal at the 2003 European Junior Championships she focussed solely on athletics. This decision was vindicated as she lowered her lifetime best from 54.21 to 52.20 in her first race of 2004, before reducing it again to 50.98 at the Olympic Trials which qualified her for the Olympic Games. At the age of 20, Ohuruogu performed impressively, taking another 0.48 seconds from her lifetime best in the heats, but missed the Olympic final by a meagre margin.

In 2005, Ohuruogu anchored the British 4x400m relay team to a bronze medal at the World Championships in Helsinki, but it was at the 2006 Commonwealth Games where Christine really came to the fore. The Londoner eased through her heat and semi-final, but it was thought that Ohuruogu would be no match for the world and Olympic champion Tonique Williams-Darling. But with her trademark home straight charge, the 24-year-old upset the Bahamian to take the victory in a PB of 50.28. Soon after though, things turned sour as it was announced on the eve of the 2006 European Championships that she would be banned for one year and also from the Olympic Games, due to three missed out of competition drug tests.

Amidst much controversy, Ohuruogu was still named in the British squad for the World Championships in Osaka and only days after the ban ended, Christine delivered a solid performance at the Scottish Championships, before flying out with the British team to the holding camp in Macau and in the warm-up meeting on August 23, Ohuruogu showed she was perhaps a potential finalist with a 50.56 clocking, but nobody could have predicted the outcome of the next five days.

In the heats in Osaka, Christine eased to a victory, in another season’s best of 50.46 (her second fastest ever 400m at the time) and in the semi-final, Ohuruogu improved to 50.16, but many people still considered Nicola Sanders as the slight favourite ahead of her compatriot. In a thrilling final, Ohuruogu judged her finish to perfection, overhauling Jamaica’s Novlene Williams and holding off Sanders in the closing stages for a shock gold medal in another lifetime best of 49.61, to move her to third on the British all-time list behind Kathy Cook and Katherine Merry. She successfully appealed against her Olympic ban and this was overturned in November 2007.

In the 2008 campaign, Ohuruogu was focusing solely on the Olympic Games and unlike many of her rivals, the Lloyd Cowan-coached athlete raced very sparingly prior to the Olympic Games and a season’s best of 50.80 prior to Beijing left people unconvinced about her fitness. However, Christine looked supreme in her heat and in the semi-final, she imposed herself on the rest of the field, blasting to a season’s best of 50.14. Many still believed Sanya Richards remained the pre-race favourite, as she broke the 50-second barrier in her semi-final, but in the final Ohuruogu had the advantage with Richards being on her outside. For the third successive championships, the 24-year-old gauged he finish to perfection to take the title.

2009 was not to be her best year and dogged by injury she did well to make the World Championship final and finish in fifth place while 2010 started off promisingly with a 50.88 clocking in May in Doha but yet again injury beset her yet again and she had to miss both the European Championships and Commonwealth Games. 2011 proved to be another disappointing year culminating in disqualification after a rare false start in the World Championships in Daegu.

If there were any doubt about her credentials or ability to compete at the highest level, she proved those doubters wrong in the Olympic 400m final where she timed her peak to almost perfection with a silver medal and her only sub-50 clocking of the season. However, in 2013 at the IAAF World Championships she produced the run of her life, not only taking the title, but also breaking Kathy Cook's long-standing British record.

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2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

2017 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
40053.257Kingston, JAMIAAF World Challenge Meeting20 May 17
40053.958Somerville MA, USAAdidas Boost Boston Games2 Jun 17
40054.413h3BirminghamBritish Athletics Championships1 Jul 17
400L52.36L4Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays23 Apr 17
2016 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
20023.740.551Clermont FL, USANTC/PURE Athletics Spring Invitational30 Apr 16
40051.055Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Meeting22 Jul 16
40051.225s1Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games14 Aug 16
40051.352s1Amsterdam, NEDEuropean Championships7 Jul 16
40051.402h4Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games13 Aug 16
40051.554Amsterdam, NEDEuropean Championships8 Jul 16
40052.005Kingston, JAMJamaica International Invitational7 May 16
40052.407BirminghamIAAF Diamond League Meeting5 Jun 16
40052.525Tomblaine, FRAMeeting Premium de Nancy14 Jun 16
40052.691h1Amsterdam, NEDEuropean Championships6 Jul 16
400L50.72L4Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games20 Aug 16
400L51.34L4Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games19 Aug 16
2015 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
40050.161s2Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships25 Aug 15
40050.638Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships27 Aug 15
40050.824Monaco, MONIAAF Diamond League17 Jul 15
40051.004Olympic ParkSainsbury's Anniversary Games24 Jul 15
40051.011h2Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships24 Aug 15
40051.485Kingston, JAMJamaica International Invitational9 May 15
40052.042BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships5 Jul 15
40052.272Hengelo, NEDFBK Games24 May 15
40053.051h3BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships4 Jul 15
400L51.1L1Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships30 Aug 15
400L51.2L4Gainesville FL, USATom Jones Memorial Invitational24 Apr 15
2014 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
20024.06w2.93ManchesterGreat City Games17 May 14
20024.582ANewhamUK Women's League Division 28 Jun 14
40051.384Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships15 Aug 14
40051.401h2Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships12 Aug 14
40051.401BirminghamBritish Athletics Grand Prix24 Aug 14
40051.6631LoughboroughLEAP19 Jul 14
40052.562s1Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships13 Aug 14
40053.148New York NY, USAIAAF Diamond League14 Jun 14
400L51.56L4h2Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games1 Aug 14
400L52.0L1Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games2 Aug 14
400L52.52iL4Sopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships9 Mar 14
400L53.2L3Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays25 May 14
400L53.60iL4h1Sopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships8 Mar 14
0.5K67.461NewcastleGreat City Games6 Sep 14
2013 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
607.58i7s2SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
607.62i3h2SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
607.64i1h2BirminghamBirmingham Games2 Feb 13
607.64i3ABirminghamBirmingham Games2 Feb 13
10011.93+-1.03mGatesheadGreat North City Games14 Sep 13
15017.60-1.03GatesheadGreat North City Games14 Sep 13
20023.30w2.91h4BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships14 Jul 13
20023.58i2SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships10 Feb 13
20023.71i1h3SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships10 Feb 13
20023.881.026Gainesville FL, USATom Jones Memorial Invitational20 Apr 13
20023.90i1s2BirminghamBirmingham Games3 Feb 13
20024.17i1h1BirminghamBirmingham Games3 Feb 13
200DNS-BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships14 Jul 13
40049.411Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships12 Aug 13
40049.751s2Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships11 Aug 13
40050.001Olympic ParkSainsbury's Anniversary Games27 Jul 13
40050.201h2Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships10 Aug 13
40050.533Doha, QATDiamond League Doha10 May 13
40050.582Kingston, JAMIAAF World Challenge Jamaica International Invitational Track Meet4 May 13
40050.631BirminghamSainsbury's Grand Prix30 Jun 13
40050.955Brussels, BELDiamond League Belgacom Memorial Van Damme6 Sep 13
40050.981BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships13 Jul 13
40051.034Lausanne, SUIDiamond League Athletissima4 Jul 13
40051.314Eugene OR, USADiamond League Prefontaine Classic1 Jun 13
40051.471h1BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships12 Jul 13
40052.086New York NY, USADiamond League Adidas Grand Prix25 May 13
400L49.43L4Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships17 Aug 13
400L50.4L3Philadelphia PA, USAPenn Relays27 Apr 13
400L51.43L4Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships16 Aug 13
400L51.88i3LGothenburg, SWEEuropean Athletics Indoor Championships3 Mar 13
2012 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
607.74i3h3BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
607.80i7s2BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
10013.101BathSuperstars24 Nov 12
20023.761.721Norwalk CA, USALong Beach Invitational21 Apr 12
40049.702Olympic ParkOlympic Games5 Aug 12
40050.222s1Olympic ParkOlympic Games4 Aug 12
40050.421Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League14 Jul 12
40050.594Paris, FRASamsung Diamond League6 Jul 12
40050.672BirminghamSamsung Diamond League26 Aug 12
40050.694New York NY, USASamsung Diamond League9 Jun 12
40050.773Stockholm, SWESamsung Diamond League17 Aug 12
40050.802h1Olympic ParkOlympic Games3 Aug 12
40050.933Kingston, JAMJamaica International Invitational5 May 12
40051.192Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike25 May 12
40051.891BirminghamAviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships23 Jun 12
40052.141h1BirminghamAviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships22 Jun 12
40052.408Zurich, SUISamsung Diamond League30 Aug 12
400L50.61L4h2Olympic ParkOlympic Games10 Aug 12
400L50.65L4Olympic ParkOlympic Games11 Aug 12
400L51.98iL3Istanbul, TURIAAF World Indoor Championships11 Mar 12
JT60018.095BathSuperstars25 Nov 12
2011 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
10012.43w+2.6mManchesterGreat Manchester City Games15 May 11
15018.26w+st2.6m(200)ManchesterGreat Manchester City Games15 May 11
20023.49w2.43h1Los Angeles CA, USATommie "Tiny" Lister Classic23 Apr 11
20023.981.011Azusa CA, USABryan Clay Invitational15 Apr 11
20024.48wst2.64ManchesterGreat Manchester City Games15 May 11
40050.854Zagreb, CROBoris Hanzekovic Memorial13 Sep 11
40051.375Brussels, BELSamsung Diamond League16 Sep 11
40051.491Barcelona, ESPMíting Internacional d´Atletisme Ciutat de Barcelona22 Jul 11
40051.804Rieti, ITAIAAF World Challenge Meeting10 Sep 11
40051.878Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix6 Aug 11
40051.913BirminghamAviva World Trials & UK Championships30 Jul 11
40052.081h3BirminghamAviva World Trials & UK Championships29 Jul 11
40053.0911Norwalk CA, USABeach Invitational16 Apr 11
40053.8056Watford Watford Open13 Jul 11
400DQ-h3Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships27 Aug 11
400L51.78L1h3Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships2 Sep 11
400L51.98L3Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships3 Sep 11
2010 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
10011.44+-0.42mManchesterGreat Manchester Games16 May 10
15017.07st-0.43ManchesterGreat Manchester Games16 May 10
20023.52w2.43Hengelo, NEDIAAF World Challenge Meeting30 May 10
40050.885Doha, QATIAAF Diamond League14 May 10
40050.984Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League4 Jun 10
40051.584Ostrava, CZEZlatá Tretra IAAF World Challenge Meeting27 May 10
40052.3011Azusa CA, USABryan Clay Invitational16 Apr 10
2009 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
607.54i7h2BirminghamAviva Indoor Grand Prix21 Feb 09
607.73i6ABelfastWoodie's DIY Irish Indoor Championships8 Feb 09
10011.37w2.711Long Beach CA, USALong Beach Invitational18 Apr 09
10011.512.01Azusa CA, USABryan Clay Invitational17 Apr 09
10011.56+0.52mAManchesterBupa Great City Games17 May 09
10011.76+0.32mh2ManchesterBupa Great City Games17 May 09
15016.94st1.81Gateshead QuaysGreat North City Games (Track)19 Sep 09
15017.100.12AManchesterBupa Great City Games17 May 09
15017.40-0.92h2ManchesterBupa Great City Games17 May 09
20022.850.32Hengelo, NEDFBK Games1 Jun 09
20023.191.81Azusa CA, USABryan Clay Invitational17 Apr 09
20023.270.62Rabat, MARMohammed VI International Meeting23 May 09
20023.400.032Leiria, PORSpar European Team Championships21 Jun 09
20023.42i1BirminghamAviva Indoor Grand Prix21 Feb 09
20023.72w2.811Long Beach CA, USALong Beach Invitational18 Apr 09
20024.33i3ABelfastWoodie's DIY Irish Indoor Championships8 Feb 09
200LNTL1Philadelphia PA, USAPenn Relays23 Apr 09
30036.76+6Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships18 Aug 09
40050.215Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships18 Aug 09
40050.352s3Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships16 Aug 09
40050.414Zürich, SUIWeltklasse IAAF Golden League28 Aug 09
40050.432Brussels, BELMemorial Van Damme IAAF Golden League4 Sep 09
40050.941GatesheadAviva British Grand Prix31 Aug 09
40051.141Montreuil-sous-Bois, FRAMeeting de Montreuil11 Jun 09
40051.196Oslo, NORBislett Games IAAF Golden League3 Jul 09
40051.261BirminghamAviva World Trials & National Championships11 Jul 09
40051.302h5Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships15 Aug 09
40051.426Thessalonika, GREIAAF World Athletics Final13 Sep 09
40051.861h1BirminghamAviva World Trials & National Championships10 Jul 09
400L50.6L2Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships23 Aug 09
5K21:31172Lee ValleyLee Valley 5K26 Dec 09
2008 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
607.45i7h1BirminghamNorwich Union Grand Prix16 Feb 08
10011.351.811Irvine CA, USASteve Scott Invitational4 May 08
10011.49w2.615Long Beach CA, USALong Beach Invitational19 Apr 08
20022.94-0.53Oslo, NORBislett Games Golden League6 Jun 08
20022.990.52BirminghamAviva National Championships inc Olympic Trials13 Jul 08
20023.02w2.211Long Beach CA, USALong Beach Invitational19 Apr 08
20023.23-0.22Annecy, FRASpar European Cup22 Jun 08
20023.282.011Irvine CA, USASteve Scott Invitational4 May 08
20023.330.47Brussels, BELIAAF Golden League5 Sep 08
20023.41i2BirminghamNorwich Union Grand Prix16 Feb 08
20023.42-1.73Zaragoza, ESPReunion Internacional Gobierno De Aragon31 May 08
20023.450.71s2BirminghamAviva National Championships inc Olympic Trials13 Jul 08
20023.491.858Walnut CA, USAMt. SAC Relays20 Apr 08
20023.641.51h3BirminghamAviva National Championships inc Olympic Trials12 Jul 08
40049.621Beijing, CHNOlympic Games19 Aug 08
40050.141s1Beijing, CHNOlympic Games17 Aug 08
40050.801Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix25 Jul 08
40050.832Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Athletics Final14 Sep 08
40050.991Lucerne, SUISpitzen16 Jul 08
40051.001h4Beijing, CHNOlympic Games16 Aug 08
40051.061Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike12 Jun 08
40051.271GatesheadAviva Grand Prix31 Aug 08
40051.391Reims, FRAMeeting Lagardère Athlé tour8 Jul 08
40052.304Shanghai, CHNGolden Grand Prix20 Sep 08
400L51.27L1Beijing, CHNOlympic Games23 Aug 08
400L51.92L1Annecy, FRASpar European Cup22 Jun 08
400L52.94L4h1Beijing, CHNOlympic Games22 Aug 08
5K20:2791Lee ValleyEnfield & Haringey AC Boxing Day Handicaps (3K/5K)26 Dec 08
2007 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
20023.71w2.41Glasgow (S)Senior Scottish Championships12 Aug 07
20023.79-1.31h1Glasgow (S)Senior Scottish Championships12 Aug 07
30036.13+2Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships29 Aug 07
40049.611Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships29 Aug 07
40050.161s3Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships27 Aug 07
40050.203Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Athletics Final23 Sep 07
40050.402Berlin, GERIAAF Golden League, ISTAF16 Sep 07
40050.461h5Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships26 Aug 07
40050.561Osaka, JPNWorld Champs Warm-up Meeting23 Aug 07
40050.571Shanghai, CHNGolden Grand Prix28 Sep 07
40051.324Zürich, SUIIAAF Golden League, Weltklasse Zürich7 Sep 07
40053.091h1Glasgow (S)Senior Scottish Championships11 Aug 07
400L50.6L1Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships2 Sep 07
5K21:37161Lea ValleyEnfield & Haringey AC Boxing Day Road Races26 Dec 07
2006 U23 Newham & Essex Beagles
607.39i15CarshaltonAdidas London Sprint Meeting29 Jan 06
607.39i12.1CarshaltonAdidas London Sprint Meeting29 Jan 06
607.43i2SheffieldAAA Indoor Championships11 Feb 06
607.45i4s2SheffieldAAA Indoor Championships11 Feb 06
607.48i11.3CarshaltonAdidas London Sprint Meeting29 Jan 06
607.51i2h3SheffieldAAA Indoor Championships11 Feb 06
10011.90i2UxbridgeBrunel University Open Meeting14 Jan 06
20023.56i2SheffieldAAA Indoor Championships12 Feb 06
20023.60i1h4SheffieldAAA Indoor Championships12 Feb 06
20023.70i1s3SheffieldAAA Indoor Championships12 Feb 06
20023.74i3BirminghamNorwich Union Grand Prix18 Feb 06
20024.100.15SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Champs16 Jul 06
20024.131.64h1SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Champs16 Jul 06
40050.281Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games21 Mar 06
40050.871s3Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games20 Mar 06
40051.211Melbourne, AUSTelstra Grand Prix9 Mar 06
40051.971h3Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games19 Mar 06
40052.437Crystal PalaceNorwich Union London Grand Prix28 Jul 06
40052.601Brisbane, AUSTelstra Aseries3 Mar 06
40052.702BedfordAAA U23-U20 Championships23 Jul 06
40053.531h1BedfordAAA U23-U20 Championships22 Jul 06
400L53.58iL4GlasgowNorwich Union Indoor International28 Jan 06
2005 U23 Newham & Essex Beagles
20023.831BBedfordBIG12 Jun 05
20023.94w2.71Crystal PalaceCRYSTAL PALACE CLASSIC Crystal Palace10 Jun 05
20024.14-1.01Fribourg, SWI27 Aug 05
40050.732Erfurt, GEREC-2316 Jul 05
40050.794Don ValleyNorwich Union British Grand Prix21 Aug 05
40051.272Paris (C), FRA3 Sep 05
40051.434s2Helsinki, FINIAAF World Championships8 Aug 05
40051.762h2Helsinki, FINIAAF World Championships7 Aug 05
40051.852h1Erfurt, GER15 Jul 05
40052.282SportcityAAA Championships10 Jul 05
40052.431BedfordAAA U23U20 Champs3 Jul 05
40052.526Shanghai, CHN17 Sep 05
40052.661Merksem, BEL27 Aug 05
40053.012Nivelles, BEL25 Jun 05
40053.171h1SportcityAAA Championships9 Jul 05
40053.301h2BedfordAAA U23U20 Champs2 Jul 05
400L51.27L4Helsinki, FINIAAF World Championships14 Aug 05
400L51.56L4h2Helsinki, FINIAAF World Championships13 Aug 05
2004 U23 Newham & Essex Beagles
20023.402.01h1BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships30 May 04
40050.503h3Athens, GREOlympic Games21 Aug 04
400L50.53L3Athens, GREOlympic Games28 Aug 04
400L52.6L1h1Athens, GREOlympic Games27 Aug 04
400L52.9L1Bydgoszcz, POLEP20 Jun 04
2003 U20 Newham & Essex Beagles
40054.213Tampere, FINEJ26 Jul 03
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