Linford Christie

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Club:Thames Valley
Age Group:V60
Lead Coach:Ron Roddan

Best known performances

Performances Submit
1985 1986 1987 1988 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997

1997 V35 Thames Valley
606.51i1Sindelfingen, GERInternationales Hallensportfest1 Mar 97
10010.040.21Munich, GEREP21 Jun 97
10010.112.022Oslo, NORBislett Games4 Jul 97
10010.17-0.52Oslo, NORBislett Games4 Jul 97
15015.27-0.53Don ValleySecuricor29 Jun 97
1996 V35 Thames Valley
10010.00w2.51Perth, AUSOptus28 Jan 96
10010.0-0.71Adelaide, AUSOptus26 Jan 96
10010.030.11q2Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games26 Jul 96
10010.040.81Madrid, ESPEP1 Jun 96
10010.040.11BirminghamAAA Championships15 Jun 96
10010.04-0.45Lausanne, SWIAthl/GP3 Jul 96
10010.04-0.63s2Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games27 Jul 96
10010.16w2.41GatesheadBupa30 Jun 96
10010.190.93Don ValleyMcDonalds25 Aug 96
10010.26-1.72Crystal PalaceSecuricor12 Jul 96
10010.262h9Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games26 Jul 96
20020.594q5Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games31 Jul 96
20020.641h7Atlanta GA, USAOlympic Games31 Jul 96
1995 SEN Thames Valley
606.47i1Lievin, FRAVittel19 Feb 95
606.49i1Sindelfingen, GERInternationales Hallensportfest4 Mar 95
1009.97A0.11Johannesburg, RSAAfrI23 Sep 95
10010.000.61Tokyo, JAPSuper15 Sep 95
10010.02w3.51Perth, AUSOptus29 Jan 95
10010.03-1.01Zurich, SUIWeltklasse16 Aug 95
10010.12-0.24s1Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships6 Aug 95
10010.121.06Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships6 Aug 95
10010.150.01q2Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships5 Aug 95
10010.26-0.11h8Gothenburg, SWEIAAF World Championships5 Aug 95
15014.74w3.91Don ValleyBupa23 Jul 95
20020.111.91Villeneuve d'Ascq, FRAEP25 Jun 95
20020.12w2.33Lausanne, SWIAthl/GP5 Jul 95
20020.25i1Lievin, FRAVittel19 Feb 95
1994 SEN Thames Valley
606.48i1Karlsruhe, GERIHM1 Mar 94
100y9.301.61EdinburghTSB8 Jul 94
1009.91w3.71Don ValleyAAA Championships11 Jun 94
1009.911.91Victoria, CANCommonwealth Games23 Aug 94
1009.981.81s1Victoria, CANCommonwealth Games23 Aug 94
10010.010.21h1Linz, AUTLinz Zipfer Meeting4 Jul 94
10010.020.21q1Victoria, CANCommonwealth Games22 Aug 94
10010.021.032Berlin, GERISTAF30 Aug 94
10010.020.81Tokyo, JAPSuper15 Sep 94
10010.030.23Linz, AUTLinz Zipfer Meeting4 Jul 94
10010.03-0.11Brussels, BELVD/GP19 Aug 94
10010.031.71Berlin, GERISTAF/GP30 Aug 94
10010.071.22Crystal PalaceTSB15 Jul 94
10010.080.71q1Helsinki, FINEuropean Championships7 Aug 94
10010.14-0.51Helsinki, FINEuropean Championships8 Aug 94
10010.19-0.71s1Helsinki, FINEuropean Championships8 Aug 94
10010.390.31h3Helsinki, FINEuropean Championships7 Aug 94
10010.391.81h1Victoria, CANCommonwealth Games22 Aug 94
10010.46-2.01GatesheadBupa1 Jul 94
15014.970.91Don ValleyMcDonalds4 Sep 94
20020.56i1Ghent, BELCoke9 Feb 94
1993 SEN Thames Valley
100y9.14+0.3mStuttgart, GERIAAF World Championships15 Aug 93
1009.870.31Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Championships15 Aug 93
1009.970.91s2Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Championships15 Aug 93
1009.99w2.51Don ValleyMcDonalds29 Aug 93
10010.000.11q3Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Championships14 Aug 93
10010.030.02Zurich, SUIWeltklasse4 Aug 93
10010.031.72Rieti, ITAInvitational5 Sep 93
10010.080.41AGatesheadVauxhall30 Jul 93
10010.240.71h3Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Championships14 Aug 93
10010.27-1.91ACrystal PalaceTSB Mobil23 Jul 93
20020.19w2.12EdinburghGBR v. USA2 Jul 93
1992 SEN Thames Valley
1009.960.51Barcelona, ESPOlympic Games1 Aug 92
1009.99w3.91Berlin, GERISTAF/GP21 Aug 92
10010.00-1.32s1Barcelona, ESPOlympic Games1 Aug 92
10010.071q4Barcelona, ESPOlympic Games31 Jul 92
10010.2-1.11ACrystal PalaceTSB10 Jul 92
10010.32-0.91AGatesheadVauxhall17 Jul 92
10010.35-1.01Don ValleyLucozade14 Aug 92
10010.481h3Barcelona, ESPOlympic Games31 Jul 92
20020.251.23Rome, ITAGolden Gala9 Jun 92
20020.38-0.25s1Barcelona, ESPOlympic Games5 Aug 92
20020.47-0.81AGatesheadVauxhall17 Jul 92
20020.523q3Barcelona, ESPOlympic Games3 Aug 92
20021.232h5Barcelona, ESPOlympic Games3 Aug 92
1991 SEN Thames Valley
606.43+1.2mTokyo, JAPIAAF World Championships25 Aug 91
606.55i2Seville, ESPIAAF World Indoor Championships8 Mar 91
606.56i1s2Seville, ESPIAAF World Indoor Championships8 Mar 91
606.61i1h6Seville, ESPIAAF World Indoor Championships8 Mar 91
1009.90w4.32q2Tokyo, JAPIAAF World Championships24 Aug 91
1009.921.24Tokyo, JAPIAAF World Championships25 Aug 91
1009.991.13s2Tokyo, JAPIAAF World Championships25 Aug 91
10010.02w2.51s1BirminghamAAA Championships26 Jul 91
10010.092.01Don ValleyMcVities Challenge15 Sep 91
10010.201.81GatesheadPearl Assurance9 Aug 91
10010.291ACrystal PalaceParcelforce12 Jul 91
10010.390.31h7Tokyo, JPNIAAF World Championships24 Aug 91
20020.54-0.73q4Tokyo, JPNIAAF World Championships26 Aug 91
20020.62w2.26s1Tokyo, JPNIAAF World Championships27 Aug 91
20020.72i2Seville, ESPIAAF World Indoor Championships10 Mar 91
20021.190.13h5Tokyo, JPNIAAF World Championships26 Aug 91
20021.21i1s2Seville, ESPIAAF World Indoor Championships9 Mar 91
20021.35i1h4Seville, ESPIAAF World Indoor Championships9 Mar 91
1990 SEN Thames Valley
606.51i1Athens (Piraeus), GREAthina7 Mar 90
606.56i1GlasgowEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 90
606.61i1s2GlasgowEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 90
606.66i1h1GlasgowEuropean Indoor Championships3 Mar 90
1009.93w3.91Auckland, NZLCommonwealth Games28 Jan 90
1009.95w4.51PortsmouthvKEN,USA22 Jun 90
10010.00w2.21Split, CROEuropean Championships28 Aug 90
10010.021.31s2Auckland, NZLCommonwealth Games28 Jan 90
10010.090.31s1Split, YUGEuropean Championships28 Aug 90
10010.180.41Crystal PalaceParcelforce20 Jul 90
10010.19-1.11q4Auckland, NZLCommonwealth Games27 Jan 90
10010.290.03h2Split, YUGEuropean Championships27 Aug 90
10010.32-0.61Don ValleyMcVitie16 Sep 90
10010.35-2.11GatesheadDairy Crest29 Jun 90
10010.440.92h1Auckland, NZLCommonwealth Games27 Jan 90
20020.330.03Split, YUGEuropean Championships30 Aug 90
20020.560.01s2Split, YUGEuropean Championships30 Aug 90
20020.69-2.21GatesheadDairy Crest29 Jun 90
20020.85w2.43h3Split, YUGEuropean Championships29 Aug 90
1988 SEN Thames Valley
1009.971.12Seoul, KOROlympic Games24 Sep 88
10010.111q1Seoul, KOROlympic Games23 Sep 88
10010.111s2Seoul, KOROlympic Games24 Sep 88
10010.191h5Seoul, KOROlympic Games23 Sep 88
20020.091.74Seoul, KOROlympic Games28 Sep 88
20020.333s2Seoul, KOROlympic Games28 Sep 88
20020.491q3Seoul, KOROlympic Games26 Sep 88
20020.55i1Ghent, BELInv17 Feb 88
20021.051h7Seoul, KOROlympic Games26 Sep 88
1987 SEN Thames Valley
10010.031.71Budapest, HUNBudapest Grand Prix6 Jul 87
10010.141.04Rome, ITAIAAF World Championships30 Aug 87
10010.25-0.32s1Rome, ITAIAAF World Championships30 Aug 87
10010.291.63h4Rome, ITAIAAF World Championships29 Aug 87
10010.40-2.92q1Rome, ITAIAAF World Championships29 Aug 87
1986 SEN Thames Valley
10010.041.81Madrid, ESPRCdM4 Jun 86
10010.15-0.11Stuttgart, GEREuropean Championships27 Aug 86
10010.19w2.11s2Stuttgart, GEREuropean Championships27 Aug 86
10010.25-1.01h5Stuttgart, GEREuropean Championships26 Aug 86
10010.281EdinburghCommonwealth Games24 Jul 86
10010.29-1.51s1EdinburghCommonwealth Games26 Jul 86
10010.312.01h1EdinburghCommonwealth Games26 Jul 86
20020.690.05s2Stuttgart, GEREuropean Championships28 Aug 86
20020.78-0.31h3Stuttgart, GEREuropean Championships28 Aug 86
20021.10i1Madrid, ESPEuropean Indoor Championships23 Feb 86
20021.33i2s2Madrid, ESPEuropean Indoor Championships23 Feb 86
20021.42i2h1Madrid, ESPEuropean Indoor Championships22 Feb 86
1985 SEN Thames Valley
20021.38i2h1Athens, GREEuropean Indoor Championships2 Mar 85
Total Performances: 141
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