Shara Proctor

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Club:Birchfield H
Age Group:SEN
Region:West Midlands
Lead Coach:Rana Reider2011-
Previous Lead:Ryan O'Neal-2010


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Domestic Championships
2013 - Sainsbury's British Championships LJ gold
2012 - Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships LJ gold
2011 - Aviva World Trials LJ gold
2010 - NCAA Championships TJ bronze, LJ 5th. NACAC U23 T&F Championships LJ gold. SEC Outdoor Championships LJ gold
2009 - Central American and Caribbean Championships LJ gold

Major Championships and International Record
2013 - IAAF World Championships LJ 6th. European Athletics Team Championships LJ bronze. European Athletics Indoor Championships LJ 4th
2012 - Olympic Games LJ 9th. Aviva Indoor International GBR v GER v RUS v Commonwealth v USA LJ silver. IAAF World Indoor Championships LJ bronze
2011 - IAAF World Championships LJ 11th q. IAAF World Challenge Meeting LJ gold. Spar European Team Championships LT 9th

Shara, who competes in the long & triple jump, was granted approval by the IAAF, the International Association of Athletic Federations, to transfer allegiance from Anguilla to Great Britain & Northern Ireland with effect from November 2010. She started 2011 in good form with a 6.68m victory at the War Eagle Invitational Meeting followed by another victory in Kingston with 6.65m at the IAAF Worldf Challenge Meeting and a week later at the same meeting in Daegu she finished in third place with 6.47m. However, at the Star Athletics Meeting in Clermont, Florida she extended her lifetime best with a winnin leao of 6.81m.

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2021 SEN Birchfield H
LJ6.771.91Clermont FL, USAPure Athletics Sprint Elite Meet2 May 21
LJ6.390.41CJacksonville FL, USANorth Florida Invitational29 Apr 21
LJ6.341.34Irvine CA, USATrack Meet Sound Running - World Continental Tour Bronze15 May 21
LJ6.221.26Gainesville FL, USATom Jones Memorial16 Apr 21
2020 SEN Birchfield H
LJ6.14w2.19Stockholm, SWEWanda Diamond League - BAUHAUS-Galan23 Aug 20
LJ5.930.39Chorzów, POLORLEN Memoriał Janusza Kusocińskiego25 Aug 20
LJ5.760.813Szekesfehervar, HUNWorld Athletics Continental Tour Gold Level19 Aug 20
LJ5.760.813Szekesfehervar, HUNWorld Athletics Continental Tour Gold Level19 Aug 20
2019 SEN Birchfield H
10011.950.671Jacksonville FL, USAUNF Invitational5 Apr 19
LJ6.841.72BirminghamBritish Championships25 Aug 19
LJ6.680.94Szekesfehervar, HUNIstván Gyulai Memorial9 Jul 19
LJ6.63-0.14qADoha, QATIAAF World Championships5 Oct 19
LJ6.610.42Boston MA, USAadidas Boost Boston Games16 Jun 19
LJ6.561.01Gothenburg, SWEFolksam Grand Prix16 Aug 19
LJ6.43-0.111Doha, QATIAAF World Championships6 Oct 19
LJ6.36-2.07Berlin, GERISTAF1 Sep 19
LJ6.350.38Doha, QATIAAF Diamond League3 May 19
LJ6.33-0.16Nanjing, CHNIAAF World Challenge Meeting21 May 19
LJ6.300.09Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League6 Jun 19
LJ6.29-0.54Osaka, JPNIAAF World Challenge Meeting19 May 19
LJNM-Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Anniversary Games21 Jul 19
2018 SEN Birchfield H
LJ6.910.21Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Anniversary Games21 Jul 18
LJ6.910.21Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Anniversary Games22 Jul 18
LJ6.890.01AGold Coast, AUSCommonwealth Games11 Apr 18
LJ6.84w2.33Nathan, AUSQueensland International Track Classic28 Mar 18
LJ6.81w3.83BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)1 Jul 18
LJ6.79-0.13Chorzow, POLEuropean Athletics Classic Meetings8 Jun 18
LJ6.781.0-BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)1 Jul 18
LJ6.75-0.13Gold Coast, AUSCommonwealth Games12 Apr 18
LJ6.750.72qABerlin, GEREuropean Championships9 Aug 18
LJ6.730.93Marseille, FRAMeeting Pro Athlé de Marseille16 Jun 18
LJ6.73-0.11Madrid, ESPMeeting Madrid23 Jun 18
LJ6.70-0.43Berlin, GEREuropean Championships11 Aug 18
LJ6.700.53BirminghamIAAF Diamond League18 Aug 18
LJ6.70-0.42Brussels, BELIAAF Diamond League31 Aug 18
LJ6.63-0.65Ostrava, CZEIAAF Continental Cup9 Sep 18
LJ6.622.05Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League5 Jul 18
LJ6.461.9-Nathan, AUSQueensland International Track Classic28 Mar 18
LJ6.32-0.92Cambridge MA, USAadidas Boost Boston Games19 May 18
LJ6.25-0.59Berlin, GERIAAF World Challenge Meeting2 Sep 18
2017 SEN Birchfield H
607.49i3s1SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
607.53i7SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
607.54i2h2SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
LJ6.730.41Boston MA, USAAdidas Boost Boston Games4 Jun 17
LJ6.651.02Kawasaki, JPNIAAF World Challenge Meeting21 May 17
LJ6.631.35Eugene OR, USAIAAF Diamond League26 May 17
LJ6.62-0.43Berlin, GERISTAF27 Aug 17
LJ6.531.64Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games15 Jun 17
LJ6.50-0.56Brussels, BELIAAF Diamond League1 Sep 17
LJ6.45-0.98qAOlympic ParkIAAF World Championships9 Aug 17
LJ6.15-1.14Gateshead QuayGreat North City Games9 Sep 17
LJNM-Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League6 Jul 17
TJ13.821.51Azusa CA, USABryan Clay Invitational14 Apr 17
TJ13.390.39Lille, FRAEuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League24 Jun 17
2016 SEN Birchfield H
607.36i3Lodz, POLPedro's Cup5 Feb 16
607.38i2h1Lodz, POLPedro's Cup5 Feb 16
607.40i4h2Eaubonne, FRAEaubonne Indoor Elite Meeting9 Feb 16
LJ6.91i2Berlin, GERISTAF13 Feb 16
LJ6.800.12Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League23 Jul 16
LJ6.76i2Emirates ArenaSainsbury’s Glasgow Grand Prix inc Scottish National Junior Relay Championships20 Feb 16
LJ6.710.02Székesfehérvár, HUNGyulai István Memorial18 Jul 16
LJ6.69i3Düsseldorf, GERPSD Bank Meeting3 Feb 16
LJ6.67w2.23Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games9 Jun 16
LJ6.66-0.8-Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games9 Jun 16
LJ6.650.12BirminghamBritish Championships26 Jun 16
LJ6.57i3Stockholm, SWEGloben Galan17 Feb 16
LJ6.57i8Portland OR, USAIAAF World Indoor Championships17 Mar 16
LJ6.550.04Paris, FRAIAAF Diamond League27 Aug 16
LJ6.550.53Zagreb, CROMemorijal Borisa Hanžekovića6 Sep 16
LJ6.51-1.47Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League1 Sep 16
LJ6.50i1Eaubonne, FRAEaubonne Indoor Elite Meeting9 Feb 16
LJ6.480.84Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League25 Aug 16
LJ6.480.04Berlin, GERISTAF Berlin3 Sep 16
LJ6.46-2.22Kingston, JAMJamaica International Invitational7 May 16
LJ6.46-0.35Stockholm, SWEIAAF Diamond League Bauhaus Galan16 Jun 16
LJ6.391.18Eugene OR, USAIAAF Diamond League Prefontaine Classic27 May 16
LJ6.36-0.39qBRio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games16 Aug 16
2015 SEN Birchfield H
LJ7.070.42Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships28 Aug 15
LJ6.980.51Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Anniversary Games25 Jul 15
LJ6.950.72Doha, QATIAAF Diamond League15 May 15
LJ6.861.41BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships5 Jul 15
LJ6.851.82Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League4 Jun 15
LJ6.791.82Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League9 Jul 15
LJ6.771.81Clermont FL, USANTC Pure Athletics Sprint Elite Meet18 Apr 15
LJ6.720.53New York NY, USAIAAF Diamond League13 Jun 15
LJ6.70w2.34Eugene OR, USAIAAF Diamond League Prefontaine Classic29 May 15
LJ6.680.56qBBeijing, CHNIAAF World Championships27 Aug 15
LJ6.650.45Monaco, MONIAAF Diamond League17 Jul 15
LJ6.62-0.51Gothenburg, SWEFolksam Grand Prix5 Sep 15
LJ6.61-0.1-Eugene OR, USAIAAF Diamond League Prefontaine Classic29 May 15
LJ6.580.13Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League3 Sep 15
2014 SEN Birchfield H
LJ6.821.23Hampden ParkIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix11 Jul 14
LJ6.781.32Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games11 Jun 14
LJ6.700.84Paris, FRAIAAF Diamond League5 Jul 14
LJ6.69i3qSopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships8 Mar 14
LJ6.69nwi1Clermont FL, USANTC Pure Athletics Sprint Elite Meet10 May 14
LJ6.68i4Sopot, POLIAAF World Indoor Championships9 Mar 14
LJ6.60w2.36Eugene OR, USAIAAF Diamond League Prefontaine Classic30 May 14
LJ6.59i1Emirates ArenaBritish Athletics International Match25 Jan 14
LJ6.580.7-Eugene OR, USAIAAF Diamond League Prefontaine Classic30 May 14
LJ6.57i1Moscow, RUSRussian Winter2 Feb 14
LJ6.55-0.19Shanghai, CHNIAAF Diamond League18 May 14
LJ6.510.32qAHampden ParkCommonwealth Games30 Jul 14
LJNM-Beijing, CHNIAAF World Challenge21 May 14
LJNM-Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games31 Jul 14
2013 SEN Birchfield H
607.49i4h1Eaubonne, FRAMeeting National en salle du Val d'Oise-Eaubonne7 Feb 13
607.51i3h3SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
60DNSi-s1SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
LJ6.921.93Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League Athletissima4 Jul 13
LJ6.910.22Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League Golden Gala6 Jun 13
LJ6.891.51Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games13 Jun 13
LJ6.88-0.31Zurich, SUIIAAF Diamond League Weltklasse29 Aug 13
LJ6.85-0.11qAMoscow, RUSIAAF World Championships10 Aug 13
LJ6.841.71BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships14 Jul 13
LJ6.821.66Doha, QATIAAF Diamond League10 May 13
LJ6.790.46Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships11 Aug 13
LJ6.78i1BirminghamBritish Athletics Grand Prix16 Feb 13
LJ6.740.63Monaco, MONIAAF Diamond League Herculis19 Jul 13
LJ6.72-0.92New York NY, USAIAAF Diamond League Adidas Grand Prix25 May 13
LJ6.69i4Gothenburg, SWEEuropean Indoor Championships2 Mar 13
LJ6.630.61Gainesville FL, USATom Jones Memorial Invitational20 Apr 13
LJ6.61i2=qGothenburg, SWEEuropean Indoor Championships1 Mar 13
LJ6.50-2.52Stockholm, SWEIAAF Diamond League DN Galan22 Aug 13
LJ6.44i4Moscow, RUSRussian Winter3 Feb 13
LJ6.43-0.33GatesheadEuropean Athletics Team Championships23 Jun 13
2012 SEN Birchfield H
LJ6.950.11BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials24 Jun 12
LJ6.89i3Istanbul, TURIAAF World Indoor Championships11 Mar 12
LJ6.86i2qAIstanbul, TURIAAF World Indoor Championships10 Mar 12
LJ6.841.61Eugene OR, USASamsung Diamond League2 Jun 12
LJ6.83-0.31qAOlympic ParkOlympic Games7 Aug 12
LJ6.80i1BirminghamAviva Grand Prix18 Feb 12
LJ6.800.23Zurich, SUISamsung Diamond League30 Aug 12
LJ6.790.31Zagreb, CROWorld Challenge Zagreb4 Sep 12
LJ6.68i1SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 12
LJ6.680.14Stockholm, SWESamsung Diamond League17 Aug 12
LJ6.683Lausanne, SUISamsung Diamond League23 Aug 12
LJ6.650.22Paris, FRASamsung Diamond League6 Jul 12
LJ6.60i3Moscow, RUSRussian Winter5 Feb 12
LJ6.60-0.34Oslo, NORSamsung Diamond League Bislett Games7 Jun 12
LJ6.59i2GlasgowAviva International (GBR v GER v RUS v Commonwealth v USA)28 Jan 12
LJ6.55-0.29Olympic ParkOlympic Games8 Aug 12
LJ6.31-0.78Shanghai, CHNSamsung Diamond League19 May 12
TJ12.95i7Vienna, AUTIndoor Classic Vienna31 Jan 12
2011 SEN Unattached
LJ6.811.41Clermont FL, USAStar Athletics Invite11 Jun 11
LJ6.71w3.91Viljandi, ESTBigbank Kuldliiga9 Aug 11
LJ6.680.51Auburn AL, USAWar Eagle Invitational16 Apr 11
LJ6.660.33Lausanne, SUISamsung Diamond League30 Jun 11
LJ6.65-1.21Kingston, JAMIAAF World Challenge Meeting7 May 11
LJ6.650.31BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials31 Jul 11
LJ6.630.02Zagreb, CROBoris Hanzekovic Memorial13 Sep 11
LJ6.62-0.54Rome, ITASamsung Diamond League26 May 11
LJ6.47-0.23Daegu, KORIAAF World Challenge Meeting12 May 11
LJ6.471.6-Viljandi, ESTBigbank Kuldliiga9 Aug 11
LJ6.42-0.17BirminghamSamsung Diamond League viva British Grand Prix10 Jul 11
LJ6.34-0.411qBDaegu, KORIAAF World Championships27 Aug 11
LJ6.31w2.29Stockholm, SWESpar European Team Championships19 Jun 11
LJ6.29-0.49Szczecin, POLMemoriał Janusza Kusocińskiego25 Jun 11
LJ6.28i5GlasgowAviva International29 Jan 11
LJ6.281.5-Stockholm, SWESpar European Team Championships19 Jun 11
2010 U23 Florida Uni/Anguilla
607.76i4h4Lexington KY, USAKentucky Invitational15 Jan 10
10012.10w3.612Orlando FL, USAUCF Black & Gold Challenge20 Mar 10
10012.131.148Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays2 Apr 10
10012.36-1.242Orlando FL, USAUCF Invitational27 Mar 10
LJ6.691.41Knoxville TN, USASEC Outdoor Championships13 May 10
LJ6.67i1Blacksburg VA, USAVirginia Tech Elite5 Feb 10
LJ6.64i3Fayetteville AR, USANCAA Division I Indoor Championships12 Mar 10
LJ6.631.51Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays2 Apr 10
LJ6.60i1College Station TX, USATexas A&M Challenge30 Jan 10
LJ6.51i3InvFayetteville AR, USATyson Invitational12 Feb 10
LJ6.46w2.21Philadelphia PA, USAThe Penn Relays22 Apr 10
LJ6.430.91Miramar FL, USANACAC Under 23 Track & Field Championships11 Jul 10
LJ6.411.2-Philadelphia PA, USAThe Penn Relays22 Apr 10
LJ6.40w2.23Greensboro NC, USANCAA Eastern Preliminaries27 May 10
LJ6.371.7-Greensboro NC, USANCAA Eastern Preliminaries27 May 10
LJ6.341.25Eugene OR, USANCAA Championships12 Jun 10
TJ13.88i1Blacksburg VA, USAVirginia Tech Elite6 Feb 10
TJ13.71i3Fayetteville AR, USANCAA Division I Indoor Championships13 Mar 10
TJ13.621.93Eugene OR, USANCAA Championships10 Jun 10
TJ13.411.34Greensboro NC, USANCAA Eastern Preliminaries29 May 10
TJ13.290.81Gainesville FL, USATom Jones Memorial17 Apr 10
TJ13.190.01Knoxville TN, USASEC Outdoor Championships17 May 10
2009 U23 Florida Uni/Anguilla
LJ6.711.26Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships23 Aug 09
LJ6.611.82Greensboro NC, USANCAA East Regional Championships29 May 09
LJ6.610.01Havana, CUBCentral American and Caribbean Championships5 Jul 09
LJ6.52-0.36qABerlin, GERIAAF World Championships15 Aug 09
TJ13.740.62Greensboro NC, USANCAA East Regional Championships30 May 09
Total Performances: 186
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