Brooke Coldwell

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Age Group:U23
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Brian O'Hare2013-
Previous Lead:Stephen Cottle-2012

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2015 Represented Devon schools in the southwest schools XC championships
2015 Devon county championships u13 600m champion
2016 Represented Devon in the national intercounties XC championships
2016 Devon county championships u15 800m 3rd
2017 Devon county championships u15 300m champion
2017 Devon county championships u15 800m 2nd
2017 Devon county championships u15 200m 2nd
2017 South Devon schools 300m champion & new record

2017 Southwest intercounties Championships 300m Champion

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2023 U23 Exeter
30045.02i24CardiffCardiff Met Indoor Christmas Classic17 Dec 23
2018 U17 Exeter
10013.593BrauntonDevon Open Series10 Jun 18
20027.840.661ExeterSouth West League3 Jun 18
30042.531ExeterDevon County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
30043.0131ExeterSouth West League8 Jul 18
30043.035ExeterESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships16 Jun 18
30043.113h2ExeterESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships16 Jun 18
30043.1461ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting29 May 18
30043.412BrauntonDevon Open Series10 Jun 18
JT50015.277ExeterSouth West League8 Jul 18
JT5008.561BrauntonDevon Open Series10 Jun 18
2017 U15 Exeter
10013.310.327PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
10013.391.412ExeterSouth West League4 Jun 17
10013.40-1.312ExeterSouth West League3 Sep 17
10013.591.531ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting30 May 17
20027.151BrauntonSouth West League Cup30 Jul 17
20027.25w2.81h2ExeterDevon County Schools Championships10 Jun 17
20027.310.211ExeterSouth West League2 Jul 17
20027.421.121ExeterSouth West League4 Jun 17
20027.46-1.75ExeterDevon County Schools Championships10 Jun 17
20027.54-1.111PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
20027.560.011ExeterSouth West League3 Sep 17
20027.571.92ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 17
20027.88w2.91h2ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 17
20028.180.041ExeterSouth West League7 May 17
20028.26w2.112BrauntonDevon Open Series23 Apr 17
20028.320.531ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting9 Apr 17
30042.346h2BedfordEngland Athletics U15 / U17 Championships26 Aug 17
30042.3511ExeterSouth West League2 Jul 17
30043.281ExeterSouth West Inter Counties20 Aug 17
30043.5911PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
30044.531ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 17
30044.6131ExeterSouth West League7 May 17
30045.181h2ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 17
30045.54ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting9 Apr 17
8002:20.0442ExeterESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships17 Jun 17
8002:20.776AExeterBMC Regional Races25 Jul 17
8002:20.832ExeterDevon County Schools Championships10 Jun 17
8002:21.196AExeterBMC Regional Races27 Jun 17
8002:25.535BExeterBMC Regional Races30 May 17
8002:26.472ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 17
8002:27.422ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting9 Apr 17
8002:32.387EStreetBMC PB Classic1 May 17
8002:38.1883ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting28 Mar 17
15005:12.0131BrauntonDevon Open Series23 Apr 17
15005:18.028ExeterSouth West League2 Jul 17
15005:21.2552ExeterSouth West League7 May 17
2016 U15 Exeter
10014.18110ExeterExeter Open Meeting26 Jul 16
30047.534ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting17 Apr 16
8002:25.731YeovilSouth West League Division 15 Jun 16
8002:27.212BExeterBMC Regional Races31 May 16
8002:27.494ExeterDevon Schools Championships11 Jun 16
8002:28.153ExeterDevon County Championships15 May 16
8002:28.667AExeterBMC Regional Races26 Jul 16
8002:28.783BExeterBMC Regional Races28 Jun 16
8002:32.3531ExeterSouth West League Division 14 Sep 16
8002:32.507BExeterBMC Regional Races30 Aug 16
8002:32.576EStreetBMC PB Classic2 May 16
8002:32.92ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting17 Apr 16
8002:35.4732ExeterExeter Open Meeting29 Mar 16
3KXC12:3989LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)26 Nov 16
3KXC14:25193BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 16
3.2KXC14:1710PlymouthWestward League9 Oct 16
3.9KXC15:5214ExeterWestward League (Inc Devon Championships)4 Dec 16
3.97KXC17:1112NewquayWestward League (Inc Cornwall Championships)13 Nov 16
parkrun23:06271ParkeParke parkrun # 13422 Oct 16
parkrun23:09261ParkeParke parkrun # 12917 Sep 16
parkrun23:122031ParkeParke parkrun # 13315 Oct 16
parkrun23:30291ParkeParke parkrun # 13024 Sep 16
parkrun23:35201ParkeParke parkrun # 12810 Sep 16
2015 U13 Exeter
10014.9242ExeterSouth West League Division 15 Jul 15
10015.1123ExeterSouth West League Division 131 May 15
10015.11-2.212YeovilYeovil Games Open13 Sep 15
10015.13-0.423ExeterSouth West League Division 110 May 15
10015.221PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting5 Apr 15
15021.962BrauntonDevon Open Series9 Aug 15
15023.10.32PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting5 Apr 15
20030.05w2.32h2ExeterDevon County Championships24 May 15
20030.26w2.44ExeterDevon County Championships24 May 15
20031.2133ExeterSouth West League Division 131 May 15
20031.4643ExeterSouth West League Division 15 Jul 15
6001:47.911ExeterDevon County Championships24 May 15
6001:50.511ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting19 Apr 15
6001:52.631ParNewquay & Par Spring Warm Up Open11 Apr 15
8002:32.473BExeterBMC Regional Races25 Aug 15
8002:33.262ExeterSouth West League Combined Cup Match2 Aug 15
8002:33.483CExeterBMC Regional Races26 May 15
8002:34.2010CExeterBMC Regional Races28 Jul 15
8002:34.827BExeterBMC Regional Races30 Jun 15
8002:35.4541ExeterSouth West Inter County Championships19 Jul 15
8002:38.0112ExeterExeter Open Meeting29 Sep 15
8002:38.204ExeterSouth West League Division 16 Sep 15
8002:38.542BrauntonDevon Open Series9 Aug 15
8002:40.4521ExeterSouth West League Division 131 May 15
8002:45.341PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting5 Apr 15
15005:24.881YeovilYeovil Games Open13 Sep 15
15005:27.773ExeterSouth West League Division 15 Jul 15
15005:31.244ExeterSouth West League Division 110 May 15
15005:33.769GStreetBMC PB Classic4 May 15
15005:44.362ExeterExeter Open Meeting31 Mar 15
parkrun23:4321ParkeParke parkrun # 793 Oct 15
parkrun24:0227ParkeParke parkrun # 4324 Jan 15
parkrun25:0119ParkeParke parkrun # 4721 Feb 15
ZXC10:38 22ChippenhamSouth West Schools' Championships7 Feb 15
ZXC12:2025BictonSouth West Inter County Championships20 Dec 15
ZXC14:0134Bicton HouseSouth West Inter-Counties Championships4 Jan 15
ZXC14:4413BidefordBrooks Westward League11 Jan 15
2014 U13 Exeter
10014.82Carn BreaDuchy Minors Open13 Jul 14
10015.1712ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting30 Sep 14
10015.21h1Carn BreaDuchy Minors Open13 Jul 14
15023.49BrauntonDevon Open Series4 May 14
20031.52Carn BreaDuchy Minors Open13 Jul 14
8002:44.727ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting30 Sep 14
8002:49.62Carn BreaDuchy Minors Open13 Jul 14
8002:51.3942YeovilSouth West League Division 16 Jul 14
8002:54.1411BStreetBMC PB Classic5 May 14
8002:55.5952ExeterSouth West League Division 17 Sep 14
Mile6:29.48BrauntonDevon Open Series4 May 14
70HU13W18.35BrauntonDevon Open Series4 May 14
LJ3.178ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting30 Sep 14
parkrun24:5216ParkeParke parkrun # 3713 Dec 14
ZXC6:58133PlymouthBrooks Westward League2 Mar 14
ZXC7:2473Westward Ho!Brooks Westward League12 Jan 14
ZXC10:3516PlymouthBrooks Westward League12 Oct 14
ZXC11:5214ExeterBrooks Westward League (inc Devon County Championships)7 Dec 14
ZXC12:2618NewquayBrooks Westward League (inc Cornwall AA County Championships)9 Nov 14
2013 U11 Torbay
609.822ExeterExeter Combined Event Meeting29 Sep 13
7010.91BrauntonDevon Open Series18 Aug 13
7511.6w3.911PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting7 Apr 13
7511.61BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Meeting30 Jun 13
7511.741ExeterExeter Open Meeting24 Sep 13
7511.9021ExeterExeter Open Meeting27 Aug 13
7511.9111ExeterExeter Open Meeting21 May 13
7511.9921ExeterExeter Open Meeting30 Jul 13
7512.252ExeterExeter Open Meeting25 Jun 13
7512.6532ExeterExeter Open Meeting30 Apr 13
15023.41BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Meeting30 Jun 13
15023.51BrauntonDevon Open Series18 Aug 13
15024.11PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting7 Apr 13
15024.4311ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting20 Apr 13
6001:59.21BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Meeting30 Jun 13
6001:59.484ExeterExeter Open Meeting30 Jul 13
6001:59.913ExeterExeter Open Meeting27 Aug 13
6002:00.113ExeterExeter Open Meeting24 Sep 13
6002:00.81BrauntonDevon Open Series18 Aug 13
6002:00.96ExeterExeter Open Meeting25 Jun 13
6002:01.673ExeterExeter Open Meeting21 May 13
6002:02.842ExeterExeter Open Meeting30 Apr 13
6002:03.03ExeterExeter Combined Event Meeting29 Sep 13
6002:05.63ExeterExeter Open Meeting26 Mar 13
6002:06.361ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting20 Apr 13
6002:07.22PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting7 Apr 13
LJ3.191ExeterExeter Open Meeting24 Sep 13
LJ3.146ExeterExeter Combined Event Meeting29 Sep 13
LJ2.915ExeterExeter Open Meeting25 Jun 13
SP2K3.9218ExeterExeter Combined Event Meeting29 Sep 13
ZXC4:2311NewquayBrooks Westward League (inc Cornwall County Championships)10 Nov 13
ZXC6:29164ExeterBrooks Westward League (Inc Devon County Championships)1 Dec 13
ZXC6:4111BictonSouth West Championships6 Jan 13
ZXC6:4865Westward HoBrooks Westward League13 Jan 13
ZXC8:0210BristolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge27 Oct 13
ZXC8:4610CardiffMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series20 Jan 13
2012 U11 Torbay
7511.811BrauntonDevon Open19 Aug 12
7512.01BrauntonNorth Devon Young Athlete's Meeting1 Jul 12
7512.15PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm-Up Meeting1 Apr 12
7512.311PlymouthDevon Open22 Jul 12
7512.3741ExeterExeter Open24 Apr 12
7512.3822ExeterExeter Open31 Jul 12
7512.412ExeterExeter Open27 Mar 12
7512.411ExeterExeter Open29 May 12
7512.511ExeterExeter Open25 Sep 12
7512.5321ExeterExeter Open28 Aug 12
7513.330.922ExeterExeter Open26 Jun 12
7513.41BrauntonDevon Open Meeting29 Apr 12
15024.551.031ExeterKen Trickey Open Meeting14 Apr 12
6001:59.862ExeterExeter Open28 Aug 12
6002:01.703ExeterExeter Open26 Jun 12
6002:01.91BrauntonNorth Devon Young Athlete's Meeting1 Jul 12
6002:03.075ExeterExeter Open25 Sep 12
6002:03.904ExeterExeter Open29 May 12
6002:05.03PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm-Up Meeting1 Apr 12
6002:06.724ExeterExeter Open24 Apr 12
6002:07.31TavistockDevon Open24 Jun 12
6002:07.91BrauntonDevon Open19 Aug 12
6002:08.163ExeterKen Trickey Open Meeting14 Apr 12
6002:08.192ExeterExeter Open31 Jul 12
6002:08.911PlymouthDevon Open22 Jul 12
6002:10.81BrauntonDevon Open Meeting29 Apr 12
6002:11.84ExeterExeter Open27 Mar 12
LJ3.225ExeterExeter Open26 Jun 12
LJ3.102BrauntonDevon Open19 Aug 12
LJ3.035ExeterExeter Open29 May 12
LJ2.945ExeterExeter Open27 Mar 12
LJ2.922BrauntonDevon Open Meeting29 Apr 12
LJ2.895ExeterExeter Open24 Apr 12
LJ2.892TavistockDevon Open24 Jun 12
LJ2.885ExeterKen Trickey Open Meeting14 Apr 12
LJ2.845PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm-Up Meeting1 Apr 12
LJ2.789ExeterExeter Open28 Aug 12
LJ2.718ExeterExeter Open31 Jul 12
LJ2.673BrauntonNorth Devon Young Athlete's Meeting1 Jul 12
LJ2.6461PlymouthDevon Open22 Jul 12
ZXC6:1485Bovey TraceyBrooks Westward League12 Feb 12
ZXC6:59168PlymouthBrooks Westward League18 Mar 12
ZXC7:565BristolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series28 Oct 12
ZXC8:30461111LiverpoolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series24 Nov 12
ZXC9:247NewquayBrooks Westward League (inc Cornwall County Championships)4 Nov 12
2011 U11 Torbay
7512.503ExeterExeter Open26 Jul 11
7512.7512ExeterExeter Open27 Sep 11
7512.9212ExeterExeter Open30 Aug 11
6002:10.773ExeterExeter Open27 Sep 11
6002:10.832ExeterExeter Open26 Jul 11
6002:13.226ExeterExeter Open30 Aug 11
LJ2.777ExeterExeter Open30 Aug 11
LJ2.665ExeterExeter Open27 Sep 11
LJ2.652ExeterExeter Open26 Jul 11
ZXC7:102512ExeterBrooks Westward League (Inc Devon County Champs)4 Dec 11
Total Performances: 217
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