Evie Fuller

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Age Group:U15
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2023 U15 Wimborne
3.23KXC13:1611Bournemouth Dorset Schools' Championships19 Jan 23
3.4KXC16:0842IltonEA South West Region Championships8 Jan 23
2022 U15 Wimborne
30051.84BWinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League19 Jun 22
30051.82BAldershotWessex Young Athletes' League10 Jul 22
8002:43.34nsWinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League19 Jun 22
8002:47.73BBournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League10 Apr 22
15005:37.52BAldershotWessex Young Athletes' League10 Jul 22
300011:58.5112BournemouthDorset County Championships15 May 22
300011:58.517ExeterSouth West Athletics League17 Jul 22
300012:03.409ExeterSouth West Inter-Counties & Championships24 Jul 22
1MMT5:58922PoolePoole Runners Upton Summer Series4 May 22
2.75KXC11:4033IltonSouth West Inter County Championships2 Jan 22
3KXC14:0820BasingstokeHampshire League19 Feb 22
3KXC14:59160Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships26 Feb 22
3.1KXC12:0818ReadingAlton Sports Hampshire League15 Jan 22
3.19KXC14:22217TonbridgeESAA English Schools Championships19 Mar 22
3.2KXC14:29154LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 22
3.8KXC15:312511BryanstonWessex League (Inc Dorset County Championships)30 Oct 22
3.8KXC17:412715PooleWessex League2 Oct 22
4KXC17:1524BournemouthHampshire League3 Dec 22
4KXC19:1224AldershotHampshire League12 Nov 22
2021 U13 Wimborne
8002:45.16PooleDorset Schools Championships19 Jun 21
8003:01.53BSalisburyWessex Young Athletes' League13 Jun 21
12004:19.71BPortsmouthYouth Development League Lower Southern South West4 Sep 21
15005:27.74PooleDorset County Championships3 Jul 21
15005:27.83PooleDorset Schools Championships12 Jun 21
15005:32.52YeovilSouth West League - East Division4 Jul 21
15005:34.474YeovilSouth West League - East Division29 Aug 21
3KXC11:445FerndownWessex League7 Nov 21
3KXC12:2817AldershotAlton Sports Hampshire League4 Dec 21
3.21KXC12:4016BournemouthAlton Sports Hampshire League13 Nov 21
2020 U13 Wimborne
1.6KXC6:543514YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships5 Jan 20
3KXC13:4030BasingstokeAlton Sports Hampshire League8 Feb 20
3.1KXC13:4525Prospect ParkAlton Sports Hampshire League11 Jan 20
2019 U11 Wimborne
7513.235BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League14 Jul 19
7513.319SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League30 Jun 19
7513.632HorspathWessex Young Athletes' League16 Jun 19
7513.728PooleWessex Young Athletes' League7 Apr 19
7513.733BournemouthBournemouth AC Open8 Sep 19
7514.228BournemouthBournemouth AC Open31 Mar 19
6002:06.27BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League14 Jul 19
6002:11.53SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League30 Jun 19
6002:11.76BournemouthBournemouth AC Open31 Mar 19
6002:11.73PooleWessex Young Athletes' League7 Apr 19
6002:12.47HorspathWessex Young Athletes' League16 Jun 19
LJ2.9512SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League30 Jun 19
LJ2.8919BournemouthBournemouth AC Open8 Sep 19
LJ2.8116PooleWessex Young Athletes' League7 Apr 19
LJ2.7123BournemouthBournemouth AC Open31 Mar 19
LJ2.6927HorspathWessex Young Athletes' League16 Jun 19
LJ2.6626BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League14 Jul 19
1.4KXC5:407Canford MagnaWessex League (Inc Dorset County Championships)15 Dec 19
1.58KXC7:2314YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships6 Jan 19
2KXC9:204Lytchett MinsterWessex League3 Nov 19
2.35KXC9:585Canford HeathWessex League29 Sep 19
3KXC13:0930Sparsholt CollegeAlton Sports Hampshire League9 Nov 19
3KXC14:0029Wellesley WoodlandsAlton Sports Hampshire League30 Nov 19
3.21KXC13:4433BournemouthAlton Sports Hampshire League12 Oct 19
ZXC10:417ReadingAlton Sports Hampshire League12 Jan 19
2018 U11 Wimborne
7513.735PortsmouthWessex Young Athletes' League10 Jun 18
7513.836SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League1 Jul 18
7514.931BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League8 Apr 18
75NT4SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League16 Sep 18
6002:16.916SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League1 Jul 18
6002:20.922PortsmouthWessex Young Athletes' League10 Jun 18
6002:22.419SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League16 Sep 18
6002:33.826BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League8 Apr 18
LJ2.6224SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League16 Sep 18
LJ2.4831SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League1 Jul 18
LJ2.3424BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League8 Apr 18
LJ2.1140PortsmouthWessex Young Athletes' League10 Jun 18
1.5KXC7:3525AldershotAlton Sports Hampshire League10 Nov 18
1.7KXC7:3317BryanstonWessex League (Inc Dorset Championships)16 Dec 18
1.92KXC8:5912YeovilWessex League4 Nov 18
2KXC9:1216Lytchett MinsterWessex League21 Oct 18
2.19KXC9:1719BournemouthAlton Sports Hampshire League13 Oct 18
2.35KXC10:2113Canford HeathWessex League7 Oct 18
2017 U11 Wimborne
1.8KXC8:5538BryanstonWessex League22 Oct 17
1.9KXC8:5435BryanstonWessex League (Inc Dorset Championships)10 Dec 17
1.94KXC9:2634PooleWessex League1 Oct 17
1.95KXC9:3421YeovilWessex League5 Nov 17
2.19KXC10:0031BournemouthAlton Sports Hampshire League14 Oct 17
ZXC7:1233PetersfieldAlton Sports Hampshire League11 Nov 17
Total Performances: 83
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