Emma Ania

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Club:Shaftesbury Barnet
Age Group:V35
Lead Coach:Unknown
Previous Lead:Lloyd Cowan-2010
Previous Lead:Michael Khmel2011-2012

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Domestic Championships Record
2004 – 3rd AAA Championships 100m

Major Championships Record
Olympic Games – 2008 DNF 4x100m
World Championships – 2005 8qf 100m (4h 4x100m)
European Championships – 2006 6sf 100m (2nd 4x100m)
Commonwealth Games – 2006 8th 100m (2nd 4x100m)

The well-travelled British athlete used to live in Iceland, but is now currently based in Italy, where she emerged onto the world stage in the 2008 season. Coached by Roberto Bonomi, Emma Ania lowered her lifetime bests to 11.21 and 23.25 for the 100m and the 200m and was a close second at the European Cup behind the Olympic champion Yulia Nesterenko. Somewhat controversially, Ania was not selected for the Olympic Games in the 100m, after a stumble in the final in the Olympic Trials cost her dearly. She did, however win relay medals at the Commonwealth Games and European Championships in 2006 ..

Emma showed early promise by winning the English Schools intermediate title over 200m in 1995, setting a pb 24.32 in her semi-final, but did not compete again until 2000 when she was in the USA and ran 23.83w. She spent a couple of years in Iceland and ran many fast times there, with bests of 11.64/11.50w for 100m and 23.73/23.64w for 200m in 2002. She won silver with the England 4x100m team at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and with the GB 4x100m team at the 2006 European Championships. She has previously worked as a lingerie model and is a cousin to Olympic 400m Hurdles bronze medallist Tasha Danvers.

Best known performances

Performances Submit
1991 2002 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

2012 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet
607.56i41.2Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open21 Mar 12
607.65i22.4Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open21 Mar 12
10011.970.57UKAOlympic ParkBUCS Championships5 May 12
10012.1-2.52ACardiffUK Women's League Division 127 May 12
20024.25-2.72ACardiffUK Women's League Division 127 May 12
20024.500.775WoodfordWoodford Green Open (Sprints / Jumps)21 Apr 12
20024.94-0.11HendonBAL Super8 Cup 2012 Women21 Jul 12
20025.38-1.21BHendonUK Women's League Division 130 Jun 12
20025.51-0.25ALeighUK Women's League Division 128 Jul 12
40058.371HendonBAL Super8 Cup 2012 Women21 Jul 12
2011 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet
607.7i3CardiffMcCain City Challenge26 Feb 11
2010 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet
10011.800.31Oristano, ITACampionato Italiano Di Societa' Assoluto Su Pista15 May 10
10011.891.32h1Crystal PalaceSouthern Counties U20/Senior Championships12 Jun 10
20025.16w3.62Oristano, ITACampionato Italiano Di Societa' Assoluto Su Pista16 May 10
2009 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet
607.32i1Leipzig, GERERDGAS Athletics 20091 Feb 09
607.33i5Athens, GREAthina 200925 Feb 09
607.37i1h2Leipzig, GERERDGAS Athletics 20091 Feb 09
607.39i6h1BirminghamAviva Indoor Grand Prix21 Feb 09
607.42i4Vienna, AUTVienna Indoor Classic3 Feb 09
607.47i2h1Vienna, AUTVienna Indoor Classic3 Feb 09
10011.21w2.83Rovereto, ITAPalio Città della Quercia1 Sep 09
10011.27w3.45h3Heusden, BELKBC Night of Athletics18 Jul 09
10011.40-1.03h2Rovereto, ITAPalio Città della Quercia1 Sep 09
10011.410.21Naimette-Xhovémont, BELMeeting International de la Provence de Liège15 Jul 09
10011.430.53Padua, ITAMeeting Citta' Di Padova30 Aug 09
10011.450.56h2Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix25 Jul 09
10011.490.41Barletta, ITADisfida di Barletta8 Sep 09
10011.510.71BVilleneuve-d'ascq, FRAMeeting Lille Metropole30 Jun 09
10011.540.82Milan, ITANotturna Di Milano25 Jun 09
10011.571.02Terra Sarda, ITAMeeting Internazionale Di Atletica Leggera4 Sep 09
10011.75-1.021Caorle, ITAFinale Oro27 Sep 09
10011.77-0.61Gorizia, ITAMeeting Castello Città di Gorizia2 Sep 09
20024.08-0.914Caorle, ITAFinale Oro27 Sep 09
2008 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet
607.24i1Tampere, FINTahtien Kisat27 Feb 08
10011.211.021Turin, ITAPrimo Nebiolo Memorial6 Jun 08
10011.221.32Annecy, FRASpar European Cup21 Jun 08
10011.240.82Réthimno, GREVardinoyiannia14 Jul 08
10011.29-0.81Cagliari, ITATerra Sarda18 Jul 08
10011.310.05Rieti, ITARieti Grand Prix7 Sep 08
10011.320.01Rome, ITAMeeting Anna Catalano1 Jun 08
10011.34-0.61Florence, ITAItalian Club Championships27 Jun 08
10011.381.81s1BirminghamAviva National Championships inc Olympic Trials12 Jul 08
10011.401.84BirminghamAviva National Championships inc Olympic Trials12 Jul 08
10011.410.07h2Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix26 Jul 08
10011.471.12Rovereto, ITAQuercia10 Sep 08
10011.53-0.81ALoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 08
10011.56-1.01Barletta, ITABarletta, ITA4 Sep 08
10011.650.02Avezzano, ITAMarianella21 Sep 08
10011.791.31h3BirminghamAviva National Championships inc Olympic Trials11 Jul 08
20023.251.62Cagliari, ITATerra Sarda18 Jul 08
20023.270.61Florence, ITAItalian Club Championships28 Jun 08
20023.43-1.62Réthimno, GREVardinoyiannia14 Jul 08
2007 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet
10011.352.03Miami FL, USAMiami Invitational14 Apr 07
10011.42w2.44Salamanca, ESPSalamanca Grand Prix4 Jul 07
10011.44-0.61Clermont FL, USAClermont Sprint17 Mar 07
10011.440.06Belgrade, SRBArtur Takac Memorial29 May 07
10011.460.46Rieti, ITAIAAF Grand Prix9 Sep 07
10011.520.02Rivas, ESPRivas, ESP29 Jun 07
10011.570.35Huelva, ESPHuelva, ESP13 Sep 07
10011.590.33Padua, ITACitta di Padova8 Jul 07
10011.62-0.11Olbia, ITAOlbia, ITA21 Jul 07
10011.62-0.51h1Huelva, ESPHuelva, ESP13 Sep 07
10011.681.81Rovereto, ITARovereto, ITA6 May 07
10011.69-0.32Sollentuna, SWEFolksam Grand Prix27 Jun 07
10011.70-1.52Trento, ITATrento, ITA2 Jun 07
10011.730.511Clermont FL, USAClermont Sprint17 Mar 07
10011.79-2.01Carbonia, ITACarbonia, ITA19 Jul 07
10011.85-1.72Malmo, SWEMAI Galan2 Jul 07
10011.91-2.352Caorle, ITACaorle, ITA29 Sep 07
20023.420.74Salamanca, ESPSalamanca Grand Prix4 Jul 07
20023.52w2.21Clermont FL, USAClermont Sprint17 Mar 07
20023.730.64Miami FL, USAMiami Invitational14 Apr 07
20023.860.61Rivas, ESPRivas, ESP29 Jun 07
20023.89-0.222Caorle, ITACaorle, ITA30 Sep 07
20024.020.54Nuoro, ITADelogu11 Jul 07
2006 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet
607.45i1Reykjavik, ICE28 Jan 06
607.52i1Reykjavik, ICE14 Jan 06
10011.32w2.41Donnas, ITADonnas, ITA18 Jun 06
10011.321.02ASalamanca, SPAGran Premio Internacional Atletismo Diputación de Salamanca5 Jul 06
10011.350.82BHeusden, BELKBC Nacht van de Atletiek22 Jul 06
10011.41-0.23h3Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Championships8 Aug 06
10011.421.45Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike Iaaf Grand Prix30 May 06
10011.441.62h3Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games19 Mar 06
10011.44w3.52La Laguna, SPALa Laguna, Spa9 Jul 06
10011.451.93s3Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games20 Mar 06
10011.471.81h2LoughboroughLoughborough European Athletics Permit (LEAP) Meeting26 Jul 06
10011.480.316Geneva, SUIGeneva, SUI11 Jun 06
10011.490.62ALoughboroughLoughborough European Athletics Permit (LEAP) Meeting26 Jul 06
10011.490.16s2Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Championships9 Aug 06
10011.510.28Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games20 Mar 06
10011.590.92Hengelo, HOLThales Fanny Blankers-Koen Games28 May 06
10011.61-0.54Veracruz, MEXGala Banamex14 May 06
10011.61-0.52Tallinn, ESTTallinn 200615 Aug 06
10011.64-0.52BNaimette-Xhovémont, BELNaimette-Xhovemont, BEL19 Jul 06
10011.67-1.53Padua, ITAPadua, ITA1 Sep 06
10011.74-1.81BirminghamUK Women's League Division 11 Jul 06
20023.33w2.53ASalamanca, SPAGran Premio Internacional Atletismo Diputación de Salamanca5 Jul 06
20023.381.44Oslo, NORBislett Games2 Jun 06
20023.43-0.12Tallinn, ESTTallinn 200615 Aug 06
20023.45-0.31Geneva, SUIGeneva, SUI11 Jun 06
20023.482.02Donnas, ITADonnas, ITA18 Jun 06
20023.48-1.32Crystal PalaceNorwich Union London Grand Prix28 Jul 06
20023.640.57Brussels, BELIvo Van Damme Memorial IAAF Golden League25 Aug 06
20023.660.65Rovereto, ITARovereto, Ita30 Aug 06
20023.70w3.93La Laguna, SPALa Laguna, Spa9 Jul 06
20023.85-2.01BirminghamUK Women's League Division 11 Jul 06
20024.31i1Reykjavik, ICE28 Jan 06
20024.50i1Reykjavik, ICE14 Jan 06
2005 SEN Shaftesbury Barnet
10011.351.73Paris (C), FRA3 Sep 05
10011.361.14Shanghai, CHN17 Sep 05
10011.371.42Heusden, BEL23 Jul 05
10011.370.37Brussels, BEL26 Aug 05
10011.421.02Nuraminis, ITA10 Sep 05
10011.46w2.6htLoughboroughLOUGHBOROUGH EAA MEETING16 Jul 05
10011.471.615Nivelles, BEL25 Jun 05
10011.5411Nivelles, BEL25 Jun 05
10011.560.61Oordegem, BEL2 Jul 05
10011.57-0.88q2Helsinki, FINIAAF World Championships7 Aug 05
10011.600.01h9Oordegem, BEL2 Jul 05
10011.66-0.11h2SportcityAAA Championships9 Jul 05
10011.69-3.02h3BedfordInter Counties30 May 05
10011.70-0.44SportcityAAA Championships9 Jul 05
10011.76-1.71s2SportcityAAA Championships9 Jul 05
20023.29w2.31BedfordGolden Jubilee Cup Final27 Aug 05
20023.743BedfordInter Counties29 May 05
20023.961h3BedfordInter Counties29 May 05
20024.04-1.73s2SportcityAAA Championships10 Jul 05
20024.07-1.25SportcityAAA Championships10 Jul 05
20024.08-0.82h4SportcityAAA Championships10 Jul 05
2002 U23 Shaftesbury Barnet/Cardiff Met Uni
10011.80i1Kopavogur, ISL-30 Dec 02
1991 U13 Shaftesbury Barnet/Cardiff Met Uni
8010.31.61HendonSC-137 Sep 91
10012.773EdinburghBL1-1522 Jun 91
15019.11.91HendonSC-137 Sep 91
20025.6w1BrauntonSL1-1514 Sep 91
20026.815EdinburghBL1-1522 Jun 91
Total Performances: 135
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