Megan Hughes

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Age Group:U15
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2020 U15 Longwood
3.75KXC17:2838North StainleyYorkshire County Championships4 Jan 20
4.2KXC17:55119BedaleNorthern Counties Championships25 Jan 20
ZXC13:2814LeedsWest Yorkshire County Schools' Championships1 Feb 20
2019 U15 Longwood
10015.6963CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League29 May 19
10015.78CudworthYorkshire & District Young Athlete League Premier Division28 Apr 19
10016.7563CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 19
20032.2262CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League1 May 19
20032.38GrimsbyYorkshire & District Young Athlete League Premier Division26 May 19
8002:37.548WakefieldWest Yorkshire League19 Jun 19
8002:43.14CudworthYorkshire & District Young Athlete League Premier Division28 Apr 19
8002:45.2142CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League1 May 19
15005:18.666WakefieldWest Yorkshire League10 Jul 19
15005:20.917CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League29 May 19
15005:22.022CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 19
15005:25.375CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 19
15005:26.03CudworthYorkshire & District Young Athlete League Premier Division21 Jul 19
15005:32.13GrimsbyYorkshire & District Young Athlete League Premier Division26 May 19
15005:33.62AWakefieldESAA English Schools' Cup North Midlands Final20 Jun 19
DT1K9.878CudworthYorkshire & District Young Athlete League Premier Division21 Jul 19
2.6KXC10:0923North StainleyYorkshire County Championships5 Jan 19
3KXC13:02215LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
3KXC13:4317CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League8 Dec 19
3.05KXC11:5572PontefractNorthern Counties Championships26 Jan 19
3.15KXC12:5415Nunroyd ParkWest Yorkshire League27 Oct 19
3.2KNAD13:2023LeedsYorkshire Road Relay Championships30 Mar 19
3.4KL14:5343L1ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays15 Sep 19
3.55KXC16:2824West ParkWest Yorkshire League17 Nov 19
3.7KXC15:3616KeighleyWest Yorkshire League5 Oct 19
ZXC13:4817LeedsWest Yorkshire County Schools' Championships2 Feb 19
2018 U13 Longwood
8012.7323CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League5 Aug 18
8013.1052WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 18
8002:41.43WakefieldYorkshire & District League Premier Division22 Jul 18
8002:42.0341CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League5 Aug 18
8002:42.2751WakefieldWest Yorkshire League4 Jul 18
8002:45.155CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Championships9 Sep 18
8002:47.4151WakefieldWest Yorkshire League23 May 18
8002:47.6322WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 18
12004:24.94WakefieldYorkshire & District League Premier Division24 Jun 18
LJ3.1414WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 18
1.8KXCL6:1618L1SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships20 Oct 18
2.6KXC10:3834North StainleyYorkshire County Championships6 Jan 18
2.9KXC12:3014WakefieldWest Yorkshire League18 Nov 18
2.9KXC12:5113KeighleyWest Yorkshire League8 Dec 18
3KXC13:0481HarewoodNorthern Counties Championships27 Jan 18
3.1KL14:5529L1ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays23 Sep 18
ZXC11:1710CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League21 Oct 18
ZXC11:5918LeedsWest Yorkshire League4 Nov 18
2017 U13 Longwood
7512.87CudworthYorkshire & District League Division 118 Jun 17
8013.2164WakefieldWest Yorkshire League10 May 17
8013.2721CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League23 Apr 17
8013.5764WakefieldWest Yorkshire League6 Aug 17
15024.9674WakefieldWest Yorkshire League10 May 17
15025.3645CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League19 Jul 17
15026.343CleckheatonSpenborough AC Spring Open2 Apr 17
8002:44.25101CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League19 Jul 17
8002:47.7522CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League7 Jun 17
8002:48.8792CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League23 Apr 17
8002:48.9691WakefieldWest Yorkshire League6 Aug 17
8002:55.94CudworthYorkshire & District League Division 118 Jun 17
12004:20.95CleckheatonSpenborough AC Spring Open2 Apr 17
LJ2.7435CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League7 Jun 17
LJ2.5817CleckheatonSpenborough AC Spring Open2 Apr 17
1.8KXCL6:4110L2SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships21 Oct 17
2.9KXC12:0311WakefieldWest Yorkshire League14 Oct 17
2.9KXC12:3116KeighleyWest Yorkshire League9 Dec 17
3KL13:3210L2ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays16 Sep 17
ZXC11:3623SpenboroughWest Yorkshire League19 Nov 17
ZXC13:2915LeedsWest Yorkshire League29 Oct 17
2016 U11 Longwood
7513.0161CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League17 Apr 16
7513.0462CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League22 Jun 16
7513.151WakefieldPontefract AC Open18 Jun 16
7513.194h3CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League4 Sep 16
7513.6323WakefieldWest Yorkshire League31 Jul 16
8013.8043WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting11 Sep 16
15027.931CleckheatonSpenborough AC Winter Warm-Up Open20 Mar 16
6002:00.8121CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League13 Jul 16
6002:02.602CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League4 Sep 16
6002:02.6421WakefieldWest Yorkshire League31 Jul 16
6002:03.73WakefieldPontefract AC Open18 Jun 16
6002:04.4522WakefieldDouglas Bedford Memorial Open Meeting11 Sep 16
6002:08.1721CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League17 Apr 16
6002:18.45CleckheatonSpenborough AC Winter Warm-Up Open20 Mar 16
1.3KXC5:596CleckheatonSpenborough Open23 Jan 16
1.45KXC6:073WakefieldWest Yorkshire League2 Oct 16
1.6KXC6:245KeighleyWest Yorkshire League4 Dec 16
ZXC5:415SpenboroughWest Yorkshire League20 Nov 16
ZXC7:423LeedsWest Yorkshire League30 Oct 16
2015 U11 Longwood
1.54KXC7:0722HuddersfieldWest Yorkshire League31 Oct 15
ZXC6:5625KeighleyWest Yorkshire League14 Nov 15
ZXC8:0828LeedsWest Yorkshire League6 Dec 15
Total Performances: 90
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