Nicolas Cole

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Club:Sheffield & Dearne
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Trevor Fox

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Over the years of been an athlete, I've become well known in the pole vaulting sector. By creating great achievements at great meeting across the country and Europe such as France, Belgium and Scotland. I'm always Aiming to achieve my best and hit goals. Achievements - 8th in my first British Indoor Champs and also 2nd at BUCs Indoor Champs, 2nd UK School games at (Don Valley), 2nd and 3rd English Schools, 2x 1st AAA Champ, 5x 1st Northern Champ and also 3x 1st Yorkshire Champ.

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2022 SEN Sheffield & Dearne
PV4.723BedfordEngland Athletics Senior Championships30 Jul 22
PV4.551ASportcityManchester Vertical Jumps Open23 Apr 22
PV4.521SheffieldRun Jump Throw Series15 Apr 22
PV4.501LiverpoolNorthern Senior / Under 20 Championships19 Jun 22
PV4.45i2BSportcityManchester Indoor Open Meetings13 Mar 22
PV4.433BBedfordNational Athletics League - Premiership A & B Final20 Aug 22
PV4.31i7=ASportcityVault Manchester29 Jan 22
2021 SEN Sheffield & Dearne
PV4.601LeighNorthern Athletics Pole Vault Championships26 Jun 21
PV4.601SheffieldMaster Grand Prix 202118 Jul 21
PV4.501YorkYorkshire County Championships21 Aug 21
PV4.50i1BSheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Open Meeting20 Nov 21
PV4.50i1SportcityManchester Indoor Open Meetings5 Dec 21
PV4.402CSheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series18 Apr 21
PV4.401ARotherhamNorth of England League East Premier22 May 21
PV4.401BSheffieldNorth of England League East Premier1 Aug 21
PV4.352AStretfordNational Athletics League Premier North6 Jun 21
PVNH-LoughboroughClayton Invitational30 Jul 21
2020 SEN Sheffield & Dearne
PV4.66i3ASportcityVault Manchester1 Feb 20
PV4.65i2BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series15 Mar 20
PV4.50i2ASheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series5 Feb 20
PV4.45i1BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series5 Jan 20
2019 SEN Sheffield & Dearne
PV4.61i8ASportcityVault Manchester26 Jan 19
PV4.45i1BSportcityManchester Christmas Field Open21 Dec 19
PV4.406AHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership9 Jun 19
PV4.402BSheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Jul 19
PV4.35i1BSheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series11 Dec 19
PV3.804BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Division Premiership3 Aug 19
2018 SEN Sheffield & Dearne
PV4.882AHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership4 Aug 18
PV4.70i2CSportcitySale Harriers Open Series21 Jan 18
PV4.511BSheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Open Series23 May 18
PV4.501SheffieldSheffield Varsity Match20 Apr 18
PV4.401WakefieldJohn Newsome Memorial Open8 Apr 18
PV4.201ASheffieldSheffield Masters Grand Prix Open23 Jun 18
PVNHi4DSportcitySale Harriers Open Series21 Jan 18
PVNHi-Linz, AUTLentos Jump12 Sep 18
2017 U23 Sheffield & Dearne
PV4.91i8DSportcityVault Manchester21 Jan 17
PV4.90i6SheffieldNorthern Athletics U17 / U20 / Senior Championships15 Jan 17
PV4.90i1qBSheffieldBUCS Indoor Championships17 Feb 17
PV4.90i6SheffieldBUCS Indoor Championships19 Feb 17
PV4.80i3BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series8 Jan 17
PV4.80i6CardiffWelsh Athletics International5 Mar 17
PV4.801BSheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 May 17
PV4.801BLoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series26 Aug 17
PV4.783AHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership20 Aug 17
PV4.63i2SheffieldSteel Cup 20171 Feb 17
PV4.57i5BSheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series7 Feb 17
PV4.436ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership3 Jun 17
PV4.402AEllesmere PortNorth of England League Division 14 Jun 17
PVNMi-SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials12 Feb 17
2016 U23 Sheffield & Dearne
HJ1.508BHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Aug 16
PV5.153AHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Aug 16
PV5.101SheffieldSheffield Combined Events Open18 Jun 16
PV5.051AWakefieldNorth of England League Division 17 May 16
PV5.053LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 16
PV5.018Linz, AUTTGW Lentos Jump29 Jun 16
PV5.011SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Open Series13 Jul 16
PV5.00i2SheffieldBUCS Indoor Championships20 Feb 16
PV5.001BSportcityBritish Athletics League Division Premiership4 Jun 16
PV5.001ASheffieldNorth of England League Division 15 Jun 16
PV5.001SportcityNorthern Senior & U20 Championships12 Jun 16
PV5.001ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Division Premiership2 Jul 16
PV5.001AEllesmere PortNorth of England League Division 13 Jul 16
PV5.00i5BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series18 Dec 16
PV4.955BirminghamBritish Championships26 Jun 16
PV4.954Dublin (S), IRLMorton Games22 Jul 16
PV4.955BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)30 Jul 16
PV4.90i4BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series6 Mar 16
PV4.87i8ASportcityVault Manchester30 Jan 16
PV4.80i10SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships28 Feb 16
PV4.802=LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Army v Police v Birmingham University & U18 Trials Match11 May 16
PV4.804SportcityManchester International17 Aug 16
PV4.80i2BSheffieldNorthern Athletics Open Meeting12 Nov 16
PV4.77i3BSheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series14 Dec 16
PV4.721SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Open Series (inc. BMC Regional Races)10 Aug 16
PV4.70i2BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series20 Mar 16
PV4.702CudworthYorkshire County Championships14 May 16
PV4.60i4SheffieldNorthern Athletics U17 / U20 / Senior Championships17 Jan 16
PV4.60i4BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series27 Nov 16
2015 U23 The Dearne ALC
PV4.85i2BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series6 Dec 15
PV4.70i1ASheffieldNottinghamshire AA Graded Open Meeting22 Nov 15
PV4.60i3BSheffieldNorthern Athletics Open Meeting7 Nov 15
PV4.55i2BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series20 Dec 15
PV4.402=BirminghamBritish Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest18 Jul 15
PV4.205AScotstounBritish Athletics League Division Premiership11 Jul 15
PVNH-BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
2014 U20 The Dearne ALC
607.81iHSheffieldEngland & Wales Combined Events Championships4 Jan 14
60HU20MDNSiHSheffieldEngland & Wales Combined Events Championships5 Jan 14
PV4.70i3SheffieldNorthern Athletics U17 / U20 / Senior Championships18 Jan 14
PV4.70i3SheffieldNorthern Athletics U17 / U20 / Senior Championships19 Jan 14
PV4.70i2BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series2 Feb 14
PV4.60i5SheffieldEngland Athletics U15 / U17 / U20 Championships2 Mar 14
PV4.601BLeedsNorth of England League Division 2EC4 May 14
PV4.558CardiffWelsh Athletics International15 Jul 14
PV4.502BSheffieldSheffield Festival of Athletics Open13 Apr 14
PV4.501BSpinkhillUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 11 Jun 14
PV4.49i14DAubiere, FRACapitale Perche11 Jan 14
PV4.401WakefieldWakefield Spring Open Meeting5 Apr 14
PV4.38i7SportcityVault Manchester8 Mar 14
PV4.37iHSheffieldEngland & Wales Combined Events Championships4 Jan 14
PV4.204BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership5 Jul 14
PV4.001WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting14 Sep 14
LJ4.484BStretfordUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 129 Jun 14
LJ3.71iHSheffieldEngland & Wales Combined Events Championships4 Jan 14
SP6K8.22iHSheffieldEngland & Wales Combined Events Championships4 Jan 14
DT1.75K23.154AStretfordUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 129 Jun 14
JT80034.002BStretfordUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 129 Jun 14
JT80033.592BSpinkhillUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 11 Jun 14
HepIU20MDNFi-SheffieldEngland & Wales Combined Events Championships5 Jan 14
2013 U20 The Dearne ALC
608.16i83SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open Meeting16 Nov 13
PV4.951WakefieldDoug Bedford Memorial Open15 Sep 13
PV4.901BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership3 Aug 13
PV4.851ASpinkhillUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 228 Jul 13
PV4.85i3BSportcitySale Harriers Open Series1 Dec 13
PV4.801GatesheadBritish Colleges Sports National Championships15 May 13
PV4.801ASouth LeedsUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 22 Jun 13
PV4.803SportcityNorthern Athletics U20/Senior Championships22 Jun 13
PV4.75i2BBedfordBritish Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest17 Aug 13
PV4.75i5LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open7 Dec 13
PV4.71i12=BVilleurbanne, FRAINSA Perch'formance14 Dec 13
PV4.701ALincolnNorth of England League Division 2EC9 Jun 13
PV4.702BirminghamESAA English Schools' Championships6 Jul 13
PV4.708LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting23 Jul 13
PV4.70i3BSheffieldNorthern Athletics Open Meeting16 Nov 13
PV4.6112Nivelles, BELMeeting International de Nivelles29 Jun 13
PV4.60i5BirminghamEngland Athletics U15 / U17 / U20 Championships24 Feb 13
PV4.601WiganWigan Harriers Open Meeting14 Apr 13
PV4.601CudworthYorkshire County Championships25 May 13
PV4.601DoncasterSouth Yorkshire Schools' Championships8 Jun 13
PV4.605SportcityNorthern Athletics U20/Senior Championships23 Jun 13
PV4.601BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde Open Medal Meeting8 Sep 13
PV4.50i2SheffieldNorthern Athletics Championships12 Jan 13
PV4.501Don ValleySheffield Lord Mayor's Open21 Apr 13
PV4.503ABedfordBritish Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest17 Aug 13
PV4.45i4BSportcitySale Open Series6 Jan 13
PV4.451ADunfermlineUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 228 Apr 13
PV4.40i3SheffieldNorthern Athletics Championships13 Jan 13
PV4.401WakefieldWakefield Spring Open Meeting6 Apr 13
PV4.35i2BSportcitySale Open Series3 Feb 13
PV4.301BRotherhamNorth of England League Division 2EC5 May 13
PV4.301DoncasterDoncaster AC Spring Open Meeting12 May 13
JT80032.401BSpinkhillUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 228 Jul 13
JT80032.261BSouth LeedsUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 22 Jun 13
JT80031.282BDunfermlineUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Northern Premier 228 Apr 13
2012 U20 The Dearne ALC
PV4.70i1BirminghamMidland Counties Open19 Feb 12
PV4.70i1BirminghamEngland U15/U17/U20 Championships26 Feb 12
PV4.701AScunthorpeNorth of England League Division 2EC5 Aug 12
PV4.60i2BSportcityManchester Open4 Mar 12
PV4.601BSpinkhillNational Junior Athletic League Humber Division12 Aug 12
PV4.601DoncasterDoncaster Open27 Aug 12
PV4.50i1BSportcityManchester Open8 Jan 12
PV4.501CudworthYorkshire County Championships12 May 12
PV4.501AWakefieldNorth of England League Division 2EC26 May 12
PV4.501DoncasterSouth Yorkshire Schools' Championships16 Jun 12
PV4.503GatesheadAviva ESAA English Schools' Championships7 Jul 12
PV4.452BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games & Parallel Success8 Jul 12
PV4.40i1SheffieldNorthern Championships14 Jan 12
PV4.401DoncasterDoncaster Pole Vault Invitational5 Jun 12
PV4.402BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
PV4.201Don ValleySheffield Festival of Athletics Open22 Apr 12
PV4.202BLiverpoolBritish Athletics League Premiership18 Aug 12
PV4.004BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership30 Jun 12
2011 U17 The Dearne ALC
PV4.70i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open19 Nov 11
PV4.521DoncasterSouth Yorkshire League23 Jul 11
PV4.501DoncasterSouth Yorkshire Schools' Championships11 Jun 11
PV4.502BedfordEngland Athletics U15/U17 Championships21 Aug 11
PV4.501DoncasterDoncaster Open Meeting29 Aug 11
PV4.50i1BSportcityManchester Open4 Dec 11
PV4.42i2CGatesheadVault Gateshead12 Mar 11
PV4.40i2BirminghamEngland Athletics U15 / U17 / U20 Championships26 Feb 11
PV4.401Blackpool Blackpool Open11 Sep 11
PV4.30i1SportcityManchester Open6 Mar 11
PV4.301Don ValleySheffield Festival of Athletics Open17 Apr 11
PV4.301ARotherhamNational Junior League Humber Division1 May 11
PV4.302SportcityNorthern U20/Senior Championships18 Jun 11
PV4.301ACudworthNorth of England League Division 3EC14 Aug 11
PV4.302Don ValleySainsburys UK Schools Games4 Sep 11
PV4.25i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Senior & Junior Indoor Championships16 Jan 11
PV4.25i4BSportcityManchester Open18 Dec 11
PV4.20i1BSportcityManchester Open2 Jan 11
PV4.201NottinghamNotts AC Spring Spruce Open3 Apr 11
PV4.201Wigan Wigan Spring Open10 Apr 11
PV4.201Sheffield (W)McCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division8 May 11
PV4.201YorkMcCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division Match 122 May 11
PV4.201DerbyMcCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division5 Jun 11
PV4.201ASportcityMcCain Young Athletes League Northern Regional Final17 Jul 11
PV4.201CudworthNorthern U15/U17 Championships6 Aug 11
PV4.005GatesheadESAA English Schools' Championships1 Jul 11
PV4.002AKing's LynnNorth of England League Division 3EC3 Jul 11
PV3.92i2SportcityVault Manchester15 Jan 11
TJ9.274Sheffield (W)McCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division8 May 11
DT1.5K20.899DoncasterDoncaster Open Meeting29 Aug 11
DT1.5K17.475DerbyMcCain Young Athletes League Northern Premier E Division5 Jun 11
2010 U17 The Dearne ALC
PV4.106BirminghamAviva ESAA English Schools' Championships9 Jul 10
PV4.10i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Open20 Nov 10
PV4.10i1SportscityManchester Open5 Dec 10
PV4.001LoughboroughCharnwood Open16 Jun 10
PV3.901DoncasterDoncaster Pole Vault Competition31 May 10
PV3.901AHullNorthern League 2EC5 Jun 10
PV3.901DoncasterSouth Yorkshire Schools Championships12 Jun 10
PV3.901ARotherhamNorthern League 2EC4 Jul 10
PV3.901ACudworthMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Final1 Aug 10
PV3.801Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 May 10
PV3.802Leigh Northern Athletics U15/U17 Championships29 May 10
PV3.801Sheffield (W)McCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E18 Jul 10
PV3.801Blackpool Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC Medal Meeting12 Sep 10
PV3.70i3BSportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting10 Jan 10
PV3.70i3BSportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting7 Mar 10
PV3.702Don ValleySheffield Festival of Sport18 Apr 10
PV3.60i4SheffieldNorthern Athletics Junior Indoor Championships17 Jan 10
PV3.602Ashton-under-LyneMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E16 May 10
PV3.53i9SportcityVault Manchester16 Jan 10
PV3.50i2BSportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting3 Jan 10
PV3.351BScunthorpeNational Junior Athletic League Humber25 Apr 10
PV3.20i8Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open28 Mar 10
DT1.5K14.456Sheffield (W)McCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E2 May 10
JT70026.173Ashton-under-LyneMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E16 May 10
JT70019.196Sheffield (W)McCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier E2 May 10
2009 U15 The Dearne ALC
PV3.40i2QASportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
PV3.40i32SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting20 Dec 09
PV3.204BedfordEngland U17 & U15 Championships8 Aug 09
PV3.20i4SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open21 Nov 09
PV3.151ADon ValleyMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier21 Jun 09
PV3.102GatesheadNorthern Athletics U15 & U17 Championships24 May 09
PV3.101LiverpoolLiverpool Throws And Jumps19 Sep 09
PV3.00i1BirminghamEngland Athletics U20, U17 & U15 Championships14 Feb 09
PV3.00i1SportcityReebok Manchester Open8 Mar 09
PV3.002DoncasterSouth Yorkshire Schools Championships13 Jun 09
PV3.001ABlackburnMcCain UK Young Athletes League Northern Premier19 Jul 09
PV2.9512=Don ValleyAviva ESAA English Schools' Championships10 Jul 09
PV2.902Mansfield Mansfield Open5 Apr 09
PV2.902Don ValleyYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 May 09
PV2.903DoncasterSouth Yorkshire T&F League18 Jul 09
PV2.901BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde AC Open Medal Meeting13 Sep 09
PV2.85i2SportcityReebok Manchester Open11 Jan 09
PV2.851LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Throws & Jumps Competition18 Apr 09
PV2.80i1ASportcityReebok Manchester Open4 Jan 09
PV2.805NottinghamNotts AC Spring Spruce29 Mar 09
PV2.796GatesheadNorthern Athletics U15 & U17 Championships23 May 09
PV2.72i2ASportcityVault Manchester17 Jan 09
2008 U15 The Dearne ALC
PV2.80i1SportcityReebok Manchester Open21 Dec 08
PV2.501BlackpoolBlackpool Open Medals Meeting14 Sep 08
PV2.50i1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Open Meeting22 Nov 08
PV2.45WiganNorthern Athletics U17/U15 Championships25 May 08
PV2.40Don ValleyYorkshire Championships11 May 08
PV2.40DoncasterSouth Yorkshire League19 Jul 08
PV2.35iSportcityReebok Manchester Open2 Mar 08
PV2.20iSportcityReebok Manchester Open16 Mar 08
PV2.10MansfieldOpen Graded Meeting12 Apr 08
PV2.08iSportcityVault Manchester19 Jan 08
2007 U13 The Dearne ALC
PV2.102HalifaxHalifax Track Records Meeting31 Mar 07
PV2.00iSportcityReebok Manchester Open9 Dec 07
SP3.25K5.86WakefieldUKA Young Athletes League Northern 2EC3 Jun 07
Total Performances: 252
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