Charles Goodwill

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Age Group:U23
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 U17 Burnley
10014.15BWhitehavenNorth of England League Division 3WC4 Aug 18
10014.85BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC8 Jul 18
LJ3.664BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC8 Jul 18
2017 U17 Burnley
10013.852PrestonMid Lancashire League1 Jul 17
10014.45BOrmskirkNorth of England League Division 3WC9 Jul 17
LJ4.054PrestonMid Lancashire League1 Jul 17
LJ4.023BOrmskirkNorth of England League Division 3WC9 Jul 17
LJ4.015BAshton under LyneNorth of England League Division 3WC5 Aug 17
2016 U15 Burnley
LJ3.629BlackpoolMid Lancashire League2 Apr 16
LJ3.5212BlackburnMid Lancashire League30 Apr 16
LJ3.4813Clayton le MoorsMid Lancashire League28 May 16
LJ3.427OrmskirkMid Lancashire League23 Jul 16
2015 U15 Burnley
10015.364LitherlandMid Lancashire League9 May 15
10015.353LeighMid Lancashire League25 Jul 15
10015.343HyndburnMid Lancashire League1 Aug 15
10015.333BlackpoolMid Lancashire League29 Aug 15
10015.583LancasterMid Lancashire League4 Jul 15
20033.653LitherlandMid Lancashire League9 May 15
LJ3.6715LitherlandMid Lancashire League9 May 15
LJ3.5612BlackpoolMid Lancashire League29 Aug 15
LJ3.4917LancasterMid Lancashire League4 Jul 15
LJ3.4810HyndburnMid Lancashire League1 Aug 15
LJ3.3615BlackpoolMid Lancashire League11 Apr 15
LJ3.247LeighMid Lancashire League25 Jul 15
DT1.25K12.719BlackpoolMid Lancashire League29 Aug 15
DT1.25K11.677BlackpoolMid Lancashire League11 Apr 15
DT1.25K11.449HyndburnMid Lancashire League1 Aug 15
DT1.25K11.4310LeighMid Lancashire League25 Jul 15
DT1.25K10.838LancasterMid Lancashire League4 Jul 15
2014 U13 Burnley
8012.042BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open23 Mar 14
10015.343HyndburnMid Lancashire League10 May 14
10015.462PrestonMid Lancashire League26 Jul 14
10015.65NelsonPendle Open7 Sep 14
10015.67BlackpoolBlackpool Medal Meeting Open28 Sep 14
10015.755LitherlandMid Lancashire League28 Jun 14
10016.072LancasterMid Lancashire League3 Aug 14
10017.164WiganMid Lancashire League26 Apr 14
20032.522BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open23 Mar 14
20032.561HyndburnMid Lancashire League10 May 14
20033.562LancasterMid Lancashire League3 Aug 14
20033.664LitherlandMid Lancashire League28 Jun 14
20033.853WiganMid Lancashire League26 Apr 14
20034.683PrestonMid Lancashire League26 Jul 14
LJ3.574BlackpoolBlackpool Medal Meeting Open28 Sep 14
LJ3.464NelsonPendle Open7 Sep 14
LJ3.4019LitherlandMid Lancashire League28 Jun 14
LJ3.3416BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open23 Mar 14
LJ3.3119PrestonMid Lancashire League26 Jul 14
LJ3.1718WiganMid Lancashire League26 Apr 14
LJ3.1614LancasterMid Lancashire League3 Aug 14
LJ3.1410HyndburnMid Lancashire League10 May 14
DT1K11.951NelsonPendle Open7 Sep 14
2013 U13 Burnley
8014.372BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open10 Mar 13
10015.610BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde Open Medal Meeting22 Sep 13
10015.752HyndburnMid Lancashire League10 Aug 13
10015.773WiganMid Lancashire League Medal Meeting31 Aug 13
10015.844PrestonMid Lancashire League18 May 13
10015.952BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde Open Medal Meeting8 Sep 13
10016.064OrmskirkMid Lancashire League21 Jul 13
10016.154LancasterMid Lancashire League15 Jun 13
20033.87BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde Open Medal Meeting8 Sep 13
20033.851BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde Open Medal Meeting22 Sep 13
20034.083WiganMid Lancashire League Medal Meeting31 Aug 13
20034.152PrestonMid Lancashire League18 May 13
20034.762HyndburnMid Lancashire League10 Aug 13
20035.462OrmskirkMid Lancashire League21 Jul 13
20035.582LancasterMid Lancashire League15 Jun 13
20036.442BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open10 Mar 13
LJ3.3711BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde Open Medal Meeting22 Sep 13
LJ3.269BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde Open Medal Meeting8 Sep 13
LJ3.2314HyndburnMid Lancashire League10 Aug 13
LJ3.1128OrmskirkMid Lancashire League21 Jul 13
LJ3.0415WiganMid Lancashire League Medal Meeting31 Aug 13
LJ2.9323LancasterMid Lancashire League15 Jun 13
LJ2.7312BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open10 Mar 13
2012 U11 Burnley
7513.442NelsonPendle AC Open2 Sep 12
8013.532BlackpoolBlackpool Medal Meeting9 Sep 12
8013.832BlackpoolBlackpool Open Medal Meeting23 Sep 12
LJ2.928BlackpoolBlackpool Medal Meeting9 Sep 12
LJ2.885NelsonPendle AC Open2 Sep 12
LJ2.7620BlackpoolBlackpool Open Medal Meeting23 Sep 12
Total Performances: 81
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