Geoff Watson

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Age Group:V40
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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Coach: Bryan Mackay

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2019 V40 Durham
ZFL36:0157SedberghSedbergh Gala18 May 19
2018 V40 Durham
3KXCL13:0926L23DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays14 Jan 18
2.22ML16:1468L5Hetton-le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship17 Feb 18
parkrun22:5932HartlepoolHartlepool parkrun # 2214 Aug 18
parkrun23:2574DurhamDurham parkrun # 3289 Jun 18
parkrun23:2946SedgefieldSedgefield parkrun # 3031 Jan 18
parkrun27:54191DurhamDurham parkrun # 34115 Sep 18
6.3MXC55:3551788Aykley HeadsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League17 Nov 18
12KXC71:562174Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
ZXC57:0242975SunderlandStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League6 Jan 18
ZXC58:0131159Alnwick CastleStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League17 Mar 18
ZXC64:3240375PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League10 Feb 18
ZFL35:5530SedberghSedbergh20 May 18
2017 V40 Durham
20031.928JarrowNorth East Masters AA League31 Jul 17
DT2K15.725AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 3E5 Aug 17
HT7.26K14.914AWhitley BayNorth of England League Division 3E5 Aug 17
HT7.26K14.882BJarrowNorth of England League Division 3E9 Jul 17
3KXCL12:5347L37DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays15 Jan 17
2MXCL16:5272L2SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships21 Oct 17
2.2ML14:5770L4LemingtonGood Friday Road Races14 Apr 17
2.22ML15:5557L5Hetton-Le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship18 Feb 17
5K23:34174SunderlandSunderland 5K13 Jul 17
parkrun23:4251Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 12313 May 17
parkrun24:0556DurhamDurham parkrun # 29923 Sep 17
5.25MXC42:507412WallsendNEMAA Open Championships4 Feb 17
12KXC62:08301RedcarNorth Eastern County Championships9 Dec 17
12KXC66:421587NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
ZXC41:1020729Wimbledon CommonThames H&H Alumni Race16 Dec 17
ZXC48:0238760South ShieldsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League28 Oct 17
ZXC48:3049980WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League30 Sep 17
ZXC50:5443590Herrington ParkStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Jan 17
ZXC51:4048075Druridge BayStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League8 Oct 17
ZXC54:2045869Aykley HeadsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League18 Nov 17
ZXC55:0840179Alnwick CastleStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League4 Mar 17
ZXC62:0532465PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League11 Feb 17
2016 V40 Durham
3000SC14:20.93AMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 16
SP7.26K5.595BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 16
DT2K13.015BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 16
HT7.26K13.395BJarrowNorth of England League Division 3E3 Jul 16
HT7.26K12.085BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 16
2MXCL15:1070L1SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships22 Oct 16
2.22ML15:5265L3HettonNorth East Road Relay Championship20 Feb 16
5KXCL24:291862MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships5 Nov 16
parkrun23:5973Kings LynnKings Lynn parkrun # 2549 Jul 16
6.8KL25:0199L6ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays25 Sep 16
12KXC59:39337DurhamNorth Eastern County Championships10 Dec 16
12KXC74:571602Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
ZXC36:3113123Wimbledon CommonThames H&H Alumni Race17 Dec 16
ZXC43:4628859South ShieldsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League19 Nov 16
ZXC46:4738171WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League19 Mar 16
ZXC47:3446188WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League1 Oct 16
ZXC48:32480100Druridge BayStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League9 Oct 16
ZXC51:2635873PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League26 Nov 16
ZXCL13:1545L34DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays17 Jan 16
2015 V35 Durham
parkrun21:219HartlepoolHartlepool parkrun # 8214 Nov 15
parkrun25:10100ConcordConcord parkrun # 25325 Dec 15
12KXC61:55628PontefractNorthern Championships24 Jan 15
ZXC45:1238563South ShieldsStart Fitness North East Harrier League10 Oct 15
ZXC56:3249187DurhamStart Fitness North East Harrier League21 Nov 15
ZXCL13:0758L3DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays11 Jan 15
ZFL46:20144Great AytonCaptain Cook's Races (5M/1043ft)1 Jan 15
2014 V35 Durham
15005:24.14BJarrowNorth of England League Division 4E4 May 14
DT2K14.323BJarrowNorth of England League Division 4E7 Jun 14
2.22ML15:4858L5Hetton Le HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championships15 Feb 14
5K21:4821:41275MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Riverside 5K1 Jun 14
parkrun21:1719DurhamDurham parkrun # 16820 Dec 14
parkrun21:5123SedgefieldSedgefield parkrun # 14725 Dec 14
parkrun22:0531DurhamDurham parkrun # 13412 Apr 14
parkrun22:5957DurhamDurham parkrun # 14024 May 14
12KXC70:47570KnowsleyNorthern Championships25 Jan 14
ZXC44:53385Temple ParkStart Fitness North East Harrier League25 Oct 14
ZXC49:23477East CramlingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League11 Oct 14
ZXC49:38311WallingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League29 Nov 14
ZXC50:59370Aykley HeadsStart Fitness North East Harrier League22 Nov 14
ZXCL12:5532L3SunderlandSunderland Open and Relays13 Sep 14
ZXCL13:2146L3DurhamDurham Summer Relays18 Aug 14
ZXCL15:5539L1SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships18 Oct 14
ZXCL23:34159L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships1 Nov 14
ZFL18:5153Newton under RoseberryRoseberry Topping (1.4M/712ft)10 Sep 14
ZFL49:4970StokesleyCarlton Challenge (5M/1181ft)7 May 14
ZFL50:3049Carlton Bank TopCarlton Midsummer Meander (6.2M/1499ft)9 Jul 14
ZFL60:1958SwainbyWhorlton Run (6.2M/1401ft)18 Jun 14
ZFL62:2075Ingleby CrossOssy Oiks (5.3M/1722ft)21 May 14
2013 V35 Durham
5KXCL24:30166L2MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
5M34:0493HartlepoolHartlepool Marina 5 (Inc NE Veterans' Champs)7 Apr 13
ZXC29:1761DurhamDurham University Cross Country Race19 Oct 13
ZXC36:2683Wimbledon CommonThames H&H Old Boys/Alumni 514 Dec 13
ZXC36:31482Shibdon PondNorth East Harrier League26 Oct 13
ZXC48:23347WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League9 Feb 13
ZXC50:19274AlnwickStart Fitness North East Harrier League2 Mar 13
ZXC58:28329PrudhoeStart Fitness North East Harrier League23 Mar 13
ZXC66:11897SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXCL11:0242L3DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays13 Jan 13
ZXCL15:1324L2SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships5 Oct 13
2012 V35 Durham
parkrun23:1618SedgefieldSedgefield parkrun # 2211 Aug 12
10K52:03192GatesheadRonnie Walker Saltwell 10K22 Dec 12
ZXC36:35331Shibdon PondStart Fitness North East Harrier League17 Nov 12
ZXC42:51213South ShieldsSherman Cup / Davidson Shield29 Sep 12
ZXC44:46266WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League11 Feb 12
ZXC45:09240PrudhoeStart Fitness North East Harrier League24 Mar 12
ZXC45:49180AlnwickStart Fitness North East Harrier League3 Mar 12
ZXC47:39348East CramlingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League27 Oct 12
ZXC59:11550PontefractNorthern Championships28 Jan 12
ZXC60:541529Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC62:05280HartlepoolNorth Eastern County Championships8 Dec 12
ZXCL12:2934L2DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays22 Jan 12
ZXCL23:41173L2MansfieldECCA National Relays3 Nov 12
2011 V35 Durham
parkrun22:1044DurhamDurham parkrun # 113 Aug 11
5.9M44:12770BlaydonBlaydon Race 5.99 Jun 11
14M2:06:40245DentDentdale Run 1412 Mar 11
ZXC28:0738DurhamDurham University Past v Present Race12 Nov 11
ZXC39:00299Shibdon PondStart Fitness North East Harrier League26 Nov 11
ZXC43:40237East CramlingtonStart Fitness North East Harrier League8 Oct 11
ZXC43:48218South ShieldsSherman Cup/Davidson Shield22 Oct 11
ZXC45:05254FarringdonStart Fitness North East Harrier League29 Oct 11
ZXCL23:02181L1MansfieldSaucony ECCA Relays5 Nov 11
2010 SEN Durham
5.6KL23:4999L3ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-stage Relay2 Oct 10
ZXC45:11248FarringdonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League30 Oct 10
ZXCL21:13121L4MansfieldECCA Relays6 Nov 10
2009 SEN Durham
ZRD35:57109NewcastleBlaydon Races9 Jun 09
ZXC32:2618SunderlandNorth East Harrier League10 Jan 09
2008 SEN Durham
ZXC31:1016RoehamptonThames Hare Hounds Alumni 513 Dec 08
2007 SEN Durham
10M84:19327Hexham-OvinghamTynedale Jelly Race 109 Sep 07
2006 SEN Durham
5K19:3088SunderlandSunderland 5K19 Jul 06
10K41:1043Raby CastleRaby Castle 10km28 May 06
2005 SEN Durham
3000SC12:19.95Princess Mary Stadium, CleckheatonN.o.e. Inter-club Cup Round: Semi30 Jul 05
ZRD18:5438ManchesterNorth of England 12 & 6 Stage Relays2 Apr 05
ZFL25:5418SedberghSedbergh Gala Fell Race21 May 05
2003 SEN Durham
ZRD12:5414LemingtonElswick Good Friday Relays18 Apr 03
ZXC10:0826DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays19 Jan 03
ZXC33:5566MConsettDurham Pine North Eastern Harrier League15 Mar 03
ZXC33:5532MPrudhoeDurham Pine North Eastern Harrier League22 Mar 03
ZXC36:1090MBlaydonDurham Pine North Eastern Harrier League2 Feb 03
ZXC37:44103MSunderlandDp Furniture Express North Eastern Harrier League29 Nov 03
ZXC38:1129SDurhamDp Furniture Express North Eastern Harrier League25 Oct 03
2002 SEN Durham
10K38:2828Exhibition Park NewcastleHeaton Memorial 10k10 Nov 02
Mar7:55:1735Gorak Shep, NepalEverest Marathon26 May 02
ZRD21:0854Sutton ParkAAA 6 Stage Road Relay26 Oct 02
ZXC40:02104PrudhoeDurham Pine North Eastern Harrier League23 Mar 02
ZXC40:3727SSunderlandDurham Pine North Eastern Harrier League2 Feb 02
ZXC41:0552MDurhamDurham Pine North Eastern Harrier League23 Nov 02
ZFL13:457RoseberryRosberry Tooping Race23 Jul 02
2001 SEN Durham
ZFL85:5347WasdaleScafell Pike Race21 Jul 01
ZFL2:21:11192Fort WilliamBen Nevis Race1 Sep 01
ZFL12:59:38145Clyde Muirsheil National ParkKarrimor Mountain Marathon B28 Oct 01
2000 SEN Durham
ZFL38:207CarltonCartlon Challenge9 May 00
ZFL72:0218Fox & Hounds ChaseFox & Hounds Chase29 Jun 00
ZFL12:44:58153Lake DistrictKarrimor Mountain Marathon29 Oct 00
1999 SEN Durham
ZXC41:47217ConsettNorth East Harrier League14 Nov 99
1998 SEN Durham
ZXC53:31139ConsettNorth East Counties Cross Country Championships12 Dec 98
ZFL52:19175BuckdenBuckden Pike Fell Race20 Jun 98
1997 U23 Durham
ZFL14:5826Roseberry ToppingRoseberry Topping Fell Race22 Jul 97
1994 U20 Durham
ZXC32:03305Sefton Park, LiverpoolTsb English Schools Cross Country Championships5 Mar 94
Total Performances: 153
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