Jonathan Rodger

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Club:Driffield Striders
Age Group:V45
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 V45 Driffield Striders
ZXC37:24345SewerbyEast Yorkshire League3 Mar 19
ZXC45:36588WeltonEast Yorkshire League10 Feb 19
ZXC49:35517SledmereEast Yorkshire League6 Jan 19
2018 V45 Driffield Striders
ZXC45:35417Bishop WiltonEast Yorkshire League30 Sep 18
ZXC50:34415SledmereEast Yorkshire League7 Jan 18
ZXC51:285711South CaveEast Yorkshire League11 Nov 18
2017 V45 Driffield Striders
5.7MXC46:05242Langdale EndEast Yorkshire League10 Dec 17
10KXC47:00292Bishop WiltonEast Yorkshire League1 Oct 17
6.5MXC50:15495DrewtonEast Yorkshire League12 Nov 17
ZXC36:54314WeltonEast Yorkshire League5 Feb 17
ZXC38:39296SewerbyEast Yorkshire League5 Mar 17
ZXC48:23323SledmereEast Yorkshire League8 Jan 17
2016 V45 Driffield Striders
5.4MXC39:48254WeltonEast Yorkshire League7 Feb 16
5.7MXC44:03285Langdale EndEast Yorkshire League4 Dec 16
6MXC45:17367Bishop WiltonEast Yorkshire League2 Oct 16
6.6MXC48:56366South CaveEast Yorkshire League13 Nov 16
ZXC50:07243SledmereEast Yorkshire League10 Jan 16
2015 V45 Driffield Striders
9.3KXC46:16326Langdale EndEast Yorkshire League13 Dec 15
10KXC42:20203Bishop WiltonEast Yorkshire League4 Oct 15
6.5MXC47:51334Drewton WoodsEast Yorkshire League8 Nov 15
ZXC36:29161WeltonEast Yorkshire League8 Feb 15
ZXC36:53162SewerbyEast Yorkshire League1 Mar 15
ZXC46:08167SledmereEast Yorkshire League11 Jan 15
2014 V40 Driffield Striders
10KMT41:283310HelmsleyHelmsley 10K20 Apr 14
10KMT43:20167FileyFiley Lions Beach 10K21 Sep 14
ZXC36:592910SewerbyEast Yorkshire League2 Mar 14
ZXC37:17227WeltonEast Yorkshire League9 Feb 14
ZXC43:37145Langdale EndEast Yorkshire League14 Dec 14
ZXC46:06186SledmereEast Yorkshire League12 Jan 14
ZXC47:19175Drewton WoodsEast Yorkshire League9 Nov 14
2013 V40 Driffield Striders
10K39:5039:49445ScarboroughMcCain Yorkshire Coast 10K3 Nov 13
10KMT39:55255HelmsleyHelmsley 10K31 Mar 13
10KMT40:5182PickeringPickering and Moors 10K15 Sep 13
10KMT43:40288PudseyPudsey 10K21 Jul 13
10KMT43:4074FileyFiley Lions 10K Beach Race22 Sep 13
8.5MMT56:20248KellythorpeMucky Duck 8.526 May 13
ZXC35:15123SewerbyEast Yorkshire League3 Feb 13
ZXC43:1517Langdale EndEast Yorkshire League15 Dec 13
ZXC43:58217Bishop WiltonEast Yorkshire League6 Oct 13
ZXC46:47247Drewton WoodsEast Yorkshire League10 Nov 13
ZXC46:50247North DaltonEast Yorkshire League13 Jan 13
2012 V40 Driffield Striders
10K39:3839:36577ScarboroughMcCain Yorkshire Coast 10K28 Oct 12
10KMT42:15124FileyFiley Lions 10K Beach Race30 Sep 12
8.5MMT57:21112DriffieldMucky Duck 8.527 May 12
ZXC36:07193SewerbyEast Yorkshire League4 Mar 12
ZXC36:47256WeltonEast Yorkshire League12 Feb 12
ZXC43:48254ThixendaleEast Yorkshire League15 Jan 12
ZXC44:03133Bishop WiltonEast Yorkshire League7 Oct 12
ZXC44:39145Langdale EndEast Yorkshire League9 Dec 12
ZXC46:46246Drewton WoodsEast Yorkshire League11 Nov 12
2011 V40 Driffield Striders
ZXC37:10236SewerbyEast Yorkshire League6 Mar 11
ZXC37:54215WeltonEast Yorkshire League13 Feb 11
ZXC43:55245Langdale EndEast Yorkshire League11 Dec 11
ZXC43:58256Bishop WiltonEast Yorkshire League9 Oct 11
ZXC45:47226ThixendaleEast Yorkshire League2 Jan 11
ZXC47:17245Drewton WoodsEast Yorkshire League13 Nov 11
2010 V40 Driffield Striders
ZXC44:13328Drewton WoodsEast Yorkshire League14 Nov 10
ZXC44:20164Bishop WiltonEast Yorkshire League3 Oct 10
2009 V35 Driffield Striders
ZXC41:357ThixendaleEast Yorkshire League11 Jan 09
Total Performances: 59
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