Catriona Scott

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Club:East Sutherland
Age Group:U20
County:Scotland North
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 U20 East Sutherland
4.2KXC23:28168ForresRUN4IT Scottish North District League26 Jan 19
5K23:2815927CrathieRun Balmoral ConocoPhillips 5K27 Apr 19
6.5KXC39:44363RossRUN4IT Scottish North District League2 Nov 19
2018 U17 East Sutherland
8002:34.226InvernessScottish North District Championships12 May 18
4.2KXC21:18166ForresScottish North District League10 Feb 18
4.95KXC25:43134ThursoScottish North District League27 Jan 18
ZXC19:57177NairnRUN4IT Scottish North District League15 Dec 18
ZXC21:308KeithRUN4IT Scottish North District League6 Oct 18
2017 U17 East Sutherland
8002:29.954InvernessScottish North District Championships13 May 17
8002:31.913InvernessNorth of Scotland Schools Championships31 May 17
8002:32.793AAberdeenScottish Athletics U17 Challenge21 May 17
8002:36.732AInvernessRAM Athletics League Division North7 May 17
2.6KXCL11:036L3EddertonScottish North District Relay Championships14 Oct 17
4KXC18:2740EdinburghGreat Edinburgh Cross Country International (Inc Scottish Inter District Championships)7 Jan 17
4.8KXC24:247EvantonScottish North District League21 Jan 17
4.8KXC26:246EvantonScottish North District League25 Nov 17
3MXC25:065GordonstounScottish North District Championships9 Dec 17
5KXC25:2212ForresScottish North District League11 Feb 17
ZXC21:5111NairnScottish North District League18 Nov 17
ZXC22:295KeithScottish North District League7 Oct 17
2016 U15 East Sutherland
8002:28.481InvernessScottish North District Championships14 May 16
8002:31.211AInvernessGrampian League Division North26 Jun 16
8002:32.515h3GrangemouthSSAA Scottish Schools Championships10 Jun 16
2.5K9:099:044675CrathieRun Balmoral Secondary 2.5K23 Apr 16
2.6KXCL10:281L2EddertonScottish North District Relay Championships8 Oct 16
4KXC20:027InvernessScottish North District Championships3 Dec 16
4.8KXC27:5912EvantonScottish North District League6 Feb 16
5KXC26:301410InvernessScottish North District League16 Jan 16
ZXC20:059NairnScottish North District League12 Nov 16
ZXC26:2412GordonstounScottish North District League29 Oct 16
2015 U15 East Sutherland
8002:48.764AInvernessPetrofac Grampian Athletics League Division North17 May 15
2.6KXCL11:425L2EddertonScottish North District Relay Championships10 Oct 15
4KXC19:0213ElginScottish North District Championships5 Dec 15
4.86KXC25:487CaithnessScottish North District League14 Nov 15
ZXC15:1012ForresScottish North District League17 Jan 15
ZXC18:1420SutherlandScottish North District League31 Jan 15
2014 U13 East Sutherland
6001:59.093InvernessNorth of Scotland Schools Championships3 Jun 14
8002:45.933AAberdeenUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Scotland NE22 Jun 14
8002:49.944InvernessScottish North District Championships24 May 14
15006:00.64AInvernessPetrofac Grampian Athletics League North Division8 Jun 14
ZXC13:4917InvernessScottish North District Championships29 Nov 14
ZXC15:028East SutherlandScottish North District League25 Jan 14
ZXC17:268InvernessScottish North District League18 Jan 14
ZXCL9:284L1EvantonScottish North District Relay Championships11 Oct 14
2013 U13 East Sutherland
6002:04.71AInvernessPetrofac Grampian Athletics League North Division30 Jun 13
6002:14.781BInvernessPetrofac Grampian Athletics League North Division14 Apr 13
ZXC6:192KeithRUN 4 IT North District League26 Jan 13
ZXC7:112East SutherlandRUN 4 IT North District League12 Jan 13
ZXC10:5513KeithScottish North District League2 Nov 13
ZXC15:2615MorayScottish North District League16 Nov 13
ZXC15:2813CaithnessScottish North District League5 Oct 13
ZXC17:0815NairnScottish North District Championships30 Nov 13
ZXCL12:312L1ScrabsterScottish North District Relay Championships12 Oct 13
2012 U11 East Sutherland
15026.11-0.222InvernessHighland Athletics Open with HIPPO15 Apr 12
8003:18.8158InvernessHighland Athletics Open with HIPPO15 Apr 12
ZXC5:442CaithnessRUN 4 IT North District League6 Oct 12
ZXC6:532MorayRUN 4 IT North District League17 Nov 12
ZXC7:291InvernessRUN 4 IT North District League3 Nov 12
ZXC7:4414ElginRun 4 It North District League28 Jan 12
ZXC8:4012EvantonRun 4 It North District League14 Jan 12
2011 U11 East Sutherland
7513.3512InvernessHighland Athletics Open With Hippo14 Aug 11
8003:15.153InvernessHighland Athletics Open With Hippo14 Aug 11
ZXCNT6CaithnessRun 4 It North District League1 Oct 11
Total Performances: 63
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