Alan Haddon

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Club:North Shields Poly
Age Group:V35
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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I grew up on the athletics track becoming a member of NSP at the age of 9. I was mainly a middle distance runner in my youth running sub 2 minute 800s and also getting very close to 4 minutes for the 1500. I then took a huge career change with my new specialisms becoming University, John Smiths and of course my girlfriend. Obviously during this time the weight ballooned and I completely fell out of love for athletics. I then ended up with quite a settled career teaching and with the evenings now free instead of late night assignments, partying and working part-time I was roped into a few charity races. I then decided enter the 2010 North Tyneside 10k and thinking I was quite fit ran 50 minutes exactly to my horror. I met some of the lads from NSP at the end (Richard Baker) and they said if you are running why don't you come back to the club. That was almost two years to the day and when I run the Blyth 10k this year so you can see for yourself how the return has gone. I am now once again addicted to running. I find myself waking up in cold sweats if I miss training and am now a fully-fledged secret trainer in addition to the 3 club sessions a weekly. I currently average 50 mile a week and can’t imagine my week without those miles in. I train with the legendary Phil Reece and training is always serious but the banter amongst the group and the club is second to none and that includes TBH (Sorry Kenny).

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2019 SEN North Shields Poly
3KXCL12:4225L3Durham CathedralDurham Summer Relays21 Aug 19
2ML12:3047L1WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays8 May 19
5K20:2320:2398WallsendTerry O'Gara Memorial 5K28 Apr 19
2016 SEN North Shields Poly
2ML13:1165L1WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays11 May 16
2.5MMTL18:1267L3Wide OpenWeetslade Relays22 Jun 16
2015 SEN North Shields Poly
2ML13:5359L3WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays13 May 15
2.22ML13:3933L5Hetton-le-HoleNorth East Road Relay Championship 2.2214 Feb 15
2.5MMTL15:5650L1Lockey ParkWeetslade Relays (3 x 2.5)24 Jun 15
parkrun20:1737Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 15520 Jun 15
parkrun20:3416Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 15016 May 15
parkrun22:0860Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 14618 Apr 15
6MXC49:46395StanleyStart Fitness North East Harrier League26 Sep 15
6.5MMT48:23119NewburnNewburn River Run 6.517 Jun 15
ZXCL12:1746L3DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays11 Jan 15
2014 SEN North Shields Poly
2ML10:3014L3WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays14 May 14
parkrun20:1423Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 12415 Nov 14
parkrun21:3240Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 1238 Nov 14
14MMT2:05:19435BeadnellNorthumberland Coastal Run 1420 Jul 14
ZXCL27:40143L4MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships1 Nov 14
2013 SEN North Shields Poly
15004:20.220JarrowNorth East Athletics League24 Jul 13
15004:23.54AMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 2E7 Jul 13
15004:24.72BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 2E9 Jun 13
3000SC11:38.31BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 2E9 Jun 13
3000SC12:56.82BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 2E7 Jul 13
2ML10:356L2WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays15 May 13
2.2ML12:1830L1NewcastleElswick Good Friday Races29 Mar 13
2.22ML12:2321L2SunderlandRoyal Signal Road Relays16 Feb 13
2.5MMTL13:526L1WardleyWeetslade Relays26 Jun 13
5KXCL20:07123L2MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
parkrun17:163Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 4925 May 13
parkrun17:434NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 18120 Jul 13
parkrun18:082Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 464 May 13
parkrun18:124Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 4711 May 13
parkrun18:434Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 5827 Jul 13
parkrun18:4811Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 4313 Apr 13
parkrun18:578Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 4420 Apr 13
parkrun19:122Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 4818 May 13
parkrun20:0810Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 426 Apr 13
parkrun20:5510Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 4130 Mar 13
parkrun21:2323Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 6514 Sep 13
5M29:5229:5120NewcastleBridges of The Tyne 59 Jul 13
10K37:1036Newcastle Upon TyneClive Cookson 10K22 May 13
10K37:2344BlythBlyth Valley 10K7 Apr 13
10KNAD36:2936OvinghamTynedale 10K3 Jul 13
6.5MMT38:5516NewburnNewburn River Run 6.519 Jun 13
14MMT91:5028MorpethNorthumberland Coastal Run 1414 Jul 13
ZXC38:50110TanfieldSherman Cup / Davidson Shield28 Sep 13
ZXC42:00299Bedewell ParkNorth East Harrier League24 Nov 13
ZXC57:16566SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXCL9:5138L1DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays13 Jan 13
2012 SEN North Shields Poly
500017:13.31BWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 3E5 May 12
500017:38.02BJarrowNorth of England League Division 3E26 May 12
2ML10:3410L1WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays2 May 12
2.22ML11:5213L1SunderlandRoyal Signal Road Relays18 Feb 12
2.25ML11:326L2NewcastleElswick Good Friday Races6 Apr 12
5K17:2924WallsendWallsend Harriers Terry O'Gara Memorial 5K22 Apr 12
parkrun16:533NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 11317 Mar 12
parkrun17:241Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 47 Jul 12
parkrun17:314Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 330 Jun 12
parkrun17:4712NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 10414 Jan 12
parkrun17:576NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 11210 Mar 12
parkrun18:102NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 1037 Jan 12
parkrun19:005Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 116 Jun 12
parkrun19:166Whitley BayWhitley Bay parkrun # 121 Sep 12
5M29:1117NewcastleBridges of The Tyne 510 Jul 12
10K36:1023BlythBlyth Valley 10K1 Apr 12
10K39:4762Whitley BayClive Cookson 10K23 May 12
6.5MMT39:4826NewcastleNewburn River Run 6.520 Jun 12
14MMT89:5733MorpethNorthumberland Coastal Run22 Jul 12
ZXC34:4124WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League11 Feb 12
ZXC36:1083South ShieldsSherman Cup / Davidson Shield29 Sep 12
ZXC39:35135PrudhoeStart Fitness North East Harrier League24 Mar 12
ZXC40:20143East CramlingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League27 Oct 12
ZXCL10:1323L1DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays22 Jan 12
ZXCL12:2326L3SunderlandSunderland Open and Relays8 Sep 12
ZXCL19:06120L2MansfieldECCA National Relays3 Nov 12
2011 SEN North Shields Poly
500018:19.92BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 2E7 May 11
2ML10:5614L1WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays4 May 11
5K18:4968SunderlandSunderland 5K20 Jul 11
parkrun17:253NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 9612 Nov 11
parkrun17:368NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 955 Nov 11
parkrun17:377NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 9215 Oct 11
parkrun18:085NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 7625 Jun 11
parkrun18:136NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 863 Sep 11
parkrun18:166NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 901 Oct 11
parkrun18:255NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 8710 Sep 11
5MMT30:0312WallsendWallsend Rising Sun 517 Apr 11
5.9M37:23169BlaydonBlaydon Race 5.99 Jun 11
10K37:4817Whitley BayClive Cookson 10K11 May 11
10K38:1865BlythBlyth Valley 10K (inc Necaa Championships)3 Apr 11
10M59:0959:0840BramptonBrampton to Carlisle 10 (inc Northern Championships)19 Nov 11
ZXC32:3656Shibdon PondStart Fitness North East Harrier League26 Nov 11
ZXC34:0385BlaydonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League12 Mar 11
ZXC34:2541South ShieldsSherman Cup/Davidson Shield22 Oct 11
ZXC36:3441East CramlingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League8 Oct 11
ZXC37:4259FarringdonStart Fitness North East Harrier League29 Oct 11
ZXC41:45114WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League28 Feb 11
ZXC49:13148NewcastleNorth East Harrier League6 Feb 11
ZXC49:2166East CramlingtonNorth Eastern Counties Championships10 Dec 11
2010 SEN North Shields Poly
ZXC43:54215FarringdonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League30 Oct 10
Total Performances: 100
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