Mārtiņš Vabulis

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Age Group:V35
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2013 SEN Guernsey/Latvia
5K19:2915CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series3 Feb 13
ZXC19:3940Delancey ParkGuernsey League12 Oct 13
2012 SEN Guernsey/Latvia
10002:55.63St. Peter PortGuernsey Junior Timings3 Apr 12
300010:13.0611St. Peter PortIntertrust Golden Meeting9 Jun 12
500017:33.02St. Peter PortIntertrust Golden Series3 May 12
LJ5.892St. Peter PortIntertrust Golden Meeting9 Jun 12
5KNAD17:444CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series30 Mar 12
5KNAD17:475CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series25 May 12
10K37:3518GuernseyKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K6 Apr 12
10KNAD38:246L'ancresseGIAAC 10K Club Championships18 Mar 12
7MNAD43:316GuernseyLiberation Day 79 May 12
10M62:065GuernseyGuernsey 1022 Jan 12
ZXC26:0922Millennium StoneFNB League27 Oct 12
ZXC28:2717GuernseyGuernsey Easter 4.757 Apr 12
ZXC28:302Rocque BallanGuernsey Handicap 4.751 Jan 12
ZXC35:399JerseyInter Insular Championships3 Mar 12
ZXC38:0014DelanceyFNB League1 Dec 12
ZXC38:5417StonecrusherFNB League17 Nov 12
ZXC39:032Footes LaneGuernsey Club Championships12 Feb 12
ZXC44:3243Dibden InclosureHampshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXCL11:2615GuernseyGuernsey Easter Relay8 Apr 12
2011 SEN Guernsey/Latvia
8002:11.04St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC 800m Races19 Apr 11
15004:31.765St. Peter PortIntertrust Open Channel Islands Championships7 May 11
15004:32.942St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC Competition Night28 Apr 11
300010:00.6310St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC Endurance Event12 Apr 11
300010:10.98St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC Competition NIght7 Jul 11
300010:10.98St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC Competition NIght7 Jul 11
500017:27.78St. Peter Port'The Showdown' Guernsey IAAC Open 3000m & 5000m18 Aug 11
LJ6.41w2.34St. Peter PortIntertrust Golden Series11 Jun 11
LJ6.001St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC Competition Night2 Jun 11
LJ5.883St. Peter PortIntertrust Open Channel Islands Championships7 May 11
LJ5.871St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC Competition Night21 Apr 11
LJ5.831St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC Competition Night30 Jun 11
TJ12.472.02St. Peter PortIntertrust Golden Series11 Jun 11
TJ12.141St. Peter PortGuernsey IAAC Competition Night19 May 11
5K17:203GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series8 Apr 11
5K17:232GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series18 Mar 11
5K17:443GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series3 Jun 11
5K19:107GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series1 Jul 11
5K19:197GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series12 Aug 11
10K36:427VazonGuernsey Vazon 10K27 Mar 11
10M60:546GuernseyGuernsey 10 Mile Championships23 Jan 11
ZXC16:4710Delancey ParkGuernsey League15 Oct 11
ZXC23:437Millennium StoneeGuernsey League22 Oct 11
ZXC28:306L'AncresseGuernsey Boxing Day Open26 Dec 11
ZXC34:448Delancey ParkGuernsey League10 Dec 11
ZXC36:546StonecrusherGuernsey League5 Nov 11
ZXC41:455Fauxquets ValleyGuernsey League26 Nov 11
2010 SEN Guernsey/Channel Islands/Latvia
800NT21St. Peter PortGIAAC OSA Recruitment All Terrain Challenge28 Jul 10
15004:33.27St. Peter PortIntertrust Season Finale16 Sep 10
ZRD2:024JerbourgGIAAC OSA Recruitment All Terrain Challenge26 Jul 10
ZRD13:497PleinmontGIAAC OSA Recruitment All Terrain Challenge24 Jul 10
ZMT24:124Herm IslandGIAAC OSA Recruitment All Terrain Challenge30 Jul 10
ZMT35:054IcartGIAAC OSA Recruitment All Terrain Challenge29 Jul 10
ZXC17:3018Delancey ParkFirstrand Guernsey League16 Oct 10
ZXC24:5517Millenium StoneFirstrand Guernsey League23 Oct 10
ZXC27:445L'AncresseGuernsey Open 4.7526 Dec 10
ZXC35:0871Delancey ParkFirstrand Guernsey League4 Dec 10
ZXC37:5313StonecrusherFirstrand Guernsey League6 Nov 10
ZXC45:3581Fauxquets ValleyFirstrand Guernsey League20 Nov 10
Total Performances: 60
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