Stephen Miller

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Age Group:V40
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Rosalynd Miller

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Major Championships and International Record
2018 - European Para Championships - CT SILVER.
2017 - World Para Championships - CT BRONZE.
2016 - Paralympic Games - CT BRONZE. European Para Championships - CT BRONZE.
2015 - World Para Championships - CT 4th.
2014 - European Para Championships - CT SILVER.
2013 - IPC Athletics World championships CT 7th
2012 - Paralympic Games CT 11th; IPC Athletics European championships CT GOLD
2011 - IPC championships CT BRONZE
2008 - Paralympic Games - CT SILVER, DT 12th
2004 - Paralympic Games CT GOLD
2000 - Paralympic Games CT GOLD, DT BRONZE
1996 - Paralympic Games CT GOLD

Domestic Championships Record
2015 - CP Championships - Gold.
2014 - CP Championships - Gold.
2012 - England Senior championships - CT gold
2011 - England Senior championships - CT gold

Stephen has dominated the club discipline for more than a decade, winning Gold at three Paralympic Games. Stephen won his first Paralympic club Gold aged 16 at Atlanta. He started athletics aged 11 and in the process of his career Stephen invented a new over the shoulder throwing technique for the club rather than the conventional front-on throw. He has a degree in Business Information Systems from Northumbria University. A dedicated Newcastle United fan, he is secretary of the club's Disabled Supporters Group. Stephen was made an Honorary Freeman of Blyth Valley in 2005 following Athens Paralympic Games success.

He represented England in the Boccia squad at the age of 12. At the Atlanta Paralympic Games 1996 he became the youngest GB track and field gold medallist, aged just 16. He claimed the silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and at the 2011 IPC Championships in Christchurch he came home with a bronze medal.

He works as a part-time web designer. His heroes include Linford Christie, Kevin Keegan. Steve Backley and Chris Morris.

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2022 V40 Gateshead
CT29.791CoventryCoventry Spring Meet23 Apr 22
CT29.283F32Dubai, UAEWorld Para Athletics Grand Prix21 Mar 22
CT29.031Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix Series9 Jul 22
CT28.333F32Sharjah, UAE10th Sharjah International Open Athletics Meeting 202216 Mar 22
CT27.241MiddlesbroughKieran Maxwell Memorial Open10 Apr 22
CT26.141BedfordEngland Athletics Senior Championships30 Jul 22
2021 V40 Gateshead
CT30.441BedfordEngland Athletics Senior Championships, including Disability Championships17 Jul 21
CT29.484F32Bydgoszcz, POLEuropean Para Championships1 Jun 21
CT28.611CoventryBWAA Grand Prix Series10 Jul 21
CT27.841Dundeescottishathletics Throws Grand Prix26 Jun 21
CT27.641CoventryBWAA Grand Prix Series12 Jun 21
CT27.561JarrowNorth East Grand Prix 128 Apr 21
CT27.041GatesheadTartan Games29 Aug 21
CT26.111F32CoventryCoventry Spring Meet24 Apr 21
CT25.961MiddlesbroughNorth East Counties Championships21 Aug 21
JT80028.581JarrowNorth East Grand Prix30 Jun 21
2019 V35 Gateshead
CT31.501GatesheadNorth East Grand Prix Open7 Aug 19
CT31.211Stoke MandevilleBritish Wheelchair Grand Prix10 Aug 19
CT30.692Dubai, UAEFazza Championships World Para Athletics25 Feb 19
CT30.181F32Sharjah, UAESharjah International Open Athletics Meeting18 Feb 19
CT30.121Stoke MandevilleBritish Wheelchair Grand Prix30 Jun 19
CT29.991LivingstonScottish Athletics Throws Grand Prix Open25 May 19
CT29.791Stoke MandevilleBritish Wheelchair Grand Prix19 May 19
CT28.571LivingstonScottish Athletics Throws Grand Prix Open24 Aug 19
CT28.231MiddlesbroughNorth East Counties AA Championships11 May 19
CT28.121SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 / Senior Championships1 Jun 19
CT28.111Stoke MandevilleBritish Wheelchair Grand Prix7 Sep 19
CT28.071YorkCerebral Palsy Sport Series15 Jun 19
CT27.811DoncasterCerebral Palsy Sport National Finals21 Sep 19
CT27.771GrangemouthForth Valley Flyers Club Championships7 Jul 19
CT27.601F32SportcityCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)27 Jul 19
CT26.561F32GatesheadGateshead Harriers Tartan Games Open26 Aug 19
2018 V35 Gateshead
CT31.041CraigswoodScottish Athletics Throws Grand Prix Open19 May 18
CT30.891Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix14 Jul 18
CT30.151Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix2 Jun 18
CT30.111F32Dubai, UAEDubai 10th International Open Athletics Meeting13 Mar 18
CT30.0711Paris, FRAWPA Grand Prix15 Jun 18
CT29.981LivingstonScottish Athletics Throws Grand Prix Open23 Jun 18
CT29.782F32Berlin, GERWorld Para Athletics European Championships22 Aug 18
CT29.431F32GatesheadGateshead Harriers Tartan Games Open26 Aug 18
CT28.591MiddlesbroughNorth East Counties AA Championships12 May 18
CT28.431F32DoncasterCP Sport Series & Final1 Sep 18
CT27.811Whitley BayNorth East Open Spring Relays, Throws Fest & Long Jump22 Apr 18
CT26.3911SportcityCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)28 Jul 18
CT26.131GatesheadGateshead Open Medal Meeting15 Apr 18
2017 V35 Gateshead
CT32.261F32GatesheadTyne Cup3 Jun 17
CT30.721F32YorkCP Sport27 May 17
CT29.662F32Sharjah, UAESharjah 7th International Open Athletics Meeting25 Mar 17
CT29.431F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix7 May 17
CT29.323F32Olympic ParkWorld Para Athletics Championships20 Jul 17
CT28.822F32Dubai, UAE9th Fazaa Para Athletics Championships20 Mar 17
CT28.291F32GatesheadGateshead Harriers Tartan Games Open27 Aug 17
CT27.551F32DoncasterCP Sport17 Jun 17
CT25.941F32GatesheadNorth East Counties AA Championships13 May 17
2016 V35 Gateshead
CT31.933F32Rio de Janeiro, BRAParalympic Games13 Sep 16
CT31.681GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series20 Jul 16
CT31.401F32LivingstonScottish Athletics Throws Grand Prix23 Jul 16
CT30.991F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix16 Jul 16
CT30.923F32Grosseto, ITAIPC Athletics European Championships14 Jun 16
CT30.161F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA/ BWRA/ CP Sport Grand Prix 20165 Jun 16
CT29.841F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA/ BWRA/ CP Sport Grand Prix 201614 Aug 16
CT29.701GatesheadGateshead Medal Open24 Apr 16
CT29.561F32DoncasterCP Sport Athletics Series25 Jun 16
CT28.601F32GatesheadNorth East Counties AA Championships15 May 16
CT28.581F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix May 20168 May 16
CT27.255F32Dubai, UAEFazaa IPC Grand Prix17 Mar 16
CT26.463F32Sharjah, UAESharjah International Open14 Mar 16
CT23.881KingstonSurrey Disability Championships & Open9 Apr 16
2015 SEN Gateshead
CT32.631Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix9 May 15
CT31.251F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA / CP Sport Grand Prix11 Jul 15
CT30.013GatesheadGateshead Tartan Games30 Aug 15
CT29.654F32Doha, QATIPC World Championships26 Oct 15
CT29.371F31NottinghamCP National Championships19 Sep 15
CT29.361F32Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix5 Sep 15
CT29.122F32Berlin, GERIPC Grand Prix20 Jun 15
CT28.481BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
CT28.332F31/32/51Dubai, UAEFazaa International (IPC Grand Prix)23 Feb 15
CT27.571F32DoncasterCP Grand Prix7 Jun 15
CT26.761F32SportcityCP Grand Prix2 May 15
2014 SEN Gateshead
CT31.78DoncasterCP Sport Grand Prix21 Jun 14
CT31.231Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix10 May 14
CT30.682SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships19 Aug 14
CT30.19Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA/CP Sport Grand Prix5 Jul 14
CT29.771F32BirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships14 Jun 14
CT29.691F32GatesheadNorth East Counties AA Championships17 May 14
CT28.73GranthamCP Sport National Championships20 Sep 14
CT28.411F32GatesheadTartan Games inc. CP Sport Grand Prix24 Aug 14
CT28.33KingstonWeir Archer Academy Disability Open Meeting / Surrey County Disability Championships6 Apr 14
CT28.112Dubai, UAEFazaa International (IPC Grand Prix)23 Feb 14
2013 SEN Gateshead
CT32.23Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix15 Jun 13
CT31.64ChelmsfordCP Sport Grand Prix18 May 13
CT31.577Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships25 Jul 13
CT29.531F32StretfordCheshire & Manchester County Championships11 May 13
CT29.452F32KingstonK&P Open Throws & Surrey/Open Graded Disability Meeting6 Apr 13
CT29.29Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix28 Apr 13
CT28.781BirminghamIPC Athletics Grand Prix Final29 Jun 13
CT25.50GranthamCP National Athletics Championships21 Sep 13
2012 SEN Gateshead
CT30.71Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix8 Jul 12
CT30.57Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix9 Jun 12
CT29.101Stadskanaal, NEDIPC Athletics European Championships25 Jun 12
CT28.54Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix19 May 12
CT28.361BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Championships)2 Jun 12
CT26.88GatesheadCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)29 Apr 12
CT26.7011Olympic ParkParalympic Games31 Aug 12
2011 SEN Gateshead
CT31.29NottinghamCP National Championships17 Sep 11
CT31.253Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships25 Jan 11
CT30.90StokeBWAA Grand Prix14 May 11
CT30.31Dublin (S), IRLIWAS & CPSI National Athletics Championships3 Jul 11
CT30.27PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix21 May 11
CT30.12StokeBWAA Grand Prix11 Jun 11
CT28.97Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge31 Jul 11
CT28.88StokeBWAA Grand Prix3 Sep 11
CT28.641BedfordEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)16 Jul 11
CT28.63GatesheadTartan Games Open27 Aug 11
CT28.251HexhamHexham Open Meeting23 Jul 11
CT28.001GatesheadNorth Eastern Athletics League13 Jul 11
CT27.99CardiffWelsh Parallel Success19 Jun 11
CT25.10WiganCP Sport Grand Prix18 Jun 11
DT1K30.561HexhamTrack & Field Sports Open23 Apr 11
2010 SEN Gateshead
CT32.62NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix3 Jul 10
CT32.49NottinghamCP National Championships18 Sep 10
CT32.48PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix17 Apr 10
CT32.46StokeBWAA Grand Prix3 May 10
CT32.251GatesheadGateshead Disabilty Athletics Challenge11 Jul 10
CT31.671SportcityParalympic World Cup25 May 10
CT31.12GatesheadCleveland Land Services Tartan Games21 Aug 10
CT29.741StokeBWAA International20 Jun 10
2009 SEN Gateshead
CT33.161StokeBWAA Grand Prix8 Aug 09
CT32.911Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
CT32.23NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
CT32.161StokeBWAA Grand Prix5 Sep 09
CT31.701GatesheadNorth East Athletics League12 Aug 09
CT31.601GatesheadNorth East Athletics League15 Jul 09
CT29.101JarrowNorth East Athletics League29 Jul 09
CT28.91WiganCP Sport Grand Prix20 Jun 09
2008 SEN Gateshead
CT34.372Beijing, CHNParalympic Games15 Sep 08
DT1K15.4412Beijing, CHNParalympic Games11 Sep 08
Total Performances: 137
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