Grace Smith

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Age Group:U23
Region:East Midlands
Lead Coach:William Winter

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2019 U20 Leicester
8002:22.51LeicesterLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships12 May 19
15004:50.8314EMillfieldBMC PB Classic4 May 19
15004:52.54LeicesterLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships11 May 19
2.5KXCL9:3923L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships2 Nov 19
4.1KXC16:2854LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships16 Mar 19
4.4KXC18:5712756Sefton ParkBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc Euro Trials, L&D and Mid Lancs leagues)23 Nov 19
4.8KXC18:363812Milton KeynesChiltern League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge & Oxford Uni v RAF)9 Nov 19
3MNAD18:204LeicesterVirgin London Mini Marathon Trials31 Mar 19
5KXC20:222RotherbyLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships5 Jan 19
5KXC20:2665LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
5KXC21:3051LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9 Mar 19
5KXC21:5211LeamingtonMidland Counties Championships26 Jan 19
ZXCNT1Prestwold HallLeicestershire & Rutland Secondary Schools’ League26 Oct 19
ZXCNT1Prestwold HallLeicestershire & Rutland Secondary Schools’ League1 Dec 19
2018 U17 Leicester
30047.94ALeicesterUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland NE 1A29 Apr 18
400NT4ALoughboroughMidland League Division 56 May 18
8002:19.664CStreetBMC PB Classic5 May 18
8002:22.196NuneatonMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships10 Jun 18
8002:22.72ALoughboroughMidland League Division 56 May 18
8002:22.868LoughboroughLoughborough Students BUCS Trials & Open (Inc BUCS 10,000m Championships)28 Apr 18
8002:23.036ALoughboroughBMC Gold Standard Races6 Jun 18
8002:23.402LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open9 May 18
8002:28.42ALeicesterUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland NE 1A29 Apr 18
15004:48.4512CSportcityBMC Grand Prix12 May 18
15004:48.81104LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series13 Jun 18
15004:49.454BMilton KeynesBMC PB Classic2 Jun 18
15004:52.9013DWatfordBMC Grand Prix26 May 18
15004:52.92LeicesterLeicestershire & Rutland County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
15005:03.121ACoventryUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland NE 1A27 May 18
15005:11.11ALeicesterUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland NE 1A29 Apr 18
15005:19.91ALeamingtonUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland NE 1A1 Jul 18
1500DNF-h1BedfordEngland Athletics U15 / U17 Championships25 Aug 18
3.8KXC15:2992LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships17 Mar 18
3M18:0930REGLondonVirgin London Mini Marathon22 Apr 18
3MNAD18:216LeicesterVirgin London Mini Marathon Trials4 Mar 18
5KXC16:203NottinghamNorth Midlands League13 Jan 18
5KXC21:0669Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
5KXC23:071RotherbyLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships6 Jan 18
5KXC25:0659LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10 Mar 18
2017 U17 Leicester
40066.13BTiptonAthletics Direct Midland League Division 416 Jul 17
8002:22.062LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open (inc World Youth selection)24 May 17
8002:25.24108WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting14 Jun 17
8002:26.123NuneatonLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships13 May 17
8002:27.62ATiptonAthletics Direct Midland League Division 416 Jul 17
8002:28.842ALoughboroughUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland North/East 1A25 Jun 17
8002:28.853NuneatonMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships11 Jun 17
8002:29.04ASolihullAthletics Direct Midland League Division 46 May 17
8002:29.084h1NuneatonMidland Counties U13 / U15 / U17 Championships19 Aug 17
8002:29.107NuneatonMidland Counties U13 / U15 / U17 Championships19 Aug 17
8002:30.01ACoventryUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland North/East 1A30 Apr 17
15005:01.93LeicesterLeicestershire & Rutland County Schools Championships10 Jun 17
15005:02.142NuneatonLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships14 May 17
15005:02.602ALoughboroughUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland North/East 1A25 Jun 17
15005:06.43ASolihullAthletics Direct Midland League Division 46 May 17
15005:07.555LoughboroughLoughborough Students BUCS Trials & Open22 Apr 17
15005:15.22ACoventryUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland North/East 1A30 Apr 17
15005:32.46ATiptonAthletics Direct Midland League Division 416 Jul 17
2.5KXCL9:2317L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships4 Nov 17
3.6KXCNT2LoughboroughLeicestershire & Rutland Schools’ League16 Sep 17
3.75KXC14:10123NorwichNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships18 Mar 17
3.88KL14:536L1Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays23 Sep 17
4KXC16:1533LoughboroughMidland Counties Championships28 Jan 17
4KXC17:34129LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)11 Mar 17
4KXC18:2199NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
4KXC18:499Burbage CommonLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships7 Jan 17
4.4KXC17:378334LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District League & Mid Lancs League)25 Nov 17
3MNAD19:4311LeicesterEast Midlands London Mini Marathon Trials2 Apr 17
5KXC19:052CorbyNorth Midlands League11 Nov 17
ZXCNT5Ratcliffe CollegeLeicestershire & Rutland Schools' Championships4 Feb 17
ZXCNT4Melton MowbrayLeicestershire & Rutland Schools’ League28 Oct 17
ZXCNT2Rutland WaterLeicestershire & Rutland Schools’ League18 Nov 17
ZXCNT2Brooksby CollegeLeicestershire & Rutland Schools’ League2 Dec 17
2016 U15 Leicester
30048.83BLeamingtonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland North/East 2b21 May 16
8002:36.22h3LeicesterLeicestershire County Championships14 May 16
15005:13.01ALeamingtonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland North/East 2b21 May 16
15005:16.308LeicesterLeicestershire County Championships15 May 16
3KXC12:1071LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)26 Nov 16
3.88KL15:5818L1Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays24 Sep 16
4KXC18:55129Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
4KXC19:03118BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 16
4KXC21:1223LoughboroughMidland Championships30 Jan 16
ZXC18:357Burbage CommonLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships9 Jan 16
ZXCNT6Ratcliffe CollegeLeicestershire & Rutland County Schools’ Championships31 Jan 16
2015 U15 Leicester
8002:32.5744LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting17 Jun 15
8002:33.7444LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting19 Aug 15
8002:33.8611FMilton KeynesBMC PB Classic6 Jun 15
8002:33.914LoughboroughLoughborough Students v East Midlands v Civil Service v Achilles & U18 Trials Match10 Jun 15
8002:34.5513LNuneatonWarwickshire / Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships23 May 15
8002:35.586h1BirminghamMidland Counties U13 / U15 / U17 Championships15 Aug 15
15005:07.76LeicesterLeicestershire & Rutland Schools Athletics Championships13 Jun 15
15005:09.53TiptonBMC Regional Races23 Jun 15
15005:10.096LNuneatonWarwickshire / Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships24 May 15
15005:12.5810BirminghamMidland Counties U13 / U15 / U17 Championships16 Aug 15
15005:13.11BTelfordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland North/East 121 Jun 15
15005:14.421KetteringKettering Open Meeting22 Aug 15
15005:14.46ACudworthNorthern Athletics U15 Inter Counties Championship12 Sep 15
15005:19.2933LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting14 May 15
15005:22.2311FStreetBMC PB Classic4 May 15
2KXCL7:5249L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships31 Oct 15
3KXC12:0743LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials & Liverpool & District/Mid Lancs Leagues)28 Nov 15
3KXC14:35130Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
3.861KL15:2030L1Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays4 Oct 15
3.863KL15:325L2Sutton ColdfieldMidland Young Athletes Road Relays19 Sep 15
parkrun20:3341BraunstoneBraunstone parkrun # 25429 Aug 15
parkrun20:343931BraunstoneBraunstone parkrun # 24527 Jun 15
parkrun20:53483BraunstoneBraunstone parkrun # 24130 May 15
parkrun21:13412BraunstoneBraunstone parkrun # 2501 Aug 15
ZXC12:3416NottinghamMidland Championships24 Jan 15
ZXC13:337CosbyLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships3 Jan 15
ZXCNT3Lutterworth CollegeLeicestershire and Rutland Schools’ League10 Oct 15
ZXCNT7LoughboroughLeicestershire and Rutland Schools’ League21 Nov 15
ZXCNT9Brooksby CollegeLeicestershire and Rutland Schools’ League5 Dec 15
2014 U13 Leicester
8002:43.597L1NuneatonWarwickshire / Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships17 May 14
8002:45.89133LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting13 Aug 14
12004:15.45LeicesterLeicestershire & Rutland Schools County Championships14 Jun 14
15005:17.214CoventryBMC PB Classic Races23 Aug 14
15005:27.497CMilton KeynesBMC PB Classic7 Jun 14
15005:30.258LNuneatonWarwickshire / Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships18 May 14
3KXC13:02122BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships8 Mar 14
3KXC14:00188NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
3KXC14:0824LeamingtonMidland Championships25 Jan 14
3.863KL15:383L2Sutton ColdfieldMidland Young Athletes Road Relays20 Sep 14
3.863KL16:1226L3Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays5 Oct 14
ZXC15:5813OadbyLeicestershire & Rutland County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXCNT4Ratcliffe CollegeLeicestershire Schools' Championships1 Feb 14
ZXCL8:1934L3MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships1 Nov 14
2013 U13 Leicester
8002:50.837LLeicesterWarwickshire & Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships25 May 13
15005:37.265GMilton KeynesBMC PB Classic18 May 13
2KXCL8:2524L2MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
3.863KL15:401L2Sutton ColdfieldMidland Young Athletes Relays21 Sep 13
3.863KL16:2920L2Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athletes' Relays13 Oct 13
3.863KL17:4234L2Sutton ColdfieldERRA Young Athletes' Relays14 Apr 13
ZXC11:4418BristolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge27 Oct 13
2012 U11 Leicester
6002:10.862KetteringKettering Open22 Apr 12
6002:12.86ARugbyHeart of England League Division 110 Jun 12
8002:59.9983LoughboroughCharnwood Open Graded Meeting9 May 12
Total Performances: 136
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