Victoria Wilkinson

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Age Group:V45
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 V40 Bingley
8.14KXC29:4210North StainleyYorkshire County Championships5 Jan 19
2018 V35 Bingley
31KMR3:10:3395101Sierre, SUISierre-Zinal 31K12 Aug 18
36.2KMR3:14:013:14:02605Karpacz, POLWorld Mountain Running Long Distance Championships24 Jun 18
2017 V35 Bingley
7.7KMR43:432KeswickBritish Athletics Mountain Running Championships (inc. European Mountain Running Trials)4 Jun 17
8.3KMR54:055Kamnik, SLOEuropean Mountain Running Championships8 Jul 17
2016 V35 Bingley
7.3KMR43:0411Sapareva Banya, BULWorld Mountain Running Championships11 Sep 16
7.7KMR47:442KeswickBritish Athletics Championships (inc. UKA World Trial Race World Championship Trial ( Uphill ) and Senior Home Country Internationals)30 Jul 16
31KMR3:10:094Sierre, SUISierre-Zinal14 Aug 16
42KMR4:45:3314Podbro, SLOWMRA Long Distance Mountain Running Championship18 Jun 16
2015 V35 Bingley
8.25KMR55:036Porto Moniz, POREuropean Mountain Running Championships4 Jul 15
8.9KMR40:3415Betws-y-CoedWorld Mountain Running Championships 8.9K Senior Women19 Sep 15
ZFL67:50382Church StrettonStretton Six Summits9 May 15
ZMR38:506Betws-y-CoedBritish Mountain Running Championships and World Trials22 Aug 15
2014 V35 Bingley
16.35KMR88:37304Thyon, SUICourse p├ędestre Thyon-Dixence3 Aug 14
ZFL33:5461Sedbergh SchoolSedbergh 3 Peaks (2.2M/1516ft)4 Mar 14
ZFL34:29111KettlewellGreat Whernside25 Oct 14
ZFL38:541BarleyPendle (4.5M/1499ft)5 Apr 14
ZFL39:461Dunsop BridgeHodder Valley Show (4M/1542ft)13 Sep 14
ZFL46:034Witton ParkCAU Inter Counties Fell Championships (7.9M/1686ft)18 May 14
ZFL53:0961Hutton RoofHutton Roof Crags (7M/1302ft)24 May 14
ZFL77:11431ConistonConiston (8.7M/3494ft)3 May 14
ZFL81:31323BarleyStan Bradshaw Pendle Round (10.4M/1936ft)8 Mar 14
ZFL84:16481DollarDollar (9.3M/3379ft)28 Jun 14
ZFL97:09201LlanberisMaesgwm Muddle (8.7M/2789ft)30 Aug 14
ZFL1:41:4515230NewcastleDonard Challenge (4.7M/2789ft)29 Mar 14
ZFL2:19:34191SedberghSedbergh Hills (14M/6004ft)17 Aug 14
ZFL3:19:25442EnnerdaleEnnerdale Horseshoe (22.9M/7513ft)7 Jun 14
ZFL3:21:32171Horton-in-RibblesdaleThree Peaks (23.2M/5276ft)26 Apr 14
ZFLL45:4711L41Middleton FellsBritish Fell Relay Championships19 Oct 14
ZFLL57:3921L3PatterdaleIan Hodgson Mountain Relay5 Oct 14
2013 SEN Bingley
ZFL34:47111KettlewellGreat Whernside (4M/1558ft)26 Oct 13
ZFL35:19141BarleyPendle (4.5M/1499ft)6 Apr 13
ZFL37:251BuckdenBuckden Pike (3.7M/1594ft)15 Jun 13
ZFL38:42101BingleyHarriers V Cyclists (6M/650ft)16 Nov 13
ZFL46:312Great LangdaleBlisco Dash (5M/2133ft)27 Jul 13
ZFL51:2171Rivington Hall BarnHenderson's End (5.8M/984ft)6 Jun 13
ZFL54:432SettleSettle Hills Intercounties Championships (7M/1312ft)19 May 13
ZFL71:33281HalterburnYetholm (8M/2493ft)2 Jun 13
ZFL81:0791ConistonConiston (8.7M/3494ft)4 May 13
ZFL87:15331AmblesideFairfield Horseshoe (9M/2999ft)11 May 13
ZFL2:28:31121SedberghSedbergh Hills (14M/6004ft)18 Aug 13
ZFL2:38:23613Great LangdaleLangdale Horseshoe (13.1M/4757ft)12 Oct 13
ZFL3:12:03331EdaleDon Morrison Memorial Edale Skyline (21.1M/4505ft)29 Sep 13
ZFL3:38:06171LlanberisPeris Horseshoe (17.5M/8497ft)14 Sep 13
ZFLL39:2226L1LlanberisBritish Relay Championships20 Oct 13
ZFLL93:0095L2PatterdaleIan Hodgson Mountain Relay (24.9M/8038ft)6 Oct 13
2012 SEN Bingley
3K10:2617ArmaghArmagh Women's 3K9 Feb 12
3.9KL13:313L2LiverpoolNorthern Women's 6-Stage Relays31 Mar 12
8.8KMR51:1224Ponte di Legno, ITAWorld Mountain Running Championship2 Sep 12
7MMT46:24291GuiseleyChevin Chase 726 Dec 12
15KMT66:28101ConistonConiston 15K6 Oct 12
ZXC21:303WakefieldYorkshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC29:5823Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC32:4811PontefractNorthern Championships28 Jan 12
ZFL49:12193HaworthAuld Lang Syne (9.6K/300m)31 Dec 12
ZFL51:161MelmerbyHome Countries Mountain International22 Sep 12
ZMR40:111GlenriddingUKA World Mountain Running Championship Trials5 Aug 12
2011 SEN Bingley
3K10:028ArmaghArmagh Women's 3K10 Feb 11
2.5M19:2961KettlewellWharfedale TTT1 Jul 11
5K17:15374WythenshaweManchester 5K Sizzler Series28 Jul 11
8.5KMR53:1928Bursa, TUREuropean Uphill Mountain Running Championships10 Jul 11
ZXC24:557Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC30:592SunderlandNorthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZXCL10:578L2MansfieldSaucony ECCA Relays5 Nov 11
ZMR40:16195BlackburnUKA World Mountain Running Trials13 Aug 11
ZMR45:1445:155LlanberisCommonwealth Mountain Running Championships24 Sep 11
ZMR55:421KeswickMcCain UK Mountain Running Challenge & European Trial12 Jun 11
2010 SEN Bingley
3K10:024ArmaghArmagh 3K25 Feb 10
5M28:41766AlsagerAlsager 57 Feb 10
15KMT61:2941ConistonPuma Coniston Trail 15K2 Oct 10
ZXC19:531WakefieldYorkshire & Humberside County Championships20 Feb 10
ZXC21:172HuddersfieldComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)30 Oct 10
ZXC28:315LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZXC30:572BlackburnNorthern Cross Country Championships23 Jan 10
ZMR41:231KeswickMcCain UK Mountain Running Challenge (inc European Trials)6 Jun 10
ZMR54:3220Kamnik, SVKWorld Mountain Running Championships5 Sep 10
ZMR1:25:53371LlangynhafalMcCain UK Mountain Running Challenge (inc Inter Counties)22 May 10
2009 SEN Bingley
5K18:32377SandhurstGloucester White Horse 5K18 Jun 09
5.65KXC20:379San Vittore Olona, ITACinque Mulini International Cross Country1 Feb 09
10K34:54803ClitheroeRibble Valley 10K27 Dec 09
9.3MMT62:5991ConistonPuma Coniston Trail 9.3M/1625ft3 Oct 09
ZXC20:0818AntrimMcCain UK Cross Challenge3 Jan 09
ZXC26:31992Forest of DeanGloucestershire League21 Nov 09
ZXC26:485St. HelensNorthern Championships24 Jan 09
ZXC31:0111Parliament HillEnglish National Championships21 Feb 09
ZXC31:0492TewkesburyGloucestershire League12 Dec 09
ZFL38:461BingleyBingley Harriers Cyclists vs Harriers 6M/650ft21 Nov 09
ZFL49:505KeswickCommonwealth Mountain Up-hill Only18 Sep 09
ZFL53:071ClitheroeBolton by Bowland (8M/800ft)6 Dec 09
ZFL60:1071KeswickPuma Derwentwater 14K6 Sep 09
2008 SEN Bingley
5K16:45101EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series14 May 08
5K16:48161EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series7 May 08
6.2KXC22:557Dour, BELLotto Crosscup10 Feb 08
SHORT10K36:536410Bourton-on-the-WaterHigh Bridge Jewellers' Bourton-on-the-Water 10K24 Feb 08
10M59:33232KeswickDerwentwater 102 Nov 08
ZMT48:02.7133Crans Montana, SUIWorld Mountain Running Trophy 200814 Sep 08
ZMT48:412Willer-sur-Thur, FRAMontee du Grand Ballon1 May 08
ZMT55:352Saillon-Ovronnaz, SUIWMRA Grand Prix24 May 08
ZMT62:0591HawksheadPuma Hawkshead Trail Race & Challenge19 Apr 08
ZXC18:571WakefieldComplete Runner League7 Dec 08
ZXC20:372EdinburghUK:A Home International29 Mar 08
ZXC22:1829EdinburghGreat Edinburgh International inc Inter-District Championships12 Jan 08
ZXC22:3514BelfastUK Challenge Series5 Jan 08
ZXC25:0911Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
ZXC27:475LeedsNorthern Championships26 Jan 08
ZXC28:307NottinghamCAU Inter County Championships15 Mar 08
ZXC28:3518LiverpoolMcCain UK Cross Challenge29 Nov 08
ZXC29:2319GatesheadMcCain UK Cross Challenge15 Nov 08
ZFL33:48171BoltonBelmont Village Race10 May 08
ZFL34:3851Barley VillagePendle 4.5 (1500ft)5 Apr 08
ZFL48:262LlanberisWorld Mountain Trophy Trial Races17 Aug 08
ZFL52:12151Horton-in-RibblesdalePen Y Ghent (incorporating Yorkshire Championships)7 Jun 08
2007 SEN Bingley
5K18:05294OtleyOtley Town Centre 'Beat The Clock' 5K22 Jun 07
ZXC10:0010MansfieldEnglish Cross Country Relay Championships3 Nov 07
ZXC27:2614GatesheadUK Challenge Series10 Nov 07
ZXC29:2021LiverpoolUK Challenge Series24 Nov 07
1993 U17 Bingley
1500SCW5:28.93Leeds (B)-31 Aug 93
1500SCW5:28.9Leeds-31 Aug 93
2000SCWNS7:52.81Leeds (B)ICity-ns25 Sep 93
Total Performances: 119
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