Sam Chappell

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Club:Kent/Bournemouth Uni
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2015 SEN Kent/Bournemouth Uni
HT7.26K41.132ATootingSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C4 Jul 15
2014 SEN Kent/Bournemouth Uni
HJ1.107=BTooting BecBritish Athletics League Division 15 Jul 14
SP7.26K8.835ATooting BecSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C21 Jun 14
SP7.26K8.753BWimbledonSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C3 May 14
SP7.26K8.253BMile EndSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C17 May 14
DT2K28.691BTootingSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C12 Jul 14
DT2K27.273BTooting BecSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C21 Jun 14
HT7.26K44.351ATooting BecSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C21 Jun 14
HT7.26K44.035ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division 19 Aug 14
HT7.26K43.931AWimbledonSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C3 May 14
HT7.26K43.805AEtonBritish Athletics League Division 110 May 14
HT7.26K43.591ATootingSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C12 Jul 14
HT7.26K42.951AMile EndSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C17 May 14
HT7.26K39.154BTooting BecBritish Athletics League Division 15 Jul 14
2013 SEN Kent/Bournemouth Uni
HT7.26K45.921nsEtonSouthern Men's League Division 1 Championship Match10 Aug 13
HT7.26K43.821BCarshaltonSouthern Men's League Division 1 C15 Jun 13
HT7.26K43.617AEtonBritish Athletics League Division 16 Jul 13
HT7.26K43.304BWormwood ScrubsBritish Athletics League Division 18 Jun 13
HT7.26K43.014BLiverpoolBritish Athletics League Division 13 Aug 13
HT7.26K35.947BCardiffBritish Athletics League Division 111 May 13
2012 SEN Kent/Bournemouth Uni
SP7.26K9.214BournemouthDorset County Championships12 May 12
SP7.26K8.248BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership30 Jun 12
DT2K39.397BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
DT2K30.923BournemouthDorset County Championships12 May 12
DT2K21.407BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership30 Jun 12
HT7.26K45.661BournemouthDorset County Championships12 May 12
HT7.26K45.0611Olympic ParkBUCS Championships5 May 12
HT7.26K44.736BOlympic ParkBUCS Championships4 May 12
HT7.26K43.931BournemouthBournemouth AC Autumn Open Meeting16 Sep 12
HT7.26K43.428ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
HT7.26K43.004BBedfordHammer Circle Reunion20 Oct 12
HT7.26K42.828AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership30 Jun 12
HT7.26K42.297ALiverpoolBritish Athletics League Premiership18 Aug 12
HT7.26K32.635BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership28 Jul 12
2011 U23 Kent/Bournemouth Uni
SP7.26K8.574BournemouthBournemouth AC Autumn Open11 Sep 11
DT2K30.536BournemouthDorset County Championships14 May 11
DT2K28.432BournemouthBournemouth AC Autumn Open11 Sep 11
DT2K27.958Exeter South West League Division 13 Jul 11
HT7.26K47.816ACrawleyBritish Athletics League Division 127 Aug 11
HT7.26K47.751nsParliament HillSouthern Men's League Division 2S30 Jul 11
HT7.26K47.741BournemouthDorset County Championships14 May 11
HT7.26K46.961BournemouthBournemouth AC Autumn Open11 Sep 11
HT7.26K46.511Parliament HillLondon Inter Club Challenge23 Apr 11
HT7.26K45.157AHendonBritish Athletics League Division 14 Jun 11
HT7.26K44.997LiverpoolLiverpool Throws And Jumps Open16 Apr 11
HT7.26K44.852Exeter South West League Division 13 Jul 11
HT7.26K44.627AGatesheadBritish Athletics League 113 Aug 11
HT7.26K44.587BedfordHammer Circle Reunion8 Oct 11
HT7.26K44.426AKingstonBritish Athletics League Division 12 Jul 11
HT7.26K44.119BedfordBUCS Championships2 May 11
HT7.26K43.564qBBedfordBUCS Championships1 May 11
HT7.26K42.611CrawleyCrawley Pre-season Open27 Mar 11
2010 U23 Kent/Bournemouth Uni
DT2K26.662BournemouthPoole Runners Open28 Mar 10
HT7.26K45.872BournemouthPoole Runners Open28 Mar 10
HT7.26K45.261BournemouthDorset County Championships8 May 10
HT7.26K44.812HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge24 Apr 10
HT7.26K44.697ACardiffBritish Athletics League Division 15 Jun 10
HT7.26K44.152AYeovilSouth West Athletics League Division 118 Apr 10
HT7.26K43.8111BedfordBUCS Championships1 May 10
HT7.26K42.166EtonHammer Circle Reunion13 Nov 10
HT7.26K41.062Bournemouth Bournemouth AC Open12 Sep 10
HT7.26K39.612Crookham CommonHammer Circle Handicap Competition28 Feb 10
2009 U23 Bournemouth/Bournemouth Uni
DT2K28.114BournemouthDorset County Championships9 May 09
DT2K23.328BGatesheadBritish Athletics League National 11 Aug 09
DT2K22.707BAbingdonBritish Athletics League National 16 Jun 09
HT7.26K43.341AParliament HillSouthern Men's League Division 127 Jun 09
HT7.26K43.212BournemouthDorset County Championships9 May 09
HT7.26K43.076WatfordSouthern Counties Senior & U20 Championships21 Jun 09
HT7.26K43.043YeovilYeovil Olympiades AC Dennett Trophy30 Aug 09
HT7.26K42.761AWokingSouthern Men's League Division 111 Jul 09
HT7.26K42.712AMilton KeynesSouthern Men's League Division 116 May 09
HT7.26K42.294BDerbyBritish Athletics League National 122 Aug 09
HT7.26K42.092Bournemouth Bournemouth AC Spring Open4 Apr 09
HT7.26K41.905BEtonBritish Athletics League National 14 Jul 09
HT7.26K41.719BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 09
HT7.26K41.601ExeterSouth West Athletics League Division 15 Jul 09
HT7.26K41.092BournemouthBournemouth Hammer Throws Evening29 Sep 09
HT7.26K41.025BAbingdonBritish Athletics League National 16 Jun 09
HT7.26K40.929FHullHammer Circle Reunion11 Oct 09
HT7.26K40.673AHullHammer Circle Reunion10 Oct 09
HT7.26K39.977AGatesheadBritish Athletics League National 11 Aug 09
2008 U20 Bournemouth/Bournemouth Uni
DT1.75K34.85BournemouthBournemouth Spring Open20 Apr 08
DT1.75K33.61BournemouthDorset Championships10 May 08
DT1.75K31.49BournemouthDorset Schools' Championships14 Jun 08
DT1.75K31.30EastbourneNational Junior Athletic League - Itchen27 Apr 08
DT1.75K29.48GuildfordNational Junior Athletic League - Itchen29 Jun 08
DT1.75K29.07YeovilYeovil Olympiads Open Meet & Dennett Trophy17 Aug 08
DT1.75K27.06BasingstokeNational Junior Athletic League - Itchen25 May 08
HT7.26K41.861BMile EndSouthern Men's League Division 117 May 08
HT7.26K41.811BWokingSouthern Men's League - Division 13 May 08
HT7.26K41.191BournemouthSouthern Men's League Division 3W2 Aug 08
HT7.26K40.471ASalisburySouthern Men's League Division 3W Match 17 Jun 08
HT6K49.901BBasingstokeNational Junior Athletic League - Itchen25 May 08
HT6K49.371BournemouthDorset Schools' Championships14 Jun 08
HT6K48.491AGuildfordNational Junior Athletic League - Itchen29 Jun 08
HT6K48.282BournemouthDorset Championships10 May 08
HT6K47.561BEastbourneNational Junior Athletic League - Itchen27 Apr 08
HT6K47.481BBournemouthNational Junior Athletic League - Itchen27 Jul 08
HT6K47.242BournemouthBournemouth Spring Open20 Apr 08
HT6K47.171BournemouthSouth-West Hammer Development Squad Competition30 Mar 08
HT6K46.8610GatesheadESAA English Schools' Championships12 Jul 08
HT6K45.281BHullHammer Circle Reunion4 Oct 08
HT6K45.191BournemouthBournemouth Hammer Competition24 Feb 08
HT6K44.111AHullHammer Circle Reunion5 Oct 08
2007 U20 Bournemouth/Bournemouth Uni
SP6K10.63PoolePoole Open8 Aug 07
WT11.34K15.134BournemouthBournemouth AC Multi-Events Open18 Aug 07
DT1.75K31.25BournemouthDorset County Championships12 May 07
DT1.75K30.68BournemouthBournemouth AC Mad March Medal Open31 Mar 07
DT1.75K28.40BournemouthDorset County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
DT1.75K26.60BournemouthBournemouth AC Multi-Events Open18 Aug 07
HT7.26K40.081BBournemouthSouthern Men's League Division 22 Jun 07
HT7.26K38.86BournemouthSouth West Hammer Development25 Feb 07
HT6K46.171BournemouthDorset County Championships12 May 07
HT6K46.151BBournemouthNational Junior League Itchen1 Jul 07
HT6K45.832BournemouthDorset County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
HT6K45.742PoolePoole Open8 Aug 07
HT6K45.4010BirminghamSainsbury ESAA English Schools' Championships14 Jul 07
HT6K45.233YeovilESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships16 Jun 07
HT6K45.121BLee ValleyNJAL Southern Promotion Match2 Sep 07
HT6K44.67BournemouthSouth West Hammer Development25 Feb 07
HT6K44.121BBrightonNational Junior League Itchen29 Jul 07
HT6K44.002YeovilDennett Trophy19 Aug 07
HT6K43.8032BournemouthMay Day Hammer Festival7 May 07
HT6K43.3351BournemouthMay Day Hammer Festival7 May 07
HT6K43.291BPortsmouthNational Junior League Itchen29 Apr 07
HT6K43.003ExeterSouth West Inter Counties Championships5 Aug 07
HT6K41.561BPortsmouthNational Junior League Itchen27 May 07
HT6K39.07BournemouthBournemouth AC Mad March Medal Open31 Mar 07
PenWtU20M22804BournemouthBournemouth AC Multi-Events Open18 Aug 07
2006 U17 Bournemouth/Bournemouth Uni
DT1.5K29.70BournemouthWessex Young Athletes League Festival6 Aug 06
HT6K41.641BBournemouthNational Junior League Itchen Division11 Jun 06
HT6K40.131BPortsmouthNational Junior League Itchen Division16 Jul 06
HT5K48.721BournemouthBournemouth Throws Sunday2 Jul 06
HT5K47.032BournemouthDorset County Schools Championships10 Jun 06
HT5K46.053ExeterESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships17 Jun 06
HT5K45.882BournemouthWessex Young Athletes League Festival6 Aug 06
HT5K45.7812GatesheadESAA English Schools Championships7 Jul 06
HT5K45.5343BirminghamUK Challenge Throws Fest29 Jul 06
HT5K45.483BournemouthBournemouth AC Hammer Festival1 May 06
HT5K44.165ExeterSouth West Inter Counties Championships30 Jul 06
HT5K44.044BournemouthBournemouth AC Centenary Open Meeting9 Apr 06
HT5K43.932BournemouthDorset County Championships13 May 06
HT5K43.901BBournemouthUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1W4 Jun 06
HT5K43.542BournemouthSouth West Hammer Development Meeting22 Jan 06
HT5K43.381BKingstonUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1W25 Jun 06
HT5K42.261BKingstonUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1W21 May 06
HT5K42.1712BirminghamAAA U17 & U15 Championships5 Aug 06
HT5K41.562BournemouthBournemouth AC Hammer Festival1 May 06
2005 U17 Bournemouth/Bournemouth Uni
HT5K44.323SandownIsle of Wight Festival11 Sep 05
HT5K41.315SandownIsle of Wight Festival10 Sep 05
HT5K40.471BournemouthSOUTH WEST HAMMER DEVELOPMENT MEETING Kings Park, Bournemouth2 May 05
HT5K39.663BournemouthESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships18 Jun 05
HT5K39.411GloucesterSevern Open17 Sep 05
HT5K39.281YeovilYeovil Open Meeting30 Jan 05
HT5K38.662BournemouthDorset Schools Championships11 Jun 05
HT5K38.132BournemouthDorset County Championships14 May 05
HT5K37.481BYeovilDennett Trophy14 Aug 05
HT5K37.331BBournemouthUKA Young Athletes League Southern Division 131 Jul 05
2004 U15 Bournemouth/Bournemouth Uni
HT4K36.399GatesheadESAA English Schools' Championships10 Jul 04
Total Performances: 159
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