Elin Griffiths

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Club:Newport H
Age Group:U20
County:Wales South
Lead Coach:Darryn McAtee2015-

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2021 U20 Newport H
15005:19.51BHerefordMidland League - Worcs/Here/West15 Aug 21
15005:20.181ANewportMidland League - Newport11 Jul 21
300011:09.302AYateYouth Development League Upper Midlands South/West B25 Jul 21
300011:11.368BMillfieldBMC PB Classic29 May 21
300011:21.705NewportWelsh Junior Championships1 Aug 21
300011:32.0471YeovilYeovil Distance, Steeplechase & Jumps Open8 May 21
4.45KXC17:334626CardiffBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (Inc. Gwent League)16 Oct 21
4.6KXC18:51115BreconThe John H Collins Gwent League14 Nov 21
4.735KXC19:25102BreconWelsh Inter-Regional Championships20 Nov 21
5K20:4420:5327759CardiffCardiff Race for Victory 5K29 Aug 21
5KXC20:02144PembreyThe John H Collins Gwent League4 Dec 21
5.4KL23:3221L44LlanelliWelsh Road Relay Championships11 Sep 21
2020 U17 Newport H
15005:07.6044SwanseaWelsh Athletics Endurance Open20 Sep 20
15005:12.6144AberdareWelsh Athletics Endurance Open29 Aug 20
15005:20.09i7CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open (inc South Wales, East Wales, West Wales & South West England Championships)5 Jan 20
4.5KXC20:056BreconWelsh Schools Championships11 Mar 20
4.6KXC18:4875ChepstowStart Fitness Gwent League8 Feb 20
5.15KXC19:54117LlanelliWelsh National Championships22 Feb 20
2019 U17 Newport H
40069.82ACheltenhamUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland SW 130 Jun 19
15005:10.389NeathWelsh Athletics League19 May 19
15005:13.24112SwanseaMDAL Middle Distance Open31 Jul 19
15005:16.47i4CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open (Inc. South & East Wales & South West England Regional Championships6 Jan 19
15005:18.822PBreconNASUWT Cup & Plate Schools10 Jul 19
15005:20.62ACheltenhamUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland SW 130 Jun 19
15005:20.946AberdareSouth / East Wales Regional Championships11 May 19
300011:07.89NewportEast & South Wales Region London Mini Marathon Trials23 Jan 19
300011:19.776CardiffWelsh Schools Championships6 Jul 19
300011:29.8411NewportMDAL Middle Distance Open14 Aug 19
300011:42.99141CwmbranMiddle Distance Athletes League29 May 19
300011:44.328WrexhamWelsh Junior Championships16 Jun 19
3.2KL12:2620L245LlanelliWelsh Relay Championships15 Sep 19
3.6KXC16:5513PontypoolStart Fitness Gwent League9 Feb 19
4KXC16:5014BristolStart Fitness Gwent League2 Mar 19
4KXC17:15204LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9 Mar 19
4.45KXC18:225734CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Oct 19
4.5KXC19:1112BreconWelsh Schools Championships13 Feb 19
4.54KXC18:3713LlanelliWelsh National Championships23 Feb 19
4.7KXC19:2998Blaise CastleStart Fitness Gwent League7 Dec 19
4.81KXC19:311410BreconWelsh Inter-Regional Championships16 Nov 19
parkrun20:132121NewportNewport parkrun # 44221 Sep 19
5.1KXC18:5586Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League9 Nov 19
2018 U15 Newport H
8002:30.05ASwindonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW Promotion Match21 Jul 18
8002:30.124h4NewportWelsh U13 / U15 / U17 / U20 Championships24 Jun 18
8002:31.5822Cardiff MetWelsh U15 League Division East3 Jun 18
8002:31.95NewportWelsh U15 League Division East30 Jun 18
8002:34.32AHerefordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1B17 Jun 18
15005:05.311FStreetBMC PB Classic5 May 18
15005:08.546CardiffWelsh Championships14 Jul 18
15005:09.204BreconWelsh Inter Regional Championships25 Aug 18
15005:10.841CardiffSouth / East Wales Regional Championships12 May 18
15005:12.07i2CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open (Inc. South & East Wales Regional Championships)6 Jan 18
15005:12.522NewportWelsh U15 League Division East28 Jul 18
15005:13.30i21CardiffWelsh Athletics Senior Championships27 Jan 18
15005:16.942ANeathUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1B19 May 18
15005:17.385CardiffWelsh Schools Championships7 Jul 18
15005:19.71AYateUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1B21 Apr 18
15005:28.682HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge Match1 Sep 18
300011:05.0211SwanseaWelsh Athletics International25 Jul 18
2.55KXCNT11057BarryCardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan Schools Girls League19 Sep 18
3.14KXC13:2413Llandrindod WellsWelsh Inter-Regional Championships8 Dec 18
3.2KL12:3129L396LlanelliWelsh Relay Championships22 Sep 18
3.2KXC13:1234CardiffBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (Inc. Gwent League)13 Oct 18
3.6KXC14:0514Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc West Wales Championships)10 Nov 18
3.6KXC17:028Pontypool ParkStart Fitness Gwent League10 Feb 18
3.75KXC15:1410BreconWelsh Schools' Championships7 Mar 18
3.88KL15:5533L2Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays6 Oct 18
4.34KXC16:5214SwanseaWelsh National Championships24 Feb 18
parkrun20:392321NewportNewport parkrun # 39529 Sep 18
2017 U15 Newport H
8002:33.42AHerefordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 1B20 May 17
8002:35.31BBathUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 1B22 Apr 17
8002:36.231NewportNewport Harriers Club Championships4 Apr 17
8002:36.573ANewportUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 1B18 Jun 17
15005:13.664NewportNewport Harriers Club Championships6 Apr 17
15005:14.7641NewportWelsh U15 League Division East22 Jul 17
15005:18.947BreconEast / South Wales Regional Championships14 May 17
15005:20.842PBreconNASUWT Plate & Cup Final13 Jul 17
15005:21.3512CardiffWelsh Championships9 Jun 17
15005:26.045HerefordWelsh U15 League Division East29 Apr 17
15005:27.531HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge Match9 Sep 17
15005:31.71i42CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open (Inc South & East Wales Regional & South West England Championships)8 Jan 17
300011:36.5818Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open Series18 Jul 17
1.6KXCL6:292L2MonmouthWelsh Relay Championships4 Nov 17
2.6KXC10:4313NewportStart Fitness Gwent League12 Feb 17
2.82KXCNT91PontcannaCardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan Schools Girls League10 Oct 17
3KL12:106L3LlanelliWelsh Relay Championships16 Sep 17
3KXC13:107LlanelliStart Fitness Gwent League4 Mar 17
3KXC14:54189LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)11 Mar 17
3.12KXC13:1813SwanseaWelsh National Championships25 Feb 17
3.2KXC11:5532CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (inc South & West Wales Championships & BA Cross Challenge)14 Oct 17
3.6KXC14:1810Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League3 Dec 17
3.6KXC15:0618BreconStart Fitness Gwent League11 Nov 17
3.75KXC15:4920BreconWelsh Schools' Championships18 Mar 17
3.88KL15:4239L1Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays7 Oct 17
parkrun20:471521Sheffield CastleSheffield Castle parkrun # 20529 Jul 17
parkrun21:082321NewportNewport parkrun # 34423 Sep 17
parkrun21:162821NewportNewport parkrun # 33812 Aug 17
parkrun22:47551NewportNewport parkrun # 3061 Jan 17
2016 U13 Newport H
8002:46.0971NewportWelsh U15 League Division East5 Jun 16
8002:48.032NewportNewport Harriers Club Championships12 Apr 16
8002:52.86i62CardiffWelsh U13 / U15 / U17 / U20 Championships16 Jan 16
8002:54.49i42CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open9 Jan 16
15005:39.2681NewportWelsh U15 League Division East28 May 16
15005:40.351NewportNewport Harriers Club Championships14 Apr 16
15005:43.137BreconSouth & East Wales Regional Championships14 May 16
15005:48.6210NewportWelsh U13 / U15 / U17 / U20 Championships13 Aug 16
15005:53.7110CardiffWelsh U15 League Division East9 Jul 16
1.6KXCL5:211L2MonmouthWelsh Relay Championships23 Oct 16
1.9KL7:466L3BargoedWelsh Road Relay Championships10 Apr 16
2.12KXC8:1014Builth WellsWelsh Inter-Regional Championships10 Dec 16
2.5KXC9:4330BridgendStart Fitness Gwent League16 Oct 16
2.6KXC10:078BristolStart Fitness Gwent League3 Dec 16
2.8KXC11:3215BreconStart Fitness Gwent League12 Nov 16
2.8KXC12:3630BreconGwent League5 Mar 16
2.85KXC11:515BreconWSAA Inter Schools' Championships26 Nov 16
2.85KXC12:5915BreconWelsh Schools National Championships10 Feb 16
3.12KXC15:0933SwanseaWelsh National Championships27 Feb 16
3.88KL15:4023L1Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays8 Oct 16
parkrun22:0166NewportNewport parkrun # 28917 Sep 16
2015 U13 Newport H
8002:56.622NewportLes Davies Club Challenge5 Sep 15
8003:01.6712HerefordWelsh U15 League Division East1 Aug 15
8003:06.43NewportNewport Harriers Club Championships14 Apr 15
8003:11.9732HerefordWelsh U15 League Division East9 May 15
15006:11.612HerefordWelsh U15 League Division East12 Jul 15
15006:21.917NewportWelsh U15 League Division East6 Jun 15
15006:26.32NewportNewport Harriers Club Championships16 Apr 15
1.45KNAD6:3215PontypriddWelsh Road Relay Championships22 Mar 15
1.5KXCL6:428L1BridgendWelsh Relay Championship22 Nov 15
2.21KXC9:4737Builth WellsWelsh Inter-Regional Championships12 Dec 15
2.37KXC10:2456Llandaff FieldsGwent League8 Nov 15
2.5KXC10:4243Newbridge FieldsGwent League11 Oct 15
parkrun25:56190NewportNewport parkrun # 23519 Sep 15
ZXC7:1830BristolGwent League8 Feb 15
ZXC11:1639Blaise CastleGwent League5 Dec 15
2014 U11 Newport H
15028.4443NewportWelsh U15 League East Division7 Jun 14
8003:14.23CwmbranLes Davies Club Challenge10 Aug 14
8003:14.7081NewportWelsh U15 League East Division13 Jul 14
8003:18.951CwmbranWelsh U15 League East Division17 May 14
8003:19.7242NewportWelsh U15 League East Division7 Jun 14
ZXC6:5933BreconGwent League6 Dec 14
ZXC7:2939BridgendGwent League12 Oct 14
ZXCNT40CardiffGwent League9 Nov 14
2013 U11 Newport H
ZXC9:0068BathGwent League (inc Tri Counties Champs)8 Dec 13
Total Performances: 142
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