James Scantlebury

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Club:Erme Valley
Age Group:U20
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 U17 Erme Valley
300011:47.635ACardiffUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier SW30 Jun 19
300011:57.544AExeterUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier SW26 May 19
300012:42.144PlymouthDevon Open Series28 Apr 19
HJ1.503BExeterUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier SW26 May 19
HJ1.401PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting7 Apr 19
HJ1.303PlymouthDevon Open Series28 Apr 19
SP5K8.382PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting7 Apr 19
3K12:0110PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series9 Oct 19
3K12:4616PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series9 Jan 19
2.5ML16:3755L43IvybridgeErme Valley Relays (4 x 2.5)5 Jul 19
4.25KXC20:0222StoverCharles Stanley Westward League10 Feb 19
4.8KXC20:378Westward Ho!Charles Stanley Westward League13 Jan 19
5K20:3417PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series10 Apr 19
5KXC23:079220ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (incl Devon County Championships)1 Dec 19
5.7KXC28:577518PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League6 Oct 19
2018 U15 Erme Valley
TJ7.7813ExeterSouth West League3 Jun 18
SP4K7.96i34SportcitySportshall UK Final15 Apr 18
3K11:5115PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series14 Nov 18
3K11:5119PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series12 Dec 18
3K13:3531PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series10 Jan 18
3.2KXC16:3926PlymouthWestward League11 Feb 18
3.24KXC14:2645PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League7 Oct 18
3.9KXC16:0125ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (Inc Devon County Championships)2 Dec 18
4.52KXC17:5920NewquayCornwall County Championships (Inc Charles Stanley Westward League)11 Nov 18
5K22:3833PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series12 Sep 18
5K23:2544PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series9 May 18
5K23:4450PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 Jun 18
5K23:4742PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series11 Apr 18
5K23:4868PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series8 Aug 18
ZXC20:5622Westward Ho!Westward League14 Jan 18
2017 U15 Erme Valley
15005:28.3161PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
15005:33.85112ExeterSouth West League7 May 17
15005:37.6817ExeterSouth West League2 Jul 17
300012:51.253TavistockDevon Open Series - no long throws11 Jun 17
SP4K5.275TavistockDevon Open Series - no long throws11 Jun 17
SP3.25K5.264AExeterSouth West League7 May 17
2.6KXC12:0425Newton AbbotWestward League8 Oct 17
3K12:4032PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series11 Oct 17
3K12:5824PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series13 Dec 17
3K13:5637PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series11 Jan 17
3KXC14:0320Newton AbbotWestward League12 Feb 17
3KXC14:1117RedruthWestward League25 Mar 17
3.2KL12:5111L33ExeterSouth West 4-Stage Road Relays8 Apr 17
3.9KXC17:3729ExeterWestward League (Inc Devon County Championships)3 Dec 17
2.5ML17:2551L23IvybridgeErme Valley Relays (4 x 2.5)7 Jul 17
4.52KXC20:3230NewquayWestward League (Inc Cornwall Championships)12 Nov 17
5K21:5731PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series10 May 17
5K22:0435PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 Sep 17
5K22:0545PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series12 Jul 17
5K22:3142PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series12 Apr 17
5K22:5045PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series14 Jun 17
5K23:2165PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series9 Aug 17
2016 U13 Erme Valley
8002:56.205BrauntonDevon Open Series14 Aug 16
2.5KXC11:0019PlymouthWestward League9 Oct 16
3K12:2520PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series12 Oct 16
3K13:5544PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series9 Nov 16
3K13:5544PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series14 Dec 16
3K14:1529PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series9 Mar 16
3K15:2944PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series10 Feb 16
3K15:3236PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series13 Jan 16
3KXC11:2329ExeterWestward League (Inc Devon Championships)4 Dec 16
3KXC14:5216RedruthFrank Elford Sports Westward League20 Mar 16
3KXC16:5017StoverFrank Elford Sports Westward League14 Feb 16
3.07KXC13:0832NewquayWestward League (Inc Cornwall Championships)13 Nov 16
5K22:5742PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series10 Aug 16
5K22:5845PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series14 Sep 16
5K24:4961PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series8 Jun 16
5K24:5059PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 Apr 16
5K25:0564PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series11 May 16
parkrun24:5252PlymvalleyPlymvalley parkrun # 19725 Jun 16
parkrun25:0449PlymvalleyPlymvalley parkrun # 1982 Jul 16
ZXC17:4314Westward Ho!Frank Elford Sports Westward League10 Jan 16
2015 U13 Erme Valley
10015.95PlymouthPlymouth Evening Open15 Jul 15
10016.643PlymouthPlymouth Evening Open17 Jun 15
15024.33PlymouthPlymouth Evening Open15 Jul 15
8003:03.44PlymouthPlymouth Evening Open15 Jul 15
8003:10.03PlymouthPlymouth Evening Open17 Jun 15
2.5KXC10:0223PlymouthFrank Elford Sports Westward League11 Oct 15
3K14:1544PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series11 Nov 15
3K14:2941PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series14 Oct 15
3K14:3244PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series9 Dec 15
3KXC13:4022ExeterFrank Elford Sports Westward League (inc Devon County Championships)6 Dec 15
ZXC13:4430NewquayFrank Elford Sports Westward League inc. Cornwall County Championships)8 Nov 15
2013 U11 Erme Valley
7513.043PlymouthPlymouth Open Meeting24 Jul 13
LJ1.9519PlymouthPlymouth Open Meeting24 Jul 13
Total Performances: 85
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