Steve Riley

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Club:Helsby RC
Age Group:V50
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 V50 Helsby RC
4.8MXCNT17016RuncornNorth West Sunday League13 Jan 19
5.5MXCNT12914West DerbyNorth West Sunday League3 Feb 19
5.84MXC45:1613116Clarkes GardenLiverpool & District League Championships10 Feb 19
10.4KXC50:5913322WarringtonCheshire County Championships5 Jan 19
2018 V50 Helsby RC
4.5MXCNT11313WaltonNorth West Sunday League28 Jan 18
4.8MXCNT9311RuncornNorth West Sunday League14 Jan 18
4.8MXCNT15310SkelmersdaleNorth West Sunday League18 Nov 18
4.85MXCNT14816WirralNorth West Sunday League16 Dec 18
4.9MXCNT19216Clarke GardensNorth West Sunday League28 Oct 18
5.2MXCNT8810WarringtonNorth West Sunday League25 Feb 18
9.8KXC43:53501LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District & Mid Lancs Leagues)24 Nov 18
11.5KXC57:5112822DelamereCheshire County Championships6 Jan 18
9MMT81:097922TattenhallTattenhall Tough Team 922 Jun 18
2017 V50 Helsby RC
4.5MXCNT1038SkelmersdaleNorth West Sunday League12 Nov 17
4.85MXCNT11614WirralNorth West Sunday League10 Dec 17
5MXCNT10311RuncornNorth West Sunday League22 Jan 17
9.8KXC47:22485LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District League & Mid Lancs League)25 Nov 17
10KXC54:1610615BirchwoodCheshire County Championships7 Jan 17
12KXC63:22492Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
9MMT78:077324TattenhallTattenhall Tough Team 923 Jun 17
HM1:42:23c50363HelsbyFour Villages Half Marathon15 Jan 17
ZXC46:5596Clarkes GardenLiverpool & District League5 Feb 17
ZXC48:299617Arrowe ParkLiverpool & District League28 Oct 17
ZFL1:31:30105DiggleCake Race (10M/1700ft)29 Apr 17
2016 V50 Helsby RC
4.2KFLL34:3583L1LussBritish Athletics Fell and Hill Running Relay Championships15 Oct 16
4.5MXCNT14615SkelmersdaleNorth West Sunday League13 Nov 16
4.75MXCNT12611LiverpoolNorth West Sunday League4 Dec 16
4.85MXCNT13817WirralNorth West Sunday League18 Dec 16
5M36:5225419Upton-by-ChesterBorders League 56 Nov 16
5.2MXCNT10114Birchwood ParkNorth West League21 Feb 16
9.8KXC45:25514LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)26 Nov 16
12KXC70:51573BlackburnNorthern Championships30 Jan 16
2015 V50 Helsby RC
4.63MXCNT13715Stadt MoersNorth West League8 Nov 15
4.7MXCNT15222LiverpoolNorth West League1 Nov 15
ZXC47:22108Clarkes GardenLiverpool & District League8 Feb 15
ZXCNT10314RuncornNorth West Sunday League11 Jan 15
ZXCNT8711Beacon ParkNorth West Sunday League1 Feb 15
ZXCNT7210BirchwoodNorth West Sunday League22 Feb 15
ZFL46:26101RainowRainow 56 May 15
ZFL47:5852Moel FamauHotfoot up Famau17 Jun 15
ZFL60:5753Mount PleasantMow Cop12 Apr 15
2014 V45 Helsby RC
4.3MNAD30:57 123 21DeesideBorders League23 Mar 14
4.5MMT32:2612713BirkenheadSummer Multi-Terrain Challenge23 Sep 14
4.7MMT36:5814517ThurstastonSummer Multi-Terrain Challenge2 Sep 14
4.9MMT36:5415215ThurstastonSummer Multi-Terrain Challenge16 Sep 14
5.2MNAD38:26 142 22WirralBorders League6 Apr 14
9.8KXC45:43443LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)29 Nov 14
12KXC62:06449KnowsleyNorthern Championships25 Jan 14
ZXC44:0288Stadt MoersLiverpool & District League13 Dec 14
ZXC54:299219WarringtonCheshire County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXCNT8723RuncornNorth West Sunday League12 Jan 14
ZXCNT5214WarringtonNorth West Sunday League9 Feb 14
ZXCNT15827Clarke GardensNorth West Sunday League26 Oct 14
ZXCNT11614Stadt MoersNorth West Sunday League28 Dec 14
ZFL46:104116MaeshafnUp The Beast (4.5M/1503ft)10 Jun 14
ZFL48:39219Llanarmon Yn IalKing John's Castle Fell Race20 Sep 14
ZFL50:234213Moel FamauHotfoot Up Famau (3.5M/1201ft)18 Jun 14
ZFL55:273412LlangynhafalLlangynhafal Loop (4.7M/1749ft)3 May 14
ZFL58:253710LlangynhafalGreen Green Grass Of Home (4.5M/1499ft)23 Jul 14
ZFL59:11339Canolfan Ceiriog CentreCeiriog Canter11 Oct 14
ZFL62:525910Old GlossopShelf Moor (5.7M/1499ft)7 Sep 14
ZFL97:218622PenmaenmawrPenmaenmawr22 Nov 14
ZFL5:12:095:11:463114Moel FamauExcalibur (26M/5413ft)10 May 14
ZFLL1:58:59157L2Middleton FellsBritish Fell Relay Championships19 Oct 14
2013 V45 Helsby RC
parkrun21:2118DelamereDelamere parkrun # 316 Mar 13
parkrun21:3322DelamereDelamere parkrun # 148 Jun 13
parkrun22:0622DelamereDelamere parkrun # 1515 Jun 13
parkrun22:1224DelamereDelamere parkrun # 1729 Jun 13
5M34:1811115ChesterChester Spring 53 Apr 13
5.5M39:24157RuncornHelsby Border League Road Race15 Dec 13
9.8KXC45:09434LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)23 Nov 13
9MMT76:3660TattenhallTattenhall Tough 921 Jun 13
10M73:434410WrexhamNorth Wales 1027 Apr 13
ZXC42:4480Stadt MoersLiverpool & District League7 Dec 13
ZXC54:178919NantwichCheshire County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC61:38425KnowsleyNorthern Championships26 Jan 13
ZXCNT12741LiverpoolNorth West Sunday League27 Oct 13
ZXCNT10735Beacon ParkNorth West Sunday League10 Nov 13
ZXCNT12141Arrowe ParkNorth West Sunday League1 Dec 13
ZFL43:32557LlanferresThe Druid (5M/1201ft)17 Jul 13
ZFL45:002914MaeshafnUp The Beast (4.5M/1503ft)11 Jun 13
ZFL50:16202Llanarmon-yn-lalKing John's Castle (4.6M/869ft)21 Sep 13
ZFL52:366318LlangynhafalLlangynhafal Loop (4.7M/1749ft)4 May 13
ZFL55:293110LlangynhafalGreen Green Grass Of Home (4.5M/1499ft)24 Jul 13
ZFL56:146517FrodshamRobbie Webster's Wobbler4 Sep 13
ZFL75:227212CriggionBreidden Hills (6.8M/2264ft)13 Oct 13
ZFL77:28 7626SuttonTegg's Nose (7.3M/1722ft)3 Aug 13
2012 V45 Helsby RC
5.5MNAD37:20 17426CapenhurstBorders League11 Nov 12
10M71:50528WrexhamWrexham Open 10 (Inc North Wales Champs)28 Apr 12
HM97:4997:3640487HelsbyEssar Four Villages Half Marathon22 Jan 12
ZXC43:1172Stadt MoersLiverpool & District League8 Dec 12
ZXC44:53365LiverpoolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series24 Nov 12
ZXC46:1598Clarkes GardenLiverpool & District League19 Feb 12
ZXCNT9028LiverpoolNorth West Sunday League5 Feb 12
ZXCNT9226LiverpoolNorth West Sunday League28 Oct 12
ZXCNT6418SkelmersdaleNorth West Sunday League4 Nov 12
ZXCNT6017KnowsleyNorth West Sunday League30 Dec 12
2011 V45 Helsby RC
4.5M30:2010519Connah's QuayBorders League27 Mar 11
9.8KXC44:02396LiverpoolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series (inc European Trials)26 Nov 11
10K43:5310221ChesterShell Sutton Six 10K18 Sep 11
HM91:4791:4026041HelsbyShell Four Villages Half Marathon23 Jan 11
ZXC40:5469Stadt MoersLiverpool & District League10 Dec 11
ZXC42:314719WarringtonNorth West Sunday League5 Mar 11
ZXC44:2599Clarkes GardensLiverpool & District League6 Feb 11
ZXC51:287213WarringtonCheshire County Championships8 Jan 11
ZXCNT9432LiverpoolNorth West Sunday League30 Oct 11
2010 V45 Helsby RC
5K20:1520:15CapenhurstUrenco Capenhurst 5K25 Aug 10
5.5M36:3313916CapenhurstBorders League14 Nov 10
HM96:1895:19310HelsbyShell Four Villages Half Marathon17 Jan 10
ZXCNT6625LiverpoolNorth West Sunday League31 Oct 10
Total Performances: 110
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