Ollie Lock

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Club:North Somerset
Age Group:U17
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Julian Emery2018-
Previous Lead:Chris Millard-2014
Previous Lead:Alan Thomas2014-2018

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2019 U17 North Somerset
15004:09.681BMillfieldBMC PB Classic4 May 19
15004:10.997AExeterBMC Regional Races28 May 19
15004:11.9410ExeterSouth West Counties Schools' Championships15 Jun 19
15004:12.33i2CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open (Inc. South & East Wales & South West England Regional Championships6 Jan 19
15004:22.31Stoke GiffordAvon County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
5.2KXC16:313Bristol Cathedral SchoolAvon County Schools' Championships19 Jan 19
5.22KXC18:38109LeedsNew Balance English Schools' Championships16 Mar 19
5.5KXC19:0564BristolStart Fitness Gwent League2 Mar 19
5.6KXC20:4443PontypoolStart Fitness Gwent League9 Feb 19
2018 U17 North Somerset
8002:08.62YateAvon League1 Jul 18
8002:09.9261YateAvon / Bristol & West / Yate Open Series23 May 18
8002:10.23GloucesterAvon League12 Aug 18
15004:15.312BExeterBMC Regional Races28 Aug 18
15004:20.479ExeterSouth West Schools' Championships16 Jun 18
15004:21.629BStreetBMC PB Classic5 May 18
15004:23.882YateAvon County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
15004:24.81GloucesterAvon League9 Sep 18
3.88KL12:427L1Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays22 Sep 18
4.08KXC16:173332YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships7 Jan 18
4.5KXC17:34145Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
4.5KXC20:21126LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10 Mar 18
parkrun17:0211Burnham and HighbridgeBurnham and Highbridge parkrun # 16815 Sep 18
parkrun17:4281EastvilleEastville parkrun # 2619 May 18
5.1KXC16:382412Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc West Wales Championships)10 Nov 18
5.2KXC20:24218LeedsNew Balance English Schools' Championships17 Mar 18
5.56KXC19:5440CardiffBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (Inc. Gwent League)13 Oct 18
5.56KXC24:041913Bryn Bach ParkStart Fitness Gwent League2 Dec 18
5.7KXC24:0850Newton AbbotSouth West Schools' Championships3 Feb 18
5.8KXCNT7Blaise CastleAvon County Schools' Championships20 Jan 18
2017 U15 North Somerset
20028.75BSwindonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Midlands South/West Promotion Match15 Jul 17
30044.85AHerefordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 1B20 May 17
8002:11.72ASwindonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Midlands South/West Promotion Match15 Jul 17
8002:13.3916Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open Series23 May 17
8002:17.14AHerefordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 1B20 May 17
15004:25.0162ExeterSouth West Schools' Championships17 Jun 17
15004:25.0312BedfordEngland Athletics U15 / U17 Championships26 Aug 17
15004:25.92BathAvon County Schools Championships10 Jun 17
15004:39.792YateAvon AA County Championships13 May 17
15004:40.113EStreetBMC PB Classic1 May 17
Mile4:55.013AOxfordIffley Festival of Miles Open29 Jul 17
30009:49.015ExeterSouth West Inter Counties20 Aug 17
30009:56.474Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open Series18 Jul 17
HJ1.351Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open Series18 Jul 17
JT60021.616ASwindonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Midlands South/West Promotion Match15 Jul 17
JT60017.826AHerefordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 1B20 May 17
3KXC11:1474LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District League & Mid Lancs League)25 Nov 17
3.2KXC10:2230CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (inc South & West Wales Championships & BA Cross Challenge)14 Oct 17
3.8KXC14:029BathTri-County Championships (inc Avon, Somerset & Wiltshire Championships)10 Dec 17
3.88KL13:218L1Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays23 Sep 17
4KXC14:11192NorwichEnglish Schools' Championships18 Mar 17
4.4KXC15:1542ExeterSouth West Inter County Championships8 Jan 17
4.4KXC16:0220Milton KeynesChiltern League Inc. British Athletics Cross Challenge & RAF v Oxford University11 Nov 17
parkrun18:3121Ashton CourtAshton Court parkrun # 3111 Jul 17
parkrun19:1861Ashton CourtAshton Court parkrun # 3209 Sep 17
2016 U15 North Somerset
8002:24.963BSwanseaUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland Premier South/West21 May 16
8002:26.2322Stoke GiffordAvon AA Open Meeting inc Avon Championships 800m24 May 16
8002:32.53BNewportUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland Premier South/West23 Apr 16
15004:50.755BStreetBMC PB Classic2 May 16
15004:55.6011YateAvon AA County Championships15 May 16
15004:59.4051Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open Meeting19 Apr 16
15005:01.006ASwanseaUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland Premier South/West19 Jun 16
15005:13.05i9CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open9 Jan 16
15005:14.97YateAvon League11 Sep 16
300012:09.6172CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting20 Jul 16
2.95KXC11:5020CardiffBritish Athletics Cross Challenge24 Jan 16
3KXC13:09183BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 16
3.2KXC12:384WarwickGloucestershire League20 Feb 16
3.6KXC13:1015BreconStart Fitness Gwent League12 Nov 16
3.88KL14:1341L1Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays8 Oct 16
3.88KL14:4218L1Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays24 Sep 16
4.4KXC15:3337BridgendStart Fitness Gwent League16 Oct 16
5K21:181388BristolAztec West Fast 5K28 Jun 16
2015 U13 North Somerset
20034.60i42CardiffEast & South Wales / South West England U13/U15/U17 Championships4 Jan 15
8002:30.6845Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open Meeting21 Apr 15
8002:31.24YateAvon League2 Aug 15
8002:33.661Stoke GiffordAvon AA Open Meeting12 May 15
8002:37.90i41CardiffEast & South Wales / South West England U13/U15/U17 Championships4 Jan 15
15004:56.741YateAvon AA County Championship17 May 15
15005:00.671ACardiffUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 12 May 15
15005:00.701FStreetBMC PB Classic4 May 15
15005:03.72ABrauntonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 130 May 15
15005:07.06YateAvon League13 Sep 15
15005:17.64GloucesterAvon League12 Jul 15
HJ1.12i9=CardiffEast & South Wales / South West England U13/U15/U17 Championships4 Jan 15
LJ3.37i11CardiffEast & South Wales / South West England U13/U15/U17 Championships4 Jan 15
2.67KXC10:0913Milton KeynesResults Base Chiltern League (Inc British Cross Challenge and RAF v Oxford University)7 Nov 15
2.8KXC12:0034BathTri-County Championships (inc Avon, Somerset & Wiltshire Championships)13 Dec 15
2.9KXC10:3610Guiting PowerGloucestershire League10 Oct 15
3KXC14:306MalvernGloucestershire League31 Oct 15
parkrun20:0224Little StokeLittle Stoke parkrun # 14824 Oct 15
ZXC9:4210BristolGwent League8 Feb 15
ZXC9:52 32ChippenhamSouth West Schools' Championships7 Feb 15
2014 U13 North Somerset
6001:55.26BirminghamISA National Championships16 Jun 14
8002:36.9342ExeterSouth West League Division 17 Sep 14
8002:44.27YateAvon League13 Apr 14
8002:47.6562YeovilSouth West League Division 16 Jul 14
8002:50.23StreetMendip AC Open24 Apr 14
15005:29.75YateAvon AA County Championship17 May 14
15005:32.56YeovilSouth West League Division 111 May 14
15005:33.74BMilton KeynesUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland Premier 222 Jun 14
LJ3.697StreetMendip AC Open24 Apr 14
LJ3.644YateAvon AA County Championship17 May 14
LJ3.627YeovilSouth West League Division 111 May 14
LJ3.566YateAvon League13 Apr 14
LJ3.5110YeovilSouth West League Division 16 Jul 14
LJ3.205BMilton KeynesUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland Premier 222 Jun 14
3.863KL15:0113L3Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays5 Oct 14
3.863KL15:368L3Sutton ColdfieldMidland Young Athletes Road Relays20 Sep 14
ZXC5:145GloucesterGloucestershire League1 Feb 14
ZXC8:383RugbyISA National Championships1 Mar 14
ZXC9:0119CardiffGwent League9 Nov 14
ZXC11:1617BreconGwent League6 Dec 14
ZXC11:5013BridgendGwent League12 Oct 14
2013 U11 North Somerset
7511.831YateAvon League4 Aug 13
6001:53.12Stoke GiffordBristol & West AC Open Meeting18 Jun 13
6001:53.93BirminghamISA National Championships17 Jun 13
6001:55.82YateAvon League4 Aug 13
6001:57.252YateAvon League21 Apr 13
6001:57.71StreetMendip Open18 Apr 13
15005:26.07YateAvon League8 Sep 13
LJ3.685BirminghamISA National Championships17 Jun 13
LJ3.515YateAvon League4 Aug 13
LJ3.372StreetMendip Open18 Apr 13
1KNAD3:351BristolBristol Road Miles14 Sep 13
ZXC5:243Guiting PowerGloucestershire League5 Oct 13
ZXC6:214BridgendGwent League10 Nov 13
ZXC6:522PontypoolGwent League19 Oct 13
ZXC7:014CheltenhamGloucestershire League2 Nov 13
ZXC7:022BristolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge27 Oct 13
ZXC7:037MalvernGloucestershire League14 Dec 13
ZXC7:108BathGwent League9 Feb 13
ZXC8:136RugbyISA National Championships2 Mar 13
2012 U11 North Somerset
6001:58.211BathTeam Bath Minors Open9 Sep 12
6002:01.11Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open6 Jun 12
6002:03.13YateAvon League15 Apr 12
6002:03.72Stoke GiffordAvon County Athletics Association Open14 Aug 12
6002:04.37YateAvon League10 Jun 12
6002:05.11StreetMendip AC Open17 May 12
6002:05.51StreetMendip AC Open29 Mar 12
LJ3.295Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open6 Jun 12
LJ3.151StreetMendip AC Open29 Mar 12
1MNAD6:102BristolBristol Mile Races29 Sep 12
ZXC5:1011BreconGwent League10 Nov 12
ZXC5:356Cotswold Farm ParkGloucestershire League6 Oct 12
ZXC6:192BridgendGwent League21 Oct 12
ZXC6:2719BristolGwent League3 Mar 12
ZXC6:278BristolGwent League1 Dec 12
ZXC7:105BathTri-County Championships (Inc Avon, Somerset & Wiltshire Champs)9 Dec 12
ZXC7:346BristolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series28 Oct 12
ZXC7:3516TewkesburyGloucestershire League4 Feb 12
2011 U11 North Somerset
6002:02.126YateAvon League31 Jul 11
6002:06.95YateAvon League11 Sep 11
6002:07.14YateAvon League21 Aug 11
6002:11.42StreetMendip Open19 May 11
LJ2.701StreetMendip Open19 May 11
ZXC5:257Guiting PowerGloucestershire League8 Oct 11
ZXC5:2512CheltenhamGloucestershire League10 Dec 11
ZXC7:138GloucesterGloucestershire League5 Nov 11
ZXC7:5410Bath UniversityTri-County Championships (Avon, Somerset & Wiltshire)11 Dec 11
Total Performances: 159
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