Mark Lewis-Francis

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Club:Birchfield H
Age Group:V35
Region:West Midlands
Lead Coach:Tony Hadley2014-
Previous Lead:Linford Christie2010-2013
Previous Lead:Tony Lester2006-2009
Previous Lead:Andy Paul2013-2014
Previous Lead:Steve Platt1996-2005

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Domestic Championships Record
1998 – AAA U17 Championships 100m gold
1999 – AAA U17 Indoor Championships 60m gold. AAA U20 Championships 100m gold
2000 – AAA Championships 100m bronze
2001 – AAA U20 Indoor Championships 60m gold. AAA Championships 100m silver
2002 – AAA Indoor Championships 60m silver. Commonwealth Trials and AAA Championships 100m gold
2003 – AAA Indoor Championships 60m silver. AAA Championships 100m silver
2004 – AAA Championships 100m bronze
2005 – AAA Championships 100m silver
2006 – AAA Championships 100m bronze
2007 – Norwich Union World Champs Trials 100m bronze
2009 – Aviva World Trials 100m 8th
2010 – Aviva World Indoor Trials 60m 4th. Aviva European Trials 100m 5th
2011 – Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships 60m 4th. Aviva World Trials & UK Championships 100m DQ
2012 – Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships 60m 7th

Major Championships and International Record
2010 – European Championships 100m silver. Commonwealth Games 100m silver, (4x100m gold)
2007 – World Championships 100m 5th sf (4x100m bronze)
2006 – European Championships 100m 5th (4x100m gold). Commonwealth Games 100m DQ, (4x100m DNF)
2005 – World Championships 100m 5th qf (4x100m bronze)
2004 – Olympic Games 100m 5th sf 100m (4x100m gold)
2003 – World Championships 100m 7th sf
2002 – Commonwealth Games 100m 7th. European Indoor Championships 60m silver. World Indoor Championships 60m 4th. European Cup 100m gold
2001 – World Championships 100m 5th sf. World Indoor Championships 60m bronze. European Cup 100m gold. European Junior Championships 100m gold
2000 – World Junior Championships 100m gold, (4x100m gold)
1999 – World Youth Championships 100m gold

THE Linford Christie-coached athlete was such as prestigious talent as a junior, winning the inaugural world youth title in 1999 and in 2000, Lewis-Francis stormed to a 10.10 PB at Crystal Palace in August which was enough to guarantee him a place on the 4x100m relay team for the Olympic Games in Sydney, but Lewis-Francis opted to concentrate on the World Junior Championships in Santiago, where he was one of the stars of the championships, winning gold medals in the 100m and 4x100m. Lewis-Francis also holds British age-group records at 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

In 2001, Lewis-Francis appeared as though he had already made a smooth transition into the senior ranks, winning a bronze at the World Indoors and winning the European Cup. Having been selected for the World Championships, Lewis-Francis blasted to a 9.98 clocking but agonisingly for him, this could not be ratified as a world junior record due to a lack of a wind-reading.

Having pulled up injured in the Commonwealth final in 2002, Lewis-Francis made the semi-finals at the World Championships in 2003 but 2004 saw the Birchfield Harrier achieve his greatest success and having been unlucky to narrowly missed the Olympic 100m final by one place, Lewis-Francis anchored the British team home to a triumphant victory over the American squad.

Despite winning a bronze medal in the 4x100m at the World Championships, injury meant that after a promising early season patch, Lewis-Francis did not progress past the quarter-final stage in Helsinki.

After a disappointing 2006 stage, Lewis-Francis had discovered some good form at the World Championships in 2007, but again, the Brit was unlucky to miss the final by only one place but for the second successive World Championships event, Lewis-Francis won a bronze in the 4x100m relay.

Lewis-Francis missed the 2008 campaign through an achilles tendon injury. 2010 saw him return to his very best form with silver medals over 100m at both the European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

He was originally coached by the late Steve Platt from the age of 12. In the 2005 New Year Honours list he was awarded the MBE.

Best known performances

Performances Submit
1995 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2015 SEN Birchfield H
606.82i1s1BirminghamMidland Championships15 Feb 15
606.85i1BirminghamMidland Championships15 Feb 15
606.86i1h1BirminghamMidland Championships15 Feb 15
606.96i1h1BirminghamBirmingham Games7 Feb 15
10010.38w4.02h5Clermont FL, USANTC Pure Athletics Sprint Elite Meet18 Apr 15
10010.560.651Gavardo, ITAMeeting Internazionale Citta' Di Gavardo17 May 15
10010.591.561Gainesville FL, USATom Jones Memorial Invitational24 Apr 15
10010.601.541.2LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting18 Jul 15
10010.600.33h1BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
10010.63-0.81h4Gavardo, ITAMeeting Internazionale Citta' Di Gavardo17 May 15
10010.671.47Dublin (S), IRLMorton Games24 Jul 15
10010.680.95Rehlingen, GERInternationales Pfingstsportfest25 May 15
10010.76-2.33h2Rehlingen, GERInternationales Pfingstsportfest25 May 15
100DQ-s3BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
100DNS-h5BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships4 Jul 15
2014 SEN Birchfield H
606.73i4A2.1Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games26 Jan 14
606.75i21.1Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open11 Jan 14
606.77i4A1.1Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games26 Jan 14
606.79i31BirminghamBirmingham Games16 Feb 14
606.81i12.1Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open11 Jan 14
606.83i1h4CardiffCardiff Met Grand Prix2 Feb 14
60DQi-h1Reykjavik, ISLReykjavik International Games19 Jan 14
60DNSi-CardiffCardiff Met Grand Prix2 Feb 14
10010.30+1.3m(150)ManchesterGreat City Games17 May 14
10010.320.13Rehlingen, GERInternationales Pfingstsportfest9 Jun 14
10010.371.03s2BirminghamBritish Athletics UK Championships (Inc European Trials)29 Jun 14
10010.411.751Cork, IRLCork City Sports8 Jul 14
10010.42-0.92Rio de Janeiro, BRAMano a Mano 100m Challenge17 Aug 14
10010.44-1.01h1Rehlingen, GERInternationales Pfingstsportfest9 Jun 14
10010.441.41h1BirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships14 Jun 14
10010.450.12ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership7 Jun 14
10010.470.72h4BirminghamBritish Athletics UK Championships (Inc European Trials)28 Jun 14
10010.481.16Bydgoszcz, POLBydgoszcz Cup2 Jun 14
10010.491.48BHampden ParkSainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix11 Jul 14
10010.501.03ALoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 14
10010.500.11BirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships14 Jun 14
10010.570.04ASportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Aug 14
10010.68-1.11ACardiffBritish Athletics League Premiership10 May 14
15015.221.34ManchesterGreat City Games17 May 14
2013 SEN Birchfield H
606.78i4h2Moscow, RUSRussian Winter3 Feb 13
606.81i3s1SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
606.85i3h4SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
606.88i7SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
10010.191.94BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships13 Jul 13
10010.210.33BOlympic ParkSainsbury's Anniversary Games26 Jul 13
10010.291.01h4BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships12 Jul 13
10010.310.83BOstrava, CZEIAAF World Challenge 52 Ostrava Golden Spike27 Jun 13
10010.351.12s2BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships13 Jul 13
10010.37-0.46h1BirminghamSainsbury's Grand Prix30 Jun 13
10010.38w2.56BDoha, QATDiamond League Doha10 May 13
10010.38-1.93ManchesterGreat Manchester City Games25 May 13
10010.440.25ADessau, GERAnhalt Meeting31 May 13
10010.460.75=Torino, ITAMemorial Primo Nebiolo8 Jun 13
10010.48-0.11Rehlingen, GERInternationales Pfingstsportfest20 May 13
10010.590.09Linz, AUTGugl Games26 Aug 13
10010.62-0.71h1Rehlingen, GERInternationales Pfingstsportfest20 May 13
10011.11w2.98h2Amsterdam, NEDAmsterdam Open31 Aug 13
20021.241.93h1BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships14 Jul 13
20021.47-0.51BirminghamBirchfield Harriers Open21 Apr 13
2012 SEN Birchfield H
606.65i1GlasgowAviva International (GBR v GER v RUS v Commonwealth v USA)28 Jan 12
606.76i4s1SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 12
606.78i7SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 12
606.80i2h2SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 12
606.83i1h1BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
606.87i3=s3BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
10010.21nwi1Mesa AZ, USAArizona Flames Invitational28 Apr 12
10010.32-0.42s3BirminghamAviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships23 Jun 12
10010.330.022Tempe AZ, USASun Angel Classic7 Apr 12
10010.36-0.911Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike25 May 12
10010.360.86s3Helsinki, FINEuropean Athletics Championships27 Jun 12
10010.370.14h2Hengelo, NEDFanny Blankers-Koen Games27 May 12
10010.39-0.66Hengelo, NEDFanny Blankers-Koen Games27 May 12
10010.391.44h1Helsinki, FINEuropean Athletics Championships27 Jun 12
10010.40w2.52ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
10010.44-0.16BirminghamAviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships23 Jun 12
10010.460.913Mesa AZ, USAGlendale Last Gasp20 Apr 12
10010.481.63h1Prague, CZEMemoriál Josefa Odložila11 Jun 12
10010.49-0.83ManchesterGreat CityGames20 May 12
10010.510.07Linz, AUTGugl Games20 Aug 12
10010.521.31h1BedfordMcCain CAU Championships25 Aug 12
10010.55-1.57h1Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League13 Jul 12
10010.620.12h3BirminghamAviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships22 Jun 12
100DQ-Oslo, NORSamsung Diamond League7 Jun 12
100DNS-BedfordMcCain CAU Championships25 Aug 12
2011 SEN Birchfield H
606.63i1h3SheffieldAviva European Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 11
606.65i1s1SheffieldAviva European Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 11
606.66i1GlasgowAviva International29 Jan 11
606.66i2h2Stuttgart, GERSparkassen Cup5 Feb 11
606.68i4SheffieldAviva European Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 11
606.70i6Stuttgart, GERSparkassen Cup5 Feb 11
606.83i8h1BirminghamAviva Grand Prix19 Feb 11
10010.191.37Brussels, BELSamsung Diamond League16 Sep 11
10010.201.01BOstrava, CZEZlatá Tretra31 May 11
10010.23w2.411BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games23 Jul 11
10010.280.72s2BirminghamAviva World Trials & UK Championships30 Jul 11
10010.30-0.21h7BirminghamAviva World Trials & UK Championships29 Jul 11
10010.300.05h2Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix5 Aug 11
10010.33w2.71ManchesterGreat Manchester City Games15 May 11
10010.35-0.71BZagreb, CROBoris Hanzekovic Memorial13 Sep 11
10010.36-0.872Zurich, SUISamsung Diamond League8 Sep 11
10010.381.07h2BirminghamAviva British Grand Prix10 Jul 11
10010.53-0.38Reims, FRAMeeting Pro Athlé Tour de Reims5 Jul 11
100DQBirminghamAviva World Trials & UK Championships30 Jul 11
20020.77w3.52CLoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 11
20021.270.03h4Glendale AZ, USAGlendale Last Gasp30 Apr 11
2010 SEN Birchfield H
606.59i11.1Lee ValleyLondon Games31 Jan 10
606.61i4BirminghamAviva Grand Prix20 Feb 10
606.64i3h1BirminghamAviva Grand Prix20 Feb 10
606.65i1s3BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 10
606.66i2BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 10
606.67i1h5SheffieldAviva World Trials & UK Championships13 Feb 10
606.67i4SheffieldAviva World Trials & UK Championships13 Feb 10
606.73i1s3SheffieldAviva World Trials & UK Championships13 Feb 10
606.75i1h2BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 10
10010.12w3.51NewcastleBupa Great North City Games (Track)18 Sep 10
10010.14w2.11ALa Chaux-de-Fonds, SUIRésisprint International4 Jul 10
10010.150.61h1Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games6 Oct 10
10010.160.73Split, CROIAAF / VTB Bank Continental Cup4 Sep 10
10010.170.93s2Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games6 Oct 10
10010.18-1.02Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships28 Jul 10
10010.200.32Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games6 Oct 10
10010.200.21q1Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games6 Oct 10
10010.211.31ManchesterGreat Manchester Games16 May 10
10010.21-1.23s1Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships28 Jul 10
10010.23-1.42h5Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships27 Jul 10
10010.241.25h2Ostrava, CZEZlatá Tretra IAAF World Challenge Meeting27 May 10
10010.241.26h2Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League4 Jun 10
10010.26w2.11h1Hengelo, NEDIAAF World Challenge Meeting30 May 10
10010.261.22h1La Chaux-de-Fonds, SUIRésisprint International4 Jul 10
10010.300.68Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League10 Jun 10
10010.30-0.36h2Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix Diamond League13 Aug 10
10010.350.12GlasgowSuper8 City Competition7 Jul 10
10010.400.18Berlin, GERISTAF IAAF World Challenge Meeting22 Aug 10
10010.42-0.65BirminghamAviva European Trials and UK Championships26 Jun 10
10010.440.71h6BirminghamAviva European Trials and UK Championships25 Jun 10
10010.44-0.82s3BirminghamAviva European Trials and UK Championships26 Jun 10
10010.550.05Sotteville les Roven, FRAMeeting International de Sotteville12 Jun 10
20020.891.32=ALoughborough Loughborough International23 May 10
20021.00-0.85BirminghamAviva European Trials and UK Championships27 Jun 10
20021.25-2.52h2BirminghamAviva European Trials and UK Championships27 Jun 10
2009 SEN Birchfield H
10010.371.82h5BirminghamAviva World Trials & National Championships10 Jul 09
10010.38-1.03h2Madrid, ESPMeeting Madrid 20094 Jul 09
10010.400.75BOstrava, CZEGolden Spike17 Jun 09
10010.40-1.96Madrid, ESPMeeting Madrid 20094 Jul 09
10010.400.02BLucerne, SUISpitzen15 Jul 09
10010.471.16Villeneuve-d'ascq, FRAMeeting Lille Metropole30 Jun 09
10010.53-1.77Milan, ITANotturna Di Milano25 Jun 09
10010.53-1.88BirminghamAviva World Trials & National Championships11 Jul 09
10010.57-1.13s3BirminghamAviva World Trials & National Championships11 Jul 09
10010.590.982Geneva, SUIAthletica Genève EAP Meeting6 Jun 09
10010.60-0.215BedfordBedford International Games31 May 09
10010.640.231Geneva, SUIAthletica Genève EAP Meeting6 Jun 09
10010.641.26h2Bochum, GERWattenscheid2 Aug 09
10010.70-1.57h1Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix24 Jul 09
10010.79-2.47BGatesheadAviva British Grand Prix31 Aug 09
2007 SEN Birchfield H
606.72i1ALee ValleyIndoor City Challenge28 Jan 07
606.76i4GlasgowNorwich Union International27 Jan 07
606.76i4s3SheffieldNorwich Union European Indoor Trials11 Feb 07
606.76i1h4SheffieldNorwich Union European Indoor Trials11 Feb 07
606.82i5h3Stuttgart, GERIAAF Indoor Permit3 Feb 07
10010.17-0.62q3Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships25 Aug 07
10010.190.541Belgrade, SRBArtur Takac Memorial29 May 07
10010.190.15s2Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships26 Aug 07
10010.200.53h2Athens, GREIAAF Athens Grand Prix2 Jul 07
10010.21-1.02h8Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships25 Aug 07
10010.230.36Athens, GREIAAF Athens Grand Prix2 Jul 07
10010.23-0.62h2Crystal PalaceNorwich Union Super Grand Prix3 Aug 07
10010.250.95BOslo, NORIAAF Golden League, Exxon Mobil Bislett Games15 Jun 07
10010.271.36BLausanne, SUIAthletissima10 Jul 07
10010.270.81s3SportcityNorwich Union World Trials & AAA Championships28 Jul 07
10010.31-0.85Crystal PalaceNorwich Union Super Grand Prix3 Aug 07
10010.34-0.81h2SportcityNorwich Union World Trials & AAA Championships28 Jul 07
10010.370.72Glasgow (S)Norwich Union Classic3 Jun 07
10010.39-2.03SportcityNorwich Union World Trials & AAA Championships28 Jul 07
10010.400.92B1Munich, GERSpar European Cup (Men)23 Jun 07
10010.45-0.59Berlin, GERIAAF Golden League, ISTAF16 Sep 07
10010.47-0.86h2Doha, QATIAAF Super Grand Prix11 May 07
10010.600.191Zürich, SUIIAAF Golden League, Weltklasse Zürich7 Sep 07
2006 SEN Birchfield H
10010.13w3.31s2SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Champs15 Jul 06
10010.161.35Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Championships8 Aug 06
10010.201.21h4Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games19 Mar 06
10010.201.55GatesheadBritish Grand Prix11 Jun 06
10010.221.91Melbourne, AUSVictorian Championships18 Feb 06
10010.281.65h2Oslo, NORBislett Games2 Jun 06
10010.281.03SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Champs15 Jul 06
10010.301.03s2Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Championships8 Aug 06
10010.33-0.22q2Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Championships7 Aug 06
10010.370.61h3Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Championships7 Aug 06
10010.39-1.36h2Crystal PalaceNorwich Union London Grand Prix28 Jul 06
10010.40-0.65Zagreb CROZagreb 200631 Aug 06
10010.41-0.53q3Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games19 Mar 06
10010.41-0.21Rehlingen, GERRehlingen, GER5 Jun 06
10010.41-1.52BirminghamNorwich Union International19 Aug 06
10010.421.16APhiladelphia PA, USAPenn Relays29 Apr 06
10010.42-0.92Tallahassee FL, USATallahassee FL, USA6 May 06
10010.420.21h5SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Champs15 Jul 06
10010.441.31h1Rehlingen, GERRehlingen, GER5 Jun 06
10010.45-0.93Huelva, ESPHuelva, ESP20 Jun 06
10010.49-2.72h1GatesheadBritish Grand Prix11 Jun 06
10010.60-2.51h2Huelva, ESPHuelva, ESP20 Jun 06
10010.62-2.25Brisbane, AUSTelstra Aseries3 Mar 06
10010.69-0.65h2Heusden, BELKBC Nacht van de Atletiek22 Jul 06
2005 SEN Birchfield H
606.59i2dqMadrid, ESP5 Mar 05
606.60i2s2Madrid, ESP4 Mar 05
606.61i3h1Birmingham18 Feb 05
606.64i2h3Madrid, ESP4 Mar 05
606.79i1h1BirminghamBIRMINGHAM GAMES NIA, Birmingham5 Feb 05
606.80i1s1BirminghamBIRMINGHAM GAMES NIA, Birmingham5 Feb 05
10010.10w2.12Florence, ITA18 Jun 05
10010.131.85Kingston, JAM7 May 05
10010.211Bangor (NI)NORTH DOWN INTERNATIONAL GAMES Bangor24 Jun 05
10010.261.61s2SportcityAAA Championships9 Jul 05
10010.30-1.02SportcityAAA Championships9 Jul 05
10010.360.46h1Athens, GRE14 Jun 05
10010.40-1.12Milan, ITA1 Jun 05
10010.400.44h4Helsinki, FINIAAF World Championships6 Aug 05
10010.43-1.61Glasgow (S)GB vs USA cs Rus5 Jun 05
20020.78w2.81Bangor (NI)NORTH DOWN INTERNATIONAL GAMES Bangor24 Jun 05
2004 U23 Birchfield H
606.53i1h1Birmingham-20 Feb 04
2003 U23 Birchfield H
10010.070.01Ostrava, CZEGSpike12 Jun 03
10010.170.73h1Paris, FRAIAAF World Championships24 Aug 03
10010.180.04h3Paris, FRAIAAF World Championships24 Aug 03
10010.34i1Birmingham (PB)Inv6 Feb 03
10010.440.57s1Paris, FRAIAAF World Championships25 Aug 03
2002 U23 Birchfield H
505.73i+mh2Lievin, FRAGaz-6024 Feb 02
606.53i2CardiffAAA3 Feb 02
1009.97w2.71Don ValleyNorwich Union Classic30 Jun 02
10010.040.43Saint-Denis (SF), FRAGaz5 Jul 02
10010.061.91BirminghamAAA Championships13 Jul 02
10010.070.32ManchesterCT15 Jun 02
10010.080.35Brussels, BELVD/GL30 Aug 02
20020.94-0.312Tallahassee FL, USA-13 Apr 02
2001 U20 Birchfield H
606.51i3Lisbon, PORIAAF World Indoor Championships11 Mar 01
606.56i2s1Lisbon, PORIAAF World Indoor Championships11 Mar 01
606.61i1h8Lisbon, PORIAAF World Indoor Championships11 Mar 01
606.62i2Glasgow5N18 Mar 01
1009.97w?1q3Edmonton, CANIAAF World Championships4 Aug 01
10010.09w2.41Grosseto, ITAEuropean Athletics Junior Championships20 Jul 01
10010.12-1.31Tallahassee FL, USA-14 Apr 01
10010.121.72BirminghamAAA Championships14 Jul 01
10010.131.12Philadelphia PA, USAPennR28 Apr 01
10010.131.41Bremen, GEREP23 Jun 01
10010.141.61s2BirminghamAAA Championships14 Jul 01
10010.181.81Mannheim, GERJgala-2016 Jun 01
10010.202.01h2BirminghamAAA Championships13 Jul 01
10010.200.06Brussels, BELVD24 Aug 01
10010.210.71h8Edmonton, CANIAAF World Championships4 Aug 01
2000 U20 Birchfield H
10010.101.912Crystal PalaceNorwich Union British Grand Prix5 Aug 00
10010.120.11Santiago, CHIWJ18 Oct 00
10010.13-0.61q2Santiago, CHIWJ17 Oct 00
10010.24-0.83BirminghamAAA Championships12 Aug 00
10010.24-0.31s1Santiago, CHIWJ18 Oct 00
1999 U17 Birchfield H
606.69i1Nogent-sur-Oise, FRAvFRA,GER,ITA-2027 Feb 99
10010.26w2.81h4Riga, LATEJ5 Aug 99
10010.310.21Neubrandenburg, GERvGER,FRA,POL-1921 Aug 99
10010.321.11s1Riga, LATEJ5 Aug 99
10010.37w3.32Riga, LATEJ6 Aug 99
10010.380.81BedfordAAA-203 Jul 99
10010.40w4.01s1BedfordAAA-203 Jul 99
10010.401.41Bydgoszcz, POLWY16 Jul 99
10010.52-0.62s3Bydgoszcz, POLWY16 Jul 99
1998 U17 Birchfield H
10010.36w4.71s1SheffieldAAA-1716 Aug 98
10010.490.11SheffieldAAA-1716 Aug 98
1997 U15 Birchfield H
10010.931.11SheffieldEnglish Schools' Championships12 Jul 97
10011.01CarmarthenYAL-1529 Jun 97
10011.050.31h1SheffieldEnglish Schools' Championships11 Jul 97
20022.90-0.31s2BirminghamAAA-1516 Aug 97
20023.11i2BirminghamAAA-1516 Feb 97
1995 U13 Birchfield H
10012.14-0.31BirminghamYALf-133 Sep 95
Total Performances: 269
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