Ben Rushgrove

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Club:Team Bath/Bath Uni
Age Group:SEN
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Robert Ellchuk

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International Highlights
2013 - IPC Athletics World Championships 100m 5th, 200m 6th
2012 - Paralympic Games 100m 6th, 200m bronze. IPC Athletics European Championships 100m 4th, 200m bronze. Paralympic World Cup 100m bronze, 200m silver. German National Paralympic Championships 100m gold
2011 IPC Athletic Championships 100m silver, 200m bronze
2010 German National Disability Championships 100m silver, 200m bronze
2009 Paralympic World Cup 100m gold
2008 Paralympics silver (T36 100m)
2007 Paralympic World Cup: Golds (T36 100m & T36 200m – WR)
2006 World Champs Bronze (T36 200m)
2005 European Champs 7th (T36 100m), 6th (T36 200m)

A talented teenage sprinter, Ben collected his first major international medal on the world stage by winning bronze over 200m at the Assen 2006 IPC Athletics World Championships. His achievement was all the more remarkable as just two days before the event he had suffered the disappointment of being disqualified on a technicality from the final of the T36 100m. He continued the theme of succeeding in the face of adversity when winning silver in the 100m in Beijing, despite running with a broken bone in his foot. Aftyer winning Paralympic World Cup gold over 100m in 2009 he went to the IPC Athletic Championships in Christchurch in 2011 and came home with a silver medal over 100m and a bronze over 200m.

He also used to collect fossils and also enjoys walking and camping.

Best known performances

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2015 SEN Team Bath/Bath Uni
608.28i7h2BirminghamBirmingham Games7 Feb 15
10012.780.54T36Dubai, UAEFazaa International (IPC Grand Prix)23 Feb 15
10012.83w3.147Lee ValleyLee Valley Sprint Series Open27 May 15
10012.971.05P2BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
10013.03-1.94Ph2BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
10013.22-0.12P2CoventryCoventry Godiva Classic Open (inc Midland 3000m Championships)23 Aug 15
10013.24-2.172CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting8 Jul 15
10013.24-0.382CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting22 Jul 15
10013.29-0.7710NewhamActive Newham Open Series9 Aug 15
10013.50-1.784NewportWelsh Senior League11 Jul 15
SP4K9.69i1F36BirminghamBirmingham Games7 Feb 15
2014 SEN Team Bath
608.21i58BirminghamBirmingham Games16 Feb 14
10012.63-0.74AmbHorse Guards ParadeSainsbury's Anniversary Games20 Jul 14
10012.640.55AmbBBirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships14 Jun 14
10012.761.17P2BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)31 May 14
10012.890.35T36SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships19 Aug 14
10012.900.222WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting4 Jun 14
10013.081.68CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting2 Jul 14
20027.0654WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting21 May 14
LJ4.361nsKingstonKinnaird & Sward Trophies26 Apr 14
SP7.26K9.243CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting9 Jul 14
SP7.26K8.90i1BathBath Pole Vault & Shot Competition21 Dec 14
SP4K9.321F36CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting23 Jul 14
2013 SEN Team Bath
608.27i65Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open24 Mar 13
10012.64w2.212.2BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition1 Jun 13
10012.720.62Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Athletics Series19 May 13
10012.72-0.55Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships22 Jul 13
10012.75-0.72Olympic ParkSainsbury's International Para Challenge28 Jul 13
10012.771.43Berlin, GERInternational German Championships (IPC Grand Prix)15 Jun 13
10012.81w2.533HorspathOxford City AC Open Graded Meeting22 May 13
10012.81-0.341.1BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition1 Jun 13
10012.86-0.41h1Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships21 Jul 13
10012.980.1Groningen, NEDIWAS Athletics Series15 May 13
10013.02-1.31BBirminghamEngland Athletics Senior Disability Championships22 Jun 13
10013.11.03h2BirminghamEngland Athletics Senior Disability Championships22 Jun 13
10013.15i45Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open24 Mar 13
20026.12-0.46Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships24 Jul 13
20026.55-1.62h1Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships23 Jul 13
20026.59w2.731.1BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition2 Jun 13
20026.721.862.2BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition2 Jun 13
20027.32.03h2BirminghamEngland Athletics Senior Disability Championships23 Jun 13
20027.3w2.75ABirminghamEngland Athletics Senior Disability Championships23 Jun 13
2012 SEN Team Bath
608.2i8h2BirminghamMidland Championships12 Feb 12
608.21i55BirminghamMidland Counties Open19 Feb 12
608.25i6h4BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
10012.35-0.32h2Olympic ParkParalympic Games2 Sep 12
10012.370.86Olympic ParkParalympic Games2 Sep 12
10012.451.93SportcityParalympic World Cup22 May 12
10012.521.03s1Stadskanaal, NEDIPC Athletics European Championships24 Jun 12
10012.54w5.63AKnowsleyKnowsley Disability Athletics Grand Prix26 May 12
10012.540.94Stadskanaal, NEDIPC Athletics European Championships24 Jun 12
10012.621.71h1Berlin, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships15 Jun 12
10012.68-0.12Olympic ParkVisa London Disability Athletics Challenge8 May 12
10012.790.81Berlin, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships16 Jun 12
10013.02-1.21AMB1BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Championships)2 Jun 12
10013.020.363BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games & Parallel Success8 Jul 12
20024.830.03Olympic ParkParalympic Games6 Sep 12
20025.251.73Stadskanaal, NEDIPC Athletics European Championships27 Jun 12
20025.68-0.72SportcityParalympic World Cup22 May 12
20025.800.52Olympic ParkVisa London Disability Athletics Challenge8 May 12
20026.06w5.96AKnowsleyKnowsley Disability Athletics Grand Prix27 May 12
20026.091.22AMB1BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Championships)3 Jun 12
20026.450.053BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games & Parallel Success8 Jul 12
20026.91i5h1BirminghamMidland Championships11 Feb 12
20027.18i4h2BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 12
2011 SEN Team Bath
10012.251.52Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships24 Jan 11
10012.480.22h2Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships23 Jan 11
10012.551.31Yevptoriya, UKRUkraine National Paralympic Championships5 Jun 11
10012.640.235Watford Watford Open29 Jun 11
10012.660.31KnowsleyKnowsley Disability Athletics Grand Prix21 May 11
10012.660.55ManchesterParalympic World Cup27 May 11
10012.801.22Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships23 Jul 11
10012.820.923Watford Watford Open10 Aug 11
10012.84-0.51h1Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships22 Jul 11
10012.930.4Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge30 Jul 11
10012.95-0.75Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Grand Prix6 Aug 11
10013.060.11Amb1BedfordEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)16 Jul 11
20025.27w3.53Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships27 Jan 11
20025.49-0.41h1Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships26 Jan 11
20025.79-2.15ManchesterParalympic World Cup27 May 11
20025.96-0.244Watford Watford Open15 Jun 11
20026.07w2.81Amb1BedfordEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)17 Jul 11
20026.070.61h1Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships24 Jul 11
20026.230.366Watford Watford Open29 Jun 11
20026.31-0.35Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Grand Prix6 Aug 11
20026.321.02Yevptoriya, UKRUkraine National Paralympic Championships6 Jun 11
20026.43-1.8Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge31 Jul 11
20026.81-5.41KnowsleyKnowsley Disability Athletics Grand Prix22 May 11
2010 U23 Team Bath
608.04i8h1BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 10
608.16i6h3BirminghamMidland County Championships (inc SW Championships)14 Feb 10
608.23i5h2BathTeam Bath Open20 Feb 10
608.23i3h3BathTeam Bath Open11 Dec 10
10012.59-0.31Dubai, UAEFazaa International10 Feb 10
10012.77-1.12Bottrop, GERGerman National Disability Championships12 Jun 10
10013.44-4.62r1Bottrop, GERGerman National Disability Championships11 Jun 10
20025.71w2.32Dubai, UAEFazaa International11 Feb 10
20026.000.23Bottrop, GERGerman National Disability Championships13 Jun 10
20027.01i5h1BirminghamBirmingham Games7 Feb 10
2009 U23 Team Bath
10012.471SportcityParalympic World Cup24 May 09
10012.56-1.31Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix25 Jul 09
10012.66-0.24BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)31 May 09
10012.790.36Sindelfingen, GERGerman Disability Championships11 Jul 09
10012.85-0.51h2Sindelfingen, GERGerman Disability Championships10 Jul 09
10012.85-2.31Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
10012.94-0.61Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
2008 U23 Team Bath
10012.352Beijing, CHNParalympic Games9 Sep 08
10012.44-0.94BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials13 Jul 08
10012.44-1.51Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix25 Jul 08
20025.360.25BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials13 Jul 08
2007 U20 Team Bath
607.98i1GlasgowNorwich Union International27 Jan 07
607.98i4DBirminghamNorwich Union Indoor Grand Prix17 Feb 07
608.00i6h3BirminghamBirmingham Games10 Feb 07
10012.69-1.12BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)10 Jun 07
20025.17i3h5BirminghamBirmingham Games10 Feb 07
Total Performances: 114
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