William Randall

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Age Group:U17
Lead Coach:James Wardman2013-
Previous Lead:Keith Pailing-2013

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U11 600m West Yorksire Champion 2014
U13 800m Yorkshire Champion 2016
U13 800m West Yorkshire Champion 2016
U13 800m Northern Bronze medalist 2016
U15 800m West Yorkshire Champion 2017
U15 800m Indoor Northern Bronze Medalist 2018
U15 800m Yorkshire Bronze Medalist 2018
U15 800m Northern Intercounties Winner 2018
U15 800m West Yorkshire Champion 2018

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Performances Submit
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2020 U17 Rothwell
ZXC19:567LeedsWest Yorkshire County Schools' Championships1 Feb 20
2019 U17 Rothwell
40054.2031YorkCity of York Summer League & Open6 May 19
8002:03.681CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 19
8002:04.091CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League8 Sep 19
8002:04.519CLeedsBMC Regional Races1 Jul 19
8002:04.8883StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open (Distance / Throws)6 Aug 19
8002:05.301WakefieldWest Yorkshire League19 Jun 19
8002:06.585h2CudworthYorkshire County Championships11 May 19
8002:14.201CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 19
15004:23.421CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League29 May 19
15004:28.202CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League1 May 19
300010:08.434YorkCity of York Summer League & Open25 May 19
2.3KXCL7:5915L3SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships19 Oct 19
3.2KNAD10:577LeedsYorkshire Road Relay Championships30 Mar 19
3.7KL13:0824L3ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays15 Sep 19
4.9KXC18:1910West ParkWest Yorkshire League17 Nov 19
parkrun18:1611RothwellRothwell parkrun # 10231 Aug 19
5.3KXC20:4223KeighleyWest Yorkshire League5 Oct 19
5.65KXC21:1211Nunroyd ParkWest Yorkshire League27 Oct 19
2018 U15 Rothwell
8002:02.301DLeedsBMC Regional Races2 Jul 18
8002:02.7311StretfordTrafford AC Medal Open Meeting28 May 18
8002:03.841ALeighNorthern Athletics U15 / U17 Inter Counties Championships7 Jul 18
8002:04.103h2BirminghamNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships13 Jul 18
8002:04.258BirminghamNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships14 Jul 18
8002:05.633CudworthYorkshire County Championships12 May 18
8002:06.2411CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League13 Jun 18
8002:07.903DLeedsBMC Regional Races30 Apr 18
8002:09.901YorkCity of York Summer League7 May 18
8002:12.431Leeds (BP)West Yorkshire County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
8002:12.87i3SheffieldNorthern Athletics U13 / U15 Championships4 Feb 18
8002:14.89i3h1SheffieldNorthern Athletics U13 / U15 Championships4 Feb 18
8002:15.531CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships9 Sep 18
8002:20.972h2CudworthYorkshire County Championships12 May 18
15004:24.752WakefieldWest Yorkshire League23 May 18
15004:36.9812StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open24 Apr 18
15004:41.601WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 18
4.1KXC16:09213LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships17 Mar 18
ZXC14:547LeedsWest Yorkshire Schools' Championships3 Feb 18
2017 U15 Rothwell
6001:31.24i11SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series3 Dec 17
8002:08.532LeedsWest Yorkshire County Schools Championships10 Jun 17
8002:10.57i11SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series5 Nov 17
8002:14.398CudworthYorkshire County Championships13 May 17
8002:15.5421WakefieldWest Yorkshire League10 May 17
8002:16.315h1CudworthYorkshire County Championships13 May 17
8002:18.0512StretfordTrafford AC Medal Open Meeting1 May 17
8002:19.7141StretfordTrafford AC Medal Open Meeting17 Apr 17
8002:20.631CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League10 Sep 17
15004:31.231CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League19 Jul 17
15004:36.221YorkCity of York Summer League2 Jul 17
15004:38.532WakefieldWest Yorkshire League6 Aug 17
15004:39.854CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League7 Jun 17
15005:10.38YorkCity of York Summer League7 May 17
2KXCL7:369L3SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships21 Oct 17
3KL11:4716L3ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays16 Sep 17
3KXC12:4861LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)11 Mar 17
3KXC13:0395Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
3KXC13:3483NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
4KXC14:127LeedsWest Yorkshire Schools' Championships4 Feb 17
4KXC14:26239NorwichNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships18 Mar 17
4.3KXC14:436WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Oct 17
4.5KXC16:4913KeighleyWest Yorkshire League9 Dec 17
3M18:1258REGLondonVirgin London Mini Marathon23 Apr 17
ZXC8:565RiponYorkshire County Championships7 Jan 17
ZXC12:359SpenboroughWest Yorkshire League19 Nov 17
2016 U13 Rothwell
15022.1012CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League4 May 16
8002:22.463MiddlesbroughNorthern Athletics U13 / U15 / U17 Championships13 Aug 16
8002:22.511CudworthYorkshire County Championships15 May 16
8002:22.7711CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League22 Jun 16
8002:23.91YorkBenenden Summer League18 Jun 16
8002:24.8911CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League13 Jul 16
8002:26.03YorkBenenden Summer League8 May 16
8002:26.5511StretfordTrafford AC Medal Open Meeting2 May 16
8002:26.811LeedsLeeds City Open inc. Mark Sesay Memorial 800m4 Jun 16
8002:27.581WakefieldWakefield Spring Open Meeting10 Apr 16
8002:28.281CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League4 Sep 16
8002:30.081YorkBenenden Summer League20 Aug 16
8002:31.042h2CudworthYorkshire County Championships14 May 16
8002:32.91YorkBenenden Summer League24 Apr 16
LJ4.103YorkBenenden Summer League8 May 16
LJ3.972YorkBenenden Summer League24 Apr 16
LJ3.824YorkBenenden Summer League18 Jun 16
LJ3.792CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League4 Sep 16
LJ3.706LeedsLeeds City Open inc. Mark Sesay Memorial 800m4 Jun 16
LJ3.685YorkBenenden Summer League20 Aug 16
2.6KXC9:4521RiponYorkshire County Championships9 Jan 16
2.9KXC11:327WakefieldWest Yorkshire League2 Oct 16
2.9KXC11:476KeighleyWest Yorkshire League4 Dec 16
3KXC14:24109Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
2MXC14:071210Middleton ParkPECO League3 Jan 16
ZXC7:592Northcliffe ParkWest Yorkshire Schools' Championships6 Feb 16
ZXC11:1816Belvoir CastlePrimary Schools' and Year 7 Championships19 Mar 16
ZXC12:206SpenboroughWest Yorkshire League20 Nov 16
ZXC13:445LeedsWest Yorkshire League30 Oct 16
2015 U13 Rothwell
8011.9722WakefieldWest Yorkshire League13 May 15
8012.1132CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League25 Apr 15
8012.4052CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League3 Jun 15
15023.3061WakefieldWest Yorkshire League13 May 15
8002:37.132WakefieldWest Yorkshire League24 Jun 15
8002:38.235WakefieldWest Yorkshire League1 Aug 15
8002:38.63YorkYork Benenden Health Summer League20 Jun 15
8002:39.4822CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League15 Jul 15
8002:42.0361CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League25 Apr 15
8002:42.23YorkYork Benenden Health Summer League16 Aug 15
LJ3.784WakefieldWest Yorkshire League1 Aug 15
LJ3.788YorkYork Benenden Health Summer League16 Aug 15
LJ3.638CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League3 Jun 15
2.9KXC11:3921WakefieldWest Yorkshire League18 Oct 15
3KXC14:51249Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
3.1KXC12:45116PontefractNorthern Championships24 Jan 15
3.16KXC13:2015HuddersfieldWest Yorkshire League31 Oct 15
ZXC6:322West ParkPECO League4 Jan 15
ZXC8:035Roundhay ParkPECO League1 Mar 15
ZXC8:2720KeighleyWest Yorkshire League14 Nov 15
ZXC13:0711LeedsWest Yorkshire League6 Dec 15
ZXCL8:393L3Pendas FieldsPECO League Relays15 Mar 15
2014 U11 Rothwell
7511.4441WakefieldWest Yorkshire League3 Aug 14
7511.6012CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League16 Jul 14
7511.712CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League4 Jun 14
7512.4222CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League26 Apr 14
6001:52.561CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships7 Sep 14
6001:53.6711WakefieldWest Yorkshire League3 Aug 14
6001:53.7311WakefieldWest Yorkshire League25 Jun 14
6001:54.21YorkYork Benenden Health Summer League8 Jun 14
6001:55.4621WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 May 14
6001:59.652CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League26 Apr 14
LJ3.435WakefieldWest Yorkshire League3 Aug 14
LJ3.205CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League26 Apr 14
LJ2.889YorkYork Benenden Health Summer League8 Jun 14
LJ2.7618WakefieldWest Yorkshire League25 Jun 14
SP2.72K5.264CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League16 Jul 14
SP2.72K4.855CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League4 Jun 14
SP2K4.478WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 May 14
parkrun24:12601PontefractPontefract parkrun # 14322 Feb 14
ZXC6:051Pontefract ParkPECO League14 Dec 14
ZXC7:1112ShipleyPECO League2 Mar 14
ZXC7:256LeedsPECO League16 Feb 14
ZXC7:573LeedsPECO League30 Nov 14
ZXC9:109LeedsPECO League12 Jan 14
ZXC9:3546KeighleyWest Yorkshire League22 Nov 14
ZXC12:2650WakefieldWest Yorkshire Cross Country League19 Oct 14
ZXC15:4624LeedsWest Yorkshire League7 Dec 14
2013 U11 Rothwell
parkrun22:2837PontefractPontefract parkrun # 1317 Dec 13
parkrun23:3799Temple NewsamTemple Newsam parkrun # 3428 Sep 13
parkrun25:53431Temple NewsamTemple Newsam parkrun # 1113 Apr 13
parkrun26:2058PontefractPontefract parkrun # 10829 Jun 13
parkrun26:32471Temple NewsamTemple Newsam parkrun # 69 Mar 13
ZXC5:5524WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League20 Oct 13
ZXC6:328LeedsPECO League15 Dec 13
ZXC6:3615LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League1 Dec 13
ZXC6:3716LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League17 Nov 13
ZXC8:125LeedsPECO League24 Nov 13
2012 U11 Rothwell
parkrun25:2242PontefractPontefract parkrun # 671 Sep 12
parkrun27:2069PontefractPontefract parkrun # 515 May 12
parkrun30:37751PontefractPontefract parkrun # 477 Apr 12
Total Performances: 154
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