Ben Nichol

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Club:Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds
Age Group:U23
County:Unknown County
Lead Coach:Norrie Hay2018-
Previous Lead:Janice Hendrie2013-2018

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2019 U20 Inverclyde
40058.18i8Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League - Afternoon Match5 Jan 19
8002:03.3535StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open (Distance / Throws)23 Jul 19
8002:05.795h2KilmarnockScottish West District U13 / U15 / U17 Championships11 May 19
8002:06.71i3h1Emirates ArenaScottish Schools AA Championships7 Feb 19
8002:10.396DScotstounBMC Regional Races / GAA Miler Meeting Open inc. Scottish Athletics U17 / U20 3000m Championsips31 May 19
15004:12.56121StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open (Distance / Throws)18 Jun 19
15004:17.5032StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open (Distance / Throws)30 Apr 19
15004:18.407CScotstounBMC Regional Races / GAA Miler Meeting Open26 Jul 19
15004:18.92i5h3Emirates ArenaScottish Schools AA Championships6 Feb 19
15004:21.32i6h1Emirates ArenaScottish National U13 / U15 / U20 Championships2 Feb 19
15004:22.658h2GrangemouthScottish Athletics National U13 / U15 / U20 Championships11 Aug 19
15004:23.66i32Emirates ArenaScottish National Open12 Jan 19
15004:26.467h1KilmarnockScottish West District U13 / U15 / U17 Championships12 May 19
300010:02.98i18FEmirates ArenaBMC / Glasgow AA Metric Miler Meeting (Inc Scottish 3000m Championships)4 Jan 19
SHORT5K16:3138EdinburghScottish National Young Athletes Road Race Championships17 Mar 19
6KXC24:5354FalkirkLindsays Scottish National Championships23 Feb 19
2018 U17 Inverclyde
8002:03.967EScotstounBMC Regional Races1 Jun 18
8002:04.8275StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open24 Jul 18
8002:05.075h1GrangemouthSSAA Scottish Schools Championships9 Jun 18
8002:06.362h1GrangemouthScottish Athletics National U17 / Senior Championships11 Aug 18
8002:07.14i4h2Emirates ArenaScottish Schools AA Championships8 Feb 18
8002:07.716GrangemouthScottish Athletics National U17 / Senior Championships12 Aug 18
8002:09.25i5h3Emirates ArenaScottish National U17 / Senior Championships28 Jan 18
8002:09.655KilmarnockScottish West District Championships12 May 18
8002:10.123h2KilmarnockScottish West District Championships12 May 18
8002:11.15i82Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League - Afternoon Match6 Jan 18
8002:11.19i5A3Emirates ArenaScottish National Open13 Jan 18
15004:25.175DScotstounBMC Regional Races / GAA Miler Meeting Open (Inc Scottish East District / West District / National Masters 5000m Championships)27 Jul 18
15004:25.528h2GrangemouthSSAA Scottish Schools Championships8 Jun 18
15004:35.554KilmarnockScottish West District Championships13 May 18
1.5MXCL7:272L1Nether PollokRenfrewshire AAA Relay Championships21 Oct 18
2.5KXCL8:5032L330CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships27 Oct 18
2.5KXCL9:0414L314IrvineScottish West District Relay Championships13 Oct 18
3KXC10:4535LanarkScottish National Short Course Championships10 Nov 18
3M16:224GreenockRenfrewshire AAA Championships4 Feb 18
3MNADNT31FalkirkSSAA Scottish Secondary Schools’ Road Championships3 Oct 18
5.2KXC18:512JohnstoneRenfrewshire AAA Championships25 Nov 18
5.5KXC21:5117KilmarnockScottish West District Championships8 Dec 18
2017 U17 Inverclyde
40057.385GreenockInverclyde Open Graded Meeting3 Sep 17
40057.9812GreenockInverclyde Open Graded Meeting4 Jun 17
8002:07.726h1GrangemouthScottish Athletics National U17 / Senior Championships26 Aug 17
8002:09.68i23Emirates ArenaGlasgow AA Yuletide Open Meeting22 Dec 17
8002:11.046s2GrangemouthScottish Athletics National U17 / Senior Championships26 Aug 17
8002:12.523GScotstounBMC Regional Races2 Jun 17
8002:12.5842LinwoodLinwood Graded Open20 Jun 17
8002:13.625h1KilmarnockScottish West District Championships13 May 17
8002:14.057KilmarnockScottish West District Championships13 May 17
8002:14.8042LinwoodLinwood Graded Open18 Apr 17
8002:15.236h2GrangemouthScottish Schools Championships10 Jun 17
8002:17.68i8B2Emirates ArenaScottish National Open14 Jan 17
1.5ML8:371L2NetherpollokRenfrewshire AAA Relay Championships22 Oct 17
2.5KXC9:1021L320HamiltonScottish West District Relay Championships15 Oct 17
2.5KXCL9:2146L345CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships28 Oct 17
3KXC10:2254KirkcaldyScottish Short Course Championships11 Nov 17
4.2KXC15:3281FalkirkScottish National Championships25 Feb 17
2.7ML15:1630L1HoustonGeorge Cumming Road Relays7 Oct 17
6.4KXC25:412KilmarnockKilmarnock H&AC Open19 Nov 17
6.4KXC26:0529IrvineScottish West District Championships9 Dec 17
2016 U15 Inverclyde
30041.5912GreenockDunRen Open Graded Meeting10 May 16
30041.925h1GrangemouthSSAA Scottish Schools Championships11 Jun 16
30041.9951LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Meeting9 Aug 16
8002:13.133h2GrangemouthScottish Athletics National U13 / U15 / U20 Championships21 Aug 16
8002:16.08i3h2Emirates ArenaScottish National U13 / U15 / U20 Championships5 Mar 16
8002:16.201h1KilmarnockScottish West District Championships14 May 16
8002:16.536h2GrangemouthSSAA Scottish Schools Inter Area Match16 Jun 16
8002:16.715KilmarnockScottish West District Championships14 May 16
8002:19.60i4Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics League Afternoon Match10 Jan 16
8002:20.2192LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Meeting19 Apr 16
8002:20.68i7BEmirates ArenaScottish National U13 / U15 / U20 Championships5 Mar 16
8002:21.6833GrangemouthGrangemouth Open Graded1 Jun 16
8002:22.56i17Emirates ArenaScottish National Open16 Jan 16
8002:24.098h4GrangemouthSSAA Scottish Schools Championships10 Jun 16
8002:25.35i6Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics League Afternoon Match31 Jan 16
8002:28.1910GrangemouthScottish Athletics National U13 / U15 / U20 Championships21 Aug 16
10003:24.1661GreenockDunRen Open Graded Meeting10 May 16
2.5KXCL9:2426L226KilmacolmScottish West District Relay Championships8 Oct 16
2.5KXCL9:2831L230CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships22 Oct 16
2.6KXCL9:362L3GlasgowRenfrewshire AAA's Relays16 Oct 16
4KXC16:3268Callendar ParkScottish National Championships27 Feb 16
4KXCNT36IrvineSSAA Secondary Championships9 Mar 16
2.5MNT83FalkirkSSAA Scottish Secondary Schools’ Road Championships5 Oct 16
4.2K15:3429GreenockScottish National Young Athletes Road Race Championships2 Apr 16
5KMT20:4422StrathmigloFife Athletic Club Festival of Trail Running (Inc Scottish Athletics Mid–Trail Championship)27 Aug 16
2015 U15 Inverclyde
8002:21.47i16Emirates ArenaGlasgow Yuletide Open Meeting20 Dec 15
8002:29.7137LinwoodDunRen Open Graded Open Meeting24 Jun 15
8002:44.14i7Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League Afternoon Match4 Jan 15
2KXC7:1550GlasgowScottish National Short Course Championships7 Nov 15
2.5K10:4083GreenockScottish National Young Athletes Championships15 Mar 15
2.5KXCL10:0137L235HamiltonScottish West District Relay Championships11 Oct 15
2.5KXCL10:2452L252CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships24 Oct 15
3KXC11:2585LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials & Liverpool & District/Mid Lancs Leagues)28 Nov 15
2MXC12:5910GourockRenfrewshire AAA Championships14 Nov 15
4KXC18:1746GlasgowScottish West District Championships6 Dec 15
ZXC14:51142FalkirkScottish National Championships22 Feb 15
ZXCL10:443L3Pollock ParkRenfrewshire AAA Relay Championships18 Oct 15
2014 U13 Inverclyde
609.73i13Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League - Afternoon Match23 Feb 14
609.94i13Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League - Afternoon Match5 Jan 14
60HU13M13.01i6Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League - Afternoon Match23 Feb 14
60HU13M13.57i5Emirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League - Afternoon Match5 Jan 14
2M14:2919GreenockRenfrewshire AAA County Road Race Championships2 Feb 14
2013 U13 Inverclyde
6010.37i4BEmirates ArenaScottish Athletics Indoor League Afternoon Match13 Jan 13
10016.27w3.861LinwoodDunRen Graded Open10 Apr 13
10016.7564LinwoodDunRen Graded Open8 May 13
8003:16.79LinwoodDunRen Graded Open8 May 13
8003:17.3712LinwoodDunRen Graded Open10 Apr 13
LJ2.4715LinwoodDunRen Graded Open10 Apr 13
LJ2.468LinwoodDunRen Graded Open8 May 13
SP3.25K2.9414LinwoodDunRen Graded Open10 Apr 13
SP3.25K2.639LinwoodDunRen Graded Open8 May 13
2012 U11 Inverclyde
6010.52i5BGlasgowScottish Athletics Indoor League Afternoon Match16 Dec 12
6002:38.3i6BGlasgowScottish Athletics Indoor League Afternoon Match16 Dec 12
Total Performances: 111
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