Poppy Taylor

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Age Group:U15
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Nick Anderson2021-

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2023 U15 Winchester
30045.6641WinchesterWinchester & District AC Season Opener2 Apr 23
8002:16.5489WatfordWatford Harriers Open Graded Meetings17 May 23
8002:16.968BParliament HillHighgate Harriers Night of the 10000m PB's inc. British Championships & World Championships Trials20 May 23
8002:18.451PortsmouthHampshire County Championships14 May 23
8002:18.643AWinchesterUK Youth Development League Lower - Southern 1A7 May 23
8002:25.292h1PortsmouthHampshire County Championships14 May 23
8002:27.84i59Lee ValleyLee Valley New Year's Open2 Jan 23
15004:48.221PortsmouthHampshire County Championships13 May 23
15004:51.9596WatfordWatford Harriers Open Graded Meetings5 Apr 23
15004:55.59118WatfordWatford Harriers Open Graded Meetings3 May 23
3KXC12:0437ArdinglySouth East Schools' Inter Counties4 Feb 23
3.5KXC13:0251NottinghamESAA English Schools Championships18 Mar 23
3.9KXC15:597CurdridgeHampshire County Championships7 Jan 23
2022 U15 Winchester
8002:16.221PortsmouthHampshire County Championships15 May 22
8002:17.1544WinchesterWinchester & District AC July Evening Open 6 Jul 22
8002:19.362EWormwood ScrubsBMC Regional Races22 Jun 22
8002:19.441EWormwood ScrubsBMC Regional Races27 Apr 22
8002:20.61AWinchesterUK Youth Development League Lower Southern 2A8 May 22
8002:21.0212SalisburyThe SETAFA Summer Track Series Round 21 Jun 22
8002:21.42PortsmouthHampshire Schools Championships11 Jun 22
8002:21.9018WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting20 Apr 22
8002:21.91AKingstonUK Youth Development League Lower Southern 2A3 Jul 22
8002:22.31ABournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League10 Apr 22
8002:24.9813WinchesterWinchester & District AC Season Opener3 Apr 22
8002:26.62h1PortsmouthHampshire Schools Championships11 Jun 22
8002:28.51i62Lee ValleyBe Fit Today Track Academy Series11 Dec 22
8002:31.971h1PortsmouthHampshire County Championships15 May 22
15004:41.72-0.96WinchesterWinchester ADAC Spring Evening Open18 May 22
15004:46.182KingstonESAA South East Schools Inter County Meeting18 Jun 22
15004:48.642h2BedfordEngland Athletics Under 15 & Under 17 Championships27 Aug 22
15004:49.407BedfordEngland Athletics Under 15 & Under 17 Championships28 Aug 22
15004:49.7510AStreetBMC PB Classic4 Jun 22
15004:50.764ChelmsfordSouth of England U13/15/17 Championships14 Aug 22
15004:55.1551ChelmsfordSouth of England U13/15/17 Championships13 Aug 22
2KXCL7:2413L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships5 Nov 22
3KXC13:139BasingstokeHampshire League19 Feb 22
3KXC13:4648Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships26 Feb 22
3.1KXC11:365ReadingAlton Sports Hampshire League15 Jan 22
3.2KXC14:08107LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 22
4KXC15:3282HorspathSouth of England Masters' & Inter Counties Championships10 Dec 22
4KXC17:115AldershotHampshire League12 Nov 22
5K18:2218:2291BournemouthRun Bournemouth Supernova 5K9 Oct 22
parkrun21:382921NewburyNewbury parkrun # 4465 Feb 22
parkrun25:02871WinchesterWinchester parkrun # 41725 Dec 22
2021 U13 Winchester
10015.03w2.284WinchesterWinchester & District AC Closed Early Season Open Meeting11 Apr 21
30045.7821WinchesterSouth of England Track & Field Academy Sports Pro Sprint Event 125 Jun 21
8002:22.8924WinchesterWinchester June Open Meeting1 Jun 21
8002:23.11AAldershotWessex Young Athletes' League6 Jun 21
8002:24.21AWinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League11 Jul 21
8002:25.2612PortsmouthSouth of England Track & Field Academy Sports Pro Event23 May 21
8002:25.31ABournemouthYouth Development League Lower Southern South West17 Jul 21
8002:33.7544WinchesterWinchester & District AC Closed Early Season Open Meeting11 Apr 21
12003:51.01ASouthamptonYouth Development League Lower Southern South West5 Jun 21
12003:53.01AAldershotWessex Young Athletes' League27 Jun 21
15005:01.42123AldershotAldershot, Farnham & District Open4 Aug 21
15005:12.2053SouthamptonSouthampton AC May Open16 May 21
2KXCL7:369L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships6 Nov 21
2.6K9:3735LondonVirgin Money London Mini Marathon3 Oct 21
3.21KXC11:584BournemouthAlton Sports Hampshire League13 Nov 21
parkrun20:0866PoolePoole parkrun # 4667 Aug 21
parkrun22:49188PoolePoole parkrun # 46928 Aug 21
parkrun22:5374WinchesterWinchester parkrun # 34914 Aug 21
parkrun26:44177WinchesterWinchester parkrun # 36825 Dec 21
2020 U13 Winchester
1.4KNAD4:551ChichesterChichester Corporate Challenge11 Mar 20
1.4KNAD4:581ChichesterChichester Corporate Challenge26 Feb 20
2.0KXC8:112CurdridgeHampshire County Championships4 Jan 20
3KXC12:509BasingstokeAlton Sports Hampshire League8 Feb 20
3.1KXC12:388Prospect ParkAlton Sports Hampshire League11 Jan 20
3.7KXC17:46126Wollaton ParkECCA Saucony English National Championships22 Feb 20
parkrun20:402121WinchesterWinchester parkrun # 3457 Mar 20
2019 U11 Winchester
7511.7w4WinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League7 Apr 19
7511.95SouthamptonSouthampton Graded Open20 Apr 19
7512.242PortsmouthHampshire County Combined Events Championships6 May 19
7512.213GuildfordWessex Young Athletes' League9 Jun 19
7512.410SouthamptonSouthampton Graded Open22 May 19
7512.415SouthamptonWessex Young Athletes' League2 Jun 19
7513.012BournemouthBournemouth AC Open31 Mar 19
15025.18-1.933BasingstokeHampshire Mini Grand Prix Open28 Aug 19
6001:56.52GuildfordWessex Young Athletes' League9 Jun 19
6001:57.01WinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League7 Jul 19
6001:58.92SouthamptonSouthampton Graded Open20 Apr 19
6002:00.21SouthamptonSouthampton Graded Open22 May 19
6002:00.42BournemouthBournemouth AC Open31 Mar 19
6002:00.5841BasingstokeHampshire Mini Grand Prix Open28 Aug 19
6002:00.622PortsmouthHampshire County Combined Events Championships6 May 19
6002:00.73WinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League7 Apr 19
6002:00.81SouthamptonWessex Young Athletes' League2 Jun 19
6002:03.89i3Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon23 Feb 19
Mile5:59.086WinchesterWinchester & District AC Magic Mile9 Jul 19
LJ3.277PortsmouthHampshire County Combined Events Championships6 May 19
LJ3.235SouthamptonSouthampton Graded Open22 May 19
LJ3.2011GuildfordWessex Young Athletes' League9 Jun 19
LJ3.1910SouthamptonWessex Young Athletes' League2 Jun 19
LJ3.175WinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League7 Jul 19
LJ3.078WinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League7 Apr 19
LJ2.8716BournemouthBournemouth AC Open31 Mar 19
1.4KNAD4:555ChichesterChichester Corporate Challenge27 Mar 19
1.4KNAD5:056ChichesterChichester Corporate Challenge13 Mar 19
1.4KNAD5:077ChichesterChichester Corporate Challenge27 Feb 19
1.4KXC5:283Canford MagnaWessex League (Inc Dorset County Championships)15 Dec 19
1.5KXC6:00221HookLord Wandsworth Series10 Nov 19
1.5KXC6:1092HookLord Wandsworth Series10 Mar 19
1.5KXC6:343Wellesley WoodlandsAlton Sports Hampshire League30 Nov 19
1M6:106:12128F16LondonVitality Westminster Mile26 May 19
2KXC8:001Sparsholt CollegeAlton Sports Hampshire League9 Nov 19
2KXC8:079CurdridgeHampshire County Championships5 Jan 19
2KXC8:2311Dibden InclosureAlton Sports Hampshire League9 Feb 19
2KXCL8:1731L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships2 Nov 19
2.19KXC8:162BournemouthAlton Sports Hampshire League12 Oct 19
2.35KXC9:361Canford HeathWessex League29 Sep 19
parkrun21:30571WinchesterWinchester parkrun # 32431 Aug 19
parkrun24:261651WinchesterWinchester parkrun # 3257 Sep 19
ZXC8:257BasingstokeHampshire Schools' U12/U13/U14 Championships7 Mar 19
ZXC10:243ReadingAlton Sports Hampshire League12 Jan 19
2018 U11 Winchester
6010.61i36Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon24 Feb 18
7512.213BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League8 Jul 18
7512.314BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League3 Jun 18
7512.514SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League1 Jul 18
7512.915WinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League8 Apr 18
7513.022PortsmouthHampshire County Combined Events Championships7 May 18
6002:04.95BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League3 Jun 18
6002:05.55BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League8 Jul 18
6002:05.66SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League1 Jul 18
6002:06.72PortsmouthHampshire County Combined Events Championships7 May 18
6002:11.57WinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League8 Apr 18
6002:12.87i13Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon24 Feb 18
LJ3.185SwindonWessex Young Athletes' League1 Jul 18
LJ3.138BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League8 Jul 18
LJ3.089BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League3 Jun 18
LJ2.852PortsmouthHampshire County Combined Events Championships7 May 18
LJ2.5620WinchesterWessex Young Athletes' League8 Apr 18
LJ2.38i21Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon24 Feb 18
0.9KXC2:5651HookLord Wandsworth Series25 Mar 18
0.9KXC3:5262HookLord Wandsworth Series28 Jan 18
1.5KXC6:271122HookLord Wandsworth Series2 Dec 18
1.5KXC6:564AldershotAlton Sports Hampshire League10 Nov 18
1.7KXC7:076BryanstonWessex League (Inc Dorset Championships)16 Dec 18
1.92KXC8:368YeovilWessex League4 Nov 18
2KXC8:428Lytchett MinsterWessex League21 Oct 18
2KXC9:4824CurdridgeHampshire County Championships6 Jan 18
2.19KXC8:497BournemouthAlton Sports Hampshire League13 Oct 18
2.35KXC10:068Canford HeathWessex League7 Oct 18
ZXC11:3111ReadingAlton Sports Hampshire League13 Jan 18
2017 U11 Winchester
0.9KXC4:00411HookLord Wandsworth Series29 Oct 17
0.9KXC4:268HookHart Road Runners Lord Wandsworth Series5 Mar 17
1.8KXC8:0114BryanstonWessex League22 Oct 17
1.9KXC8:1730BryanstonWessex League (Inc Dorset Championships)10 Dec 17
1.94KXC9:0128PooleWessex League1 Oct 17
1.95KXC9:0110YeovilWessex League5 Nov 17
Total Performances: 149
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