Sebastian Thornewill

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Age Group:U17
Region:East Midlands
Lead Coach:Mike Thornewill

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2022 U15 Rushcliffe
20025.43AMansfieldUK Youth Development League Lower Midlands North/East Division A3 Jul 22
30039.91NewarkNottinghamshire County Schools Championships11 Jun 22
30040.02AMansfieldUK Youth Development League Lower Midlands North/East Division A3 Jul 22
8002:04.11NewarkNottinghamshire County Schools Championships11 Jun 22
8002:04.984ELoughboroughBMC Regional Races15 Jun 22
8002:06.346h2SportcityESAA - English Schools Championships8 Jul 22
8002:08.582NDerbyDerbyshire & Nottinghamshire County Championships15 May 22
8002:09.411NewarkNotts Mini League28 May 22
8002:09.744CLoughboroughBMC Regional Races18 May 22
8002:10.41AMansfieldUK Youth Development League Lower Midlands North/East Division A3 Jul 22
8002:12.3846LoughboroughCharnwood AC Opens20 Apr 22
8002:14.911BinghamNotts Mini League23 Apr 22
8002:16.1425LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open6 Apr 22
15004:43.8013BLoughboroughBMC Regional Races13 Jul 22
15004:45.811BinghamNotts Mini League1 May 22
4KXC16:499Berry Hill ParkNotts Mini League6 Mar 22
4KXC18:02259Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships26 Feb 22
4.2KXC17:26268LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 22
4.395KXC15:42267TonbridgeESAA English Schools Championships19 Mar 22
4.6KXC18:038Berry HillNottinghamshire / Derbyshire County Championships8 Jan 22
2021 U15 Rushcliffe
30042.52ALeicesterYouth Development League Lower Midlands North/East B4 Sep 21
8002:14.933NNottinghamNottinghamshire & Derbyshire County Championships12 Sep 21
8002:16.92NottinghamNottinghamshire County Schools Championships12 Jun 21
8002:17.91ANuneatonYouth Development League Lower Midlands North/East B17 Jul 21
8002:18.2464LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open11 Aug 21
8002:21.01ALeicesterYouth Development League Lower Midlands North/East B4 Sep 21
8002:21.11NewarkNotts Mini League Track24 Jul 21
8002:23.11BNuneatonYouth Development League Lower Midlands North/East B5 Jun 21
JT60014.611BNuneatonYouth Development League Lower Midlands North/East B17 Jul 21
JT60014.111BLeicesterYouth Development League Lower Midlands North/East B4 Sep 21
3KXC10:458Market HarboroughNational Open School Year Championships26 Jun 21
4KXC14:444NewarkNotts Mini League17 Oct 21
4KXC17:229RuchcliffeNotts Mini League14 Nov 21
2020 U13 Rushcliffe
15005:32.07i6SheffieldSheffield Festival Open26 Jan 20
3KXC16:2422Shipley ParkDerbyshire / Nottinghamshire County Championships4 Jan 20
2019 U13 Rushcliffe
8002:39.046NDerbyDerbyshire / Nottinghamshire County Championships12 May 19
8002:39.465ADerbyUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1B23 Jun 19
8002:44.1123LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series6 Apr 19
8002:45.210BinghamNotts Mini League14 Jul 19
8002:46.3845NottinghamNotts AC Spring Spruce Open31 Mar 19
8002:49.343BinghamRushcliffe AC 800m / Mile Race Night Open9 Apr 19
15005:28.8161LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series29 Jul 19
15005:31.3041LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series10 Jun 19
15005:33.06BinghamNotts Mini League4 May 19
1.5KXC6:039RushcliffeNotts Mini League10 Feb 19
1.5KXC6:1017Wollaton ParkNottinghamshire / Derbyshire County Championships5 Jan 19
2KXCL10:5787L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships2 Nov 19
2.94KXC12:0612BaldertonNotts Mini League29 Sep 19
3KXC12:0415MansfieldNotts Mini League20 Oct 19
3.07KXC13:3517NottinghamNotts Mini League17 Nov 19
2018 U11 Rushcliffe
6002:02.94NottinghamNotts Mini League23 Jun 18
6002:04.211BinghamNotts Mini League15 Jul 18
6002:09.27NottinghamNotts Mini League28 Apr 18
6002:09.933BinghamRushcliffe AC 600m Race Night12 Jul 18
8002:44.9121LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series (inc. Leicestershire & Rutland 3000m & 5000m Championships)16 May 18
8002:56.5392LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series8 Apr 18
15005:49.96142LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series13 Jun 18
15006:02.52141LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series30 May 18
15006:05.98121LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series (inc. Leicestershire & Rutland Hammer & Pole Vault Championships)25 Apr 18
15006:08.24141LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series1 Aug 18
1.5KXC6:0721WorksopNotts Mini League16 Dec 18
1.5KXC6:1112NewarkNotts Mini League14 Oct 18
1.5KXC6:1724MansfieldNotts Mini League11 Nov 18
1.5KXC7:0110RetfordNotts Mini League23 Sep 18
1.5KXC8:2818HeanorNottinghamshire / Derbyshire County Championships6 Jan 18
2017 U11 Rushcliffe
6002:04.612NottinghamNotts Mini League22 Jul 17
8002:54.3381LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series9 Aug 17
8003:00.7271LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series26 Apr 17
15005:47.17111LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Series14 Jun 17
1.45KXC6:1213MansfieldNotts Mini League12 Nov 17
1.5KXC5:488BaldertonNotts Mini League15 Oct 17
1.5KXC5:5924NottinghamNottinghamshire County Championships7 Jan 17
1.5KXC6:5713RetfordNotts Mini League17 Sep 17
1.5KXC7:0229NottinghamNorth Midlands League14 Jan 17
1.5KXC7:1739RuddingtonNotts Mini League26 Feb 17
1.542KXC6:0512WorksopNotts Mini League17 Dec 17
2KXC8:0931HeanorNorth Midlands League2 Dec 17
ZXCNT35Wollaton ParkNottinghamshire County Schools' Championships4 Feb 17
ZXCNT75MansfieldNottinghamshire County Schools' League18 Nov 17
2016 U11 Rushcliffe
1.5KXC6:2927WorksopNotts Mini League18 Dec 16
1.5KXC7:4925BaldertonNotts Mini League13 Nov 16
Total Performances: 81
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