Aled Davies

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Age Group:SEN
County:Wales South
Lead Coach:Ryan Spencer-Jones2014-
Previous Lead:Anthony Hughes-2014

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F42 Paralympic, World and European Champion in Discus.
F42 Paralympic Bronze Medallist, World and European Champion in Shot

Records as of May 2020

F42 Shot WR - 17.52
F42 Discus WR - 54.14

Major Championships and International Record
2021 - Paralympic Games - SP GOLD; European Championships - SP GOLD
2019 - World Para Championships - SP GOLD.
2018 - European Para Championships - DT GOLD, SP GOLD.
2017 - World Para Championships - SP GOLD, DT GOLD
2016 - Paralympic Games - SP GOLD. IPC European Championships - DT GOLD, SP GOLD.
2015 - IPC World Championships - DT GOLD, SP GOLD.
2014 - IPC European Championships - DT GOLD, SP GOLD. Commonwealth Games - F44/42 DT Silver.
2013 - IPC World Championships DT GOLD, SP GOLD.
2012 - Paralympic Games - SP BRONZE, DT GOLD.
2011 - IPC World Championships - DT silver, SP GOLD. IWAS World Junior Championships - DT silver, sP GOLD.
2010 - IWAS World Junior Championships - SP GOLD, DT GOLD.
2009 - IWAS World Junior Championships - DT silver, SP 4th

Domestic Record
2017 - Welsh Senior indoor champion
2016 - Welsh Indoor Senior Championships Bronze
2013 - BUCS Championships discus gold, shot gold. Welsh Championships DT gold
2011 - BUCS Championships discus gold, shot gold
2010 - Aviva Parallel Success Challenge shot gold, discus silver
2009 - Aviva Parallel Success Challenge shot gold, discus gold. Welsh Open Senior Championships discus gold, shot gold

Best known performances

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2023 SEN Cardiff
SP6K16.39i1BirminghamUK Athletics Indoor Championships19 Feb 23
SP6K16.161F63Paris, FRAParis 23 World Championships17 Jul 23
SP6K16.102CardiffRun With The Wind & Throws10 May 23
SP6K15.581PCardiffWelsh Senior/U15 Championships25 Jun 23
2022 SEN Cardiff
SP7.26K14.34i2CardiffCardiff Met Grand Prix18 Dec 22
DT1.5K56.211F42BedfordEngland Athletics U20 & U23 Championships incorporating World Junior Trials16 Jul 22
DT1.5K54.562CardiffCardiff Open Meeting & Welsh Endurance Championships13 Jul 22
DT1.5K54.00AberdareCardiff Throws Meeting 428 Jun 22
DT1.5K52.645PLoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 22
DT1.5K52.541PLoughboroughUK Winter Long Throws Championship27 Feb 22
DT1.5K52.493PSportcityMuller UK Athletics Championships26 Jun 22
DT1.5K51.661YeovilNational Athletics League - Division 12 Jul 22
DT1.5K51.391BirminghamCommonwealth Games3 Aug 22
DT1.5K50.973Cardiff#RunWithTheWind-14 May 22
2021 SEN Cardiff
SP6K16.352BLoughboroughCharnwood AC Open11 Aug 21
SP6K15.801F42SportcityMüller British Championships inc. Invitation 10000m26 Jun 21
SP6K15.672LoughboroughLoughborough International23 May 21
SP6K15.551CardiffWelsh Athletics Endurance Open21 Jul 21
SP6K15.511F42BedfordEngland Athletics Senior Championships, including Disability Championships17 Jul 21
SP6K15.331F42Tokyo, JPNParalympic Games4 Sep 21
SP6K15.171F42Bydgoszcz, POLEuropean Para Championships5 Jun 21
2019 SEN Cardiff
SP6K16.11i1ACardiffWelsh Athletics Shot in the Dark Open2 Mar 19
SP6K15.968Leiria, PORInternational Throwing Meeting3 Aug 19
SP6K15.451L'Hospitalet, ESPMiting Internacional de L'Hospitalet26 May 19
SP6K15.321F42Dubai, UAEWorld Para Athletics Championships10 Nov 19
SP6K15.22i1BirminghamBritish Championships9 Feb 19
SP6KNM-F42BirminghamBritish Championships25 Aug 19
DT1.5K50.232Leira, PORInternational Throwing Meeting27 Apr 19
DT1.5K47.291L'Hospitalet, ESPMiting Internacional de L'Hospitalet26 May 19
2018 SEN Cardiff
SP7.26K13.88i2CardiffWelsh Athletics Senior Championships27 Jan 18
SP6K15.751SwanseaWelsh Athletics International25 Jul 18
SP6K15.491F63Berlin, GERWorld Para Athletics European Championships26 Aug 18
SP6K15.42i6BirminghamBritish Athletics Championships17 Feb 18
SP6K15.381F42CardiffCardiff AAC Young Throwers Invitational7 Aug 18
SP6K14.991NewportWelsh Athletics League11 Aug 18
SP5K15.661CardiffRSJ Throws14 Aug 18
DT1.5K53.121F42CardiffCardiff AAC Young Throwers Invitational19 Jun 18
DT1.5K52.461CardiffCardiff AAC Young Throwers Invitational7 Aug 18
DT1.5K50.551F63Berlin, GERWorld Para Athletics European Championships23 Aug 18
DT1.5K50.431SwanseaWelsh Athletics International25 Jul 18
DT1.5K49.761CardiffCardiff AAC Young Throwers Invitational3 Jul 18
DT1.5K48.861BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)30 Jun 18
2017 SEN Cardiff
SP7.26K14.95i1CardiffWelsh Athletics Senior Championships28 Jan 17
SP6K17.521F42Olympic ParkWorld Para Athletics Championships22 Jul 17
SP6K17.401F42Tempe AZ, USASun Angel Classic8 Apr 17
SP6K17.196ASan Diego CA, USATriton Invitational22 Apr 17
SP6K16.461CardiffRSJ Throws27 Jun 17
SP6KNM-F42LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 17
DT1.5K54.858BSan Diego CA, USATriton Invitational22 Apr 17
DT1.5K53.582BirminghamBritish Championships1 Jul 17
DT1.5K53.546Chula Vista CA, USACVEATC Throws/ Vault20 Apr 17
DT1.5K52.523F42CardiffWelsh Championships10 Jun 17
DT1.5K51.591F42LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 17
DT1.5K51.541F42Olympic ParkWorld Para Athletics Championships16 Jul 17
2016 SEN Cardiff
SP7.26K14.05i3CardiffWelsh Athletics Senior Championships31 Jan 16
SP6K16.381F42BirminghamBritish Championships25 Jun 16
SP6K16.331F42CardiffWelsh Athletics U20 International20 Jul 16
SP6K16.14i1F42SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships28 Feb 16
SP6K16.131Tempe AZ, USADesert Challenge13 May 16
SP6K16.111F42Grosseto, ITAIPC Athletics European Championships12 Jun 16
SP6K15.99i1F42CardiffWelsh Athletics International7 Feb 16
SP6K15.971F42Rio de Janeiro, BRAParalympic Games12 Sep 16
DT1.5K54.141T54s2Grosseto, ITAIPC Athletics European Championships14 Jun 16
DT1.5K52.561F42CarmarthenCarmarthen Harriers Throws Open26 May 16
DT1.5K51.224F442/44Olympic ParkIPC Grand Prix Final23 Jul 16
DT1.5K48.521Tempe AZ, USADesert Challenge13 May 16
2015 SEN Cardiff
SP6K15.971F42BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)31 May 15
SP6K15.93i1F42SheffieldSainsbury's Indoor British Championships15 Feb 15
SP6K15.921F42/44Dubai, UAEFazaa International (IPC Grand Prix)23 Feb 15
SP6K15.81i1F42CardiffWelsh International8 Mar 15
SP6K15.56i1F42CardiffWelsh U13 / U17 / Senior Championships25 Jan 15
SP6K15.53i1F42CardiffCardiff Met Grand Prix (Inc South West England U20 / Senior Championships)11 Jan 15
SP6K14.951LoughboroughLoughborough International17 May 15
SP6K14.951F42Doha, QATIPC World Championships22 Oct 15
SP6K14.881F42Berlin, GERIPC Grand Prix19 Jun 15
DT1.5K52.851F42CardiffWelsh Senior League26 Apr 15
DT1.5K50.911Mesa AZ, USAMesa Classic10 Apr 15
DT1.5K50.631F42BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)31 May 15
DT1.5K49.591F42Doha, QATIPC World Championships28 Oct 15
DT1.5K48.871F42/44Dubai, UAEFazaa International (IPC Grand Prix)22 Feb 15
DT1.5K47.761F42Berlin, GERIPC Grand Prix20 Jun 15
2014 SEN Cardiff/DSW Para Academy
SP6K15.131F42CardiffCardiff Capital Throws21 May 14
SP6K14.87KingstonWeir Archer Academy Disability Open Meeting / Surrey County Disability Championships6 Apr 14
SP6K14.841CardiffWelsh Senior League4 May 14
SP6K14.731Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix10 May 14
SP6K14.39Grosseto, ITAItalian Open Championships (IPC Grand Prix)31 May 14
SP6K14.231Berlin, GERInternational German Championships20 Jun 14
SP6K14.021F42Horse Guards ParadeSainsbury's Anniversary Games20 Jul 14
SP6K13.661F42SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships21 Aug 14
SP6K13.45Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA/CP Sport Grand Prix5 Jul 14
DT1.5K49.08Grosseto, ITAItalian Open Championships (IPC Grand Prix)31 May 14
DT1.5K48.78KingstonWeir Archer Academy Disability Open Meeting / Surrey County Disability Championships6 Apr 14
DT1.5K48.001Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix10 May 14
DT1.5K47.931F42CardiffCardiff Capital Throws21 May 14
DT1.5K47.611T42CardiffWelsh Athletics International15 Jul 14
DT1.5K46.932BirminghamIPC Grand Prix Final24 Aug 14
DT1.5K46.832F42/F44Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games28 Jul 14
DT1.5K46.801CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting9 Jul 14
DT1.5K46.461F42SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships23 Aug 14
DT1.5K45.98Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA/CP Sport Grand Prix5 Jul 14
DT1.5K45.952Berlin, GERInternational German Championships21 Jun 14
2013 U23 Cardiff/Cardiff Met Uni
SP6K14.711Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships20 Jul 13
SP6K14.67Groningen, NEDIWAS Athletics Series15 May 13
SP6K14.311Olympic ParkSainsbury's International Para Challenge28 Jul 13
SP6K14.141Berlin, GERInternational German Championships (IPC Grand Prix)14 Jun 13
SP6K14.121CardiffJohn Walters Memorial Throws3 Jul 13
SP6K14.07Emmeloord, NEDIWAS Athletics Series12 May 13
SP6K13.441F42BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
SP6K13.44BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
DT1.5K47.621Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships23 Jul 13
DT1.5K46.884BirminghamIPC Athletics Grand Prix Final29 Jun 13
DT1.5K46.311CardiffWelsh Championships30 Jun 13
DT1.5K46.061Berlin, GERInternational German Championships (IPC Grand Prix)15 Jun 13
DT1.5K45.73Emmeloord, NEDIWAS Athletics Series12 May 13
DT1.5K45.574CardiffWelsh Athletics International31 Jul 13
DT1.5K44.771Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Athletics Series19 May 13
DT1.5K43.67Groningen, NEDIWAS Athletics Series15 May 13
DT1.5K43.081F42BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
DT1.5K43.08BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
DT1.5K42.581BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition1 Jun 13
2012 U23 Cardiff/Cardiff Met Uni
SP6K14.56GatesheadCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)29 Apr 12
SP6K14.231LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
SP6K14.131Zagreb, CROCroatian Open5 May 12
SP6K13.783Olympic ParkParalympic Games31 Aug 12
SP6K13.72YeovilCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)21 Jul 12
SP6K13.63i2CardiffUWIC Grand Prix inc Welsh Master's Championships19 Feb 12
SP6K12.94i2CardiffWelsh Athletics & Cardiff Met Grand Prix Series8 Dec 12
DT1.5K47.723SportcityParalympic World Cup22 May 12
DT1.5K47.431Olympic ParkVisa London Disability Athletics Challenge8 May 12
DT1.5K46.62YeovilCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)21 Jul 12
DT1.5K46.141Olympic ParkParalympic Games2 Sep 12
DT1.5K46.131CardiffWelsh Athletics International18 Jul 12
DT1.5K43.571Zagreb, CROCroatian Open6 May 12
DT1.5K43.30GatesheadCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)29 Apr 12
DT1.5K43.242BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games & Parallel Success8 Jul 12
2011 U23 Cardiff/Cardiff Met Uni
SP6K14.411Emmen, NEDIWAS Series29 May 11
SP6K14.191Dubai, UAEIWAS World Junior Championships19 Apr 11
SP6K13.871Bottrop, GERIWAS Series1 Jun 11
SP6K13.841Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships22 Jul 11
SP6K13.83Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge30 Jul 11
SP6K13.661BedfordBUCS Championships2 May 11
SP6K13.551Olomouc, CZECzech Open20 Aug 11
SP6K13.391Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Series5 Jun 11
SP6K12.844Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships25 Jan 11
SP6K12.701ABridgendBridgend Throws Development Meeting2 Apr 11
SP6K12.571BBridgendBridgend Throws Development Meeting2 Apr 11
DT1.5K47.22NottinghamCP National Championships17 Sep 11
DT1.5K44.773ManchesterParalympic World Cup27 May 11
DT1.5K44.671Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Series5 Jun 11
DT1.5K43.352Olomouc, CZECzech Open20 Aug 11
DT1.5K42.991Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships23 Jul 11
DT1.5K42.811Bottrop, GERIWAS Series1 Jun 11
DT1.5K42.111Dubai, UAEIWAS World Junior Championships20 Apr 11
DT1.5K41.65Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge31 Jul 11
DT1.5K41.562Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships27 Jan 11
DT1.5K40.991BedfordBUCS Championships2 May 11
DT1.5K40.753Emmen, NEDIWAS Series29 May 11
2010 U20 Cardiff/Cardiff Met Uni
SP6K12.861Olomouc, CZEIWAS World Junior Championships24 Aug 10
SP6K12.523BerlinBerlin Open28 Aug 10
SP6K12.161BridgendBridgend Throws Fest11 Sep 10
SP6K12.041CardiffAviva Parallel Success13 Jun 10
SP6K12.011ABridgendBridgend Throws Fest11 Sep 10
SP6K11.943Emmen, NEDDutch Open30 May 10
SP6K11.9223HendonMcCain Throws Fest7 Aug 10
SP6K11.86NottinghamCP National Championships18 Sep 10
SP6K11.681BridgendBridgend Open30 Jun 10
SP6K11.673Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS European Open4 Jun 10
SP6K11.451WorcesterWorcester AC Open17 Jun 10
DT1.75K39.241BBridgendBridgend Throws Fest11 Sep 10
DT1.75K38.241CwmbranWelsh Athletics & Cwmbran Harriers Graded Open4 Aug 10
DT1.75K37.941ABridgendBridgend Throws Fest11 Sep 10
DT1.5K41.811BridgendBridgend Open30 Jun 10
DT1.5K41.5632HendonMcCain Throws Fest8 Aug 10
DT1.5K41.301Olomouc, CZEIWAS World Junior Championships22 Aug 10
DT1.5K41.1823HendonMcCain Throws Fest8 Aug 10
DT1.5K40.441Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS European Open3 Jun 10
DT1.5K40.022BerlinBerlin Open28 Aug 10
DT1.5K39.58NottinghamCP National Championships18 Sep 10
DT1.5K39.09WiganCP Sport Grand Prix22 May 10
DT1.5K38.692CardiffAviva Parallel Success13 Jun 10
DT1K40.927SportcityParalympic World Cup25 May 10
2009 U20 Cardiff
SP6K13.041CardiffWelsh Championships13 Jun 09
SP6K11.345Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
SP6K11.333Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
SP6K11.294Nottwil, SUIIWAS Junior Champs16 Jul 09
SP6K10.33NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
SP6K10.131Crystal PalaceAviva Parallel Success Challenge26 Jul 09
DT1.75K40.563NewportWelsh Athletics Open3 Jun 09
DT1.5K43.333Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
DT1.5K42.031CardiffCardiff Throws Festival26 Sep 09
DT1.5K40.001CardiffCardiff Throws Festival26 Sep 09
DT1.5K39.942Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
DT1.5K39.921Crystal PalaceAviva Parallel Success Challenge26 Jul 09
DT1.5K38.861CardiffWelsh Championships13 Jun 09
DT1.5K38.832Nottwil, SUIIWAS Junior Champs17 Jul 09
DT1.5K36.64NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
2008 U20 Cardiff
SP6K13.35i3CardiffUWIC Open14 Dec 08
Total Performances: 197
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