Ingmar Vos

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Club:Birchfield H/Netherlands
Age Group:V35
Region:West Midlands
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2013 SEN Birchfield H/Netherlands
607.11i31.2Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open12 Jan 13
607.13i32.2Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open12 Jan 13
40052.0951BirminghamBirchfield Harriers Open21 Apr 13
60H8.19i32Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open12 Jan 13
60H8.25i31Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open12 Jan 13
HJ2.02i4Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open13 Jan 13
2012 SEN Birchfield H/Netherlands
607.18i2h1BirminghamMidland Championships12 Feb 12
607.18i5s1BirminghamMidland Championships12 Feb 12
607.21i3h1BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
10010.98-0.76D4Olympic ParkOlympic Games8 Aug 12
20022.50i1h8BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 12
200DNFi-s2BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 12
40049.626D3Olympic ParkOlympic Games8 Aug 12
40049.86i1h1BirminghamMidland Championships12 Feb 12
15004:50.019D1Olympic ParkOlympic Games9 Aug 12
60H8.30i1BirminghamMidland Championships11 Feb 12
60H8.37i4h3BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 12
110H14.611.04D2Olympic ParkOlympic Games9 Aug 12
HJ1.971BirminghamBirchfield Harriers Open22 Apr 12
HJ1.9614DAOlympic ParkOlympic Games8 Aug 12
PV4.506DBOlympic ParkOlympic Games9 Aug 12
PV4.45i3LoughboroughLoughborough Students BUCS Trials28 Apr 12
LJ7.270.54DBOlympic ParkOlympic Games8 Aug 12
SP7.26K13.778DBOlympic ParkOlympic Games8 Aug 12
SP7.26K13.19i2BirminghamBirmingham Games4 Feb 12
SP7.26K13.031BirminghamBirchfield Harriers Open22 Apr 12
DT2K42.269DAOlympic ParkOlympic Games9 Aug 12
DT2K38.481BirminghamBirchfield Harriers Open22 Apr 12
JT80061.604DBOlympic ParkOlympic Games9 Aug 12
JT80059.213LoughboroughLoughborough Students BUCS Trials28 Apr 12
Dec780521Olympic ParkOlympic Games9 Aug 12
2011 SEN Birchfield H/Netherlands
607.01i21.8Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games30 Jan 11
607.10i41.1Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties AA Indoor Open15 Jan 11
607.16i42.1Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties AA Indoor Open15 Jan 11
20022.04w2.322BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games23 Jul 11
60H8.12i11Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties AA Indoor Open15 Jan 11
60H8.15i22.2Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games29 Jan 11
60H8.19i6BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 11
60H8.20i31.2Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games29 Jan 11
60H8.21i4h1BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 11
HJ2.01i3LoughboroughLoughborough Open Meeting22 Jan 11
HJ2.00i4Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties AA Indoor Open16 Jan 11
HJ2.00i3=BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 11
HJ1.955BirminghamMidland U20/senior Championships19 Jun 11
HJ1.953Birmingham (U)Birmingham Rowheath Open22 Jun 11
HJ1.957=BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games23 Jul 11
PV4.70i5BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 11
PV4.60i4Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games29 Jan 11
LJ7.09i3Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games30 Jan 11
SP7.26K13.76i3BirminghamBirmingham Games5 Feb 11
SP7.26K13.63i2Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games30 Jan 11
SP7.26K12.881BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games23 Jul 11
DT2K42.374Birmingham (U)Birmingham Rowheath Open22 Jun 11
DT2K41.291BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games23 Jul 11
2010 SEN Birchfield H/Netherlands
607.14i41.2Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open - Indoor Open23 Jan 10
10011.21KetteringKettering Open22 Aug 10
60H8.24i52.1Lee ValleyLondon Games30 Jan 10
60H8.28i51.1Lee ValleyLondon Games30 Jan 10
60H8.29i11Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open - Indoor Open23 Jan 10
60H8.35i2h2BirminghamBirmingham Games7 Feb 10
110H14.91BLoughboroughUp and Running Midland League Division 11 May 10
HJ2.01i6Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open - Indoor Open24 Jan 10
HJ2.00i6BirminghamBirmingham Games7 Feb 10
PV4.505LoughboroughLSAC v Combined Services v Achilles10 Jun 10
PV4.40i3BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 10
PV4.354Bedford BIG (Bedford International Games)15 Aug 10
SP7.26K14.111BLoughboroughUp and Running Midland League Division 11 May 10
SP7.26K13.72i3Lee ValleyLondon Games31 Jan 10
SP7.26K13.474Bedford BIG (Bedford International Games)15 Aug 10
SP7.26K13.40i4BirminghamBirmingham Games6 Feb 10
DT2K42.344BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)15 Aug 10
DT2K42.231KetteringKettering Open22 Aug 10
DT2K41.532BLoughboroughUp and Running Midland League Division 11 May 10
DT2K39.064BirminghamMidland Counties U20/Senior Championships13 Jun 10
JT80060.242Birmingham (Un)Birmingham Rowheath AC Open3 May 10
JT80060.233BirminghamMidland Counties U20/Senior Championships13 Jun 10
2008 U23 Birchfield H/Netherlands
10011.06DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)26 Jul 08
40049.98DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)26 Jul 08
15004:29.23DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)27 Jul 08
110H14.790.6DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)27 Jul 08
HJ1.98DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)26 Jul 08
PV4.20DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)27 Jul 08
LJ7.38DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)26 Jul 08
SP7.26K13.39DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)26 Jul 08
SP7.26K13.283BirminghamBirmingham Games (inc Midland Senior 3000m Championships)20 Jul 08
DT2K38.55DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)27 Jul 08
JT80064.74DAshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)27 Jul 08
JT80058.085BirminghamBirmingham Games (inc Midland Senior 3000m Championships)20 Jul 08
Dec77861AshfordCombined Events International (U23/U20)27 Jul 08
Total Performances: 89
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