Ben Jones

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Age Group:U20
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Simon de Wilton

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2017 Somerset county champion javelin with new championship record 2017 Gold medal UK javelin carnival at loughborough university. 2017 south west inter counties javelin champion with new championship record 2018 junior somerset schools champion. 2018 silver in South west schools. 2019 Somerset county champion javelin 2019 somerset schools champion javelin 2019 silver south west schools javelin 2021 somerset schools intermediate champion 2021 southwest schools champion 2021 selected for english schools and the national school games finals. 2021 bronze in the UK javelin carnival

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2022 U20 Taunton
SP6K10.391ExeterSouth West Athletics League5 Jun 22
JT80060.421YeovilSomerset Schools Championships11 Jun 22
JT80060.161ExeterSouth West Athletics League5 Jun 22
JT80058.415BedfordEngland Athletics U20 & U23 Championships incorporating World Junior Trials16 Jul 22
JT80058.181ExeterSouth West Inter-Counties & Championships24 Jul 22
JT80056.496SportcityESAA - English Schools Championships8 Jul 22
JT80056.041YeovilSomerset County Championships14 May 22
JT80054.564CYeovilBill Whistlecroft Spring Open18 Apr 22
JT80054.281CheltenhamBrewer Memorial Games2 May 22
JT80054.031YeovilNational Athletics League - Division 12 Jul 22
JT80052.342Milton KeynesNational Athletics League - Division 17 May 22
JT80050.801ExeterSouth-West Schools Track & Field Championships18 Jun 22
JT70064.181LoughboroughLoughborough Field Fest 1 Jun 22
2021 U17 Taunton
SP5K10.731YeovilSouth West League - East Division29 Aug 21
JT70060.273LoughboroughLoughborough Javelin Festival15 Aug 21
JT70059.965LoughboroughUK School Games3 Sep 21
JT70055.801YeovilSomerset Schools 'Competition' - Intermediates and Seniors12 Jun 21
JT70053.291YeovilSouth West League - East Division4 Jul 21
JT70053.031BYeovilYeovil Games18 Sep 21
JT70052.371YeovilSouth West League - East Division29 Aug 21
JT70051.071ExeterSouth West Championships with Inter Counties18 Jul 21
JT70050.731ExeterExeter Harriers Evening Open Meeting29 Jun 21
JT70050.011YeovilSomerset County Championships21 Aug 21
JT70048.2313SportcityESAA - New Balance English Schools Championships10 Jul 21
2020 U17 Taunton
JT70054.411YeovilYeovil Summer Field Open29 Aug 20
JT70051.951AParNewquay & Par Last Ditch Throws20 Sep 20
JT70050.791BTauntonTaunton AC Open Meeting4 Aug 20
JT70050.221YateYate Field Meeting16 Aug 20
2019 U15 Taunton
300010:14.112ExeterSouth West League1 Sep 19
SP4K9.092ExeterExeter Harriers Evening Open28 May 19
SP4K8.992ExeterExeter Great West Open & Ken Trickey Memorial Open14 Apr 19
SP4K8.458YeovilSomerset County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
JT60046.132ExeterESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships15 Jun 19
JT60045.151ExeterSouth West League1 Sep 19
JT60044.611YeovilYeovil Olympiads 50th Anniversary Games Open8 Sep 19
JT60043.351YeovilSomerset County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
JT60041.382YeovilBill Whistlecroft Spring Festival Open - Day 222 Apr 19
JT60040.841YeovilSomerset County Championships11 May 19
JT60039.951YeovilSouth West League Cup5 May 19
JT60039.871StreetMendip AC Open27 Jun 19
JT60039.671ExeterExeter Harriers Evening Open28 May 19
JT60038.931ExeterExeter Great West Open & Ken Trickey Memorial Open14 Apr 19
2018 U15 Taunton
JT60038.122YeovilYeovil Games9 Sep 18
JT60036.571ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting25 Sep 18
JT60032.641YeovilSomerset County Junior Schools Championships6 Jun 18
JT60031.902YeovilSomerset County Championships12 May 18
JT60031.905ExeterSouth West Inter Counties22 Jul 18
JT60029.955StreetMendip AC Open21 Jun 18
JT60029.883BStreetMendip AC Open3 May 18
JT60028.925ExeterSouth West League3 Jun 18
2017 U13 Taunton
609.100.514ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting28 Mar 17
10014.590.743ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting9 Apr 17
10014.7271ExeterSouth West League7 May 17
10015.091.954ExeterSouth West League2 Jul 17
LJ3.616BrauntonSouth West League Cup30 Jul 17
LJ3.1712AExeterSouth West League3 Sep 17
LJ2.5010ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting9 Apr 17
SP3.25K7.252YeovilSomerset County Championships13 May 17
SP3.25K7.231StreetMendip AC Open22 Jun 17
SP3.25K7.195YeovilSomerset County Junior Schools Championships7 Jun 17
SP3.25K7.092ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting25 Jul 17
SP3.25K7.044AExeterSouth West League3 Sep 17
SP3.25K6.792StreetMendip AC Open4 May 17
SP3.25K6.7141ExeterSouth West League2 Jul 17
SP3.25K6.707ExeterSouth West Inter Counties20 Aug 17
SP3.25K6.664BExeterSouth West League7 May 17
SP3.25K6.491ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting9 Apr 17
SP3.25K5.692ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting28 Mar 17
JT60027.375YeovilSomerset County Junior Schools Championships7 Jun 17
JT40037.711YeovilSomerset County Championships13 May 17
JT40037.481StreetMendip AC Open4 May 17
JT40036.521ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting25 Jul 17
JT40036.401LoughboroughUK Javelin Carnival28 May 17
JT40036.261ExeterSouth West League2 Jul 17
JT40035.901BrauntonSouth West League Cup30 Jul 17
JT40035.791YeovilYeovil Games10 Sep 17
JT40035.751StreetMendip AC Open22 Jun 17
JT40035.611ExeterSouth West League7 May 17
JT40034.951BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting9 Jul 17
JT40034.531StreetMendip AC Open25 May 17
JT40033.991YeovilBill Whistlecroft Spring Athletics Festival - Track, Jumps, Javelin & CP Series2 Apr 17
JT40033.381ExeterSouth West Inter Counties20 Aug 17
JT40033.011ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting25 Apr 17
JT40030.641ExeterExeter Ken Trickey Open Meeting9 Apr 17
2016 U13 Somerset Schs
10014.41StreetMendip AC Open23 Jun 16
10014.4131ExeterExeter Open Meeting26 Jul 16
10014.474BrauntonDevon Open Series14 Aug 16
10014.591.834ExeterExeter Open Meeting31 May 16
10014.62BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting24 Jul 16
10014.651.911ExeterExeter Open Meeting27 Sep 16
10014.665YeovilYeovil Games Open11 Sep 16
10014.71w5.054ExeterExeter Open Meeting28 Jun 16
10015.10QStreetSomerset / Dorset Schools & Open Combined Events Championships23 Apr 16
20031.354YeovilYeovil Games Open11 Sep 16
8002:55.09QStreetSomerset / Dorset Schools & Open Combined Events Championships23 Apr 16
LJ3.5710ExeterExeter Open Meeting31 May 16
LJ3.53QStreetSomerset / Dorset Schools & Open Combined Events Championships23 Apr 16
SP3.25K6.791ExeterExeter Open Meeting27 Sep 16
SP3.25K6.133StreetMendip AC Open23 Jun 16
SP3.25K6.001ExeterExeter Open Meeting28 Jun 16
SP3.25K5.782BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting24 Jul 16
SP3.25K5.22QStreetSomerset / Dorset Schools & Open Combined Events Championships23 Apr 16
JT40031.702BrauntonDevon Open Series14 Aug 16
JT40030.451ExeterExeter Open Meeting27 Sep 16
JT40029.722YeovilYeovil Games Open11 Sep 16
JT40028.872ExeterExeter Open Meeting26 Jul 16
JT40027.461ExeterExeter Open Meeting28 Jun 16
JT40027.282StreetMendip AC Open26 May 16
JT40026.881ExeterExeter Open Meeting31 May 16
JT40026.662StreetMendip AC Open23 Jun 16
JT40025.871BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting24 Jul 16
QuadU13M45515StreetSomerset / Dorset Schools & Open Combined Events Championships23 Apr 16
5.88KL19:228L3Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays24 Sep 16
Total Performances: 113
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