Daniel Lawrance

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Club:Peterborough & Nene Valley
Age Group:U23
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 U17 Nene Valley
15005:17.81BPeterboroughEast Anglian League22 Apr 18
15005:20.64nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League3 Jun 18
15005:27.02AWareEastern Young Athletes' League6 May 18
1500SC5:57.92NorwichESAA Anglian Schools Inter-County Championships16 Jun 18
JT70030.233AWareEastern Young Athletes' League6 May 18
2017 U17 Nene Valley
8002:21.213PeterboroughNene Valley Harriers End of Season Open21 Sep 17
8002:31.72GranthamLincolnshire County Championships13 May 17
15004:59.01nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League2 Jul 17
15005:04.22nsCambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League4 Jun 17
15005:06.01APeterboroughEast Anglian League11 Jun 17
15005:11.43nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League7 May 17
1500SC5:58.22CambridgeESAA Anglian Schools Inter-County Championships18 Jun 17
JT70027.031BPeterboroughEast Anglian League11 Jun 17
JT70025.212nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League7 May 17
JT70021.202BCambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League4 Jun 17
3K11:27106StamfordPeterborough Grand Prix 3K19 Jul 17
3K11:4110EyePeterborough Grand Prix 3K21 Jun 17
3KNAD11:18104ThorneyPeterborough Grand Prix 3K5 Jul 17
3KXCL12:1962L3MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships4 Nov 17
3KXCL13:4111L3Wormwood ScrubsSouth of England AA Relay Championships21 Oct 17
4.5KXC16:3224NottinghamNorth Midlands League14 Jan 17
4.5KXC19:05250Parliament HillSouth of England AA Championships28 Jan 17
ZXC11:2028Bourne WoodsFrostbite Friendly League5 Feb 17
2016 U15 Nene Valley
30046.74APeterboroughEast Anglian League14 Aug 16
30047.62nsBraintreeEast Anglian League12 Jun 16
8002:23.816PeterboroughNene Valley Harriers Club Night8 Sep 16
8002:26.81BPeterboroughEast Anglian League14 Aug 16
8002:29.13BBraintreeEast Anglian League12 Jun 16
8002:32.31nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League5 Jun 16
8002:33.15GranthamLincolnshire County Championships15 May 16
8002:34.54nsLutonEastern Young Athletes' League3 Jul 16
8002:34.781nsCambridgeEast Anglian League17 Jul 16
8002:36.13nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League8 May 16
8002:42.92BNorwichEastern Young Athletes' League7 Aug 16
15005:26.52BBury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final18 Sep 16
DT1.25K19.052BNorwichEastern Young Athletes' League7 Aug 16
JT60026.462BCambridgeEast Anglian League17 Jul 16
JT60025.905BStevenageEastern Young Athletes' League Final4 Sep 16
JT60024.725ANorwichEastern Young Athletes' League7 Aug 16
JT60024.473ABraintreeEast Anglian League12 Jun 16
JT60024.333BPeterboroughEast Anglian League14 Aug 16
JT60023.293BLutonEastern Young Athletes' League3 Jul 16
JT60022.474nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League5 Jun 16
JT60020.592BPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League8 May 16
3KNAD11:4573WerringtonPeterborough Grand Prix Werrington 3K3 Aug 16
3KNAD11:54186ThorneyPeterborough Grand Prix 3K20 Jul 16
4.5KXC22:13247Parliament HillSouth of England Championships30 Jan 16
4.5KXC22:43352Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
ZXC11:2829Bourne WoodsFrostbite Friendly League7 Feb 16
2015 U15 Bourne
3KNAD 12:14199StamfordPeterborough Grand Prix 3K22 Jul 15
30041.21BKing's LynnEast Anglian League9 Aug 15
30051.43nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League14 Jun 15
8002:36.367PeterboroughNene Valley Harriers End of Season Open17 Sep 15
8002:45.92nsPeterboroughEast Anglian League19 Jul 15
8002:47.87BBury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final13 Sep 15
8002:49.92nsHemel HempsteadEastern Young Athletes' League12 Jul 15
8002:55.13nsBury St EdmondsEast Anglian League3 May 15
8003:00.02BKing's LynnEast Anglian League9 Aug 15
8003:00.55nsNorwichEastern Young Athletes' League2 Aug 15
8003:59.98nsBedfordEastern Young Athletes' League19 Apr 15
15005:54.01nsLutonEast Anglian League21 Jun 15
DT1.25K15.831BNorwichEastern Young Athletes' League2 Aug 15
DT1.25K15.561nsKing's LynnEast Anglian League9 Aug 15
JT60021.531nsBury St EdmondsEast Anglian League3 May 15
JT60020.022BNorwichEastern Young Athletes' League2 Aug 15
JT60018.821BBedfordEastern Young Athletes' League19 Apr 15
JT60017.732BHemel HempsteadEastern Young Athletes' League12 Jul 15
JT60017.114nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League14 Jun 15
JT60016.856GranthamLincolnshire County Championships10 May 15
3K12:011810PeterboroughPeterborough Grand Prix 3K10 Jun 15
3KNAD11:532710ThorneyPeterborough Grand Prix 3K8 Jul 15
3KNAD12:15229WerringtonPeterborough Grand Prix Werrington 3K5 Aug 15
3KXC18:37392Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
ZXC11:3075MarchFrostbite Friendly League11 Jan 15
ZXC12:3383Hinchingbrooke SchoolFrostbite Friendly League1 Mar 15
ZXC13:4786Bourne WoodsFrostbite Friendly League1 Feb 15
ZXC14:4413LincolnLincolnshire County Championships4 Jan 15
2014 U13 Bourne
8003:07.86LincolnLincolnshire League6 Jul 14
8003:16.92GranthamLincolnshire League7 Sep 14
15006:30.54GranthamLincolnshire League13 Apr 14
HJ1.033GranthamLincolnshire League13 Apr 14
LJ3.642GranthamLincolnshire League7 Sep 14
LJ3.473GranthamLincolnshire League20 Jul 14
LJ3.217LincolnLincolnshire League6 Jul 14
SP3.25K5.963GranthamLincolnshire League20 Jul 14
JT40021.702GranthamLincolnshire County Championships17 May 14
JT40021.482GranthamLincolnshire League7 Sep 14
JT40020.672GranthamLincolnshire League20 Jul 14
JT40020.112LincolnLincolnshire League6 Jul 14
JT40018.831GranthamLincolnshire League13 Apr 14
1.5MMT13:1692Hinchingbrooke ParkFrostbite Friendly League14 Dec 14
3K15:066019PeterboroughPeterborough Grand Prix 3K4 Jun 14
3KNAD13:112811PeterboroughPeterborough Grand Prix 3K2 Jul 14
3KNAD13:2821StamfordPeterborough Grand Prix 3K16 Jul 14
3KNAD13:432712WerringtonPeterborough Grand Prix 3K30 Jul 14
ZRD10:46103BushfieldFrostbite Friendly League2 Nov 14
ZXC9:4793Priory ParkFrostbite Friendly League5 Oct 14
ZXC11:07128Whitemoor PrisonFrostbite Friendly League12 Jan 14
ZXC13:53135Hinchingbrooke SchoolFrostbite Friendly League2 Mar 14
ZXC14:0513LincolnLincolnshire League16 Nov 14
ZXC14:2698Bourne WoodsFrostbite Friendly League2 Feb 14
ZXC15:3515LouthLincolnshire League26 Oct 14
ZXC15:4635DerbyNorth Midlands League11 Oct 14
ZXC15:5432KetteringNorth Midlands League8 Nov 14
ZXC18:2919Caythorpe CourtLincolnshire County Championships5 Jan 14
2013 U13 Bourne
15006:03.34GranthamLincolnshire League16 Jun 13
15006:12.62LincolnLincolnshire League21 Jul 13
15006:14.65LincolnLincolnshire League19 May 13
15006:19.08GranthamLincolnshire League21 Apr 13
HJ1.105LincolnLincolnshire League21 Jul 13
HJ1.055LincolnLincolnshire League19 May 13
LJ2.975GranthamLincolnshire League16 Jun 13
SP3.25K5.013GranthamLincolnshire League21 Apr 13
SP3.25K4.946LincolnLincolnshire League19 May 13
JT40015.774LincolnLincolnshire League21 Jul 13
JT40013.872GranthamLincolnshire League16 Jun 13
5KNAD25:2525:2612318PeterboroughPerkins Great Eastern Run 5K13 Oct 13
ZXC16:59203SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
2012 U11 Bourne
8014.15GranthamLincolnshire League1 Apr 12
6002:17.54GranthamLincolnshire League2 Sep 12
LJ2.943GranthamLincolnshire League1 Apr 12
Total Performances: 121
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