Liam Jackson

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Age Group:U20
County:Scotland East
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances

Performances Submit
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

2017 U15 Lothian
10013.49-0.111.6LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting19 Apr 17
20027.67-0.619LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting24 May 17
2016 U15 Lothian
609.38i37GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting2 Mar 16
10013.94w2.556LivingstonLivingston Club Championships11 Sep 16
10014.36-0.837LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting20 Jul 16
10014.6056GrangemouthGrangemouth Open Graded7 Sep 16
10015.282.067GrangemouthGrangemouth Open Graded4 May 16
15022.4365GrangemouthGrangemouth Open Graded7 Sep 16
15024.34-1.433GrangemouthGrangemouth Open Graded4 May 16
20029.62w2.465LivingstonLivingston Club Championships11 Sep 16
20030.36-0.528LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting25 May 16
20031.88-1.269LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting24 Aug 16
2015 U13 Lothian
60NS9.15i414MotherwellNL Leisure Graded Open10 Jan 15
609.12i45GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting2 Dec 15
609.16i11.6GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting7 Jan 15
609.20i53GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting4 Feb 15
10014.471.326GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting2 Sep 15
10014.67110LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting22 Apr 15
10014.801.0511GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting6 May 15
10014.830.047LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting15 Jul 15
10014.91-2.411GrangemouthFalkirk Victoria & Livingston Club Championships12 Sep 15
100NS14.76i111MotherwellNL Leisure Graded Open10 Jan 15
20030.50-1.812GrangemouthFalkirk Victoria & Livingston Club Championships12 Sep 15
20031.14310GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting3 Jun 15
20031.58-2.8111GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting5 Aug 15
20031.871.269LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting19 Aug 15
2014 U13 Lothian
609.29i17GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting3 Dec 14
609.49i11.5GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open5 Mar 14
609.65i11.6GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open5 Feb 14
609.88i41.7GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open8 Jan 14
10015.1539LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting16 Jul 14
10015.513GrangemouthCentral AC Pre Season Open Meeting29 Mar 14
10015.78711GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting7 May 14
10015.8678LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting2 Apr 14
20032.15514LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting20 Aug 14
20032.423GrangemouthCentral AC Pre Season Open Meeting29 Mar 14
20033.4089GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting7 May 14
20033.76310LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting28 May 14
LJ3.258LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting2 Apr 14
LJ3.047LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting28 May 14
2013 U11 Lothian
10015.341LivingstonLivingston Club Championships29 Sep 13
10016.00510GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting4 Sep 13
10016.63316LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting21 Aug 13
20032.982LivingstonLivingston Club Championships29 Sep 13
20034.39120LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting29 May 13
20034.5951GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting4 Sep 13
8003:11.7252LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting29 May 13
8003:16.28AGrangemouthJSB Plumbing Forth Valley League Division 218 May 13
8003:17.47AGrangemouthJSB Plumbing Forth Valley League Division 227 Apr 13
LJ3.277LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting21 Aug 13
LJ2.845AGrangemouthJSB Plumbing Forth Valley League Division 227 Apr 13
Total Performances: 51
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