Cameron Fraser

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Age Group:U20
County:Scotland East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 U17 Central
6MMT44:5265AlloaGartmorn 624 Mar 19
10K44:1443:5032325StirlingCity of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Championships)8 Sep 19
2018 U17 Central
2.5KXCL10:3794L376CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships27 Oct 18
6KXC27:2734StirlingScottish East District League20 Oct 18
10K48:2447:544073StirlingCity of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Championships)9 Sep 18
2017 U15 Central
15005:32.23BGrangemouthForth Valley League Division 324 Jun 17
LJ3.873BGrangemouthForth Valley League Division 324 Jun 17
2KXC7:4586KirkcaldyScottish Short Course Championships11 Nov 17
2.5KXCL11:0782L278CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships28 Oct 17
2.5KXCL11:1640L237GlamisScottish East District Relay Championships14 Oct 17
3.3KXC15:2551StirlingScottish East District League21 Oct 17
3.8KXC19:0649AlloaScottish East District League25 Nov 17
4.1KXC18:3738BroxburnScottish East District League14 Jan 17
4.2KXC17:10134FalkirkScottish National Championships25 Feb 17
2016 U15 Central
8002:45.92BGrangemouthForth Valley League Division 321 May 16
15005:34.58GrangemouthForth Valley League Presidents Select Match6 Aug 16
15005:35.244AEdinburghForth Valley League Division 316 Apr 16
15005:36.12BGrangemouthForth Valley League Division 325 Jun 16
2KXC8:4095RenfrewScottish National Short Course Championships5 Nov 16
2.5KXCL10:2632L37LivingstonScottish East District Relay Championships8 Oct 16
2.5KXCL10:5881L276CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships22 Oct 16
2.7KXC12:5848BroxburnScottish East District League16 Jan 16
3.1KXC12:4239Stirling UniversityScottish East District League15 Oct 16
3.2KXC15:14114Callendar ParkScottish National Championships27 Feb 16
3.8KXC17:3751AlloaScottish East District League19 Nov 16
2015 U13 Central
609.68i21.10GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting7 Jan 15
10016.44h1PerthCentral AC Club Championships & Open12 Sep 15
15005:39.514GrangemouthCentral AC Pre-Season Open29 Mar 15
15005:43.628AGrangemouthUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Scotland 13 May 15
15005:52.394AEdinburghForth Valley League Division 216 May 15
15005:53.57h1PerthCentral AC Club Championships & Open12 Sep 15
LJ3.3911PerthCentral AC Club Championships & Open12 Sep 15
SP3.25K4.80i5GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting7 Jan 15
SP3.25K4.4312GrangemouthCentral AC Pre-Season Open29 Mar 15
2.4KXC11:3529Stirling UniversityScottish East District League17 Oct 15
2.5KXCL10:2816L1PeeblesScottish East District Relay Championships11 Oct 15
2.5KXCL11:2272L1CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships24 Oct 15
2.7KXC13:3340AlloaScottish East District League21 Nov 15
ZXC13:0347BroxburnScottish East District League17 Jan 15
ZXC13:56117FalkirkScottish National Championships22 Feb 15
2014 U13 Central
609.85i58GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting3 Dec 14
609.92i21.7GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open5 Feb 14
6010.09i31.6GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open5 Mar 14
10016.10.053PerthCentral AC Championships13 Sep 14
10016.632GrangemouthCentral AC Pre Season Open Meeting29 Mar 14
8003:02.95AGrangemouthForth Valley League Division 219 Apr 14
15005:51.7101PerthCentral AC Championships13 Sep 14
15005:59.691GrangemouthCentral AC Pre Season Open Meeting29 Mar 14
LJ3.34i31GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Open Graded Meeting3 Dec 14
LJ3.1710PerthCentral AC Championships13 Sep 14
LJ2.90i33GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open5 Mar 14
LJ2.81i21GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open5 Feb 14
LJ2.7113GrangemouthCentral AC Pre Season Open Meeting29 Mar 14
SP3.25K3.77i12GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open5 Feb 14
2.5KXCL11:4132L1PeeblesScottish East District Relay Championships12 Oct 14
ZMT15:232516SauchieGartmorn Junior Race9 Mar 14
ZXC8:3037BroxburnScottish East District League18 Jan 14
ZXC12:1948Stirling UniversityScottish East District League18 Oct 14
ZXC13:3249AlloaScottish East District League22 Nov 14
ZXC14:2253DundeeScottish East District Championships6 Dec 14
ZXCL12:4894L194CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships25 Oct 14
2013 U11 Central
6010.11i611GrangemouthGrangemouth Stadium Graded Open4 Dec 13
ZXC6:3532Stirling UniversityScottish East District League19 Oct 13
Total Performances: 63
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