Sammy Hearl

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Age Group:U23
County:Scotland West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2017 U20 Inverclyde
8002:19.97i6h3Emirates ArenaScottish National U13 / U15 / U20 Championships11 Feb 17
8002:21.245h1GrangemouthScottish Schools Championships10 Jun 17
8002:21.6361GreenockInverclyde Open Graded Meeting4 Jun 17
4.9K18:1230GreenockScottish National Young Athletes Road Race Championships18 Mar 17
2016 U17 Inverclyde
8002:19.88i7h3Emirates ArenaScottish Schools AA Championships4 Feb 16
8002:20.2362LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Meeting21 Jun 16
8002:21.478h2GrangemouthSSAA Scottish Schools Championships11 Jun 16
8002:21.96i36Emirates ArenaScottish National Open16 Jan 16
8002:22.73102LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Meeting19 Apr 16
10003:05.9151GreenockDunRen Open Graded Meeting10 May 16
10003:10.2951LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Meeting9 Aug 16
300010:47.048DGlasgowBMC Regional Races3 Jun 16
300011:11.14i14JKEmirates ArenaBMC / Glasgow AA Metric Miler Meeting (Inc Scottish 3000m Championships)3 Jan 16
2.6KXCL10:006L1GlasgowRenfrewshire AAA's Relays16 Oct 16
3KXC11:3667RenfrewScottish National Short Course Championships5 Nov 16
3M19:5311GreenockRenfrewshire AAA County Championships7 Feb 16
4.9K18:4332GreenockScottish National Young Athletes Road Race Championships2 Apr 16
5KXCNT53IrvineSSAA Secondary Championships9 Mar 16
5.5KXC20:59115LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)26 Nov 16
6.4KXC28:1173Callendar ParkScottish National Championships27 Feb 16
ZXC15:417Shanks ParkRenfrewshire AAA Championships20 Nov 16
2015 U17 Inverclyde
8002:16.854HutchesonsBMC Regional Races / Glasgow AA Miler Open (Inc Scottish U17 / U20 3000m Championships)5 Jun 15
8002:19.1654LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Open Meeting24 Jun 15
8002:20.807h1KilmarnockScottish West District Championships23 May 15
8002:21.097h5GrangemouthScottish Schools Championships12 Jun 15
8002:21.7212LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Open Meeting20 May 15
8002:24.62i8h3Emirates ArenaScottish National U13 / U17 Championships14 Feb 15
8002:24.67i58Emirates ArenaScottish National Open17 Jan 15
8002:24.708h1GrangemouthScottish Athletics Age Group Championships22 Aug 15
8002:26.556DumfriesNithsdale Open26 Apr 15
8002:29.15i8Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League Afternoon Match4 Jan 15
8002:33.20i8h2Emirates ArenaScottish Schools' Championships5 Feb 15
15004:51.5910FHutchesonsBMC Regional Races24 Jul 15
300010:55.87i6JEmirates ArenaBMC / Glasgow AA Metric Miler Meeting3 Jan 15
2.5K8:348:3454EdinburghMorrisons Great Edinburgh Junior Run19 Apr 15
2.5KNAD9:219:22116GlasgowBank of Scotland Great Scottish Junior 2.5K3 Oct 15
2.5KMT9:172EdinburghMorrisons Great Winter Junior Run 2.5K10 Jan 15
2.5KXCL9:1326L325HamiltonScottish West District Relay Championships11 Oct 15
2.5KXCL9:4748L344CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships24 Oct 15
2.7KNAD9:279:2841PaisleyPaisley Fun Run30 Aug 15
3KXC11:2051GlasgowScottish National Short Course Championships7 Nov 15
2M11:448GreenockRenfrewshire AAA County Road Race Championships1 Feb 15
4.2K15:1242GreenockScottish National Young Athletes Championships15 Mar 15
3MXC19:478GourockRenfrewshire AAA Championships14 Nov 15
parkrun18:4281GreenockGreenock parkrun # 695 Sep 15
parkrun20:0118GreenockGreenock parkrun # 658 Aug 15
parkrun20:09121GreenockGreenock parkrun # 6615 Aug 15
6.5KXC29:5927GlasgowScottish West District Championships6 Dec 15
5M30:4853CarlukeCarluke 57 Jun 15
ZXC14:4752FalkirkScottish National Championships22 Feb 15
ZXCNT48IrvineSSAA Championships7 Mar 15
ZXCL9:563L2Pollock ParkRenfrewshire AAA Relay Championships18 Oct 15
2014 U15 Inverclyde
8002:23.77i10Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League Afternoon Match14 Dec 14
8002:25.98i11.5Emirates ArenaGlasgow Yuletide Open Meeting20 Dec 14
8002:32.146LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Open Meeting20 Aug 14
8002:33.0125LinwoodDunren Open Graded Meeting25 Jun 14
8002:34.2126LinwoodDunren Open Graded30 Apr 14
8002:34.473LinwoodDunren Open Graded Meeting28 May 14
8002:35.515GrangemouthScottish Schools' Championships Qualifier7 Jun 14
8002:41.4i12Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League - Afternoon Match23 Feb 14
8002:46.4i12Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League - Afternoon Match5 Jan 14
1.5K6:366:382LinlithgowLinlithgow Fun Run28 Sep 14
1M5:48391GreenockChisholm Mile3 Jun 14
2.5K9:27c25GlasgowGreat Scottish Junior Run4 Oct 14
2.5KNAD8:433EdinburghBupa Junior Great Edinburgh Run27 Apr 14
2.5KMT8:0214EdinburghBupa Junior Great Winter Run11 Jan 14
2.62KMT9:091EdinburghScotland Kilomathon 2.62K16 Mar 14
3K11:1911:213EdinburghEdinburgh Marathon Festival Junior 3K24 May 14
3K11:3493GlasgowCambuslang Down By The River 3K2 Mar 14
2M12:3517GreenockRenfrewshire AAA County Road Race Championships2 Feb 14
4KXC17:0792FalkirkScottish National Championships22 Feb 14
4.3KNAD16:3348EdinburghScottish Junior Road Race Championships16 Mar 14
parkrun19:36121GreenockGreenock parkrun # 85 Jul 14
parkrun19:5816GreenockGreenock parkrun # 1126 Jul 14
ZRD8:0317FalkirkScottish Secondary Schools’ Road Championships8 Nov 14
ZXC14:2614JohnstoneRenfrewshire AAA County XC Championships16 Nov 14
ZXC15:0224LinwoodScottish West District Championships6 Dec 14
ZXC19:4251IrvineSSAA Secondary Schools' Championships8 Mar 14
ZXC21:0715JacktonEast Kilbride AC Championships19 Jan 14
ZXCL8:325L1Bellahouston ParkRenfrewshire AAA County XC Relay Championships18 Oct 14
ZXCL9:4138L2Port GlasgowScottish West District Relay Championships11 Oct 14
ZXCL10:4049L246CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships25 Oct 14
2013 U15 Inverclyde
8002:42.81i64Emirates ArenaGlasgow AA Yuletide Open22 Dec 13
8002:43.9528LinwoodDunRen Graded Open24 Apr 13
8002:44.9111LinwoodDunRen Graded Open29 May 13
8002:46.814WishawWishaw Open Graded Meeting6 Jul 13
8002:47.37i4h1Emirates ArenaScottish National U14/U16 Championships3 Mar 13
8002:47.7655LinwoodDunRen Graded Open26 Jun 13
8002:48.4666LinwoodDunRen Graded Open31 Jul 13
8002:49.73610GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting7 Aug 13
8002:52.06i324Emirates ArenaScottish National Open19 Jan 13
8002:52.527h2KilmarnockScottish West District Championships25 May 13
8002:59.45KilmarnockAyrshire Harriers Open Meeting14 Apr 13
1.5KNAD7:167:163LinlithgowLinlithgow Fun Run29 Sep 13
1M5:5336GreenockChisholm Road Mile4 Jun 13
2.5KNAD8:5217EdinburghBupa Junior Great Winter Run 2.5K5 Jan 13
2.5KNAD9:4849GlasgowBank of Scotland Great Scottish Junior 2.5K5 Oct 13
2.5KNAD9:5715REdinburghBupa Junior Great Edinburgh Run 2.5K14 Jul 13
2.8K11:4348Rouken GlenScottish National Young Athletes Championships17 Mar 13
3K12:0033Glasgow3K on the Green Series28 Jun 13
3K12:4432Glasgow3K on the Green Series26 Jul 13
5K23:466Glasgowjogscotland One Big Weekend 5K4 Aug 13
ZRD12:4713GreenockRenfrewshire County Championships & Open 53 Feb 13
ZXC13:2239IrvineSSAA Secondary Schools' Championships9 Mar 13
ZXC14:0940KilmarnockScottish West District Championships7 Dec 13
ZXC14:1413GourockRenfrewshire AAA County Championships17 Nov 13
ZXC15:2283FalkirkScottish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXCL9:4635L2HamiltonScottish West District Relay Championships12 Oct 13
ZXCL10:245L2GlasgowRenfrewshire AAA Relay Championships20 Oct 13
ZXCL10:4062L2CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships26 Oct 13
2012 U13 Inverclyde
8002:55.6639AyrScottish West District Championships12 May 12
8002:56.5528LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Meeting25 Apr 12
5K22:4223:0475Glasgowjogscotland 5K Challenge20 Jun 12
ZRD6:5610GreenockRenfrewshire Road Race Championships Junior Races5 Feb 12
ZXC8:134GlasgowScottish National 4K Championships11 Nov 12
ZXC10:159LinwoodRenfrewshire AAA County Championships17 Nov 12
ZXC12:4338InverclydeScottish West District Championships8 Dec 12
ZXC16:1474FalkirkScottish National Championships18 Feb 12
ZXCL10:422L2GlasgowRenfrewshire AAA County Relay Championships20 Oct 12
ZXCL11:0726L1KilmarnockScottish West District Relay Championships13 Oct 12
ZXCL11:4270L1CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships27 Oct 12
2011 U13 Inverclyde
ZXC14:0536IrvineScottish West District Championships10 Dec 11
Total Performances: 122
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