Overseas and foreign athletes

  • I am British but live overseas - can I have my results included?

    British athletes living overseas will be asked to provide copies of their passport to prove their nationality. Children below the U18 World Athletics age group may only appear on the Power of 10 provided they were either born in the UK or have a British passport. In either case a copy of their birth certificate or passport is required. Athletes from World Athletics U18+ age with dual nationality (i.e. UK and another country) may be included, but this will be at the discretion of UK Athletics.

    Results can be submitted using this link, but please note that confirmation will be required in the form of official results.

    Please note, in line with our policy of only including school results county level or above in the UK, we only accept high school results from regional level and above in the USA and this also extends to other countries in the world.

  • I am a resident foreign athlete - can I have my results included in the ranking lists?

    All athletes resident within Great Britain & Northern Ireland are eligible for Power of 10 inclusion. However foreign athletes in the IAAF U18 age group and above will not appear in the main ranking lists; their performances will be included at the foot of the ranking lists with other resident foreign athletes.

    Young athletes up to and including those that turn 15 years of age in the current year, will automatically appear in the UK ranking lists. Upon moving to the IAAF U18 age group (the year that the athlete turns 16) the performances will then be included with other resident foreign athletes at the foot of the ranking lists. We will only consider moving these athletes to the UK rankings on production of a scanned copy of a current British passport or birth certificate.