Jacob Smith

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Age Group:U20
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 U17 Kendal
40054.54ABuryNorth of England League Division 3WC14 Jul 19
40056.71BlackburnMid Lancashire League13 Apr 19
8002:14.64HyndburnMid Lancashire League4 May 19
15004:20.51BlackpoolBlackpool Wyre & Fylde AC Winter Warm Up Open23 Mar 19
15004:22.04ACarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC19 May 19
15004:25.24AStretfordNorth of England League Division 3WC16 Jun 19
15004:27.02WhitehavenCumbria County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
15004:27.9210MiddlesbroughNorthern Athletics U15 / U17 Inter Counties Championships7 Jul 19
15004:29.194GatesheadNorthern Schools Inter-County Match15 Jun 19
15004:29.63BlackburnMid Lancashire League13 Apr 19
15004:36.22BarrowCumbria County Championships11 May 19
15004:38.84HyndburnMid Lancashire League4 May 19
HJ1.452ABuryNorth of England League Division 3WC14 Jul 19
TJ12.122ABuryNorth of England League Division 3WC14 Jul 19
TJ11.402ACarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC19 May 19
TJ11.242AStretfordNorth of England League Division 3WC16 Jun 19
4.5KXC17:012CockermouthCumbria League21 Sep 19
5K16:4814BirkenheadNorthern Counties U15 / U17 5K Championships24 Mar 19
5KL17:336L2OrmskirkNorth West Road Relays8 Sep 19
5.22KXC18:41118LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships16 Mar 19
5.3KXC19:2138South ShieldsNorthern Schools' Inter Counties Championships2 Feb 19
6KXC21:22160LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9 Mar 19
6KXC21:45111LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
6.37KXC23:0792PontefractNorthern Counties Championships26 Jan 19
10K39:1819KendalKendal 10K8 May 19
10K47:2448LevensLevens 10K29 May 19
ZXC21:3810PenrithCumbria County Championships5 Jan 19
2018 U17 Kendal
40061.35BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC8 Jul 18
40063.02BarrowMid Lancashire League28 Jul 18
8002:14.93BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC8 Jul 18
8002:16.02BLitherlandNorth of England League Division 3WC5 May 18
8002:17.43BWhitehavenNorth of England League Division 3WC4 Aug 18
8002:43.64BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Jun 18
15004:37.42CarlisleCumbria County Championships12 May 18
15004:38.76PrestonMid Lancashire League28 Apr 18
15004:38.82CarlisleCumbria County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
15004:41.006BLeighNorthern Athletics U15 / U17 Inter Counties Championships7 Jul 18
15004:44.478GatesheadNorthern Schools Inter County Match16 Jun 18
TJ10.314ALitherlandNorth of England League Division 3WC5 May 18
TJ10.274ABurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC8 Jul 18
TJ10.214AWhitehavenNorth of England League Division 3WC4 Aug 18
TJ9.671BBurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Jun 18
3KXCL9:5451L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships3 Nov 18
3.9KXC15:2477KeswickCumbria County Championships6 Jan 18
4KXC16:13106HarewoodNorthern Counties Championships27 Jan 18
4.4KXC16:205UlverstonMid Lancashire League3 Mar 18
4.5KXC22:21264LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10 Mar 18
5KXC20:3814WinsfordDave Sunderland Schools Inter County8 Dec 18
5.2KXC20:49266LeedsNew Balance English Schools' Championships17 Mar 18
5.5KXC19:4488LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District & Mid Lancs Leagues)24 Nov 18
2017 U15 Kendal
40063.64HyndburnMid Lancashire League17 Jun 17
40063.74BlackburnMid Lancashire League27 May 17
8002:26.28BlackburnMid Lancashire League27 May 17
15004:46.32PrestonMid Lancashire League1 Jul 17
15004:46.53BlackpoolMid Lancashire League Medal Meeting26 Aug 17
15004:47.61LitherlandMid Lancashire League29 Jul 17
15004:50.53WhitehavenCumbria County Championships13 May 17
300010:27.36BlackpoolMid Lancashire League Medal Meeting26 Aug 17
300010:44.26HyndburnMid Lancashire League17 Jun 17
LJ4.566BlackburnMid Lancashire League27 May 17
LJ4.308LitherlandMid Lancashire League29 Jul 17
LJ4.276HyndburnMid Lancashire League17 Jun 17
LJ4.248BlackpoolMid Lancashire League Medal Meeting26 Aug 17
LJ4.102WhitehavenCumbria County Championships13 May 17
2KXCL7:0831L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships4 Nov 17
3KXC13:124CarlisleCumbria League22 Oct 17
3.075KXC10:211CockermouthCumbria League7 Oct 17
3.4KXC16:078PenrithCumbria League28 Oct 17
3.7KXC13:261KeswickCumbria League11 Nov 17
3.9KXC12:547CarlisleCumbria County Championships7 Jan 17
4KXC13:54129NorwichEnglish Schools' Championships18 Mar 17
4KXC16:1580Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
4.5KXC17:57176LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)11 Mar 17
5KXC18:4017Moreton MorrellSchools Inter Counties25 Nov 17
parkrun18:1931Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 12420 May 17
parkrun20:079Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 13322 Jul 17
ZXC15:0718Kirkby StephenNorthern Schools' Inter County Championships4 Feb 17
2016 U15 Kendal
8002:22.22JChester le StreetBMC Regional Races25 Jul 16
300010:48.61Barrow-in-FurnessCumbria County Championships14 May 16
LJ3.665Barrow-in-FurnessCumbria County Championships14 May 16
2KXCL7:18323MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships5 Nov 16
2.3KXC8:047CrooklandsCumbria Championships9 Jan 16
2.9KXC9:583CarlisleCumbria League4 Dec 16
3KXC10:4961LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)26 Nov 16
3KXC13:02165BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 16
3KXC13:5864Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
3.075KXC9:454CockermouthCumbria League8 Oct 16
3.2KXC13:3837BlackburnNorthern Championships30 Jan 16
3.3KXC14:546PenrithCumbria League22 Oct 16
4.2KXC17:41256NottinghamEnglish Schools' Championships5 Mar 16
parkrun18:1781Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 9017 Sep 16
parkrun18:3031Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 8223 Jul 16
parkrun18:5451Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 809 Jul 16
parkrun18:5771Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 7825 Jun 16
parkrun19:0691Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 7611 Jun 16
parkrun19:07121Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 8727 Aug 16
parkrun19:119Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 8116 Jul 16
parkrun19:2191Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 8910 Sep 16
parkrun19:2341Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 9919 Nov 16
parkrun19:31121Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 754 Jun 16
parkrun19:3241BarnsleyBarnsley parkrun # 2933 Sep 16
ZXC15:1027StocktonNorth East Schools' Inter Counties6 Feb 16
2015 U13 Kendal
7511.55CarlisleCumbria County Championships23 May 15
8012.16CopelandCumbria League18 Apr 15
8012.15CopelandCumbria League9 May 15
8012.22h1CopelandCumbria League9 May 15
8012.87BarrowCumbria League18 Jul 15
8002:32.32BarrowCumbria League18 Jul 15
8002:35.63CopelandCumbria League9 May 15
8002:36.92CopelandCumbria League18 Apr 15
15005:08.53CarlisleCumbria County Championships23 May 15
LJ3.854BarrowCumbria League18 Jul 15
LJ3.752CopelandCumbria League18 Apr 15
LJ3.742CopelandCumbria League9 May 15
LJ3.454CarlisleCumbria County Championships23 May 15
2KXCL7:3519L3MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships31 Oct 15
3.2KL13:4426L3BlackpoolNorthern Young Athletes Road Relays19 Sep 15
ZXC11:288BlackpoolMid Lancs League14 Feb 15
ZXC14:5412PenrithCumbria County Championships3 Jan 15
2014 U13 Kendal
8002:47.13CopelandCumbria League19 Apr 14
8002:47.12CopelandCumbria League6 Sep 14
8002:49.15CarlisleCumbria County Championships24 May 14
LJ3.497CarlisleCumbria County Championships24 May 14
LJ3.3310CopelandCumbria League19 Apr 14
LJ3.0911CopelandCumbria League6 Sep 14
ZXC14:598PenrithCumbria League6 Dec 14
2013 U11 Kendal
15024.02CarlisleBorder Harriers Open Meeting10 Aug 13
Total Performances: 127
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