Eve Robinson

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Age Group:U13
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2016 2017 2018 2019

2019 U13 Wakefield
508.4i31.1WakefieldWakefield District Harriers & AC Meeting28 Feb 19
508.6i42.1WakefieldWakefield District Harriers & AC Meeting28 Feb 19
508.7i51.2WakefieldPontefract Open17 Mar 19
508.7i22.4WakefieldPontefract Open17 Mar 19
8013.140.06h1CudworthYorkshire County Championships11 May 19
8013.3941CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 19
8013.472CleckheatonSpenborough AC Spring Open24 Mar 19
8013.6041CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League1 May 19
8013.7163WakefieldWest Yorkshire League19 Jun 19
8013.9451CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 19
10016.6334WakefieldJohn Newsome Memorial Open7 Apr 19
10017.030.172DoncasterDoncaster AC Spring Open20 Apr 19
15025.1552WakefieldWest Yorkshire League10 Jul 19
15025.5371CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League1 May 19
15025.972CleckheatonSpenborough AC Spring Open24 Mar 19
20034.7572WakefieldJohn Newsome Memorial Open7 Apr 19
20035.871.053DoncasterDoncaster AC Spring Open20 Apr 19
8003:04.7742WakefieldWest Yorkshire League10 Jul 19
8003:05.599h2CudworthYorkshire County Championships11 May 19
8003:06.37CleckheatonYorkshire & District Young Athlete League Premier Division23 Jun 19
8003:10.8942CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 19
8003:16.4814CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 19
LJ2.95i11WakefieldPontefract Open17 Mar 19
LJ2.94i6WakefieldWakefield District Harriers & AC Meeting (Long Jump only)31 Jan 19
LJ2.88i10WakefieldWakefield District Harriers & AC Meeting28 Feb 19
LJ2.8816WakefieldJohn Newsome Memorial Open7 Apr 19
LJ2.8117CleckheatonSpenborough AC Spring Open24 Mar 19
LJ2.4827CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 19
SP2.72K3.83i6WakefieldPontefract Open17 Mar 19
SP2.72K3.4524WakefieldWest Yorkshire League19 Jun 19
SP2.72K3.4112CudworthYorkshire County Championships11 May 19
2018 U11 Wakefield
508.9i11.3WakefieldWakefield Winter Meeting25 Jan 18
509.0i52.1WakefieldWakefield Winter Meeting22 Feb 18
509.0i31.2WakefieldPontefract Open18 Mar 18
509.0i32.2WakefieldPontefract Open18 Mar 18
509.1i52.1WakefieldWakefield Winter Meeting25 Jan 18
509.2i41.2WakefieldWakefield Winter Meeting22 Feb 18
7512.9334CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League5 Aug 18
7513.0845WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open16 Sep 18
7513.1956CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League13 Jun 18
7513.3364CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League2 May 18
7513.366h2CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships9 Sep 18
7513.4361WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 18
6002:18.9852WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open16 Sep 18
6002:20.0561WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 18
6002:20.3413CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships9 Sep 18
6002:20.8692WakefieldWest Yorkshire League23 May 18
6002:21.63102CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League5 Aug 18
6002:26.0613WakefieldJohn Newsome Memorial Open8 Apr 18
LJ2.92i7WakefieldWakefield Winter Meeting25 Jan 18
LJ2.83i7WakefieldPontefract Open18 Mar 18
LJ2.77i9WakefieldWakefield Winter Meeting22 Feb 18
LJ2.6126WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open16 Sep 18
LJ2.5821CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League2 May 18
LJ2.4417WakefieldJohn Newsome Memorial Open8 Apr 18
SP2K4.0110CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships9 Sep 18
SP2K3.7019CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League5 Aug 18
SP2K3.4725WakefieldWest Yorkshire League23 May 18
SP2K3.2520WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 18
1.5KXC7:268SheffieldSheffield Open20 Jan 18
2017 U11 Wakefield
509.3i21.3WakefieldPontefract Open12 Mar 17
7512.9551WakefieldPontefract AC Open25 Jun 17
7513.216h2CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League10 Sep 17
7513.3162WakefieldWest Yorkshire League6 Aug 17
7513.3351CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League23 Apr 17
7513.4344WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open13 Aug 17
8013.9914WakefieldJohn Newsome Memorial Open9 Apr 17
6002:13.578WakefieldPontefract AC Open25 Jun 17
6002:16.7762CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League19 Jul 17
6002:17.4862WakefieldWest Yorkshire League6 Aug 17
6002:20.089WakefieldJohn Newsome Memorial Open9 Apr 17
6002:20.67141CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League7 Jun 17
6002:21.2312CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League10 Sep 17
6002:23.9392WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open13 Aug 17
6002:27.3352CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League23 Apr 17
LJ2.4915CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League10 Sep 17
LJ2.3620WakefieldPontefract AC Open25 Jun 17
LJ2.2419CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League19 Jul 17
LJ2.2231CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League7 Jun 17
LJNMi-WakefieldPontefract Open12 Mar 17
1.45KXC7:0443WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Oct 17
1.6KXC7:3438KeighleyWest Yorkshire League9 Dec 17
ZXC6:2440SpenboroughWest Yorkshire League19 Nov 17
ZXC7:4643LeedsWest Yorkshire League29 Oct 17
2016 U11 Wakefield
8014.2234WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting11 Sep 16
6002:29.1792WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting11 Sep 16
LJ2.3721WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting11 Sep 16
Total Performances: 87
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