Yasmine Hallen

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Age Group:U20
County:Unknown County
Region:East Midlands
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances

Performances Submit
2014 2016 2017 2018 2019 2021

2021 U17 Rushcliffe
10015.62NottinghamNottinghamshire County Schools Championships12 Jun 21
10015.80-3.19NNottinghamNottinghamshire & Derbyshire County Championships11 Sep 21
20032.06NottinghamNottinghamshire County Schools Championships12 Jun 21
JT50015.8314NottinghamNottinghamshire & Derbyshire County Championships12 Sep 21
2019 U15 Rushcliffe
10016.026Sutton in AshfieldNotts Mini League1 Jun 19
10016.030NewarkNotts Mini League29 Jun 19
10016.229BinghamNotts Mini League14 Jul 19
10016.332BinghamNotts Mini League4 May 19
20032.827Sutton in AshfieldNotts Mini League1 Jun 19
20033.531BinghamNotts Mini League4 May 19
20033.530BinghamNotts Mini League14 Jul 19
20033.627NewarkNotts Mini League29 Jun 19
JT50015.747Sutton in AshfieldNotts Mini League1 Jun 19
JT50013.908BinghamNotts Mini League14 Jul 19
JT50012.596BinghamNotts Mini League4 May 19
2.94KXC16:0025BaldertonNotts Mini League29 Sep 19
3KXC16:4721RushcliffeNotts Mini League10 Feb 19
2018 U15 Rushcliffe
10015.426NottinghamNotts Mini League23 Jun 18
10015.517AshfieldNotts Mini League26 May 18
10016.020NottinghamNotts Mini League28 Apr 18
10016.220BinghamNotts Mini League15 Jul 18
20032.017AshfieldNotts Mini League26 May 18
20033.023NottinghamNotts Mini League23 Jun 18
20033.522NottinghamNotts Mini League28 Apr 18
LJ3.4612AshfieldNotts Mini League26 May 18
LJ3.2522NottinghamNotts Mini League23 Jun 18
LJ2.9218BinghamNotts Mini League15 Jul 18
2.636KXC14:1835RuddingtonNotts Mini League25 Feb 18
3KXC16:1428NewarkNotts Mini League14 Oct 18
3KXC17:3723RetfordNotts Mini League23 Sep 18
3.057KXC15:4922WorksopNotts Mini League16 Dec 18
2017 U13 Rushcliffe
10016.023NottinghamNotts Mini League7 May 17
10016.123Kirkby in AshfieldNotts Mini League1 Jul 17
10016.328NottinghamNotts Mini League22 Jul 17
20032.817Kirkby in AshfieldNotts Mini League1 Jul 17
20033.119NottinghamNotts Mini League7 May 17
20033.218NottinghamNotts Mini League22 Jul 17
LJ3.0921NottinghamNotts Mini League7 May 17
2KXC14:1230RuddingtonNotts Mini League26 Feb 17
2016 U13 Rushcliffe
10015.613BinghamNotts Mini League5 Jun 16
10015.717nsNottinghamNotts Mini League7 May 16
10015.923NottinghamNotts Mini League3 Jul 16
10016.411Kirkby in AshfieldNotts Mini League16 Apr 16
20032.415BinghamNotts Mini League5 Jun 16
20032.813nsNottinghamNotts Mini League7 May 16
20033.019NottinghamNotts Mini League3 Jul 16
20036.210Kirkby in AshfieldNotts Mini League16 Apr 16
70HU13W17.811Kirkby in AshfieldNotts Mini League16 Apr 16
1.5KXC7:5732RuddingtonNotts Mini League21 Feb 16
1.5KXC8:4344RuddingtonNotts Mini League21 Feb 16
2KXC10:4928WorksopNotts Mini League18 Dec 16
2.4KXC13:0729MansfieldNotts Mini League9 Oct 16
2014 U11 Rushcliffe
ZXC8:1240RuddingtonNotts Mini League23 Nov 14
Total Performances: 53
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