Lee Dover

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Club:Houghton Harriers
Age Group:SEN
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Lynn Cooper

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2019 SEN Houghton Harriers
8002:07.83AJarrowNorth of England League Division 4E10 Aug 19
500015:47.465MiddlesbroughNorth East Counties AA Championships11 May 19
500015:54.32AJarrowNorth of England League Division 4E14 Jul 19
500016:02.61AYorkNorth of England League Division 4E19 May 19
500016:06.71BDarlingtonNorth of England League Division 4E16 Jun 19
1000033:06.666JarrowNorth East Counties AA 10,000m Championships24 Apr 19
1000033:22.93123WalthamstowOrion Harriers Fast Friday 5000m / 10,000m Open (Inc England AA 10,000m Championships)7 Jun 19
3KXCL10:0911L1BirtleyCathedral Relays13 Jan 19
2.2ML11:2114L2Newcastle Upon TyneElswick Harriers Good Friday Relays19 Apr 19
2.22ML11:386L2Hetton-le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship31 Aug 19
5K16:1816:1682KingsleyMid Cheshire 5K26 Apr 19
5K16:2732SunderlandSunderland 5K11 Jul 19
5K16:396GatesheadWatergate 5K (Inc NEMAA Masters Championships)29 Aug 19
5KNAD17:3017:301MurtonRun Durham Dalton Park Summer 5K / 10K18 Aug 19
parkrun16:1731Victoria DockVictoria Dock parkrun # 7419 Oct 19
parkrun16:2021RiversideRiverside parkrun # 3311 Jan 19
parkrun17:033Rising SunRising Sun parkrun # 1331 Jan 19
parkrun17:1211Medina I.O.W.Medina I.O.W. parkrun # 42828 Sep 19
5.5MMT34:413GatesheadAngel View 5.527 Jun 19
9.6KXC34:0564CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Oct 19
10K34:3734:3629BlythPort of Blyth 10K (Inc British Masters 10k Road Championships)7 Apr 19
10KXC37:3910Acklam GrangeNorth Yorkshire & South Durham League6 Oct 19
12KXC42:15263LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
12.1KXC42:56101PontefractNorthern Counties Championships26 Jan 19
10MMT61:313South ShieldsSouth Shields 104 Aug 19
HM75:5475:541PontelandRun Northumberland Half Marathon17 Mar 19
HM75:5875:5716Sherburn in ElmetVale of York Half Marathon15 Sep 19
HMMT84:2984:291HamsterleyRun Durham Hamsterley Summer 10K / Half Marathon21 Jul 19
ZXC30:5417Temple ParkStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League5 Jan 19
ZXC35:4715PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League9 Feb 19
ZXC37:0324Alnwick CastleStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League2 Mar 19
2018 SEN Houghton Harriers
8002:08.73AMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 4E8 Jul 18
15004:36.85AMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 4E8 Jul 18
Mile4:38.43141JarrowNorth East Grand Prix Open20 Jun 18
30009:24.76101GatesheadNorth East Grand Prix Open8 Aug 18
500015:56.164StretfordBMC Grand Prix18 Aug 18
500016:07.52AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E5 May 18
500016:42.84AMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 4E8 Jul 18
1000033:52.1561JarrowNorth East Counties AA 10,000m Championships18 Apr 18
2.2ML11:335L3Newcastle Upon TyneElswick Harriers Good Friday Relays30 Mar 18
2.22ML11:5121L1Hetton-le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship17 Feb 18
3MXC18:117PenshawPenshaw Hill Race30 May 18
5K16:1230SunderlandSunderland 5K12 Jul 18
5K16:123GatesheadWatergate 5K (Inc NEMAA Masters Championships)30 Aug 18
5K16:1516:1196KingsleyMid Cheshire 5K27 Apr 18
5K16:263South ShieldsTemple Park 5K Series25 Mar 18
5K16:334South ShieldsTemple Park 5K Series27 Jul 18
5K16:343South ShieldsTemple Park 5K Series25 May 18
5K17:4417:445DurhamDurham City 5K18 Jul 18
parkrun16:3711SedgefieldSedgefield parkrun # 34220 Oct 18
parkrun16:5811Sutton ParkSutton Park parkrun # 622 Sep 18
parkrun17:594South ShieldsSouth Shields parkrun # 24620 Jan 18
parkrun18:2721SunderlandSunderland parkrun # 4171 Jan 18
5.67M31:3531:2452BlaydonBlaydon Races 5.679 Jun 18
6MXC34:0111GosforthStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League27 Oct 18
9.8KXC33:13159LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District & Mid Lancs Leagues)24 Nov 18
10K34:0634:0516 GatesheadSaltwell 10K22 Dec 18
10K34:1934:188BlythPort of Blyth 10K8 Apr 18
10K34:3412Whitley BayClive Cookson 10K23 May 18
10K35:047Newton AycliffeNewton Aycliffe 10K17 Jun 18
10K35:1235:102BamburghRun Northumberland Bamburgh 10K3 Jun 18
10KNAD34:2134:196SeahamRun Durham Dalton Park Winter 10K4 Feb 18
10KMT35:584Chester-le-StreetLambton Run 10K24 Jun 18
6.3MXC37:1320Aykley HeadsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League17 Nov 18
12KXC46:21130HarewoodNorthern Counties Championships27 Jan 18
12KXC46:5333WrekentonNorth Eastern County Championships8 Dec 18
12KXC46:56325Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
10M57:194KeswickDerwentwater 104 Nov 18
10MMT58:171South ShieldsSouth Shields 105 Aug 18
HM75:3475:3411Sherburn in ElmetVale of York Half Marathon9 Sep 18
HM77:5777:568SunderlandSunderland City Half Marathon13 May 18
ZXC33:2714WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League29 Sep 18
ZXC34:2113Druridge BayStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Oct 18
ZXC38:5623PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League10 Feb 18
ZXC41:4572SunderlandStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League6 Jan 18
ZXCL9:175L1SpringwellFarringdon Open & Relays1 Sep 18
2017 SEN Houghton Harriers
8002:03.002HexhamEAP International Combined Events22 Jul 17
8002:03.082JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series12 Jul 17
8002:03.103EChester le StreetBMC Regional Races19 Jun 17
8002:04.11AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E4 Jun 17
8002:04.22AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E5 Aug 17
8002:05.574FChester-le-StreetBMC Regional Races8 May 17
15004:17.422CChester-le-StreetBMC Regional Races3 Jul 17
15004:17.831EChester-le-StreetBMC Regional Races5 Jun 17
15004:18.072JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series26 Jul 17
15004:32.55AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E5 Aug 17
Mile4:33.7121JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series21 Jun 17
30009:13.38JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series24 May 17
30009:13.728JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series9 Aug 17
500015:57.448GatesheadNorth East Counties AA Championships14 May 17
500016:06.1417CSportcityBMC Grand Prix27 May 17
500016:13.9423SportcityNorthern Senior, U20 & Parallel Championships10 Jun 17
500016:38.31AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E5 Aug 17
1000033:20.5018BStretfordBMC Grand Prix19 Aug 17
1000033:49.55JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series19 Apr 17
1.8MXCL9:17 4L1 FarringdonFarringdon Open & Relays2 Sep 17
3KXCL10:2517L1DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays15 Jan 17
2MXCL11:3932L1SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships21 Oct 17
2.2ML11:229L4LemingtonGood Friday Road Races14 Apr 17
2.22ML11:5119L1Hetton-Le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship18 Feb 17
5K16:1735SunderlandSunderland 5K13 Jul 17
5K16:267South ShieldsTemple Park 5K Series28 Jul 17
5K16:403South ShieldsTemple Park 5K Series15 Oct 17
5K16:485GatesheadWatergate 5K (Inc NEMAA Masters Championships)31 Aug 17
parkrun16:3411HartlepoolHartlepool parkrun # 16317 Jun 17
parkrun16:4811SunderlandSunderland parkrun # 38025 Mar 17
parkrun17:1321Cannon HillCannon Hill parkrun # 35623 Sep 17
parkrun17:2611DurhamDurham parkrun # 28915 Jul 17
parkrun24:36126DurhamDurham parkrun # 2768 Apr 17
parkrun24:43141DurhamDurham parkrun # 27715 Apr 17
parkrun25:00137DurhamDurham parkrun # 2751 Apr 17
5.5MMT30:173GatesheadAngel View Races29 Jun 17
9.8KXC37:53182LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District League & Mid Lancs League)25 Nov 17
10K34:0434:0313BlythBlyth Valley 10K9 Apr 17
10K34:4334:4215Newcastle upon TyneHeaton Harriers Memorial 10K12 Nov 17
10K35:4235:4211GatesheadSimplyhealth Great North 10K9 Jul 17
10KNAD35:214MaltonFlaminGO! 10K11 Mar 17
10KMT35:521Chester-le-StreetLambton Run 10K25 Jun 17
12KXC47:32379NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
12KXC54:27265Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
10M58:288KeswickDerwentwater 105 Nov 17
10MMT57:504South ShieldsSouth Shields 1013 Aug 17
HM75:3475:29108ReadingVitality Reading Half Marathon19 Mar 17
HM77:24a77:21104Newcastle-South ShieldsSimplyHealth Great North Run10 Sep 17
ZXC32:5329South ShieldsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League28 Oct 17
ZXC33:2820WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League30 Sep 17
ZXC36:2928Druridge BayStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League8 Oct 17
ZXC38:0636Aykley HeadsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League18 Nov 17
ZXC38:2869Herrington ParkStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Jan 17
ZXC40:3635Alnwick CastleStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League4 Mar 17
ZXC44:2132PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League11 Feb 17
ZXCL9:363L2DurhamDurham Summer Relays10 Aug 17
2016 SEN Houghton Harriers
8002:08.83EChester le StreetBMC Regional Races25 Jul 16
8002:09.54GChester-le-StreetBMC Regional Races9 May 16
8002:10.24FChester le StreetBMC Regional Races20 Jun 16
8002:11.05ADarlingtonNorth of England League Division 4E3 Jul 16
8002:11.35AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E6 Aug 16
8002:11.61BWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E7 May 16
8002:15.23AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E5 Jun 16
15004:23.9111JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series10 Aug 16
15004:25.74CChester le StreetBMC Regional Races4 Jul 16
15004:27.15EChester le StreetBMC Regional Races6 Jun 16
15004:39.14ADarlingtonNorth of England League Division 4E3 Jul 16
Mile4:51.612GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series29 Jun 16
30009:34.713JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series8 Jun 16
30009:39.83ShildonAnne Marie Readshaw Memorial Open17 Apr 16
30009:47.0815GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series20 Jul 16
500016:19.82AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E7 May 16
500016:30.7214GatesheadNorth East Counties AA Championships15 May 16
500016:40.12AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E5 Jun 16
500016:57.84AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 4E6 Aug 16
1000034:30.15JarrowNorth East Counties AA 10,000m Championships27 Apr 16
1000034:59.927StretfordBMC Grand Prix20 Aug 16
1.8MXCL9:405L2SunderlandFarringdon Open and Relays3 Sep 16
2MXCL11:3629L2SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships22 Oct 16
2.2ML12:0211L4LemingtonGood Friday Relays25 Mar 16
2.22ML12:4816L4HettonNorth East Road Relay Championship20 Feb 16
5K17:1357SMSunderlandSunderland 5K13 Jul 16
parkrun16:4421HartlepoolHartlepool parkrun # 11913 Aug 16
parkrun17:003NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 33410 Sep 16
parkrun17:1221GatesheadGateshead parkrun # 22627 Aug 16
parkrun17:1511DurhamDurham parkrun # 24230 Jul 16
parkrun17:2411HartlepoolHartlepool parkrun # 1002 Apr 16
parkrun17:2921DurhamDurham parkrun # 24016 Jul 16
parkrun17:3211RiversideRiverside parkrun # 19226 Mar 16
parkrun17:3521DurhamDurham parkrun # 23718 Jun 16
parkrun17:382SunderlandSunderland parkrun # 32612 Mar 16
parkrun17:426AlbertAlbert parkrun # 4049 Jan 16
parkrun17:4331DurhamDurham parkrun # 23421 May 16
parkrun17:5171RiversideRiverside parkrun # 2069 Jul 16
parkrun18:233South ShieldsSouth Shields parkrun # 14316 Jan 16
parkrun18:4551RiversideRiverside parkrun # 1856 Feb 16
5.5MMT31:509HartlepoolOld Monks 5.53 Jan 16
10K35:0034:592BamburghRun Northumberland Bamburgh 10K12 Jun 16
10K35:095Newton AycliffeNewton Aycliffe 10K19 Jun 16
10K35:1235:1022Newcastle upon TyneHeaton Harriers Memorial 10K13 Nov 16
10K35:1435:1233MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Tees Pride 10K4 Sep 16
10K35:2135:2013SunderlandSunderland City 10K1 May 16
10K35:3535:3323Whitley BayClive Cookson 10K18 May 16
10K35:4235:4117GatesheadSaltwell 10K17 Dec 16
10K36:5927OvinghamTynedale 10K6 Jul 16
10KMT37:173Chester-le-StreetLambton Run 10K26 Jun 16
12KXC43:1450DurhamNorth Eastern County Championships10 Dec 16
12KXC55:44644Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
12KXC62:13374BlackburnNorthern Championships30 Jan 16
10M60:5316KeswickDerwentwater 106 Nov 16
ZXC33:3333South ShieldsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League19 Nov 16
ZXC33:3626WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League1 Oct 16
ZXC35:2962WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League19 Mar 16
ZXC35:5128Druridge BayStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League9 Oct 16
ZXC37:1135PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League26 Nov 16
ZXC43:3267AlnwickStart Fitness North East Harrier League5 Mar 16
ZXCL10:5723L1DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays17 Jan 16
2015 SEN Houghton Harriers
8002:20.66BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E12 Jul 15
8002:25.85BWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 3E8 Aug 15
15004:42.73BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E12 Jul 15
15004:51.84AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 3E8 Aug 15
30009:56.610GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series12 Aug 15
500019:15.22BWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 3E8 Aug 15
parkrun17:3151RiversideRiverside parkrun # 16817 Oct 15
parkrun17:3911SunderlandSunderland parkrun # 3043 Oct 15
parkrun17:4221SunderlandSunderland parkrun # 29822 Aug 15
parkrun17:5041RiversideRiverside parkrun # 15915 Aug 15
parkrun17:502SunderlandSunderland parkrun # 30831 Oct 15
parkrun17:5521SedgefieldSedgefield parkrun # 19414 Nov 15
parkrun18:0631DurhamDurham parkrun # 20319 Sep 15
parkrun18:3015DurhamDurham parkrun # 19227 Jun 15
parkrun18:305DurhamDurham parkrun # 1934 Jul 15
parkrun18:305DurhamDurham parkrun # 19418 Jul 15
10K36:5236:3837Newcastle upon TyneHeaton Harriers Memorial 10K8 Nov 15
10K38:3438:3232GatesheadSaltwell 10K19 Dec 15
12KXC50:1293SedgefieldNorth Eastern County Championships12 Dec 15
10M62:4030KeswickDerwentwater 101 Nov 15
HM82:44a82:32207Newcastle-South ShieldsMorrisons Great North Run13 Sep 15
ZXC35:2791South ShieldsStart Fitness North East Harrier League10 Oct 15
ZXC40:1366Druridge BayStart Fitness North East Harrier League28 Nov 15
ZXC43:47120DurhamStart Fitness North East Harrier League21 Nov 15
ZXCL10:0618L1SunderlandFarringdon Open and Relays5 Sep 15
ZXCL10:4017L2DurhamDurham Summer Relays20 Aug 15
Total Performances: 219
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