Sophie Wren

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Club:North Devon
Age Group:U20
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Mark Brace2020-
Previous Lead:Steve Choules-2020

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2023 U20 North Devon
20030.310.0510ExeterDevon Open 123 Apr 23
40065.374ExeterDevon County Schools Championships10 Jun 23
40065.795ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 23
40066.4531ExeterSouth West Athletics League30 Apr 23
40066.976ExeterDevon Open 123 Apr 23
40068.5331BrauntonDevon Open 32 Jul 23
8002:38.776CExeterBMC Regional Races30 May 23
8002:41.1354PlymouthDevon Open 46 Aug 23
Mile6:13.7010BrauntonDevon Open 32 Jul 23
300012:48.6311PlymouthDevon Open 46 Aug 23
3.84KXC15:3048BristolSouth West Schools' Championships4 Feb 23
4KXC19:57269ExeterDevon County Schools' Championships21 Jan 23
4.75KXC23:4733IltonEA South West Region Championships8 Jan 23
5.53KXC27:1948367Charles Stanley Westward LeagueCharles Stanley Westward League12 Feb 23
5.8KXC27:5812097Newnham ParkCharles Stanley Westward League8 Oct 23
6KXC31:54131109ExeterDevon County Championships (incl Charles Stanley Westward League)3 Dec 23
2022 U17 North Devon
20029.670.84PlymouthDevon Open 421 Aug 22
40066.9432PlymouthDevon Open 421 Aug 22
8002:32.733DExeterBMC Regional Races30 Aug 22
8002:34.341DExeterBMC Regional Races28 Jun 22
8002:34.625BExeterBMC Regional Races26 Apr 22
8002:35.258CExeterBMC Regional Races26 Jul 22
8002:36.738DStreetBMC PB Classic4 Jun 22
8002:36.883ExeterDevon County Championships15 May 22
8002:38.124ExeterDevon Schools Championships11 Jun 22
4KXC19:0923ExeterDevon County Schools' Championships15 Jan 22
4.45KXC18:2961U17/20W33CardiffCardiff Cross Challenge15 Oct 22
4.75KXC22:4637IltonSouth West Inter County Championships2 Jan 22
5KXC23:1682U17/SW6111ExeterDevon County Championships (incl Charles Stanley Westward League)4 Dec 22
5KXC23:3948378Westward Ho!Charles Stanley Westward League (Inc Gliddon & Squire North Devon League)9 Jan 22
5.04KXC23:1182638NewquayCharles Stanley Westward League13 Nov 22
5.53KXC26:5145377PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League27 Feb 22
5.8KXC26:1277U17s/SW599PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League9 Oct 22
2021 U17 North Devon
8002:37.024ExeterDevon County AA & Devon Schools Championships12 Jun 21
8002:39.722BExeterBMC Regional Races31 Aug 21
8002:41.056DMillfieldBMC PB Classic29 May 21
8002:44.898DExeterBMC Regional Races27 Jul 21
15005:41.219PlymouthSouth West Athletics League - West Division6 Jun 21
15005:43.738BExeterBMC Regional Races29 Jun 21
15005:49.451BrauntonNorth Devon AC Summer Open Series 116 May 21
Mile6:28.5433BrauntonDevon Open 412 Sep 21
4.52KXC20:4621113AppledoreGliddon & Squire North Devon League7 Nov 21
5KXC21:58806112ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (Inc Devon County Championships)5 Dec 21
5.04KXC21:3782658NewquayCharles Stanley Westward League (inc. Cornwall County Championships)14 Nov 21
ZXC10:091Westward Ho!Gliddon & Squire North Devon League17 Oct 21
2020 U15 North Devon
15005:49.2342BrauntonDevon Open13 Sep 20
2.8KXC14:39163Shebbear CollegeGliddon & Squire North Devon League (Inc North Devon Championships)12 Jan 20
3.1KXC13:5124Newton AbbotDevon County Schools' Championships18 Jan 20
3.8KXC17:5047YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships5 Jan 20
4.25KXC22:53227StoverCharles Stanley Westward League1 Mar 20
ZXC15:37183West BucklandGliddon & Squire North Devon League2 Feb 20
2019 U15 North Devon
30050.63h1BrauntonNorth Devon Young Athletes Open Meeting30 Jun 19
8002:37.118BExeterBMC Regional Races30 Jul 19
8002:39.9262ExeterSouth West League7 Jul 19
8002:40.4331BrauntonDevon Open Series11 Aug 19
8002:43.306ExeterDevon County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
8002:44.417GMillfieldBMC PB Classic4 May 19
8002:45.736ExeterDevon County Championships12 May 19
8002:50.52BBrauntonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1A27 Apr 19
15005:38.7911ExeterSouth West League4 Aug 19
15005:41.95AGloucesterUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1A23 Jun 19
15005:43.406ASwindonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1A18 May 19
15005:54.3210ExeterExeter Great West Open & Ken Trickey Memorial Open14 Apr 19
15005:58.86BrauntonNorth Devon Young Athletes Open Meeting30 Jun 19
300012:58.3310TavistockDevon Open Series14 Jul 19
LJ2.798BrauntonNorth Devon Young Athletes Open Meeting30 Jun 19
2.75KXC15:112222BidefordGliddon & Squire North Devon League29 Sep 19
2.8KXC13:26163ShirwellGliddon & Squire North Devon League3 Nov 19
3.1KXC13:3237Newton AbbotDevon County Schools' Championships19 Jan 19
3.16KXC16:5354YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships6 Jan 19
3.2KXC14:2515Westward Ho!Charles Stanley Westward League13 Jan 19
3.2KXC14:255Westward Ho!Gliddon & Squire North Devon League13 Jan 19
3.265KXC14:3719NewquayCharles Stanley Westward League (inc. Cornwall County Championships)10 Nov 19
3.6KXC17:442611PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League6 Oct 19
3.9KXC17:529ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (incl Devon County Championships)1 Dec 19
4KXC20:024215Westward Ho!Charles Stanley Westward League (Inc Gliddon & Squire North Devon League)15 Dec 19
ZXC9:295West BucklandGliddon & Squire North Devon League17 Mar 19
ZXC14:49182West BucklandGliddon & Squire North Devon League24 Nov 19
2018 U13 North Devon
20034.6742ExeterGreat West Open & Ken Trickey Memorial8 Apr 18
20035.54BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting29 Apr 18
8002:47.7561ExeterSouth West League2 Sep 18
8002:51.5061ExeterSouth West League3 Jun 18
8002:53.41nsABrauntonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1A21 Apr 18
15005:54.308ExeterGreat West Open & Ken Trickey Memorial8 Apr 18
15005:58.6015ExeterSouth West League6 May 18
15005:59.4314ExeterSouth West League8 Jul 18
15006:11.53BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting29 Apr 18
LJ2.981BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting29 Apr 18
2.2KXC10:41256ShirwellGliddon & Squire North Devon League4 Nov 18
2.25KXC11:585BidefordGliddon & Squire North Devon League23 Sep 18
2.4KXC10:435ShebbearGliddon & Squire North Devon League14 Oct 18
2.57KXC11:2324PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League7 Oct 18
3KXC12:4531ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (Inc Devon County Championships)2 Dec 18
3.075KXC14:1520NewquayCornwall County Championships (Inc Charles Stanley Westward League)11 Nov 18
3.16KXC17:1957YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships7 Jan 18
5KMT34:091242KillertonKillerton 5K16 Sep 18
ZXC9:145West BucklandGliddon & Squire North Devon League25 Nov 18
ZXC10:038BarnstapleGliddon & Squire North Devon League4 Feb 18
ZXC10:2420Newton AbbotDevon Schools' Championships20 Jan 18
ZXC13:5922Westward Ho!Westward League14 Jan 18
ZXC13:596Westward Ho!Gliddon & Squire North Devon League14 Jan 18
2017 U13 North Devon
10016.44h2BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting9 Jul 17
10016.610.333BrauntonDevon Open Series23 Apr 17
10017.00-0.133PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
10017.2933TavistockDevon Open Series - no long throws11 Jun 17
8003:00.6542TavistockDevon Open Series - no long throws11 Jun 17
12004:54.1410BrauntonDevon Open Series23 Apr 17
15006:25.21BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting9 Jul 17
15006:42.4711PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
LJ2.947BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting9 Jul 17
LJ2.8418BrauntonDevon Open Series23 Apr 17
LJ2.8213PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
LJ2.8017TavistockDevon Open Series - no long throws11 Jun 17
2.2KXC12:0910ShirwellGliddon & Squire North Devon League5 Nov 17
2.4KXC13:0516Westward Ho!Westward League (Inc Gliddon & Squire North Devon League)15 Jan 17
3KXC13:1728ExeterWestward League (Inc Devon County Championships)3 Dec 17
3.075KXC15:4639NewquayWestward League (Inc Cornwall Championships)12 Nov 17
ZXC8:2310BarnstapleGliddon & Squire North Devon League5 Feb 17
ZXC9:308West BucklandGliddon & Squire North Devon League26 Nov 17
ZXC12:448BidefordGliddon & Squire North Devon League24 Sep 17
ZXC13:5729Newton AbbotWestward League8 Oct 17
ZXCNT11ShebbearGliddon & Squire North Devon League15 Oct 17
2016 U11 North Devon
7513.25h1BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting24 Jul 16
7513.2433TavistockDevon Open Series10 Jul 16
7513.3317BrauntonDevon Open Series12 Jun 16
6002:20.55BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting24 Jul 16
6002:22.477TavistockDevon Open Series10 Jul 16
6002:24.279BrauntonDevon Open Series12 Jun 16
LJ2.669TavistockDevon Open Series10 Jul 16
LJ2.664BrauntonNorth Devon AC Young Athletes Open Meeting24 Jul 16
LJ2.6310BrauntonDevon Open Series12 Jun 16
1.6KXC7:4517ShebbearGliddon & Squire North Devon League16 Oct 16
1.65KXC7:0422ExeterWestward League (Inc Devon Championships)4 Dec 16
1.75KXC9:3712BidefordGliddon & Squire North Devon League25 Sep 16
1.9KXC9:3011ArlingtonGliddon & Squire North Devon League27 Nov 16
1.95KXC10:119ShirwellGliddon & Squire North Devon League6 Nov 16
Total Performances: 136
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