Jonathan Adams

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Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Margaret Nicholls2021-
Previous Lead:Jim Edwards2011-2016
Previous Lead:Malcolm Wallace-2011

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Domestic Championships Record
2009 - UK School Games DT gold, SP gold
2008 - CP Nationals SP gold, DT gold, JT gold. UK School Games DT silver
2007 - UK School Games SP gold. CP Nationals SP gold, DTgold, JT gold

Major Championships and International Record
2014 - IPC European Championships 4th
2012 - London Paralympic Games Shot 14th.
2011 - IWAS World Junior Championships Discus silver, Shot silver
2010 - German National Disability Championships Shot bronze, Discus 8th


Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2021 SEN Ipswich
SP4K12.491CKingstonKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers Open Throws Meeting8 May 21
SP4K12.251F35ColchesterColchester Throws Development Invitation Meeting25 Apr 21
SP4K12.221F35ColchesterColchester Throws Development Invitation Meeting18 Apr 21
SP4K12.181F35BedfordEngland Athletics Senior Championships, including Disability Championships17 Jul 21
SP4K12.021nsNorwichSouthern Athletics League - East Anglia20 Jun 21
SP4K11.784F35Bydgoszcz, POLEuropean Para Championships4 Jun 21
2019 SEN Ipswich
SP4K12.791nsIpswichSouthern Athletics League Division 2E15 Jun 19
SP4K12.731nsIpswichEast Anglian League4 Aug 19
SP4K12.691F35/BLee ValleyLee Valley Throws Fest Open Series7 Sep 19
SP4K12.502IpswichSuffolk County Championships12 May 19
SP4K12.441F35Nottwil, SUIParAthletics 2019 WPA Grand Prix24 May 19
SP4K12.411St. AlbansCerebral Palsy Sport Series13 Apr 19
SP4K12.301nsCambridgeSouthern Athletics League Division 2E27 Apr 19
SP4K12.185BKingstonSurrey Disability Championships & Kingston & Polytechnic Open6 Apr 19
SP4K11.761nsIpswichEast Anglian League21 Jul 19
SP4K11.531Lee ValleyLee Valley Throws Fest Open Series14 Jul 19
2018 SEN Ipswich
SP4K12.12i1F35Lee ValleyLondon Senior & U20 Games27 Jan 18
SP4K11.531ALee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge inc. London Colleges League28 Apr 18
SP4K11.401F35IpswichSouthern Athletics League Division 2E14 Apr 18
2017 SEN Ipswich
SP4K12.401OF35StevenageHertfordshire County U13 / Masters' / Relay & 1500m Championships (Inc Hertfordshire County AAA Open)1 May 17
SP4K12.281F35IpswichSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2E20 May 17
SP4K12.132F35BedfordBIGish Jumps & Throws Fest29 May 17
SP4K11.731nsIpswichEast Anglian League23 Apr 17
SP4K11.651SPF35ColchesterEast Anglian League11 Jun 17
2016 SEN Ipswich
SP4K12.501nsColchesterSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2E20 Aug 16
SP4K12.291nsIpswichEast Anglian League17 Jul 16
SP4K12.161F35IpswichSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2E21 May 16
SP4K12.041F35Stoke MandevilleBWAA/ BWRA/ CP Sport Grand Prix 20164 Jun 16
SP4K11.941F35Lee ValleyLondon Inter-Club Challenge17 Apr 16
SP4K11.941F35Lee ValleyLondon Inter-Club Challenge19 Jun 16
SP4K11.741ChelmsfordDanny Mullane Open Meeting26 Mar 16
SP4K11.641F35StevenageHertfordshire County U13 / Masters' / Relay & 1500m Championships (Inc Hertfordshire County AAA Open)2 May 16
SP4K10.901nsColchesterEast Anglian League24 Apr 16
2015 SEN Ipswich/Loughborough Students
SP4K12.541F35BedfordBUCS Championships2 May 15
SP4K11.642LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Army13 May 15
SP4K11.301F35LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open27 May 15
SP4K11.251F35LoughboroughLoughborough Students v East Midlands v Civil Service v Achilles & U18 Trials Match10 Jun 15
SP4K11.161F35qABedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)1 Aug 15
SP4K10.791F35Stoke MandevilleBWAA / CP Sport Grand Prix11 Jul 15
SP4K10.472F37StevenageStevenage & North Herts AC 50th Anniversary Games12 Sep 15
DT1K34.871F35BedfordBUCS Championships2 May 15
2014 U23 Ipswich/Loughborough Students
SP4K12.622Nottwil, SUIParAthletics (IPC Grand Prix)18 May 14
SP4K12.501F35CambridgeCambridgeshire AA Throws Development Open29 Mar 14
SP4K12.40i1F35LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open11 Jan 14
SP4K12.401F35BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)31 May 14
SP4K12.341F35BedfordBUCS Championships3 May 14
SP4K11.791F35LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting4 Jun 14
SP4K11.714F35SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships21 Aug 14
SP4K11.48Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA/CP Sport Grand Prix5 Jul 14
SP4K11.37i1F35LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open1 Feb 14
SP4K11.231F34LoughboroughLoughborough Students Trials26 Apr 14
DT1K34.761F35BedfordBUCS Championships3 May 14
2013 U23 Ipswich/Loughborough Students
SP4K10.122BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition2 Jun 13
SP4K10.06BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
SP4K10.061F34BedfordBUCS Championships5 May 13
SP4K9.73ChelmsfordCP Sport Grand Prix18 May 13
SP4K9.661DLoughboroughCharnwood Open Graded Meeting5 Jun 13
SP4K9.54Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix27 Apr 13
SP4K8.73Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA Grand Prix15 Jun 13
DT1K32.881F34BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
DT1K32.88BedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
DT1K31.692BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition1 Jun 13
DT1K30.73ChelmsfordCP Sport Grand Prix18 May 13
2012 U23 Ipswich
SP4K10.215SportcityParalympic World Cup22 May 12
SP4K10.092Olympic ParkVisa London Disability Athletics Challenge8 May 12
SP4K9.98Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix21 Apr 12
SP4K9.8414Olympic ParkParalympic Games4 Sep 12
SP4K9.62ChelmsfordCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)26 May 12
SP4K9.06Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix7 Jul 12
DT1K33.42Dublin, (S) IRLIWAS & CPSI National Athletics Championships9 Jun 12
DT1K30.29ChelmsfordCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)26 May 12
DT1K30.16Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix21 Apr 12
2011 U20 Ipswich
SP4K9.911Bottrop, GERIWAS Series1 Jun 11
SP4K9.493Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Series5 Jun 11
SP4K9.25NottinghamCP National Championships17 Sep 11
SP4K9.184Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Grand Prix6 Aug 11
SP4K9.04Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge31 Jul 11
SP4K8.99CardiffWelsh Parallel Success19 Jun 11
SP4K8.202Dubai, UAEIWAS World Junior Championships19 Apr 11
SP4K7.626Emmen, NEDIWAS Series28 May 11
DT1K32.13Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge30 Jul 11
DT1K31.774Bottrop, GERIWAS Series1 Jun 11
DT1K30.843Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Series5 Jun 11
DT1K30.22CardiffWelsh Parallel Success19 Jun 11
DT1K29.47NottinghamCP National Championships17 Sep 11
DT1K29.333Emmen, NEDIWAS Series28 May 11
DT1K29.082Dubai, UAEIWAS World Junior Championships18 Apr 11
DT1K28.213SeaBedfordEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)16 Jul 11
2010 U20 Ipswich
SP4K10.591PerivaleMiddlesex County Championships9 May 10
SP4K10.56NottinghamCP National Championships18 Sep 10
SP4K10.51PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix17 Apr 10
SP4K10.491Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge15 Aug 10
SP4K10.21i1Lee ValleyMetaswitch Indoor Open3 Jan 10
SP4K9.843Bottrop, GERGerman National Disability Championships11 Jun 10
SP4K9.69NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix3 Jul 10
DT1K36.27NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix3 Jul 10
DT1K34.462GatesheadGateshead Disabilty Athletics Challenge11 Jul 10
DT1K34.09NottinghamCP National Championships18 Sep 10
DT1K31.988Bottrop, GERGerman National Disability Championships12 Jun 10
DT1K31.36PerivaleCP Sport Grand Prix17 Apr 10
DT1K31.272PerivaleMiddlesex County Championships9 May 10
2009 U17 Ipswich
SP4K9.84NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
SP4K9.387Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
SP4K9.21NottinghamCP National Junior Under 16 & Under 23 Championships18 Jul 09
SP4K9.191BromleyLondon Disability Athletics Challenge25 Jul 09
SP4K8.341nsIpswichSouthern Men's League Division 127 Jun 09
SP4K7.751PerivaleParallel Success10 May 09
SP3K11.881CardiffUK School Games6 Sep 09
SP3K11.673Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
DT1K34.971CardiffUK School Games5 Sep 09
DT1K34.004Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
DT1K33.66NottinghamCP National Junior Under 16 & Under 23 Championships18 Jul 09
DT1K32.62NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
DT1K32.205Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
DT1K32.141nsIpswichSouthern Men's League Division 127 Jun 09
DT1K29.891PerivaleParallel Success10 May 09
DT1K26.731nsIpswichEastern Young Athletes League7 Jun 09
JT60018.121BromleyLondon Disability Athletics Challenge25 Jul 09
JT60017.11NottinghamCP National Junior Under 16 & Under 23 Championships18 Jul 09
Total Performances: 119
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